Chapter 3: Father

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However, the current top priority, is to organize his hidden dimension to get things right. When spiritual power is lacking, collecting materials is not convenient.

Thinking of the spring in the dimension, Bai Jing remembered, it wasn’t just because of mutating, or because of the role of meteorites, That spring seems to have the legendary role of cleansing, not only to restore the body, but also to treat wounds, As long as one bathed in the spring, after a while, all will be restored.

The only drawback is that the effectiveness of the spring water is reduced by half outside the dimension, and over time, then, with the passage of time, a few hours later, it is no different from ordinary spring water. Even so, it was at least better than nothing.

Keeping experimenting in mind, Bai Jing intended to go to the bathroom to put out a pool of spring water. Even if it can not increase his psychic power, it would still be alright to treat his headache. Just as he thought this, just when he was going to action, his body paused, stopping in his tracks. This wasn’t the right time!

Nanny Chen has the key to his room. Other things aside, he was afraid that  if he passed out, then nanny Chen will have unauthorized access to his room. Even though he knew that while unconscious, nanny Chen  can not tell any difference, he still did not want to expose his ability, did not want people to think that he had any strange behavior.

After making up his mind, Bai Jing focus was no longer on the spring. Instead, he picked up the phone, hesitated for a moment, and finally, press the dial button. It rang a few times, then, through the phone came a heavy voice. With kindness that revealed a deep sense of intimacy, as well as deep regret: “Jing, how do you feel today? I ‘m sorry, but father has to eat his words again. I’ll pay you back next time? I’m very busy these days.”

Bai Jing then suddenly remembered, just around this time, father seemed to agree to accompany him, but until the end of the world, he did not take any time off. Then after his own untold hardships, he finally found his father, but it was a dead end. Now that he heard the voice of concern, Bai Jing only felt very ironic.

He will never forget, after being sold to the Institute, and to meet with father one last time, with his wife and daughters around …

Listening to the words of those sisters’ sarcasm, looking at the sneering face of that woman, as well as his father’s silent eyes, at that moment he really felt that he was not only unnecessary, but also a downright joke!

“Jing? Jing? Are you angry? Forgive father, alright? Did you not fancy a Pagani last time? Dad can give it to you as a small compensation?”

“’I’m not angry.” Bai Jing faintly replied. Pagani? He really wanted one, and later his father did buy one for him, but that stuff was not as useful as a Hummer in an apocalypse. It couldn’t scale mountains, couldn’t store things. On the roadside, no one would bother looting it.

“It’s good Jing is not angry. Father will have someone pick up the car, and send it to you in a few days.”

“I do not want the Pagani. I do not want to go to D university, nor do I like that program. Send me some money, ok?, I want to travel, but I also want two modified military Hummers.” Bai Jing made his request, He certainly will not be angry, he was but an insignificant person only. After rebirth, he vowed, Beside Xiao Sa, there was nothing to make him happy, not even his own father either.

“Good good, how much money do you want. Father will send you enough, but you need to go to school. Don’t you like painting anymore? Oh, but you also like Hummers, huh. The army has a few, so I’ll have some people deliver them to you. “

“I do not like painting, I want to learn stocks, so give me a larger amount. I have use for it.” Bai Jing expressionlessly states, without a trace of any fluctuation. in fact, thinking about it, he really does not like to paint, but why did he sign up for this major. Apparently father and Nanny Chen whispered in his ear and pushed him to apply.

Bai Jing’s heart was cold, his eyes flashed a coldness. What if not long ago, Nanny Chen and the woman made contact. He remembered when the army broke up, it seemed that the direction is also in accordance with nanny Chen’s escape route, and later nanny Chen followed the army , Safely arriving at B City, if he hadn’t met Xiao Sa, he feared he would have been dead.

“You want to learn stocks … …” the voice over of the phone hesitated.

” Are you going to give me the money or not? Even if I lose, it’s no big deal.” Bai Jing impatiently said, as long as he thought his father the same as Nanny Chen, spoiling him, loving him, but actually blocking his development and growth, his heart sent waves of chills.

“Well … ..ok.” The other side hesitated for a moment and said: “As long as Jing has decided, then father will support you, just don’t change  the major. You can select other subjects, as long as you do not delay your studies, that will do.”

Bai Jing gave an ironic smile. When he heard this, he understood. Even if father is a state councilor, his father-in-law is in the military. If father-in-law was not promoted, dad will not climb as fast, Actually, he was secretly only just treating himself well. The military and politics have always been one. Before the apocalypse that woman’s behavior towards father was open one eye close one eye. After the apocalypse, the government was nothing. They were a thorn in his eye, so he should have pulled out as soon as possible.

