Chapter 18: Sightseeing

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Around the mid lunar of December, Lin Zhefeng sent a letter, telling he would arrive home in a few days. The old couple beamed with delight, busily preparing for their son’s homecoming, like bacon, sausage, slaughtered chicken and pig. Bai Jing was so envious, later learning that Lin Zhefeng was not Lin’s own son, but their feelings were better than a biological’s, better than he who might as well never had a father. 

Lin Zhefeng was adopted by the Lin’s when he was six years old. His parents died early, and he had been pushed between relatives one after another with no one that would care.  The old married couple took pity on him, and decided to adopt he who could fill their emptiness. They meant to have a grandson, yet the six year old Zhefeng already had his own idea. He remembered that his own grandparents did not want him, dooming him to call the old couple father and mother. The old married couple felt helpless, but also more dearly loved the child. Let it be father and mother, the idea to have a son was good, and over ten years flew by. 

Lin Zhefeng was also promising. With a stubborn spirit, he graduated from their town school, took an exam to get to the H City School of Medicine and was a sensation in their village for a long time. When his own bad relatives tried to stick with him, they were all been chased away by Lin Zhefeng. The child knew precisely who to love or hate. Bai Jing agreed with that. As long as his mind was not paste, protecting and saving the Lin couple should be much easier in the apocalypse.

In fact, he really was a selfish person. He was thinking about helping the two Elder Lin’s, but he was afraid. He was afraid of the Lin‘s unconditional kindness. When they saw any individuals and wanted to save them, what would he do with them then?

Bai Jing respected them very much and would try to change their thinking. But if it still did not work, Bai Jing indeed would give up.  He cherished the reborn life, and although he would be friends with the Lin couple, other people’s life and death had nothing to do with him. He would not put any mind on rescue. This world was full of human beings, and no one could save them all. But with Lin Zhefeng’s clear mind, the old couple should not be confused.

At lunar December 19th, the sky was full of snowflakes, the mountain all white. Lin Zhefeng wore a thick fur coat, carrying several big parcels as he stumbled back home.  He showed no surprise when saw guests at home. He smiled and greeted, quickly going to find his father and mother. 

The old couple was so happy, quickly pulling him near the fire for warmth, looking at their son non-stop, busily judging his appearance. Anyways, the house was full of joy, as if they had lots to talk about. Bai Jing did not disturb them, and since he had nothing else to do, he then prepared a meal in the kitchen. After a few months of training, his cooking was not comparable to the past, and around an hour later, a full course meal was ready.  

During the meal, Lin Zhefeng also brought out a lot of gifts, not only for the old married couple, but even prepared some for the three of them. Bai Jing felt ashamed; he had come to the Lin’s for so long and did not bring anything for them. There had always been someone to give him gifts, but as for gifts to others, he seemed to have never thought about it. 

While chatting, Lin Zhefeng promised to take the couple sightseeing in the city. The old couple lived in the mountains their whole lives, and now that he had good fortune, he also wanted to bring the couple’s insight. He also persuaded Bai Jing to stop staying close to home. The power of  internal force did not excel overnight; haste makes waste, also advising him to go out and move around. 

Bai Jing put on a bitter smile. He was not pushy to practice since the outbreak time was approaching. His psychic power progressed slowly, so how could he not worry. He had already decided, if the dimension still could not be loaded with living things after another three months  that he would have to redo another plan.

Bai Jing volunteered to drive the Lin’s happy family with his car because it convenient. Just a few more days to New Year’s Eve, so it was the right time for sightseeing and shopping.

Lin Zhefeng was slightly surprised. He knew that Bai Jing had some money, but he did not know he had a car: “Jing, aren’t you going home for New Year’s? 

Granny Lin heard that, then signed for her son not to ask anymore because it was Bai Jing’s privacy. The old couple did not tell their son that Bai Jing was actually an unwelcome illegitimate child. They even did not ask the reason that Bai Jing stayed in their home for the New Year. 

Lin Zhefeng apologetically smiled then kept silent. 

Bai Jing did not mind, lightly saying: “I don’t have parents, so staying here is more lively than at home.” 

The Lin couple were clear now that what they guessed was true. Wang Xuebing felt the same as young master. Wang Xuebing suddenly remembered that young master seemed never to have a lively year. 

In fact, Nanny Chen called and asked Bai Jing to report back home for New Year’s Eve a few days ago. Bai Jing ignored her and called Bai Jingcheng to report his whereabout to prevent Nanny Chen from complaining. So, the place he would stay at New Year’s Eve was appointed, and Bai Jingcheng had always never refused any of his requests. 

A few days later, it was 23th lunar December, a rare sunny day. Cao Lei first drove to the town of Sungai to wait. The wind was also cold, so te Lin couple insisted not to ride on a motorcycle because of the chill, meaning they all went to the town on foot.

When they saw the car, the three were surprised. Unlike the old couple’s small town lifestyle, Lin Zhefeng had more knowledge about cars. If his guess was right, this car was not something only money could buy. He somewhat had a little interest about the identity of Bai Jing, but he did not deliberately seek to know. Their relationship in addition to the exchange of their martial arts, he thought, should not be anymore deep. Bai Jing had a good temper, and Lin Zhefeng was willing to be friends with Bai Jing, no matter what his identity was. 

