Chapter 9: A Magnificent Army Avoids The White Robe

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The next day, the voluminous snowflakes finally stopped. The Azure Dragon Mountain blanketed in white snow was glaring and brilliant under the splendor of dawn’s rays. Chen Mo emerged from his hut. He slowly woke from the best sleep of his life.

The little Snow Fox lay on his chest, curled up into a ball, sleeping very peacefully. Chen Mo carefully lifted this little Snow Fox and set it on the bed. He leisurely stretched his body. Just as Chen Mo was preparing to train, he suddenly recalled something and sat down cross-legged, shut his eyes tight, and emptied his mind. Slowly, Chen Mo’s breathing vanished, as if he had become one with the world.

Chen Mo was astonished to discover qi and blood circulating throughout his whole body, already beginning to temper his organs.

“This Nose Locking Art is too mysterious. Just one night, and it’s surprisingly almost equivalent to a week of cultivation.” Chen Mo took a deep breath.

Last night, after Xiyi taught him the Nose Locking Art, Chen Mo wholly threw himself into starting its cultivation. Carefully cultivating, he noticed that while this Nose Locking Art’s name was not great, its results were shocking, extremely miraculous.

Star Cultivators cultivating qi and blood normally would leak breath during activity. Regardless of whether cultivated to pores or some other level, they would inevitably leak some air, let alone during their sleep at night where the leaked even more air. However, this was an inevitable consequence of cultivation. Even a Heavenly Star warrior could not possibly use this air.

Breathing, moving, respiration, the usage of air was necessary for the human body.

But the Nose Locking Art was different. Not only could it retain his breath, it could also circulate throughout his whole body and dissolve into his dantian endlessly and continuously. It could allow his Star Energy to become even more abundant and formidable, raising the speed of his qi and blood cultivation another level. Remarkably, the Nose Locking Art held the retained air inside the body, continuously tempering his organs and meridians. 

With only one night, Chen Mo’s Qi And Blood Six Turns tempered his organs and was already showing initial results. If this was normal cultivation, he would require at least a dozen or so days before sensing a change.

In doing so, Chen Mo noticed that even while he slept, he was able to maintain a cultivation posture. He would be faster compared to other cultivators.

Thinking of this, Chen Mo’s heart was wild with joy. A little more than a month ago, he was viewed by everyone in Azure Dragon Town as trash that was unable to train in martial arts, but now, he had the Heavenly General Star’s Star Mark, the tempering of the Yin Yang Qi Gathering Needles, and an immortal’s chess comprehension. Now, he also had this miraculous Nose Locking Art. Not before long, tiny, little Azure Dragon Town would be already unable to contain his existence.

“But I wonder just what Star Name Xiyi inherited.” After his pleasant surprise, Chen Mo recovered his composure. He was even more curious about that sage-like girl.

In the matches these days, he had developed deep feelings for her, treating her as a mentor and close friend, but Star Names were a taboo in Star World; the other party would never speak. Chen Mo could not easily ask so directly either. However, if a Star Maiden was able to willingly announce their Star Name and True Name to someone, that indicated she had absolute faith and trust in that person.

Chen Mo wanted to be the man that Xiyi could trust.

Thinking of Star Names, Chen Mo could not help but think of his Auntie, the Star Maiden Chen Qingzhi who was the first to announce her identity. He wondered what Auntie was doing right now. He would definitely shock her when they met each other again, right. He wondered if Auntie would reward him. If there was a kiss, that would be good. Chen Mo let his imagination roam, swallowing hard.

The adjacent little Snow Fox had already awakened and saw that Chen Mo was indulging in fantasies. The little fox ate a snow fruit, dew, and showed a cute expression of satisfaction. All of a sudden, the little fox raised its head. Its snow-white eyes gazed into the forest outside the hut, not moving for the longest time.

Facing the Great Chong Dynasty’s Chang’an Chong River was an enormous mountain range.,

Whether it be day or night, a massive military force stood guard at the mountain range, overseen by cultivators that had gone through a thunder tribulation. Normal people basically did not dare intrude. This range was called Monarch Mountain in the mouths of Chang’an’s people, and it was known to everyone that the entire Great Chong Dynasty constructed in the mountain the greatest imperial mausoleum.

The imperial tomb had a mountain on side and plains on the other. Its two wings opened up into the greatest burial grounds for the Great Chong Dynasty. Since its inception, the successive generations of emperors, outstanding ministers and meritorious officials were all interred here. Some great generals even had the qualifications to have their entire families buried in this place.

