Chapter 16: Miss

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Sitting in the car, Bai Jing kept silent the entire time. Cao Lei looked back from time to time, more and more sure that their young master was lovelorn. His lips curving slightly upwards, he carried a touch of uninhibited laughter. With a joyful mind: you deserve it!

Bai Jing stared out the window. Since he made a decision, it would not change. He wanted to say that he had no regrets, but that was impossible. He obviously missed him so much, so much his heart ached. No one knew his worries and hope in the city, and he even suffer those worries, but willingly. Now that they suddenly left, although it was his own decision, his whole body felt like it was empty. 

But he did not know, not long after he left, Xiao Sa with his gang came to visit. Xiao Sa never thought that Bai Jing would leave so quickly. But sometimes, some things, were just so mixed.

“Why did no one meet me?” Xiao Sa seriously asked, his cold eyes showed a trace of anger, thinking of the day of that insufferably arrogant one. His heart was a bit hot, and just looking at the empty hotel room, his chest seems to hold a stock of anger but did not know where to lose it.  

“Hey? They’re gone? Didn’t see any movement yesterday.” Zhou Ji froze for a moment and felt regret. Regardless of Brother Sa’s interest in the young man, they wanted to be able to make contact with that one, but these days were way too busy. 

Xiao Sa was silent for a moment. Without hesitation, he commanded: “Check today’s flights.” Then, he gave the order to drive to the airport. 

Han Yan swallowed. This pace was not seen for a long time. Dryly laughing twice, he glanced at Xiao Sa, hesitating: “Which…they do not seem to fly.” 

Xiao Sa turned back, dimly looking at him. Han Yan shivered, stood quite straight, quickly swearing: “I swear, I did not see where they wanted to go, otherwise I would be sure to tell you.” He had always liked gossip. Knowing that Brother Sa took a fancy to the young one, naturally he would pay more attention to him. It was obviously same as usual yesterday, but the young man’s departure just like when they came, leaving no trace at all, he only knew they drove a motorhome. The rest he really did not know.

Xiao Sa nodded, said he knew, and then let people drive him back to the main house. Han Yan looked blankly. Brother Sa so easily let him go. Impossible, he could not believe it. 

Zhou Ji looked at his silliness and scolded: “Move, now!” 

“Oh!” Han Yan walked and hurried to keep up, still feeling a little faint. Brother Sa did not freeze him with his cold air; that was too incredible. 

Xiao Sa went back to the main house and, went straight to the bedroom. These days, he would have liked to go visit Bai Jing, but he was bothered non-stop by several old things at the gang. By this opportunity, he wanted to once and for all solve the problem. That took a bit of time, and this opportunity was very good, so he did not want to miss it. Not seeing Bai Jing, he was somewhat upset, but not quite angry. 

More and more, he was more interested. His dark eyes showed amusement. He and the boy really had a fate. When he got his information, he knew the name of Bai Jing and could not help but think of that day lingering around like a light aroma, and the young body was very soft. 

Although he was seriously injured that day, but not so he was unconscious, like them, even asleep his entire body was always vigilant. He remembered that day. Although he escaped, his physical strength was faint, his spirit began to relax. He was leaning against a car, thinking about how to leave as soon as possible because he knew that someone would soon get to him. Even if he had nine lives, those were not enough for him to die.

Then he heard people come, and most of them were with skill. Then his mind changed. Guessing who is the weakest of them, he decided to give it a go. He did not hesitate to fall on the weakest one and then clinging to the man, although he seemed unconscious, in fact, his hand was firmly clamped on the vital point of the man. In fact, he was betting, if the man moved, although he was out of energy, kidnap was still possible. Then, he seemed to hear the voice of a young man’s disdain, vague and not very real, and then he could not hold on any longer. His consciousness also stumbled, and he lost consciousness after being put in a car. When he woke up again, he was in a private clinic. 

From the mouth of Dr. He, he knew that Bai Jing was who saved him. He would have wanted to thank him. He had always been able to clearly evaluate people’s right and wrong, but unfortunately he could not move a bit, and Bai Jing may not be appreciative. And then the gang had trouble, so he had to put this thing aside. He did not expect they would meet in N City. No wonder when he saw him in the street, there was a strange sense of familiarity. Added ontp this, that young one had helped him twice. His ears, nose and fingers, seemingly also felt the young body’s flexibility.