“I know, just quickly send the money. “Bai Jing said faintly, and felt his heart calm, as if relieved of some things. He won’t have the backbone to say that he doesn’t need to have father ‘s money, but their relationship is just so so. He already said it, he only cares about Xiao Sa this one person, why should he get entangled with others.

“Jing intends to go where to play? Remember to bring bodyguards, and when outside, pay attention to security. If you want to buy something, don’t be afraid to spend, father will pay your bills.”

“Thank you,  father.” Bai Jing’s lips curled, and then he hung up the phone. He really didn’t want to listen to those words of concern. Spoiling him as usual, from which he was unable to extricate himself. When he was abandoned, he could not believe it , would not believe it, did not want to live. In this life he will not put out any trust, and listen more, for he was afraid his ear will drop.

However, for solving a major event, his heart is still very pleasant. He knew his father is very generous, giving him money that is definitely not paltry. Although he has hundreds of thousands in hands, to live a good life in the apocalypse, this is certainly not enough. Being reborn he swore, he will not let Xiao Sa worry about food, and now that he has the money, he can surely prepare materials.

Bai Jing thinks of the land in the hidden dimension, carefully planned those eight acres of land, of which half an acre were spring water. He can plant some food and fruit trees, and then raise some chickens, ducks and sheep and other animals.

By the way, he also needed to dig a small pond to raise some fish, shrimp and crab, so not only was there meat to eat, but seafood as well.

And then also plant some herbs. When the apocalypse hit, there was a drug shortage, a small ailment may cost a life. Hospital drugs are consumables, it’s better to grow their own medicines.

Also, he had to prepare a bed so that he could have a good rest whenever he was tired. If the house could also be moved in, then there also needs to be a bathroom. He did not want to take a bath in the spring water and pollute the dimension’s water resources.

There also needs to be a generator, a kitchen…

Bai Jing was thinking as such, when he suddenly discovered that he needs to prepare a lot of things, and this is not counting storage space. However, this can not stop his happiness. With these things, his future life also can be more secure.

But before long, he withered down. The body was overcome by a burst of fatigue. That reminded him that his psychic power is still in a weak state.

It seems that the use of the dimension’s spring is imperative, but this cannot be done at home.

Bai Jing took the car keys and was ready to go out. Just as he opened the door and went down a rotation of stairs, four bodyguards show up.

Bai Jing frowned. This was the first time he felt troubled having bodyguards, and he did not quite understand how he used to like people run around him.

“Do not follow me.” Bai Jing faintly said. He remembered very clearly that this home’s six bodyguards, except Wang Xuebing, all abandoned him. Not to say that he was vengeful, but after experiencing the apocalypse, he had the deepest understanding of human selfishness. He did not want them to get in the way.

“Young Master, this won’t do. Your identity is sensitive, so we must pay attention to security. Taking them along will also keep things convenient” Not letting the bodyguards speak, nanny Chen’s voice of concern floated over the room, then he saw her look reproachfully at him, her eyes showing slight disapproval.

Bai Jing was stoned face as he thought, protect him?  It should be to monitor him.  He hated how he was a fool  in the past. Because it is for an illegitimate child’s sake, his own identity, both pride but also inferiority, boasting and showing off had become his life habits. Now thinking about it, it really is so childish.

Giving Nanny Chen a faint glance, he found he no longer has resentment. If he remembered right, nanny Chen has a son, seemed to be in a military school and graduating this year. If he wants to have a good future, Nanny Chen’s choice was not surprising. He could only blame himself for not understanding.

Though he did not hate any longer, he still will not forgive. He asked himself to not be so generous; the reason why he didn’t hate was, first, because the time now isn’t right. If not for being framed by Nanny Chen , how could he have successfully encountered Xiao Sa. Second is, without this umbrella, how could Nanny Chen in turn survive the apocalypse. Besides a touch of pity, Bai Jing could not find any other emotions.

“Wang Xuebing, follow.” Bai Jing finished, flinging the car keys to Wang Xuebing and sitting in the back seat of the car with no concern.

Nanny Chen was slightly startled. She felt that the young master just wanted to make her a little nervous. That one glance of indifference, without conscience, and that deep pity just watching her, just like watching the death of something mundane.

Her mind set some intent upon him, taking a close look at Bai, but she found nothing. Just now, her eyes must have been dazzled. Look, did not the young master obediently listen to her words? But the choice of bodyguard left her very unsatisfied. However, it is all right that the young master still listens to her. 

When she first betrayed the young master, her heart panicked. With the second betrayal, she felt guilty. The third time, she wanted to make good compensation after all. The fourth, fifth, and when treachery had become a habit, everything would become a matter of course. She was doing things for his wife, was she not?

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