Chapter 29

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The next few days, Xiao Sa was back in N City. Since he promised to buy the arms for Bai Jing, he naturally did it personally. On his side, a lot of money was spent, and there, his followers were not satisfied. To say that they were the underworld, was earning a few bucks easy when everything was knife and blood? Brother Sa could find just any man but a prodigal one.

If they spent not much, no one put it to heart, but this Bai Jing. Even Zhou Ji had to say a word, for it was too damaging. It was okay to like jade, who could not have a hobby. But these arms, he was an official’s progeny, like Prince Edward. To own those things for what purpose, it was a total bore to find trouble, and not to mention Brother Sa actually agreed.

Han Yan knew that Bai Jing was bad, but he did not expect, Brother Sa really put him in his heart. Watching that money wasted like water, Brother Sa was not distressed, but he would, ah! Not to mention the high price of the medical device before, later Brother Sa spent tens of millions more, and now bought jade, and now he wanted to buy weapons. It was a lot of money to spend. Brother Sa, ah, you really thought you were the God of wealth.

And contrary to their expectations, Xiao Sa was very satisfied. He was very fortunate that his hands were rich to afford spending for his “kitten,” so delicate a kitten that most people certainly could not afford to keep. Xiao Sa felt it was his responsibility, and his self-confidence swelled and decided to ask for rewards, sure to steal a kiss. With just holding hands, it could not meet his ambition. Although Bai Jing’s lips were not his ultimate goal, so far, he had no meat but the broth was also fine.

After Xiao Sa left, Bai Ji was not idle. He drove around collecting gasoline. These days, he went out early at dawn and came home at a very late time or not at all. He almost did not see Nanny Chen. His ears heard none of her nagging, so he thought things finally died down, who knew…

Today, Bai Jing just arrived home, and entering, he was disgusted by a voice, the delicate voice revealing a tempting mood: “Bai Jing, why do you come back now.”

Bai Jing suddenly was blank. How was she here. If they did not meet, he found that he could not remember this person in front of him. And then listening to her, she said: “You did not inform me when you left, and you left for half a year. I have been waiting for you, and if Nanny Chen didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known you came back. Do you want to break up with me? I was only saying angry words that day, why didn’t you call me.”

Zhu Ting was very beautiful with a very noble temperament, her shoulder length hair curled into small waves. She wore a white dress, her face did not have make-up, a clean look, looking very pure. Even the tone of asking the question was with a unique delicateness, very lady-like, very elegant. It was easy to make people unconsciously treasure her in the palm of their hand.

Bai Jing felt ridiculous. He would like to know why, though it had been half a year without contact, this woman was way too self-confident. He had been back for half a month, yet she did not show up before. Now that it was close to Deputy Mayor Zhu transfer, now she would think of him.

Coldly looking at Nanny Chen, he did not believe his return would not be leaked by Nanny Chen to Zhu Ting in advance. If he did not remember wrong, Mayor Zhu’s transfer document should arrives within two days.

“Who are you, again?” Bai Jing raised his eyebrows, looking at her lightly, self-mocking in his  heart. He admitted that in the last  life he loved Zhu Ting very much. Dying once, he looked at her appearance again, but it seemed he could not remember her appearance clearly. It was so pitiful that he had done everything just for her, that she had that self-confidence, presumably with a reason.

“You…” Zhu Ting’s face turned red, madly staring at Bai Jing: “What do you mean? I hope you don’t regret this.” If it was not for her father’s sake, she would not come.

“The door is on the other side, go on your own.” Bai Jing casually pointed to the door, his eyes looking indifferently at Nanny Chen: “You are now getting old, and your eyes are not okay, I heard your son is in the military. Tomorrow, you leave. “

“Young  master…” Nanny Chen was shocked. If she did not think that this would be the result, she would have called  Zhu Ting to ease the relationship with the young master. She knew that the young master was lovesick to leave the D City.

But before she spoke, Zhu Ting cursed him with the words of praise to Nanny Chen, her cheeks flushed because of anger, her looks quite moving: “Bai Jing, how could you do this. You have no conscience, Nanny Chen cared for you for lots of years, good or bad. How could you let her go like this.”

Bai Jing sneered and felt regret. He was so blind. When saw people playing injustice, he thought they were good people. In fact, those all talk, and when they face life and death, who cared if you died or not, he was an illegitimate child. And how could he be a pair with the daughter of the mayor.

Speaking of him who ran amuck in the D city, everyone gave a few feelings. In fact, everyone was complaining in their hearts. An illegitimate child was an  illegitimate child, even if his dad was so powerful. However high the official rank he was, Bai Jing still could not stand in public. The lawful spouse was alive, and only  because she gave birth to two daughters, Bai Jingcheng attached great importance to him. By means of that woman, he had a few lives that were not enough to live.