The inside of the tomb was grand and enormous, especially those successive monarch tombs established in the mountainside which had even more grandeur. There was a grand and lofty cemetery on the main peak, a vast mausoleum district, an extensive tomb for ministers and funerary objects, and mighty and majestic tombstones. The air of a hundred generations of rulers made some cultivators fearful and terrified on sight.

On this day, an uninvited guest intruded into the imperial mausoleum’s Human Sovereign Burial Area.

The Human Sovereign Burial Area belonged to the Great Chong Dynasty’s cultivators that possessed power overflowing the heavens, unrivalled martial prowess that reached the Human Sovereign level. At this level, they enjoyed treatment practically equivalent to the emperor’s.

Intruders were subject to nine familial exterminations as punishment.

“This place is the tomb of Lord Chang’an’s secondary concubine. You face death for intruding.” The tomb’s guardian soldier spoke with an imposing tone.

“It is precisely this reason that Your Servant has no interest in allowing you to keep company.” The girl’s white robe was like snow, completely spotless, crisp and clean.

The little tomb in front of her was classified as part of the current Lord Chang’an’s concubine mausoleum. It was standard in atmosphere with the rest of the mausoleum, but honestly, it was pitifully small. Chen Qinghan took one step into the tomb, but not one of the surrounding several hundred soldiers dared to go stop her.

“Quickly inform the Lord, a Star General has come.”

As if waking from a dream, the imperial mausoleum abruptly broke down into chaos.

The secondary concubine’s tomb was not large. Inside, there was a tombstone, and it had no name upon it. In the center of the room was a stone sarcophagus. The stone sarcophagus was standard for princesses and monarchs, that top-notch sort constructed of completely black stone materials. Carved upon it were the various designs of apsaras and goddesses. The sarcophagus weighed about several thousand catties, but Chen Qinghan easily opened it.

There was no corpse inside. As the lord’s secondary concubine, for it to be missing was a very dishonorable thing. For this reason, after Chen Mo’s mother left, a cenotaph was prepared specifically for mourning.

The inside of the coffin was very clean. There were several seven-colored nichang. Aside from this, there was a two-tiered box of treasures.

Chen Qinghan took the box into her palm. Looking at the tomb, she somewhat disdained the environment. She stamped her foot. A rush of cold air instantly froze this tomb over before she finally left.

Outside the grave, a group of stern-faced officers surrounded her. The leader was a tall and handsome man with sword-shaped brows and starry eyes. The man’s pupils were not overbearing, but his power was formidable.

He was none other than the current Great Chong Dynasty’s Lord Chang’an, Chen Zhangtian.1

“Who are you, state your name. Why profane the tomb of my concubine.” Chen Zhangtian said in a low voice.

Chen Qinghan was not flustered. She did not place any of the current Great Chong Dynasty’s minister, generals, or even Human Sovereign Lord Chang’an in her gaze at all. In Chen Qingzhi’s eyes, the only reason why this man was still alive was because he still had that one bit of conscience to erect a cenotaph for her elder sister and arranged for it to be located in the imperial mausoleum.2

Chen Qinghan did not answer him. She tread lightly, advancing daintily.

The crowd could not help but part for her.

Chen Zhangtian maintained his composure, showing no reaction.

Just then, a mild and joyous voice came from the horizon.

“I heard that a Star General came to the imperial mausoleum, why not get along with me, Huan Wen.”3

The newcomer was a young woman clad in silver armor and black robes, untainted by dust. She was graceful and elegant, with a complexion like jade. Her fair face had seven beauty spots. Not only did these beauty spots not diminish the girl’s good looks, on the contrary, they were like stars. They gave her a hint of mystery. Her eyes were glossy as black lacquer, and the seeming smile upon her lips was profound.

Star World’s Star Names were innumerable, though this Huan Wen Star Name was previously famous.

Chen Qinghan cast an ice-cold glance at her. The girl in front of her finally piqued a bit of her interest. “So you are ‘Seven Stars’ Huan Wen?”

“Precisely. Who are you, announce yourself.” Huan Wen loftily said.

Chen Qinghan stared for a while. She shook her head. Although Huan Wen was a well-known Star General, the current Huan Wen was no more than an Earthly Star. She was not yet a match for Chen Qinghan.

“Are you looking down on this Huan?” The girl sneered sharply.

Chen Qinghan said: “Just obediently stay in your dynasty. To make threats against me, are you not of afraid of becoming Your Servant’s sacrifice for Maiden Mountain’s legend.”