Xiao Sa immediately picked up the phone, and without hesitation, dialed D City. The results could be imagined, mostly answering “I do not know,” only hearing that teenagers have not appeared in more than a month. 

Xiao Sa frowned. He would not be Xiao Sa if he backed away. After finishing the gang’s arrangement, he had bought an airline ticket which was set for three days after. He decided to go to D City. Not only were there a lot of things that needed to end, he would like to inquire more of news about Bai Jing. He was a little angry that they did not fly. That car, while eye-catching, Z country was so big that without the exact route, it really was wanting to find a needle in a haystack. But he believed that young one would always go back.

The next few days, Xiao Sa went to the D City several times. In addition to knowing that Bai Jing had ordered a number of medicines from Dr. He, there was nothing else, or it was something that he had already heard. But Xiao Sa always felt the rumors of Bai Jing were not the same with what he saw, but then what. This was more interesting, was it not? He had plenty of patience. 

While Xiao Sa was being busy, Bai Jing’s group arrived at Huangshan. According to the memory of the address, Bai Jing drove towards Qingcheng County. Bai Jing did not have Lin’s exact address, but he remenbered Qingcheng County was famous because of Lin and his wife. Unfortunately it later fell soon after the couple died.

Humans always were greedy, even after a full stomach and warm dress, they began to give birth to other thoughts. But not knowing when he hurt others he also put himself into a difficult situation, without a strong safe zone, how could he survive in the last life. Did he not really think this wall of Qingcheng could block the influx of tens of thousands of zombies? Not to mention those mutated animals too. 

“What an old, quaint place.” Cao Lei praised, driving slowly forward. He now had become a coachman. Although he was not satisfied, if he resigned, it would be his lover driving. For his dear baby to take a good break, he had to bear the hardships to do hard work, but looking at the master’s lovelorn attitude, he decided to generously forgive. 

He would be dead if Bai Jing knew his thoughts, and he would have no chance to make love tonight. Cao Lei hated it so. Reluctant to complain about his lover always putting the young master first, he could only in the heart badmouth young master. If he spoke out, sorry. For his own sex life, he decided to endure; this was typical knowledge of the times to be clever.

“Since you like it, we’ll stay here and go rent a house.” Bai Jing said. He intended to stay here for a long time. His mood had been down. He was really at Qingcheng County, and unlike in the car, he was depressed. The training of psychic power was urgent. 

“Stay?” More than Wang Xuebing, even Cao Lei was stunned for a moment. The first thought was that young master really wants to stay here? Second, it is strange to rent a house, not buy one; wasn’t young master always being lavish? 

“There’s an objection?” Bai Jing eyes rose, passing a stare. Even if he was in a daze, he still knew what they were thinking. That expression, as if afraid he could not see that motion, even showed off for Wangxue Bing. Are the two of them affectionate? Well, he did not want to beat the mandarin duck apart, but now this they will have to consider. 

“No -” with Bai Jing looking annoyed, Cao Lei quickly said. He was really afraid of the young master, too fucking tormenting. 

“Well!” Bai Jing sneered and turned away: “Help me find an old man called Lin Weiqi, or a man called Lin Zhefeng. It is best to live near them.” 

Cao Lei eyes lit up, flying to think of adultery. 

Bai Jing’s beautiful eyes slightly narrowed, not waiting for him to say anything. Cao Lei’s mind tightened. No jokes, he was the bodyguard, how could he not feel such obvious malice. Quickly, he said: “I first want to find a place to stay and then go looking for a house. Last, go to the police for help on finding someone. 

Bai Jing did not speak, lightly glancing at him, praising his sensibility. 

However, about Cao Lei’s ability to work, Bai Jing quite liked it. He would establish a team after the outbreak and in considering having Cao Lei or not, in fact, needless to say, he also knew that with Wang Xuebing in the team, Cao Lei certainly won’t get away. He was still somewhat unhappy, just thinking this Cao Lei was born to anger him. 

Arbitrarily finding a hotel to stay at to rest for a night, the next day Cao Lei went to the police station. Bai Jing was squatting in the room, reading the medical books fiercely, and he was not even halfway through it all yet. The human body’s acupuncture points, the body context he remembered, but without personal guidance, all he understood was limited to writing. Just like cooking, no matter how many recipes he has seen, when it came to a real battle, he was blind in the dark, not knowing how! 