Be friends with him, please him, those were okay, but to really make a relationship with him, who would consider it. Lower rank families benefitted to be friends with him. It was like having a big back bone to support them. But to the mayor, since the mayor worked the political side, he ultimately would meet the military. That woman’s power in the military was not small, and Mayor Zhu would not lose big help when he was the small fish. Bai Jing could only blame himself at that time that he did not understand. Even if there was no end of the world, Zhu Ting absolutely would not marry him.

“Throw her out.” Bai Jing’s eyes swept, coldly looking at the four bodyguards in the house. He knew they could hear.

The bodyguards stunned. No one acted. Nanny Chen burst into tears: “Young master, who was that bloody dead guy that wronged you. You were out half a year, how can you change that much when you came back. How do you make me not to worry, you are only eighteen years old, how can I repay Miss Lin… “

“Do not mention my mother, you do not deserve it!” Bai Jing said fiercely. His cold eyes scared Nanny Chen, and then she did not dare to cry.

“You… you… Bai Jing, do not come find me in the future.” Zhu Ting was also scared, and was really afraid Bai Jing would throw her out. She said the ruthless words then hurriedly ran.

Bai Jing’s few days of good mood were destroyed. He originally thought that the outbreak was near, and that he ddid not want to do more. Anyways, only god knew who would live or die. Who would know that they still did not let him be at ease. Since this was so, it was good to get rid of them at once. His lips curled into a cold curve: ” Disobedient bodyguards, what use are you? All of you get lost now. Pack your luggage, go as far as you can.”

“Young master, we were sent by the master.” Qi Jun’s attitude was very respectful, but the words of the threat were full of mockery.

Bai Jing coldly smiled. He has now found Xiao Sa, so he feared not, and dramatically picking up the phone, he dialed directly to Bai Jingcheng,: “I do not need bodyguards, withdraw them.”

Qi Jun did not seriously mind it. He did not think that the master would agree. Nanny Chen also was relieved, for as long as the master did not agree, the young master could not let her go.

But they did not expect…

Bai Jing used the speaker, keeping his face cold, so that they could clearly hear the voice from  the phone.

“No, Jing, they are to protect your safety. The other things we can discuss later, but this matter is needless to say, so do not let father worry, alright?” Bai Jingcheng’s tone, always so likable.

“I said, let them roll. If you do not recognize your son, we now draw clear our relationship. Do not let that woman send anyone to keep watching me. There are crazy people in front of the house, and they even stand idly looking. Such bodyguards that I could not afford, special troops condescending towards and guarding me. I am an illegitimate son, who cannot bear this. ” Bai Jing maliciously ridiculed. In fact, these words he had long wanted to say. Just because of Xiao Sa that he had endured, today he spat it out for good.

“What is this nonsense?” Bai Jingcheng’s voice was without a trace of panic, speaking in a spoiled tone also with a touch of a smile.

“What I said we all clearly understand. If they do not leave, I’ll leave-” Bai Jing said it carelessly, but not because of the incoming outbreak. This area was the military’s most focused protective region, otherwise, he had long wanted to leave.

The phone was silent for a moment: “How did you know?”

“Do not do what you don’t want exposed, they changed their ways to let me fall, and how could they try to hide it for a lifetime.” Bai Jing’s tone was extremely indifferent, as if there was no meaning to it.

The other side sighed deeply, compromising: “I’ll let them go tomorrow, but you…”

“I will take care of myself.” Bai Jing interrupted his words, as if he knew what the reply was.

” Call me if you need something.”

“En.” Bai Jing said with a nod, hung up the phone, and did not look at the bodyguards. He directly went upstairs, leaving only: “Pick up the pace, I do not want to see you tomorrow.”

“Young master, young master…” Nanny Chen panicked, hurriedly crying out loud. Now she was really afraid; she was not the same as the bodyguards. When those bodyguards leave, there were places to go, but the status she had today, even if she visited the mayor’s house, others were very polite to her. All she did was rely on the young master, even the master’s wife. Because of the young master, she could work here. No young master, she was finished, and her son’s future that master’s wife had promised her, that once her son graduated, she could arrange a good location for him.

Bai Jing turned his head away, intolerably frowned. His eyes coldly swept over the bodyguards. They now dared not move, but Nanny Chen’s identity and Zhu Ting’s was different. They did not need any scruples, so two bodyguards stepped forward, then detained her and hurried to leave, and no matter how sadly she cried, they had put up with it.

Until the outside had no more sound, Bai Jing shut the door, tiredly limping onto the bed, tearing their faces apart today, he was not inconsiderate. In fact, it was better to draw a clear line; it would save a bunch of troubles in the outbreak, but he felt particularly ironic. He had had to tear out all the hypocrisy of the problems. Bai Jingcheng even pretended nothing had happened so that Bai Jing could call him when needed. This acting skill, he thought, he was afraid that even if he rebirthed once again, he still could not learn it.

Not long after, Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei rushed in, to find out. They were also in the range of bodyguards and the like. They suddenly received a phone call, telling them to withdraw all protection. The two of them were busy arranging supermarket things, and their hearts jumped. Cao Lei worried a good job was gone while Wang Xuebing thought what would happen to young master?

