Chapter 28

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Seeing that help is not effective, Cao Lei pouted, lazily clinging onto his lover, and being serious, lightly said: “Three days are not enough.” “Then five days.” Bai Jing knew that his was truth. Cao Lei always was efficient, unless he did not want to, or as long as he took over the matter, he was absolutely not lazy.

“The fastest time needs half a month, contacting  the vendors, shipping time to store, and…”

While Cao Lei has not finished, Bai Jing wrote a check, directly interrupted his words. Anyway, no matter what they said he did not understand: “Okay, you are in charge. Remember the more the goods, the better. The opening day could be late, and I intend to open in September, no hurry.” July 31 was the beginning of the outbreak, and a few months of the time was enough for him to use the supermarket cover to collect a lot of materials.

Cao Lei looked at the check and whistled. His master really was so generous. There was so much money that he was afraid he had to earn a few lifetimes, but also thanked the young master who believed in him. However, if it were not so, he thought he would not work so hard. Although the verbally teasing young master was very interesting, he always felt that he still lost!

Finishing these things, Bai Jing sent them away. There was no need to discuss the details. He knew what his strengths and weaknesses, and since he was not an expert, it was good to let go. Anyways, his purpose was to collect materials, not to make money. He really did not want to see them showing off.

Seeing the time was still early, Bai Jing thought and then called Xiao Sa. Although in his heart, he and Xiao Sa had been very familiar, to Xiao Sa, they only just met, after all, he did not want Xiao Sa to really get angry.

The phone connected, ringing twice, and on the other end there came a voice.

Bai Jing first apologized, then talked about the reasons for the sudden departure, not hiding the supermarket business.

Receiving Bai Jing’s call, Xiao Sa was unhappy at first since Bai Jing wanted to open a supermarket. Why not tell him perhaps he could help in one or two, but then he was happy. Since Bai Jing could explain to him, does it mean that the road of his pursuit could speed up in progress. By the apology of Bai Jing’s, he immediately set his next meeting.

Bai Jing thought, isn’t this what people said, when pursuing someone, excuses must be found for a done deal about the next date.

Setting a good time, Bai Jing hung up the phone. The materials problem was solved, so his heart seemingly sighed a big breath. The rest was the weapons, and drugs should be installed into the space as soon as possible. Yesterday, He Yong and Xiao Sa were with him, so it was not easy to use the space, and now, the time was still early. Bai Jing immediately did not delay and drove to go out to the warehouse.

He Yong was very careful. The password was his birthday, and the fingerprints had not been entered. As long as he came to the warehouse, at any time those could be changed.

Bai Jing first set the password and entered his fingerprints, and then he closed the door. Next, he checked the warehouse was all closed, and with a wave of his hand, all the items went into the storage space of the dimension. The original warehouse which once was full of goods, instantly became empty.

Bai Jing smiled with satisfaction. Even though the warehouse was empty, he was very pleased to see the storage space seemingly become a little bigger. A large area of storage space, even if he now manages to open the supermarket, he still had a long way to go. Leisure was far to come, but better than collecting from everywhere in the world, with the supermarket, the material was more complete.

Over the next few days, Xiao Sa almost everyday was on time to report. Since he would like to open a jade city, the next day he gave Bai Jing a few jades. Bai Jing was pleased to accept, not modestly, but full of a queen’s imposing manner. He drove Xiao Sa around; these days he worked with Xiao Sa were good, but only to endure his full of predatory eyes was not good.

Although Bai Jing was the spoiled second generation, he wais clever. If he was not any more fierce, he thought, Xiao Sa certainly would not wait to devour him bone by bone. That guy had always been a wolf, and for Bai Jing to drive him around, that was no pressure at all.

Xiao Sa was very happy. To be directed by Bai Jing, and looking at his proud appearance, he felt a pleasure. Even if Bai Jing wa domineering, putting no one in his eyes, for him, that behavior was so adorable. True, he did not hide the slightest falsity. His heart was itching, like a cat’s claw gently scratching.

He knew that he treated Bai Jing better than anyone else, but so what. Xiao Sa had always followed his own heart. Since he liked Bai Jing, being happily around with Bai Jing, why would he have to worry too much. Xiao Sa felt that even if Bai Jing was angry, the look of staring at him was so ecstatic.

What a pity that Bai Jing seemed to be on guard against him. Xiao Sa could not understand, since they met, in addition to his small gestures like touching hands, they never kissed. How could Bai Jing know him that much, yet everytime guard against him at the right moment, which let him dumbfounded. Could Bai Jing possibly also have done a survey about him?

Xiao Sa shook his head and felt that was impossible. Although that child Bai Jing looked smart, he was not so deep of mind. He did things straight to the point. Even his expression was feigning disdain. If Bai Jing investigated him, he certainly would not be against it, as this meant Bai Jing cared about him. But the fact that he thought too much, Bai Jing’s clear picture about him seemingly was only a coincidence.

It was just that Xiao Sa did not know, in last life, Bai Jing had already understood most of his bad habits. It could be said that in Bai Jing’s last life, he would only see his shortcomings; as for the good points, that was enlarged after his death, and then after more than a thousand days and nights long after, kept in Bai Jing’s mind to reproduce the scene. Xiao Sa’s good points, those Bai Jing did not figure out, but his bad mind, that was right to the bull’s eye.

Bai Jing was blunt to Xiao Sa, and after pleasantries, he immediately was made to buy arms.

Xiao Sa was slightly surprised for a moment. In fact, he had doubts when Bai Jing bought drugs, as Bai Jing had neither venture nor a shortage of money, whatever he needed, there would have been a lot of people sent over. But the things that he bought were medicine, and managing a supermarket, and now, he was going to buy arms. What exactly was he going to do under the radar? Xiao Sa did not believe that Bai Jing would do so for no reason.

And after those drugs were bought, he let people pay attention to the warehouse, not wanting to monitor but to inquire about what Bai Jing needed; it would be nice if he could help in some ways. If not, he could also escort Bai Jing’s actions. But now it was already past a few days, and Bai Jing had not made a move yet, and the supermarket, too. In his view, it was as if Bai Jing would not open the supermarket, but had an interest for the warehouse. Not to mention the supermarket’s location, just by the identity of Bai Jing, if he would like to open the supermarket, then it would not be late until September. Xiao Sa believed that the Trade and Industry Bureau would do the necessary procedures without delay.

Bai Jing did not know that his action to Xiao Sa, in fact, showed lots of loopholes. People paying too much concern about him was not good, and he never prepared to put on guard for others; seeing Xiao Sa’s face puzzled, Bai Jing narrowed his eyes. His arrogant, unreasonable demeanor, but also with a fraction of a spoiled brat, stared at Xiao Sa unhappily: “Say something, do not ask me why, I would not say anything now. Anyway, you’ll know when the time comes. If you do not want to help, I could find someone else. The price is not a problem, I need as much as possible, and I also need steel knives and daggers. Explosives, too.”

“Do not try to find someone else, and do not mention money.” Xiao Sa said with a poker face, listening for a long time, only summing up the two “not allowed.” Looking at those lips of Bai Jing’s open and shut, he would like to bite them. How could Bai Jing be so cute, yet even have the attitude to not tell him the reason, saying it righteously. But he also had a little frustration, for how could he say “buy arms.” To bring arms to Bai Jing would be like buying cabbages, but for him, it was not difficult to buy at all.

Bai Jing nodded in satisfaction. That was the right attitude.

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