Chapter 19: Jade

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“Boss, I want to have a look at that piece of unicorn.” Bai Jing entered the store and said, his eyes fixed on the unicorn displayed on the shelf. 

“This young one really knows the goods. This unicorn was handed down as a true antique from Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. I heard there was a pair, but so far, I’ve only found one. We display it as exhibition, but since you like it, I’ll show it to you. “ 

Bai Jing felt at a loss when heard what the man said. In fact, he should have known that it was impossible for his mother’s relics to appear here.

His face could not be concealed from the crowd. The boss took the unicorn from the cabinet and looked at Bai Jing, who seemed to heve lost the joy of happyiness, curiously asking: “Have you seen the other one?” 

Bai Jing nodded, his face showing slight loneliness: “My mother left me a unicorn, but it is lost.” 

The boss looked clear and felt slight regret. Evidently this business was not successful, but he did not care too much. The business of antiques which dealt with the rich and noble required the dealer to have good judgement. Even if the deal was not done, to be friends was good enough.

Carefully handing the unicorn to Bai Jing, he smiled and said: “That really is a pity. In fact, only the fineness of the unicorn is good, but the tail has small flaws. Generally it’s not visible if you do not pay attention to it. Is there any difference compared to yours?” 

Bai Jing checked thoroughly the unicorn, and saw clearly a crack in the tail. Although it was small, it destroyed the perfection of the unicorn. It was covered up while displayed, but the value was reduced if he wanted to keep it. However, this unicorn was indeed different from his mother’s. The looks were exactly the same, but the direction of the heel was the opposite. 

“How much?.” Bai Jing asked, as he tossed the unicorn around in his hands. The boss tightened and was afraid Bai Jing would carelessly drop it. Jade was an item that could not stand to fall. 

“If you want it, the price is three hundred thousand yuan, the fineness of this jade is actually more valuable than the price asked, but unfortunately…” 

 Without waiting for the boss to finish, Bai Jing waved and threw a card to him: “Sure, I’ll buy it.” Three hundred thousand yuan was not expensive. Although it was a waste of money, it was better to have something similar to remember. 

The boss was a bit surprised and was happy that he did not miss this one. He then gave the properly packed unicorn to Bai Jing with his business card together.  

Bai Jing took the box and did not open it to check. He casually put it in a pocket. Thick winter clothes had large pockets, and even with the unicorn box inside, it appeared to have more space for storage. 

The Lin family was shocked. The old couple was startled by the three hundred thousand yuan. This was not a small sum of money, and  for these mountain people, it was simply astronomical amount. Granny Lin nagged Bai Jing’s prodigal habits, but thought when he had mentioned the loss of his mother’s relics, she understood Bai Jing’s sadness. Although it was for a memory, three hundred thousand yuan, tut, Granny Lin felt complicated. This child spent money with no hesitation. 

Even with the good old days years before, she and her husband dared not easily spend large amount of money. But she forgot that in her prime, which was a confusing period. Whoever had a good personal life suffered, whoever had more money on hand was a counter-revolutionary. They felt pessimistic and discouraged and decided to move back to live in the mountains. Could you compare that period and now? With the current popular words, Bai Jing was for lack of everything but money.  

Bai Jing put the box into his hidden dimension while walking back to the hotel. This trip of Huangshan was very joyful.1 In addition to buying the jade unicorn, he was happy for the change of heart in the Lin couple. No more unnecessary sympathy, good job! 

Then, they had fun in the city for a few days. Bai Jing continued his brainwashing curriculum. Bai Jing understood that people’s ideas would not be completely changed by his tricks. He just wanted to give the two elders precaution, which was to prevent them being sold out in the apocalypse. Bai Jing was clear that he was willing to help the Lin couple for their personalities, but if it comes with their nonstop compassion, he definitely would quit. 

On the road, wherever there was empty space in the car, it was full of things Bai Jing bought. Bai Jing had always been generous to his friends. Since the New Year was approaching, by the old couple’s request Bai Jing stopped shopping. The Lin’s wiped off some cold sweat, for it was the first time they saw this style of shopping. Their little hearts could not bear to hold on, and what they were really experiencing was the spending of money like running water.

When they returned back to the town of Shuangxi, Bai Jing was in a dilemma because there were too many things to transport back.  

The three Lin’s were speechless. Bai Jing did not put in a thought of the trunk’s capacity when he shopped. Later, Cao Lei suggested he and Wang Xuebing ride motorcycles with those goods, and it took them three rounds to finish. The rest were carried by hand, and although those items were heavy, carrying them was not laborious since they all had internal strength to use. It took an hour to walk from Shuangxi town to Muzhu village. The speed was also faster than with a motorcycle, and now the weather was too cold. The road was covered by very thick snow, so it was difficult for motorcyclists.

