Chapter 95: Martial Trial Evaluation, Ancient Labyrinth

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“A good quote.”

Qin Shaoxu looked at the question Hanshan posed to Shide that Chen Mo wrote, his expression also becoming exceptionally awestruck. From his perspective, this kind of comprehension should not have appeared in an inexperienced boy. However, combined with Chen Mo’s prior experience, this actually was plausible.

“I actually made quite the error in judgment.” Qin Shaoxu’s eyes glimmered with an indescribably amused glint.

To be stared at by a beautiful man using this kind of gaze that contained such a strange feeling, Chen Mo was a bit unable to help but shudder.

The two of them spoke a bit more, discussing matters to come.

“Then Your Servant wishes Little Brother Chen Mo resounding success in this metropolitan examination.” Qin Shaoxu poured one last cup.

We’re brothers, but why add the “Little,” Chen Mo gloomily raised his teacup. The two of them emptied their glasses, finally laughing out loud together.

This beautiful man was a bit interesting.

Chen Mo thought.

Divine Warrior Governor House, on the day of the metropolitan examination’s last trial.

A hundred warriors who had stood out during the Mind Trial came to the governor house’s most remote “Martial Trial Courtyard.” All the warriors present were somewhat pleased with themselves that they were able to enter the metropolitan examination’s second trial, very disdainful as they looked at the warriors who were also selected.

However, following Chen Mo’s late arrival to the Martial Trial Courtyard, everyone’s gazes could not help but automatically concentrate on him. Practically every warrior was unable to hide their envy.

That “Hanshan’s Question To Shide” had now already spread throughout Chuan Province. Those words were qualified to receive the praises of the Chan School of Buddhism. The phrase, “see what becomes of him in a few years” was accepted as truth by today’s restless warriors. Its influence could be said to be extremely vast. It was said that even the abbot who came from the Wanshou Temple expressed sincere admiration upon seeing those words.

However, in the end, these literary things were still only secondary. The Martial Trial’s evaluation was of greater importance for a warrior. Everyone was already rolling up their sleeves to fully display their capabilities in the Martial Trial. If they could suppress Chen Mo, that would be considered the end of his momentum.

Seeing those gazes full of envy and unreconciled anger, Chen Mo showed the same equanimity as shown in the Hanshi’s Question To Shide that he wrote. He looked through the crowd and found that Zhang Meng had also passed.

Zhang Meng walked over in greeting, expressing feelings of reverence. The two of them chatted as they pleased for a bit. As they conversed, Chen Mo noticed that people in the surroundings were also paying attention to him. Some of them had gazes that made him very uncomfortable. However, by the time Chen Mo looked, the owners of those gazes had very quickly concealed themselves in the crowd.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow.

Not long after.

The Divine Warrior Governor House’s commander-in-chief entered the Martial Trial Courtyard along with many other people. First of all was a cliché and hackneyed speech, then the deputy general issued each warrior a token, finally explaining the rules of this Martial Trial.

After the Martial Trial started, the Divine Warrior Governor House, would activate the massive underground labyrinth mechanism. This labyrinth was a ruin from an ancient dynasty. There were all kinds of mechanisms and Demon Beasts inside. All warriors were equipped with a token, and they were required to obtain nine tokens in order to be able to come out. For the sake of expedience, the labyrinth had mechanisms and a multitude of dangers. The deepest place even had a forbidden zone that absolutely prohibited entry.

Because this Martial Trial was an assessment of a warrior’s genuine honor and strength, warriors were required to use their full power. They may even lose their lives. Thus, even the slightest bit of laziness was absolutely not permitted. In past Martial Trials, the deaths of many warriors had occurred inside the labyrinth, and an untold number of arrogant geniuses had fallen within.

“Anyone who wants to give up now still has a chance!” The commander-in-chief sharply swept his gaze over everyone, stopping specially on Chen Mo.

Everyone was absolutely silent, solemnly waiting.

They knew the process for the Divine Warrior Examination. Since they participated, there was no reason to back off.

