Chapter 85: Good Looks Are Justice

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Chen Mo had quite a deep impression of Ning Xiaoyuan. This girl was unable to practice martial arts and appeared very feeble, but on the inside, she had a kind of personality that refused to concede defeat, not losing out to a man at all. Chen Mo remembered back then that Ning Xiaoyuan had seen through and blurted out that pale-faced man’s martial art was the Five Sacred Mountains Chant, shocking even the man. Perhaps she could also know some of these ancient characters.

Chen Mo peered into the courtyard and then sprung over and landed past the wall like a civet. 

This courtyard was a transaction office, and he spotted Ning Xiaoyuan right in the middle.

The girl was dressed in black clothes, her hair as dark as ink yet lustrous and pretty, just like an untainted white lotus flower. A paunchy, arrogant man said right to her face: “The metropolitan examination is this year. For the sake of helping our young master seize the top spot of Changluo, we’ve spent several million in gold. The Chen Family is in a bit of a pinch right now. We really cannot pay more than this price.”

Ning Xiaoyuan wrinkled her brow, “But Overseer Chen, the price you offer is too low. Each of these sets is merely eight thousand. My father also holds Changluo’s Chen Family in esteem to have spent half a year crafting these armors. Although they are not at the level of Astral Tools, they are far better than ordinary armor. Overseer, this price is not what Father agreed to.”

The two of them were apparently negotiating a price.

That Overseer Chen had a seemingly victorious expression. He fake smiled: “Heh, heh, you absolutely will not suffer a loss by conducting business with Changluo’s Chen Family. Your father ought to know that our Chen Family has our own mines and smithies. But indeed, it is because we felt your Ning Family is not bad that we gave you a chance. Eight thousand, hm…a bit lower, but right now, the Chen Family genuinely does not have any more gold to exchange. How about this, if you are willing to accept an IOU, we will pay the rest later? Miss Ning.”

Ning Xiaoyuan pursed her lips. In business, there was a saying about dealing only in cold, hard cash. This IOU was unreasonable.

The nearby Bodyguard Guo lowered his voice and said: “Young Miss, it would be better to sell directly to the warriors in this place. The Ning Family’s defensive tools must be sold for at least fifteen thousand gold or more. Master made clear that a price of several hundred thousand honestly is already too low.”

This Overseer Chen’s fake smile turned into a sneer, an expression that told her to go ahead and try. “Miss Ning, it was not an easy journey to reach Changluo. To bring so many things back, what will you do when you encounter bandits? I heard recently that many bandits are occupying the areas around Changluo. Our Master is also anxious.”

“Is this a threat?” Bodyguard Guo’s expression changed.

“Your Servant is only kindly warning you, why say that this is a threat?” Overseer Chen earnestly cupped his fist.

“Big Brother Guo, enough.” Ning Xiaoyuan slightly sighed. This place was Chuan Province, a place that the Chen Family controlled. He had countless reasons to obstruct this deal. If these products were brought back, perhaps they would be lost forever.

“Miss Ning, you should be able to consider it.”

“Let This Young Girl think over it. This matter is of great import.” Ning Xiaoyuan softly said.

“Sure. However, our Master’s intent is that Miss Ning not make the details of this transaction public, which would otherwise harm the collaborative relationship that the heads of our families hope for. This deal may be a loss, but in the future, the Ning Family will receive satisfactory compensation.” Overseer Chen could be said to be a cunning fox, harsh one moment, entreating the next. He used all of his tricks to make Ning Xiaoyuan completely unable to find a reason to refuse.

“Farewell.” Overseer Chen turned and left the courtyard.

When he left, Bodyguard Guo cursed: “This Chen Family is truly shameless, to go back on their word. If we had known earlier, the Ning Family would have completely disdained to collaborate with them.”

“I recently heard that the Chen Family has been rampantly purchasing some high-quality arms. Perhaps there have been some changes.” Ning Xiaoyuan thought.1

“What changes could there be?” Bodyguard Guo was perplexed. “Don’t tell me they want to establish their own army?”

“Can it be?” Ning Xiaoyuan thought of a terrible deduction.

“Young Miss?”