After returning, the Lin couple found that all the things Bai Jing bought, in addition to the new year eve’s supplies, mostly were gifts for them. Things for Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were but a few, and Bai Jing himself only bought a piece of jade. Granny Lin as a mother was not happy at all. Bai Jing felt very puzzled. He, Cao Lei, and Wang Xuebing already had what they needed and really did not need more. The gifts he bought for the Lin’s were to make them happy and also to curry their favor. Why Granny Lin was unhappy, Bai Jing asked about his doubts..

Granny Lin was silent for a long time, when she realized, and was angry no more. It was hard to describe her feelings, and it was difficult to speak. This child Bai Jing lacked love since childhood, and not needing to hand out gifts but receiving from others was a matter of course. However, the Lin’s and his level were not the same.

Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei felt this was funny, never imagining the young master could be so adorable. 

Anyway, this thing was over, and Granny Lin only told Bai Jing not to spend more money on gifts others. Bai Jing very arrogantly replied: “That is, of course, I have never sent one before.”. 

Granny Lin covered her face and spoke no more. She thought, this child was very determined, but this was expressed in a wrong way. Looking at these gifts, they could only put on smiles and take them. 

When they returned to the room and saw the prices, oh, mother, ten thousand for a single article of clothing. Her heart jumped with a bang, wanting to return it to the store, but thinking of what Bai Jing had just explained, if she really returned this thing, the child probably would be sad. Although it was dumbfounding, to have gifts from the heart, they felt happy to keep it. 

Time passed quickly, and everyone was sure busy until New Year’s eve. They posted couplets, set the offering table, set off firecrackers, and had a reunion dinner. Bai Jing was so happy today, and since early childhood, this atmosphere was the most new-year’s-like event of his life. 

At twelve o’clock midnight, although the residents of Muzhu village were not many, every family all set off firecrackers and fireworks. Bai Jing bought a lot from the city, and watching the colorful sky bloom colorful flowers, in a fleet of twinkling, leaving only a little spark in the sky, it was beautiful, gorgeous but so short.

Such beauty, Bai Jing feared it would be impossible to see next year. His heart sank. His psychic power progress was so slow, and after the eve he would be leaving; he really could not bear it.  

Going back to his room, Bai Jing was still sleepless. Suddenly remembering that he bought the unicorn, which he did not take a look at, he mobilized his psychic power, taking the box out. The box also stood above a business card, and Bai Jing raised his eyebrows, throwing out the business card. His face turned black when opened the lid; the box was empty. 

Bai Jing just right at the moment was about to call the store, but he had a feeling that something was not quite right. He with his own eyes clearly saw that the boss put the unicorn into the box, and handed out this business card. If the boss tried to cheat, he certainly would not give him the card. Also, it was three hundred thousand yuan only. It was not much, and that antique store was so big that he did not believe that the boss would disregard his credibility just for a unicorn.

Bai Jing kept thinking. The unicorn would not disappear out of thin air, not to say of disappearing in the hidden dimension, and thinking of those vanished items he had stored from the last life, Bai Jing had a guess the only explanation was that the jade unicorn certainly had some sort of connection.  

But this was not right. That unicorn’s fineness was good but not the best, and just a broken stone only. Its value could not be compared with the hidden-dimension. Oh, wait, broken stones? Bai Jing’s eyes shone. The meteorite was a stone, zombie cores were stone, jade was a stone, and they are a kind of energy storage stone. Jade itself was bonded with the world’s natural aura, as was the meteorite. Well, Bai Jing had no knowledge yet, although the zombie core contained a lot of viruses, it was also considered a kind of energy. If properly used, it could stimulate the potential of the body… 

The second day was New Year’s Day, and Bai Jing could not wait any longer, driving to the county. Driving around, he found not a single jade store open. Although he was disappointed, he did not give up. And then, he drove to the city since he had an idea that must be verified. He did not pay attention before, but now he felt, his hidden dimension seemed to become more clear since the unicorn disappeared. The air was also more fresh, and although the changes were very subtle, it was almost impossible to check. Only if the mind was cleared out seriously could he sense it, and he was.  

Arriving in the city, Bai Jing picked the closest shopping mall, going straight to the jewelry store. Although it was not a jade store, there were jade pendants and bracelets. He just wanted to confirm that his guess is correct . 

He bought a jade bracelet, and Bai Jing quickly paid the price and went back to the car,  immediately putting the bracelet into the hidden dimension. It was empty when he tried to take it out. Bai Jing felt ecstatic, then cleared his mind, immersing himself in the hidden-dimension, but unfortunately, he did not feel any change. But this jade bracelet was cheap at twenty thousand yuan, so he was relieved. The jade unicorn not only was an antique, the tone was also good, not something a shopping mall’s bracelet could compare to.

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