Arriving at the city, the Lin couple were surprised Cao Lei drove to the hotel first. Bai Jing explained: “Since we are here, we can stay much longer. There are no chickens and pigs waiting to be fed now, just enjoy your time.” 

Lin Zhefeng laughed, was this not the reason? When he saw the hotel price, Lin Zhefeng felt bitterly pained. Dumbfounded, that was the cost of an entire semester’s living expenses. The Lin couple also quickly said not to stay here, but Wang Xuebing advised them, saying the purchase could apply for reimbursement, to spare no expense for the young master. They were at ease then, but the concept of how rich Bai Jing was also advanced one level higher. 

Fortunately, they were honest people. However much money Bai Jing had they did not feel special. Their attitude had always been consistent, and Bai Jing is very satisfied. The first day, they rested after Lin Zhefeng guided the way as they followed and shopped. Due to the impact of the fancy car and the hotel pricing, they were no longer surprised by whatever Bai Jing spent. They only advised him not to spend too much, which every time was interrupted by Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei, so they let Bai Jing do as he pleased. Right now, they did not see the price tags, but they later were stunned and shocked that all things Bai Jing bought were even more valuable than their house. 

That night when they rested, Bai Jing and Cao Lei went around to find the dirtiest, most chaotic, most realistic, cruel place in G City. Cao Lei was puzzled, but still followed in accordance with the instructions.  

But he did not expect the next day, Bai Jing took the Lin couple there. Lin Zhefeng felt angered, Bai Jing’s behavior could not be forgotten. The old couple were totally blank by the place that was an old area of G City, where there were dirty, messy living spaces, where people lived mostly at the bottom of society, with domestic violence, street robbery, fighting, prostitutes in broad daylight, curses, scoldings are all over the old area. It would never lack of fights, and of course, more looked on with cold indifference, watching others suffering without extending a helping hand..

Elder Lin was very angry at first. After they visited more similar areas, they went silent. Bai Jing then took a trip to the courthouse. For all the cases he heard, divorce, family property disputes and hostilities, these were just  small cases. There was a big one that caused a lot of controversy, a case so talkable that it caught Bai Jing’s attention when he first arrived at G city.

A taxi driver did not hesitate to go after a motorcycle robbery suspect. That suspect panicked, then collided with a car. The motorcycle was deformed, and the suspect died on the spot with his hand tightly holding a necklace he had just snatched.

After verification, the necklace was fake, worth less than 20 yuan; it could not be a robbery. But who should be responsible for the death? The suspect’s family was up for trouble, the car owner was afraid of trouble since it was not his fault. Was that the suspect’s own doing, but this kind of thing was always bad luck, so it was better to pay some money for peace of mind. 

But how about the taxi driver? He was the most innocent person, but that robbery could not stand as a crime. His chase caused a person’s death, and even the the necklace’s owner did not come forward to speak. Robbery? What robbery? The suspect’s family insisted it was a small thing that the dead man bought for his wife. 

This matter was quite big, a controversial issue, but Bai Jing knew that the driver would spend a decade, and then come out, so doing good deeds without hesitation was the most unnecessary behavior… 

Bai Jing let the old couple keep their silence, continuing to play the next day. What Huangshan was most famous for, besides outdoor scenery, was its temples. This was a rare relaxation time, and Bai Jing asked Lin Zhefeng to lead the way, first with the Xiangfu temple. There was Huangshan’s oldest monastery in history, and he was afraid there was no chance to look back on something like this ever. 

Lin Zhefeng, although dissatisfied with Bai Jing, did not say anything. After all, Bai Jing did not do heinous crimes. But his father and mother had always been honest, simple people. This was a rare chance for them to have fun together, and he did not want them to feel unhappy. 

At the Xiangfu Temple, there were lots of visitors and beggars, too. Bai Jing was very satisfied with the old couple’s response. Although they had sympathy towards the beggars, they still hesitated to give money. Bai Jing whispered to Cao Lei a few words, then sent Cao Lei to buy tickets. After a while, the old couple accidentally saw the beggars spoil the scene. The old couple felt cold from their hearts, wondering how this world turned this way. When they were experiencing more troubled scenes, their minds were more open and relaxed, putting more interest in the scenery, relaxed and no longer tangled by what they saw yesterday. They also worshipped each Bodhisattva the elderly believed.

Cao Lei was very puzzled. He felt it was good for the couple to be relaxed like this, not understanding if perhaps the young master held some ill will towards them? Why so much trouble? He felt somewhat sad. Why was it always him doing bad things. Moreover, did his face not show “I am not a good man”?  

On the way back, the couple also bought a lot of things to commemorate from shopping on the streets. When they passed an antique store, Bai Jing’s eyes went fixed. Looking straight at the piece of jade unicorn, although separated by a distance, he saw very clearly the look of that jade unicorn was the same as his mother’s relics.

With no hesitation, in a hurry, Bai Jing went straight into the door of the antique store. The rest also followed. It was rare to see Bai Jing lose his composure, and they were very curious about what aroused his interest. 

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