Chapter 5: Plan

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Of course he did not understand, the whole reason he bought these books in the first place was to study them. There would be no one to cook for him in the apocalypse, so learning to cook was a must, not only so that he can feed himself, but so that he can also feed Xiao Sa, too.

Besides, he would like to read medical books a more often. Relying on a good psychic power, memory boost, he intended to systematically read a round of Chinese medicine, even if he could not comprehend it. The most important thing was to understand the bodily context of operation and the whole body’s energy points.

He also intended to go to Huangshan. Although the researchers had taught him a set of internal forces, he was too ignorant. Anyways, he did not want to stay at home. He remembered there was an old couple in Huangshan who were very famous at eschatology and fortunetelling. It was unfortunate that their hearts were too soft; the old couple had a tragic death, but their son lived well during the end of the world. It was rumored that he set up his own team.

His trip to Huangshan was to look for the couple and consult them on the issue of ancient kung-fu. Studying the medical book was also for sake of laying down the first foundation. If he did not know even a little bit, not to mention others, he himself would be very ashamed and embarassed. 

As for those fantasy novels, once Bai Jing thought of this, his mouth could not help but twitch. These fantasy novels were great, just showing that the imagination had such a huge capacity for improvement. At a time when spatial powers could be very different, the first one to use dimension-edge was a fantasy novels lover whom could be described as an airheaded bimbo. With the spatial ability, she fantasized being invincible, with handsome men chasing after her. The truth be told, being the world’s most invincible and having a reverse harem of handsome men did not happen, though she invented the skills.  

So Bai Jing felt that in this life, it was necessary to read some fantasy novels, especially novels delving into the world of magic. 

And he would like to make a plan in the long-term. He remembered that upon his death, the apocalypse notwithstanding, those researchers scheduled his experiments non-stop because of his hidden dimension caused by his mutation. Wang Dahu spilled everything such that he could not hide anything. He was only glad that he still knew between good and bad and did not tell the entire truth to the boss. Otherwise, the people of the Institute would totally take him apart.

Wang Dahu was the boss, and he was originally a rural farming who developed an ability then gathered a group of people in the village. That gradually developed into a medium-sized team.

Bai Jing does not fear anything else but he was afraid of going back to his days as a captive. In time, these books will all become precious cultural resources of the country, not to mention, Bai Jing’s heart was bitter. No matter how much material he prepared, there will always be a day when he depletes it all. Putting these books there, perhaps they will be useful someday. In short, better be prepared, or else. They didn’t occupy too much space anyways.

Having someone directly deliver the books to the hotel, Bai Jing looked at the time. It was already four o’clock in the afternoon. Back on the road, Bai Jing kept silent for a while, looking at the person concentrating on driving in the front seat: “What are you going to do in the future? 

Wang Xuebing grinned, too stunned for a moment to react over the fact that the young master was talking to him: “To protect the young master, obviously. And then, live with the one I love together.”

“You have someone you like?” He had not heard of this before. 

Wang Xuebing face blushed, and he nodded his head. He must be remembering his lover, for his whole expression had softened. 

Bai Jing stayed silent for a bit. He did not ask any more since he never heard this in his previous life. When it came time to escape, and he did not see that woman either, he lost interest in other people’s affairs. Instead, he asked: “I asked about what you intended to do. You cannot protect me all my life. By the way, how are your parents?”

“My parents died a long time ago, so my uncle raised me. This job to protect the young master is great. Easy work, high salary, I can save money to buy a house.”

“You’re honest.” Bai Jing gave him a supercilious look and found he couldn’t see where they were going. Then, he said: “Do you want to learn mechanics and motor vehicle customization?” 

Wang Xuebing was surprised. The young master wanted to chat with him? Before, he felt something strange about the young master, and now, this was even more strange. In the old times, young master wouldn’t talk to the bodyguards. With his thoughts churning, he shook his head: “I still want to make money quickly. I can modify a car. I was poor when as a child, so I worked as child labor at a repair shop. Modified cars cost too much, and being a mechanic in a shop doesn’t earn as much money as being a bodyguard.” 