“Nothing. Big Brother Guo, let us return for now.”

“Young Miss, are we really selling these goods to him at this price? Isn’t the Chen Family robbing us?”

“There’s no choice. When we return, send a carrier pigeon to discuss with Father, however, Father will probably agree.” Ning Xiaoyuan smiled. “This transaction is merely someting minor.”

Bodyguard Guo was helpless.

“How about you sell these goods to me?”

A bright laugh suddenly interjected.

Bodyguard Guo’s whole body stretched taut as he immediately drew his blade, sending shining cold sparks everywhere. When he saw the interloper, his nervous killing intent was taken aback.

“Brother Chen Mo.” Ning Xiaoyuan’s eyes immediately lit up.

Chen Mo walked out from a corner and apologized: “Forgive me, I was just walking past when I heard your voice. I listened in on your deal.”

The particulars of the exchange were supposed to be a secret, but Chen Mo was her life-savior. Before that, this was naturally of little importance.

“Please, sit. Big Brother Guo, pour some tea for Brother Chen Mo.” Ning Xiaoyuan softly said.

Bodyguard Guo brilliantly smiled and went to steep some tea.

Chen Mo said that there was no need, but this was proper etiquette; refusal was futile.

“Brother Chen Mo, you surprised This Young Girl just now when you said you wanted to purchase our goods. Xiaoyuan appreciates Chen Mo’s kindness but will have to refuse.” Ning Xiaoyuan gratefully said.

“I’m serious. I’m not doing this just to help you.” Chen Mo shook his head. He could already tell that that Oversear Chen was Chen Huhao’s general manager. Originally, Chen Mo had no interest at all in managing business transactions, but upon hearing their conversation, he felt that Chen Huhao was apparently planning something in the dark. Large and wanton purchases of superior quality weapons and armies to establish his own army, it seemed he wanted to seize military power in Changluo.

Chen Mo pondered. He had just captured a bandit stronghold and had some capital. It would be better to forge them into strong, soldierly existences, to secretly cultivate them. In the future, if Chen Huhao actually was disloyal, perhaps they could be of use.

“Brother Chen Mo, what do you want with so many armors and weapons?” Ning Xiaoyuan curiously asked.

The Great Chong Dynasty’s military bearing was very flourishing, holding battle in esteem. So long as a transaction of weapons passed through the approval of an official of the Great Chong Dynasty and received privilege, there would be no restrictions at all. It did not matter who the buyer was. But generally speaking, only those at the level of a feudal vassal would be in need of hundreds of sets of armor and weapons. Otherwise, they would have to be rebels.

More than a hundred Grade Nine weapons and armor. To then cast them to One Star, they would be equivalent to Qi And Blood Nine Turns or even Essence Flower Stage warriors.

“Little Sister, do you still remember those bandits?” Chen Mo asked.

Ning Xiaoyuan nodded. The girl was very bright, immediately comprehending his meaning: “Can it be that Brother Chen Mo has captured them?”

“Indeed. There are many peaks in the surrounding areas that I am preparing to forge into an army, to pick off other bandits.” Chen Mo directly said.

“But should you be discovered by the Changluo Chen Family to be raising such a large army, you will face extermination.” Bodyguard Guo said worriedly: “Furthermore, I heard that this Chen Family has a relationship with those bandits.”

“Is that so? Then I only need to be careful and not let them know. But I wonder if Little Sister will sell these to me?” Chen Mo asked.

Ning Xiaoyuan bit her lip. To be honest, she of course had no reason to refuse a sale to Chen Mo, but that threat by Overseer Chen earlier nevertheless caused her great difficulty.

Chen Mo stared intently at her.

After a moment, the girl made her decision: “Fine. Brother Chen Mo saved my life before. If it wasn’t for Brother Chen Mo’s rescue, these goods and This Young Girl would have met with a mishap. Since Brother Chen Mo wants them, take them. As for the price, This Young Girl shall waive it of her own accord.”

When she said this, even Bodyguard Guo was stupefied.

“I can’t let you suffer a loss, Little Sister.” Chen Mo shook his head. He did not care about the price. The sooner he got rid of his ill-gotten gains, the better.