When they came here, they put down their worries. The young master was safe and nothing happened, but the room was quiet. A few servants dared not to speak aloud, only explaining things to them. Cao Lei first twitched his mouth: “I knew that he would be okay.” Young master sure knew how to torment people, for only others suffered .

Wang Xuebing stared at him, seemingly worried: ” Young master has tolerated them for so long, and now he fired them. If State Councilor Bai does not take care of him, say, would there be no danger?”

“Do not worry, no, the young master is very good, and now things are opened clearly. That woman Zhou would only break her arrogance. Do not forget that this year’s selection, if State Councilor Bai rises to a higher rank, he and old man Zhou would be on equal footing. He is young, old man Zhou is already old. The Zhou family must be a bit afraid. Who doesn’t want his son to have promise. Young master was pressed for so many years, and now he has progress. State Councilor Bai may be quite happy, which he would blame on young master’s doing.”

Wang Xuebing was silent, directly knocking on Bai Jing’s door.

“You’re here, sit.” Bai Jing lightly said. In fact, he heard what they just talked about, and his heart had some insight. No wonder his old man was so quick to compromise and still be very good to him. The real reason was his old man’s promotion, but unfortunately, the election was in October. He was afraid that the old man could not have his promotion in this life.

“Young master…” Wang Xuejun paused, brows wrinkled together. It seemed a bit embarrassing, what words could he say. Directly ask Bai Jing, should the two of them leave or not? Cao Lei was not so polite, tilting his legs, sitting on the sofa, eyebrows gently raised, and asked: “What is your plan?”

“None.” Bai Jing snappily glanced at him. Now, he had to collect materials and try to survive with Xiao Sa together in the apocalypse. Were there any plans to think of; he thought again, then said: “Those servants, you also help me dismiss them. I do not want to see outsiders at home.”  Bai Jing wanted to save some time when the outbreak began to prevent any zombies at his house. Without those obstacles of bodyguards, he did not want to do his own labor.

Wang Xuebing laughed, suddenly feeling that his effort on the young master were not in vain. He said he did not want to see outsiders, so it should mean that they were insiders, right?

“Say, how about the supermarket?” Bai Jing thought of this, turning to look at Cao Lei.

“The supplier has not yet been decided, but the warehouse is almost ready. The supermarket, if necessary, could also be opened in advance.” Cao Lei also was preoccupied. If the young master opened the supermarket and also bought medicine, was it to prepare for this firing? If it was not for the State Councilor’s protection, the spoiled second generation needed to find some income.

Bai Jing had an idea: “The suppliers, I’ll choose. You give me the contact numbers, and the warehouse is my job, the supermarket is yours’.”

Wang Xuebing did not think too much, the same thought as Cao Lei’s, just some distress that the young master actually began to worry about his livelihood.

Cao Lei had doubts in his mind. He instantly threw out the idea before, but more and more thought that the young master was more persistent on the warehouse than the supermarket. But in the twinkling of an eye, he remembered another thing. He was not tangled with the behavior of Bai Jing’s, or that they had been accustomed to Bai Jing’s strange thinking. He hesitated a moment, and hesitantly asked: “The bodyguards and servants are now gone, have you ever considered recruiting someone? “

Bai Jing had wanted to refuse without giving a thought, but to see Cao Lei’s expression, his heart was curious. It was really rare, that in addition to caring for Wang Xuebing, this guy could worry about other things.

Cao Lei saw his demeanor and felt somewhat depressed, but hesitated no more. Putting on a “as you wish” posture: “There are a few brothers, now worried about having nothing to do. If you need some helping hands, I’ll introduce them.

Wang Xuebing listened to him like that, and his eyes lit up, looking forward at Bai Jing.

Bai Jing glanced at Cao Lei, despising him. Cao Lei obviously had something to ask him, and said so sounding really shameless.

“What kind of people?” Bai Jing  thought for a while, and did not refuse at once. After the outbreak, if he wanted to protect himself, to protect Xiao Sa, relying on personal strength was certainly not enough. It was better to accept a few teams. The premise was certain that they were trustworthy, and he did not forget that Xiao Sa had a bunch of subordinates. Han Yan’s smelly mouth also disliked him, and when the time comes, if they dare to turn him away, once he had his own teams, he would have the most say.

“Comrades from before.” Cao Lei knew there was a chance, lazily laying on the sofa, a look that made others fall flat.

“Which military district ? Under whose command before ? Can they be trusted?” This was Bai Jing’s greatest concern.

“Young master, be assured, they are absolutely trustworthy.” Wang Xuebing shouted in a loud voice, which scared Bai Jing a bit. He thought he made reports to the higher level.

Bai Jing did not care and nodded: “Have them come for me to see.” If they could not be used, he could find some ways to deal with it after the outbreak. Anyway, he would not reveal the secret of the hidden dimension to anyone but Xiao Sa. To leak out the storage function did not matter, and not to mention he needed to take out the items from the space time to time. With storage space to do the covering, no one would doubt it.

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