“Do you know anything else besides money?” Bai Jing’s heart stopped. Turning to ignore him, his good intentions became donkey liver and lungs. Money this, money that, once the apocalypse starts, money becomes wastepaper. His desire for money was for naught.  

“Oh, you rich people, of course you don’t know. I’ve wanted to earn more money since I was young, then grow old with my lover, together.” 

This is the first time that Bai Jing had discovered that this guy’s head is only filled with thoughts of money. However, since Wang Xuebing can modify cars and speak so boldly…in the apocalypse half a barrel of water can also count as talent. Wang Xuebing’s manners alone should be good.

Back at the hotel, the book had not yet been sent over, so Bai Jing turned on the TV and idlly switched channels, listening to various reports on television, watching where his father was meeting. Bai Jing’s mind was cranky but then his cellphone rang. Casually bowing his head to take a look, he saw it was a call from Nanny Chen. 


“Young master, you finally answered the phone. What happened these past few days. Not even leaving a message, the old master called me several times.” 

“Chasing girls!”

“Oh, oh, because of a girl, ah, chasing girls…that won’t do, Tingting is a good girl, you cannot make the wrong choice.”

“I know, is there anything else?” 

“When will you return? I’ll let the kitchen prepare your favorites. Really, how can you not say a word when going out. Wang Xuebing is not sensible. And his job it to protect the young master, how can he act on his own…”

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up. Tomorrow I am going to go travel, but tonight I will be back.”

“What? Travel? Why didn’t you say so earlier, I’ll have someone prepare for you.”

“I told my father.”

“Then…ah, this time you have to have more people…”

“No, taking just Wang Xuebing is fine. I quite like him, and it’s uncomfortable with a lot of people.”

“That simply won’t do…”

Bai Jing hung up the phone right away. He thought he could endure things to the very end only to find that he did not have such a good conservation. He never knew Zhu Ting and Nanny Chen actually built up a rapport, but it is no wonder. Zhu Ting is the daughter of the Deputy Mayor, so Nanny Chen making friends with these people is reasonable; it was just for mutual benefit.

Bai Jing sneered. Better put these troubles aside, for these were insignificant people after all. Why waste his mind on people he doesn’t care for, as long as he keeps Xiao Sa in mind. If it weren’t for his mother’s relics, he wouldn’t have wanted to return to the villa tonight. In his previous life, he lost his mother’s relics because of his spatial mutation. In this life, he vowed to keep them well-preserved.

“Young master wants to go travel? “Wang Xuebing said hesitantly. He also only head just now, so he was completely unprepared.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Jing voiced his doubts. Wang Xuebing rarely showed such an expression, so he holds a little curiosity. 

Wang Xuebing hesitated for a moment: “If young master decides to go travel, can Cao Lei follow?” 

“Him?” Bai Jing frowned. Thinking of this brought unhappy memories, for he had been left in the wilderness by Cao Lei.

“No?” Wang Xuebing was disappointed and lowered his eyes but did not say anything more. 

“It is not impossible.” Bai Jing felt odd. When did the relationship between Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei become so good? But adding another person to the team does not matter. Cao Lei, although Bai Jing only slightly trusted him, at least Cao did not harm him. At most, he didn’t care about Bai. It is much better than having Nanny Chen and his father force him to have more bodyguards. Putting aside the feelings of his grudge, Cao Lei is also a good candidate, better than those who eat outside the climb.

“Thank you, Master.” Wang Xuebing’s eyes and mouth curved into a happy smile. With that fresh smile hanging upon his face, watching it can only make people happy.

Some people are born with this kind of sunny temperament. After experiencing the end of the world, only seeing people’s numb expressions, at this time seeing this sunny smile, Bai Jing suddenly felt that bringing Cao Lei actually was not bad.