“Maiden Mountain’s legend?” Huan Wen laughed: “Ever since the Purple Rose Star Emperor unified Star World a thousand years ago, Star World has had a Maiden Mountain legend. Kill thirty-six Heavenly Spirits and seventy-two Earthly Fiends in order to be able to ascend Maiden Mountain and aim for Purple Rose. Indeed, back then, the Purple Rose Star Emperor was able to unite the more than nine thousand Star Fields, even going towards the Maiden Mountain that no one in Star World was able to in a hundred million years. Did he not rely on thirty-six Heavenly Spirits and seventy-two Earthly Fiends.”

“That is why, no matter who you are, as long as I kill you, that poses no disadvantage to me.” Huan Wen’s eyes showed a cold glint. Her optimistic grin was suddenly as malevolent as a demon’s. “This place is This Huan’s domain. With such a magnificent army here, you would die even if you are a Heavenly Star!!”

Saying this, the ground rumbled, and a dust cloud rolled from faraway. An immense army was mobilizing towards this place.

“Chen Zhangtian, right now, I order you to help me kill this woman.” Huan Wen coldly commanded him.

Human Sovereign Chen Zhangtian raised his brow. He was aware that a Star Maiden had intruded into the imperial tomb. Huan Wen had gathered all of Chang’an’s warriors. All of the Greater Thunder Tribulation warriors present totaled to no less than several hundred. In addition to her massive army, normal Heavenly Stars would be somewhat in danger.

“Army Of Hundred Thousand?” Heavenly General Star Chen Qingzhi scoffed at this term, a disapproving laugh.

Before Huan Wen could be angered, Chen Qinghan’s figure rose.

Like snow overflowing the firmaments, a spurt of dust charged straight at the Army Of Hundred Thousand. The millions of soldiers and countless powerful cultivators were all momentarily frightened at the same time upon facing the incoming girl. Everyone only felt their legs freeze. Their bodies instinctively felt fear towards the girl, and seeing her come over, they surprisingly retreated to side, respectful, watching helplessly as the girl swaggered forth.

“What swift speed, what powerful spirit.”

Huan Wen’s pupils shrunk.

She watched live as Chang’an City’s Army Of Hundred Thousand was split by Chen Qinghan. Not even a speck of dust touched the girl.

“Army Of Hundred Thousand avoids White Robe!! Chen Qingzhi, you coward! You disgrace the name of the White Robed General!!”

The girl’s expression was wan, hissing at the sky, unable to restrain her anger.

A downplayed reply came from the faraway horizon.

“You can keep your life for now. In the future, Qingzhi’s man4 will naturally find you for comparison.”

Huan Wen gnashed her teeth, her face white from rage. She shot a glance at the pensive Lord Chang’an Chen Zhangtian. She resentfully said, “Chen Qingzhi intruded a tomb today. You must investigate this clearly. I want to know the truth.”

“Your Highness, please return.” Chen Zhangtian uttered an indifferent reply.

The girl grumbled. She cursed the upper, middle, and lower armies as trash. Only after she vented inside the tomb did she resentfully return to her palace, however, she was also aware that Heavenly General Star Chen Qingzhi was practically unrivalled in the Tail Star Field. As an Earthly Star, she was completely outmatched.

Chen Qingzhi’s man?

Hmph. Everyone knew that a Star Maiden’s position was sublime. A man was not even worthy of touching her shoes. This sentence clearly disgraced her.


“Lord Highness.”

“Go investigate if the concubine’s tomb is missing anything.” Chen Zhangtian ordered his subordinates. He gazed at this cenotaph, his gaze unable to help but be somewhat profound and reflective.

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  1. 陳掌天. This is Chen Mo’s father.
  2. To think this is the only reason Chen Qingzhi has spared him thus far.
  3. 桓溫
  4. Oh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    1. I’m not sure about a sequel, but I do know that the author was working on another story featuring Star Generals. IDK the specifics of that one.

        1. As far as I know, it’s still being written! Its title is 萌娘神话世界, or “Legendary World of Cute Girls,” I think that’s an accurate interpretation.

  1. 1. So, presumably, MG is set a millenia after 108MoD then?
    2. So Su Xing ACTUALLY managed to successfully unite Star World then? And what the hell is with that epithet? ‘Purpls Rose Star Emperor’? ….I’m betting somebody else gave him that title. Wait, aren’t ppl of sufficient power practically near literally immortal, like Moujia? Is he dead then? But it’s Su Xing!
    2. The Heavenly General Star is an Ice Type like Yingmei was, huh? Good stuff.
    3. This Chen Zhangtian was one cool customer. Makes me wonder if he’s hiding something….

    1. You’ll eventually see it in the 108MOD revised translations, but “Purple Rose” is the revised term for what is formerly “Purple Star.” Both are valid interpretations of the term “紫微” but writing “Purple Star Star Emperor” just doesn’t flow.

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