“Then I shall explain once more. Under these grounds, there is a labyrinth with complex terrain. There are mechanisms and traps, and entry into the forbiddance at the center is strictly prohibited. Take responsibility for the risks you yourself take. Of course, there will be ‘Crystal Grass’ located around the forbiddance. If you feel that dealing with other warriors is very annoying, you can pass as long as you obtain a stalk of Crystal Grass. Warriors that obtain the Crystal Grass will be considered first-place candidates in Chuan Province’s Divine Warrior Examination.

“The first ten warriors to pass will be able to enter the court examination.”

The commander-in-chief passionately said.

Everyone’s hot blood very quickly boiled over all. After all, they were all youngsters. This contest of fame and fortune not only was a trial for themselves, it was also a good opportunity to stand out from everyone else.

“Very well then, activate the labyrinth!” The commander-in-chief ordered/

A dozen cultivators immediately erected an array in the Martial Trial Courtyard. Then, according to the order on the list of successful candidates, the warriors entered the array. Afterwards, they were transferred to a safe area outside the underground labyrinth.

Chen Mo was the leader on the list, so he was first to enter.

Several hundred pairs of eager eyes at this moment stared at Chen Mo. A normal warrior would have already been scared stiff by such a severe intimidation, yet Chen Mo was unmoved. He leisurely sauntered into the formation.

The commander-in-chief gave an impressed expression.

As expected of Chen Zhangtian’s son, the heaven-sent genius. What a pity that he was born under an unlucky star. The commander-in-chief expressionlessly nodded, and the cultivators nearby initiated the array. 

The commander-in-chief then gazed at the next warriors, his gaze finally settling on Chen Qing.

The corner of Chen Qing’s mouth sinisterly smiled before he swept it away with his sleeve.

“Chen Mo, old friend, just you wait. That jieyuan1 position of yours will finally be mind.” Chen Qing watched Chen Mo’s figure with an unreconciled heart.

“Cousin Chen Qing, if only we can claim glory together for the Chen Family.” All of a sudden, Chen Mo turned his head back, speaking with a seeming smile.

“But of course.”

Chen Qing was taken aback. He recomposed himself, giving an insincere smile.

The surrounding scenery very quickly vanished. Then, it was replaced by a dark and damp grotto. This was the first time Chen Mo had come to the Divine Warrior Governor House’s underground labyrinth, so he could not help but explore.

He had once heard a rumor about this Divine Warrior Governor House’s Martial Trial Courtyard labyrinth. It was constructed by an ancient dynasty, and rumor had it that it contained many mechanisms and Demon Beasts. Later, the Great Chong Dynasty exploited this to establish the assessment for the Divine Warrior Examination’s Martial Trial. Because the topography was special and invariably complex, it was a very suitable place for battle from a warrior’s perspective.

Chen Mo slowly walked towards the forbidden zone, his goal naturally to pick those Crystal Grasses.

Compared to struggling for those tokens against other warriors, obtaining the Crystal Grass was even more simple. Besides, Chen Mo did not see a single one of the warriors present as an opponent. Even Zongzheng Ying and Chen Qing did not qualify.

Many plants and flowers grew along the cave walls, and there were also many bugs as well. The cave was very large, but Chen Mo faintly still saw the traces of the manual labor in carving.

There was carved wooden furniture as well as hallways lined with stone sculptures.

However, because of how ancient the dynasty was, these were already utterly ruined.

Chen Mo walked for a seemingly long time. The deathly still cave gradually grew noisy. It seemed that the warriors had all more or less entered the labyrinth.

“If Chen Qing still hasn’t given up, then this place is the last chance for him to make a move. According to my observations from before, the Divine Warrior Governor House and the Wanshou Temple are apparently on Chen Qing’s side. They want to eliminate me, so their goal should be to stop me from entering the court examination.” Chen Mo pondered.

To be able to make the Divine Warrior Governor House and Wanshou Temple tacitly agree with Chen Qing to get rid of him, this demonstrated that something happened that required them to do such a thing.

Could it be that after leaving Chang’an for more than a decade, some change had occurred in Chang’an Mansion.

Just at this moment, there was a sudden noise.

An arrow flew quickly out from the darkness, shooting towards his neck, full of powerful killing intent.

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