Before long, the bookstore finally sent the books. Moving them into the room already took up half the place, but Bai Jing had Wang Xuebing leave first to get gasoline, then pick him up downstairs.

Wang Xuebing looked at the house full of books tongue-tied because there were even more than he imagined. 

Bai Jing stared at him: “You thought I bought these on a whim?” 

Wang Xuebing suddenly realized, but in his mind he already knew, the young master is not the kind of person that loved to read, and these books also spanned different topics. 

Bai Jing waited until he left, then picked out a few books to read. All the rest were placed in the storage dimension, and the snacks he bought were also put into it. When everything was done, he directly call the front desk. He booked the Presidential Suite because it was his father who was paying using the country’s money. Bai Jing is not reluctant, since if he waits a few months, nobody would pay attention to these disappearing funds. 

When the two ate dinner, it was almost eight o’clock in the evening. Bai Jing saw the time was getting late, so he had Wang Xuebing drive back home. Upon hearing the sound of the car, Nanny Chen quickly greeted them, and with a look of love at Bai Jing: “This child, why did you come back so late. I had the kitchen prepare some food, and it’s been waiting for you.” 

“I already ate, so I’ll go back to my room. Tomorrow, Wang Xuebing, Cao Lei and I leave.” Bai Jing said faintly and left the living room. He really did not want to talk nonsense with her, as now is not the time to be ripped apart. Otherwise he really wanted to slam her in the face. How would she be able to stay as if nothing had happened, loaded as she was.

“How can two people be enough? Or bring Qi Jun, too. Qi Jun is a calm man, has a sense of responsibility, and if he followed you, I can rest assured.” 

Bai Jing suddenly felt amused. If previously he heard this, he would think Nanny Chen cared for him. Qi Jun was a veteran, agile, good at shooting, and had worked for that woman’s elder brother. To do things for themselves, that woman is really loaded. 

These are things he later learned. When he arrived in B city, those who once were his bodyguards had a good future in the military.  After dad gave up on him and Nanny Chen’s betrayal, what could he not deduce? 

In fact, he may also be fortunate that his father is now a big official, or else he may not have lived to be eighteen years old.

“No, he’s always gloomy, and I dislike him. I want to travel, not have him make me sick.” Bai Jing furrows his brow disdainfully. Anyway, he has always been headstrong, so with such a rebuttal, Nanny Chen would most likely be convinced.

Nanny Chen hesitated a moment: “Otherwise, bring Wang Xia .” 

Bai Jing sneered. She really did not give up, so he intolerably waved: “Do not bother, I’m going upstairs.” 

Nanny Chen’s heart jumped. The young master has never used this tone to speak to her, the young master with no parents around him, who depended on her. She turned around to look at Wang Xuebing, flat face trying to ask a question when Bai Jing ‘s voice came from upstairs: “You and Cao Lei prepare something. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.” 

Wang Xuebing looked as if he got a special amnesty, and with no pause, he quickly left the hall. 

Nanny Chen’s face darkened and then looked up throughout the luxurious hall to see Bai Jing standing on the second floor. Worried, she asked: ” Young master, you are not in any trouble? Will Tingting travel, too? Two bodyguards is really not enough, all I’ve done is for your own good.” 

“Already broke up.” Bai Jing lightly said and turned back to the room. Closing the door with a “Click!” he secretly thought, this time she should let go. 

Turned out to be a quarrel with his girlfriend, so Nanny Chen was relieved. Never mind the young master’s bad temper today, she was thinking it was just tourism only. The young master will soon be starting school but she did not send people to follow. The lady wouldn’t blame her.

In fact, she was also very difficult to keep happy. The master protects the young master, yet the wife must also know all the movements of young master, must not let the young master have good fortune, but also can not let him have any accidents, otherwise the master will get angry. Whatever luck the lady has, she doesn’t know, but they, the servants, certainly will not have good fruit to eat.


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