In the afternoon, Cao Lei brought news. In Qingcheng County, there were three elderly Lin Weiqi. Because most people of the town were named Lin, there were lots of the same names, but Lin Zhefeng’s grandfather was the only one whom lived at a very remote house and also deep into the mountains. It was a small mountain village in Qingcheng County. The village was very remote, and although the road was okay to drive on, it was yellow mud road. It was about nine kilometers distance. To rent a house there, honestly, he did not think the young master would like to stay.

“Take a motorcycle and visit it tomorrow.” Bai Jing thought for a moment and said. He instantly sure that Elder Lin was a mountain man. That said, everyone with skills lived well in the apocalypse. The cause of their death was being framed by the people they saved. 

Presumably, some people were not convinced that an old mountain man could become the master of the county. After being well fed and dressed, everything was worry-free, which gave birth to such thoughts. But fortunately, he was a mountain person with a kind heart. He will have the opportunity to look for him and ask. He remembered that several other skillful people, if not hired by the state, were to keep their skills as their own, or build teams alone. However those people were all doing well. 

However, that was in the early period of the apocalypse. Later, the zombies became more and more powerful. Martial arts and inner strength could no longer represent anything. Natural advancement was not faster than the zombie cores; martial arts gradually were abandoned. Bai Jing did not know their address but could clearly remember some of the names. He believed that as long as he went there, he would be warm welcomed, but those people were too complicated. After the outbreak, people became sinister, and Bai Jing really did not want to be involved. After much deliberation, he would only trust Elder Lin. 

In addition to him, those martial artists that kept enduring were those who had not been famous but kept their family background hidden thoroughly. Of course, there ware a small number of real martial arts families, but Bai Jing did not feel they were willing to teach as good as Elder Lin. The old-fashioned family, those words represented trouble. Too many people, with connections too deep and wide, those families were mostly less famous than ordinary components of the team. Even though they were not renowned at the apocalypse, because of being dragged by too many things, their responsibility was too deep. Ssometimes he also admired their spirit, but unfortunately no one could stick to the end. 

Before he was sold to the Institute, there were a number of martial arts families that had been dissolved, or became departed souls under zombie’s claws. Loyalty, was the most untold thing in the end of the world! 

The next day, Cao Lei got two motorcycles; do not ask why there were not three. His master had always give instructions at home. Motorcycles, this thing, if he remembered correctly, the young master was afraid to even sit on, and do not mention riding one. 

Bai Jing did not have any objections to this. How could he not know how to ride one, it was all thanks to Xiao Sa’s forcing. However, if someone was willing to do it, he was naturally happy with the providing the effort. 

It was easy to find Lin Weiqi’s home. They came to the town of Sungai and inquired about the location of Muzhucun. Lin Weiqi could be considered a celebrity in the village of Muzhucun. His son studied at S University medical school, was famous not only the village but also lived at the town for a long time.

In front of the Lin’s residence was a very ordinary brick house. The house was not great, but it looked very neat. A small courtyard sat at the front, even paved with cement. The courtyard had a bamboo chicken cage, which was feeding a few clucking chickens inside. Next to the chicken cage were some poles, planted with some beans and sponge gourd, and then a bit further were fruit trees. Now was the harvest season, and no one could wait to taste them. 

“Excuse me, anyone in the room?” Bai Jing came to the door and did not enter directly. That almost made Cao Lei and Wang Xuebing drop their chins. When did this master have courtesy? Besides the home of Vice Mayor Zhu, where the young master rampaged all over, no one can stop him. 

“You are…” Soon, there came out of an old woman, gray-haired face full of doubt. Although her clothes were simple, anyone could see she was very well-nurtured, not a bit of a rural person. 

“Hello, may I ask if this is Elder Lin Weiqi’s home?” Bai Jing asked with smile. In fact, as long as he was willing to rely on his appearance, he put on a gentle look; those young and old could all be taken. 

Only Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were in horror. Was this man their young master ? Was it not? Accustomed to more than a month of the young master’s cold face and cynicism, he suddenly having such a change really was amazing.

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