Chapter 27

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But no matter what, Bai Jing was in the car. Biting his mouth, wrinkling his nose, he stared at Xiao Sa, enduring his anger but with a helpless appearance. Bai Jing must not know how lovely his expression was.

Xiao Sa’s eyes did not blink. He simply could not wait to become a wolf, but fortunately, he still held back. He was somewhat complacent. Bai Jing to him really was not the same as others. Although he was puzzled, this did not prevent him from getting close to Bai Jing. No matter the reason, as long as he stood, the stepping stone could roll wherever it wanted.

He just did not know, that if Xiao Sa knew he was a piece of stepping stone, what expression would he have.

Arriving at the restaurant, they casually finished some breakfast. Xiao Sa took the lead in talking about medicine. Bai Jing looked at him in surprise because Xiao Sa did not understand this part before. It could not be that he crammed this information all last night.

What he guessed was right. Xiao Sa, in order to pursue him, put in a lot of effort.  He Yong was hard labored and forced to complain, and then was released after midnight. Xiao Sa simply did not sleep, rushed to Bai Jing’s door at early dawn, and called.

Xiao Sa had no expression. For those efforts, he certainly would not admit that, and then he fluently spoke about N city and mentioned he had seen Bai Jing in N City. Originally, he would liked to have visited, but unfortunately, he was delayed and missed. Fortunately, this time they met.

Bai Jing suddenly realized that he and Xiao Sa possibly missed more than once?

Xiao Sa frowned. He did not like Bai Jing’s expression. It looked distracted, who was he thinking of?

“I’ll take you to a place.” Xiao Sa paid the bill, took Bai Jing and left.

Bai Jing recovered, and he could not help but ridicule himself. In fact, when he and Xiao Sa met, and he was still at his side, what did he sigh about? Whether they missed or not, at least now they were together, right?

Moreover, Bai Jing glanced at the cold man, and looked at him tightly holding his hands. An inexplicable mood raised from the bottom of his heart, and he suddenly wanted to enjoy the feeling of being pursued.

In the last life, that guy was not this polite, but at this point, Bai Jing could also understand. At his last life, he was too arrogant with a big temper and was not sensible. His mouth kept only talking about his father, and when they met, Bai Jing had been very down-and-out. Now, they could not the same day have a “the status decides everything.” This sentence in the real world was not false, or else, with Xiao Sa’s character, Bai Jing did not believe he could stand here now.

However, Bai Jing smiled. Since Xiao Sa wanted to pursue him, then he could wait to see the move. Taking a break before the outbreak, he was afraid he would not have another opportunity. As long as it did not delay the matter, for Xiao Sa’s attentive acts, Bai Jing did not deny, in fact, he quite liked it.

Xiao Sa saw that Bai Jing’s feelings turned for the better and felt relieved, but then this was followed by anger. His rough and big hands tightened and spread out cold air. He only complained about the parking lot was too close to the building. Bai Jing’s hand was soft and smooth, finally he could hold it, was he easy to achieve?

Wow, Big Brother Sa, this was obvious anger!

On the car, Bai Jing did not ask, very consciously sat on passenger seat.

Xiao Sa reluctantly let go of his hand, and when his fingertips seemed to have left with Bai Jing’s warmth, he could not help but be jealous, he sized up Bai Jing. Although the rumors were different, Bai Jing was particularly tolerant of him. Certainly this was not without reasons, even because of the piece of stepping stone, which only let him to account for a lot of benefits. He was still sour, and if he let him find out who that person was, Xiao Sa thought, he must destroy that one’s whole family.

Xiao Sa stopped the car at the jade plaza.

“Why are we here?” Bai Jing was doubtful and could not help but be somewhat angry. Thinking of Xiao Sa’s style, he should not think that buying a few pieces of jade as presents was meant to be a pursuit at all.

Xiao Sa got off, first opening the door for Bai Jing. His dark eyes sometimes flash a look above all things. He changed to a different person, and looking back to the jade plaza, he emitted a kind of perseverance and cold momentum, just like that this was his own world. His road was unstoppable, without any difficulties at all.

Bai Jing blankly stared at him, his heart filled with a thousand thoughts. The Xiao Sa that was like this commanded his gang of brothers and him, worked very hard to survive the apocalypse. It had been a long time since he saw him like that, and Bai Jing just felt this was unreal, even his heart was soft for that.

Xiao Sa pointed to the jade plaza, his eyes fixed on Bai Jing. His spoken words were paradoxical, they may have implied something, or not: “I want to build a jade plaza. Since Jing likes jade, I wanted to have you look at it.”

In fact, this idea popped out yesterday, and Xiao Sa did not want to force Bai Jing too quickly. But since Bai Jing always thought of another person, which made him very unhappy, he simply took  Bai Jing here. Because he was interested in Bai Jing, and more than a little, right at the time that his gang tried to be clean, doing the jade business was a good way to gain two advantages with a single move.

