Chapter 20: Y Province

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Bai Jing without hesitation drove to the city’s largest jade mall. 

Arriving at the jade mall, looking at the array of emeralds and jades, Bai Jing was silent. Even if he had no idea of how to manage money, he knew that no matter how many thousands of millions of yuan spent here, nothing would change. 

And he did not consider too much. Bai Jing’s heart was itching, and picking a few pieces of good quality jade and having people wrap them up, when he paid, 2 million yuan was gone. 

Bai Jing twitched his mouth but did not care about the price. Returning to the car, he immediately put the jades into the dimension, and then the 200 million yuan’s worth disappeared without a trace. He mobilized his psychic power, sinking his mind into the dimension, feeling a slight change in his psychic force. His heart could not help but be happy. His lips bent upwards, and then he began to check the dimension. 

The changes in the space this time, the role of the jade, seemed more than with the jade unicorn. Even if the change was only a little bit, he could not conceal the joy of his heart. Bai Jing kept a shallow laugh when he returned to Muzhu village. It made Cao Lei shout, the sun came out from the west, and the young master had not given him a glance. This was simply a miracle. 

Bai Jing ignored him, knowing that this time he had been too tense. Practicing internal power was good; not only could it keep the body fit, it also gave him martial arts to protect himself. But as he did not even have a rest, practicing every day and night, even if they did not say a word, they must be worried. 

That night, Bai Jing announced that the next stop was Y province, where there was most famous jade source in the country. Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were without any objection. Anyways, following the young master’s order was what they were used to. 

Granny Lin and Elder Lin were surprised. Although they knew Bai Jing had to go, they did not expect so soon, and now was New Year’s Day. Even if there was something to do in Y province, he would have to wait until the holidays finished. 

Granny Lin persuaded him to stay, also not agreeing with Bai Jing. Bai Jing knew that he was anxious. Granny Lin was right, and on today’s trip to the city, there were a lot of shops that did not open. He thought there was no exception with Y province, either. 

Over the next few days, Granny Lin and Elder Lin had bags prepared with native produce, mushrooms, bacon and such. What could be loaded was all loaded up, insisting that Bai Jing take it away. 

Bai Jing smiled and expressed thanks, but only took the bacon and sausage. Muzhu village had rich resources, wild fruit, mushrooms, wild vegetables all over the mountains. During this time, he learned what and how to cook, searched ingredients all over the mountains, transferring whatever chose all into the space. He now did not lack of vegetables, but he had some meat collection trouble. But thinking of the benefit of the jade, Bai Jing was restless. Not waiting until the holidays finished, he, with Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei, said goodbye to the old couple. 

The old couple did not restrain them, sending them straight to the town of Sungai, telling him to be more careful on the road, and to feel free to come over and play. Watching Bai Jing get in the car, only then did they reluctantly go back. 

Bai Jing felt a bit bitter. He was not without a parting experience before, but he was afraid. He was afraid this may be life or death. 

“Turn back.” Driving on the road less than five minutes, Bai Jing hurriedly said. He could not help but smile, his heart was not hard enough. 

Cao Lei was blank a bit. He did not say anything, only quickly making a turn. The Lin family of three had not gone far. 

 ”Grandma, Grandpa, wait.” Bai Jing sat in the car, shouting directly at them.

Granny Lin turned and smiled when she saw Bai Jing. Elder Lin also froze a moment: “Jing, are you going to play a few days more?” 

Bai Jing shook his head, smiled and said: “For Zhefeng’s summer vacation this year, come to D City to have fun. Remember not to keep a pig at home, don’t raise chickens. That will keep you worry free, so things are arranged just like this, okay.”

Bai Jing waved, also finishing with: “You are not allowed to refuse,” and regardless of their answer, had Cao Lei drove away. 

“This child.” Granny Lin laughed, not minding his words. 

Lin Zhefeng was moved. In fact, he also hoped to take his parents out for fun, and although Bai Jing had some temper, he was also kind. To tell the truth, Lin Zhefeng was willing to go.  

When they were on the national highway, Bai Jing was silent, looking back at the still green mountains and rivers of Shuangxi town. He could only do this much for the two old Lin’s. As long as they were not in Qingcheng County, they should not have so much compassion and not self-sacrifice to save others. It would be Lin Zhefeng’s summer vacation when the outbreak began, and with them staying with him, he could rest assured. 

Cao Lei and Wang Xuebing looked at each other, feeling a bit strange. It was normal that young master invited the two Lin elders, but why did he put on an unhappy look, why! But the two did not say anything, and when approaching the intersection, Cao Lei asked: “Which way?”

Bai Jing recalled his thoughts and voiced out his plan that he made long ago: “To the airport, we separate from here. I will go to Y province, you are going back to D City. 

“How can this work.” Wang Xuebing refused. He was fine with the young master’s recent temperament getting weird, but now the young master wanted to separate from them. Absolutely not, and not to say that the young master will or will not have an accident, only by this state of mind of the young master, they were worried. 