“Brother Chen Mo, you misunderstand.” Ning Xiaoyuan gently smiled: “I shall declare these goods as being stolen by bandits. This will be a good countermeasure against that Chen Family, and this will also repay Big Brother a favor. If I had wanted wealth, this would not be easy to explain.

Chen Mo was secretly impressed. The girl’s thinking was meticulous, quite long-term. He smiled and said: “Fine. I’ll issue an IOU. Once the situation settles, I’ll come repay you.”

Ning Xiaoyuan broke into a smile.

A moment ago, that Overseer Chen mentioned the might of the Chen Family’s backing, demanding an IOU at once, making every kind of threat and entreaty. Ning Xiaoyuan had hesitated, making considerations. But when Chen Mo spoke, the girl’s countenance was a flower, as if she could not wait to join hands in collaboration.

Good looks are justice.

Bodyguard Guo surreptitiously stroked his old, worn face.

Chen Mo told her the location to deliver the weapons and armor. Because Ning Xiaoyuan had halted several carriages outside the city beforehand, they were not afraid of the Chen Family’s interference.

Chen Mo then inquired, intentionally or otherwise, about the business between the Ning Family and Chen Huhao, learning that half a year ago, the two families agreed to this business deal. As for the other details, Ning Xiaoyuan was not very clear.

“But I did hear that the Chen Family has been secretly ordering high quality weapons from military families in the surrounding counties. Reportedly, they are being traded to Chuan Province’s army.”

Chen Mo nodded. It seemed he needed to go pay the Changluo Chen Mansion a visit, to see just what their accounts were being spent on.

“Brother Chen Mo, do you need anything to help you in this metropolitan examination?” Ning Xiaoyuan asked: “I heard that Lord Chang’an’s noble son has returned.”

“That’s right, and he defeated the Zongzheng Family. It seems he is very formidable.” Bodyguard Guo also strangely said: “I even heard some time ago that he was a person unable to practice martial arts. It is truly strange.”

“Chang’an Mansion likely has some special method.” Ning Xiaoyuan showed envy.

Bodyguard Guo grunted, his expression sad.

Similarly unable to operate qi and blood, the Young Miss he served did not have the kind of information that Lord Chang’an had and was unable to accomplish anything. They could only hope for that remote chance she could bear a Star Name.

“I actually have a question I want to ask Little Sister Xiaoyuan.” Chen Mo had unconsciously used a more intimate address.

Ning Xiaoyuan slightly blushed and blinked. “Brother Chen Mo, please ask.”

“Do you recognize these characters?” Chen Mo took out the back portion of the Five Sacred Mountains Chant he had extracted.

Ning Xiaoyuan carefully looked it over, “This is the Five Sacred Mountains Chant’s cultivation method…Brother Chen Mo must have obtained it from that bandit leader? Truly, congratulations, this cultivation method is reportedly very formidable.”

“You recognize these characters?”


“The Young Miss is unable to practice martial arts, but she is very fluent in these ancient characters. It is not an exaggeration to say there is no one among all of Jiang Province and Chuan Provinces’ scholars who is as learned as the Young Miss.” Bodyguard Guo proudly said.

“Don’t listen to Big Brother Guo’s blabbering, This Young Girl merely glimpsed it once before.” Ning Xiaoyuan hastily explained, afraid that Chen Mo would misunderstand her.

Chen Mo said in embarrassment: “I wonder if you could translate it?”

“Sure, but this cultivation method is not the most complete at all.”

“It’s not complete?” Chen Mo was startled.

“The Five Sacred Mountains Chant altogether has five parts. This one in Brother Chen Mo’s hands is merely but one. This Young Girl remembers that the Five Sacred Mountains has an official name.” 

“And that is?”

“Five Finger Mountain!”


Author’s Note: Brutish ape, where are you running?

Chapter 85 was scheduled to have been updated, but why didn’t it happen. Weird. It was added on July 1. Pleading for your support.

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  1. Large purchases of weapons are never a good sign. It seems the branch family is truly intent on deposing the main family.

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    Plus, army building is always fun! Oh, is Ning Xiaoyuan gonna be a haremette? I like her!

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