“Build a jade plaza?” Bai Jing murmured and began thinking. He did not care what Xiao Sa said. His mind only recalled what Xiao Sa meant about building a jade plaza.

“Xiao Sa, thank you, I just remembered I have something to do. We will meet another day together.” Bai Jing happily smiled, and then directly sat in the car. He did not look back as he stepped on the gas pedal, driving the Hummer home. He could not help but be briefly chagrin. If Xiao Sa could build a jade plaza, why could he not open a supermarket. It was a waste of half a year, foolishly running everywhere to collect materials, how stupid.

Bai Jing was happy, but it was a pity Xiao Sa was dumbfounded. His face turned black, his body straightened, his whole body seemed to exude a chilly air. What was this situation. His, his, his dating object dropped him and ran away directly, but thinking of Bai Jing’s smiling face, Xiao Sa told himself, I tolerate it!

Bai Jing returned home, understanding he had done things wrong. He remembered that Xiao Sa did not seem to have a car, so Bai Jing could not help but be ashamed for a moment. Then his mood confidently swelled, was Xiao Sa not pursuing him? A boyfriend’s emotions, he needed to learn to adapt to it. Bai Jing swore, in this life he would protect Xiao Sa, and he would be good to Xiao Sa, but to go to bed, he must not be on the bottom.

And, in the last life, Xiao Sa’s temper was so bad. Since they may be together, to educate a boyfriend is necessary.

Humans, sometimes they were so unsatisfied. When he did not encounter Xiao Sa before, Bai Jing just only wanted to meet him. After they met, he wanted to put Xiao Sa under his wings, spoil, love and pursue him. Then Bai Jing immediately felt proud. If Xiao Sa wanted to pursue him, okay, after he passed the test!

Back at home, Bai Jing turned on the computer and searched the map of D city, then called Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei, asking them to come to him quickly.

Bai Jing began finely screening. To open the supermarket, the location could not be too popular, nor be too remote. If it was too popular, when the outbreak began it was the zombies’ paradise. If it was too remote, he was afraid of suspicion by others. A worry-free second generation like him would not bother enough to open a supermarket.

Not long after, Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei came. They were very curious what the young master wanted to meddle in. In general, to ask them to come, it would not be a good thing, but their work was indeed easy. At least it was somewhat better than those downstairs, for those people were not only to always on standby, but they were also not to be seen. Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were more like babysitters, and those people were hard labors. In the face of such  different treatment, they both recognized, in fact, the young master was really good to them.

“I want to open a supermarket here, the sooner the better.” Bai Jing pointed out the location on the map, and said so directly. It was not far from the medicine warehouse, so going back and forth was very convenient and was also easy to collect things. He did not intend to really open the supermarket, otherwise it would be troublesome when the inspector came. He wanted only a gesture since he planned to have the supermarket to not worry about collecting materials.

Cao Lei twisted his brow. Running a business was hard work, so he did not know which part of the young master’s brain short circuited .

Wang Xuebing kept his calm. He felt that young master’s whims were not things he could guess, so he decided to seriously do the work. He nodded his head and asked: “How quickly?”

Bai Jing ignored Cao Lei. Anyway, Cao Lei and Wang Xuebing wore the same pair of pants. He thought, then said: “The supermarket’s opening day can be slow. It needs more decoration, but the warehouse must first be constructed, and also the freezers too.”

Wang Xuebing frowned: “What kind of supermarket does young master want to open, how large, how much principal could we get for the purchase? How many vendors? What goods do you intend to sell?”

Bai Jing was dumb. He really did not know any of these, and what he only thought about was to open the supermarket. But he knew nothing of doing business. If not for Xiao Sa’s reminder, he was afraid that even he did not have a clue of it. Some people were always for others to look up to. He who was the pampered young master wanted to make a living, but that really is a difficult thing.

Wang Xuebing was silent. Please, he was just a soldier. Although he now has been retired with some skills and could do some things as long as he followed the given orders, but to let him do the brains…spare him, okay?

Cao Lei sneered, knowing their own master was whimsical again.

Bai Jing heard the snort, obliquely staring at Cao Lei and feeling uncomfortable. Since he was unhappy, then others could not be happy. He frowned and said: “The things you are to do, in three days I want to see the warehouse. The price is not a problem, and the goods in the warehouse are to be complete, including all the basic necessities of life. I intend to open a large supermarket.”

Cao Lei choked, how did he deserve that stare.

Wang Xuebing felt very helpless. He found his lover and young master, as if born not on the same side, but why did his lover like to be sparse here and there to the young master. The result was his own bad luck. The master was the employer, so everything was the master’s priority.

Cao Lei blinked with his innocent, grievous eyes on the man who in general, would feel very girlish, but with Cao Lei, would give people a sense of charm.

But he was in a case of the wrong situation. Bai Jing was too lazy to see him, for Cao Lei understood that as long as Wang Xuebing, whom was Cao Lei’s bottom line, was not touched, then Cao Lei was actually a paper tiger whom could be bullied. Bai Jing totally agreed to put him to hard labor.

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