Cao Lei also agreed and nodded: “It cannot.” 

Bai Jing faintly smiled. He did not look at them and said: “With my skills, I can protect myself. You go back to D City to remodel this car. My father gave me two Hummers, also take those for a remodel. I am not good with cars. If you are willing to separate, Wang Xuebing can go back and Cao Lei can then go with me to Y province.” 

Cao Lei covered Wang Xuebing‘s mouth just as Wang Xuebing was about to agree. It is staggering how his position changed so quickly. Cao Lei promptly said: “I’ll follow yours.”

Bai Jing smiled, satisfied as he nodded his head, letting him drive directly to the airport. As for Wang Xuebing, well, he stared at Cao Lei, now sulking. But they are a couple, always making up after fight, so Bai Jing had no pressure at all. At the airport, he had Cao Lei buy the fastest flight and told Wang Xuebing that those cars must be transformed into steel armored types, which had no problem for wartime. 

Wang Xuebing was stunned, his mouth wildly gaping. What was the young master trying to do, was there any hidden message, that a world war was going to break out? 

He was half right. Bai Jing sure had the inside story, but that inside story was not a world war, but something more harmful than a World War disaster! There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape, natural disasters, man-made disasters, viruses, and when the day comes, war means nothing. All human beings that survive will not be many. 

Bai Jing felt sad thoughts, not the slightest bit interested in the future. In fact, he could only try to live with Xiao Sa together. Even though he had more than a lifetime, to face increasingly powerful zombies. Who could say that one could live forever.

Not a while late, Cao Lei came back and gave the ticket to Bai Jing, 40 minutes to board. 

Bai Jing looked at them, said good–bye and told them to ignore Nanny Chen, then under the gaze of those two, went into the gate and did not return, setting foot on the Y province flight. 

When he arrived at Y province, the first feeling Bai Jing had was that it was hot. It sure could not be compared with northern weather. Y province now was full with flowers and birds singing; he could not see the traces of winter. 

Leaving the airport terminal, Bai Jing took off his coat and did not find a hotel to stay, but directly took a cab to T City. 

After the nonstop drive, he arrived at the jade trading market where most of the jade were not carved from the original stone or pure rock. Bai Jing strolled around, looked at prices. A rare shyness of his purse arose. Seeing those people gambling stones, crying from their throats, his heart had a little itch, but just seeing them one by one dejected, he consider for a moment and gave up. He did not believe in luck, and he rested his mind to buy the original stone. 

He did not stay for long. Bai Jing casually looked for a nearby hotel when he got out. Taking the key card, he returned to the room and took his computer out. Because he was in the mountains for a while, or was on the road, since he bought stocks a long time ago, he had not seen it yet and wondered how it was now. 

Keying his own account and password, the trading pane opened. Looking at the string of numbers, Bai Jing slightly smiled. He bought a total of three stocks, and now two are doubled in price while the other steadily rose and had more than doubled. The original 20 million yuan had become 46 million yuan. No wonder people loved stocks as Bai Jing suddenly understood.1 

His hands having money was a good thing, and the next day early in the morning, he did not hesitate to take out half of the stocks. He regretted that it was a bit late. He would get the money by the next day, but he would not worry. There were many things to do today, and he first rented a warehouse, and then rented a car. Then, he went to the jade trading market. Alone the whole day, he met a few bosses and made appointments to see the wares tomorrow. Bai Jing now had funds, and although not great, it was more than the average person’s. In addition to cashing out 20 million yuan, he had 2 million yuan in his pocket. For a bunch of buyers, this was well enough.  

Then, he began crazily shopping. In the evening, he put jade into the hidden dimension, feeling the space and psychic power change. He was joyful, and he tried a few times but could not enter the hidden dimension, which made him chagrined, so the next day he started to wantonly purchase. 

For seven days, day by day, Bai Jing put more and more jade into the dimension. The space and psychic power had a significant change, but he still could not get into it. Bai Jing was anxious. If jade was useless, it was a waste to spend more money. He was better off collecting more material. 

Bai Jing was not convinced, and with the same mindset as gambling, he hatefully took 10 million yuan out from the stock and bet it all on jade. 

A day passed…

At night, in the empty warehouse, Bai Jing decadently sat on the ground. He put the last batch of jade into the hidden dimension, but it was still useless. 10 million yuan had been spent like drops into the ocean. Bai Jing buried his head between his knees. Recalling these days, he even felt incredible. 32 million yuan could buy lots of material, and how he was blinded for a strange mindset of guessing, spending so generously. 

But if he could do it over again, Bai Jing understood, he would still do such a thing. Even if it was only a guess, if it had not been verified, how could he know the results. He was just chagrined at his own impulse. He should not have taken another 10 million yuan from the stock market out of anger, which was out of his plan.

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  1. His foresight aside, these gains would never work in real life. Just three stocks is a poorly diversified portfolio and is almost guaranteed to be a loser.


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