Chapter 6: Leave

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After returning to his room, Bai Jing locked the door. Looking around to the left corner, there sat a 3 foot tall safe. Keying in the well memorized password, with a “Pui”, the door opened. Bai Jing’s pupils suddenly contracted, like a cat’s eyes, they become a long narrow line. His first reaction was that, this could not be!

The safe was empty. Besides a machete, there was nothing else. 

Where were mother’s relics? 

Bai Jing’s face became livid, only feeling his blood boil up. He was furious, an indescribable anger churning in his chest, no, not quite!

Just then, he calmed down. Besides himself, no one knew what that password was. The things inside could not have been taken away by others, and he remembers very clearly, in the last life when the outbreak occurred, the things in the safe were still intact.

This machete…

Bai Jing slowly stretched out his hand and gently wiped the machete on his hand. The perfect  handle and scabbard, gave off a simple and old atmosphere. Cold and sacred, he pulled the blade out from the scabbard. The blade flashed, showing its restrained magnificence. The blade’s curvature turned upwards elegantly, followed by a thinner aft end, and if he remembered right, this machete was mistakenly lost in his confrontation with the zombie. That is, out of his mother’s relics, it was the only thing that didn’t disappear after the mutation of the hidden dimension.

Inside his heart there definitely was disappointment, loss, bitterness, regret, but all are not worth Bai Jing’s shock to the heart. Never had he been like this. It was clear that he was born again, that this was not a dream nor a parallel world, but a real jump back in time because it was the same dimension so what was lost will not come back.

Crystal tears ran down his face. Bai Jing cried and laughed, though he thought he would not cry. He was glad everything has not happened, that there was still time to change. Just thinking of his mother’s relics, Bai Jing’s heart was saddened. Sadly hanging his head, he tightly held the knife in his arms, for this was the only thing he yearned.

Mother was D University’s school flower, but unfortunately her lifelong mistake was meeting his father. All she had left were relics, his grandfather’s entire collection of antiques from throughout his life, but it was all gone now… 

Bai Jing bowed with a bitter smile, suddenly feeling a bit hypocritical. In fact, those things were already gone from his previous life, right? 

Wrapped up in a good mood, Bai Jing sent the machete into the dimension. At least he has it as a souvenir! 

When it was night, he thought he would toss and turn all night long, but he did not expect he would have a good night’s sleep. How long had it been since he had such peaceful sleep, such deep sleep. After the outbreak, around five years before his death, he never seemed to have had such a stable sleep, either, so he really wanted to cuddle the bed!


Thinking of those spying eyes downstairs, within his smile was hidden concern about the blade. He did not want to stay in this house for another moment. 

He quickly finished grooming, went downstairs, where Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei had been waiting to follow him. Nanny Chen kept talking, with a few words of blame from time to time. 

Wang Xuebing kept his head nodding, Cao Lei slovenly crossed his legs, loosing a nasty laugh. His pair of dark eyes randomly looked around, not knowing how much of Nanny Chen’s words got into his ears. Seeing Bai Jing arrive, his eyes brightened. He stood up, chest quite straight as if to salute: ” Yong master -”  

When Wang Xuebing heard this voice, and his eyes begging for help swept over. 

Nanny Chen got angry at once. She was not very satisfied with these two bodyguards. They normally had not a positive attitude nor discipline. Not waiting for her to say anything, Cao Lei asked: “Where would young master like to go? Would you like me to book a ticket?” 

Wang Xuebing kept down his head. Just remembering the trip they went on yesterday, he had forgotten this very important issue. 

Nanny Chen was dumbfounded. Bai Jing looked at her. Didn’t she always claim to care about him? So many obvious things that he did not think clearly over in his past life, how foolish he was in his previous life, for he had only her as a family. Since his mother died when he was seven, she had been always by his side…

Bai Jing faintly withdrew his gaze and turned to look at Wang Xuebing, directly ignoring Cao Lei: “We’ll travel with the car, drive there.” That car was bought to gain Zhu Ting’s favor, but it was only used once. Now, it would be put to good use. 

Wang Xuebing mouth formed an “O.”  Before, when young master traveled, if it wasn’t for significant landscapes, then it was for sightseeing abroad. Each time he showed that big style, comfortable, carefree, excited, he had long admired this sort of job. He thought he could help Cao Lei win an enjoyable job. Traveling by car, Wang Xuebing’s heart was cool as stone. and now there were only three of them. Wherever the young master wanted to go, the hard part was on the two of them drivers…

Although he was very fond of cars, but traveling with this car needed being on the road for many days. No one could stand that, so who the hell had the mood to see the scenery. Wang Xuebing just felt fooled! 

Cao Lei pursed his lips. Compared to how the young master announced travel by car, he was more concerned about the young master’s attitude. Just when did the young master treat Wang Xuebing differently, nor did he offend him yet. Feeling something strange was on mind, this was quite puzzling…

Nanny Chen tried to speak but ultimately did not say anything against those words, only telling: “I wish young master a happy time. Eat breakfast and then go, pay attention to safety on the road, and don’t forget to call back home. Right in September is school, so you cannot be late. Beginning college means becoming an adult.No need for you to take too much notice of Tingting, for I will help you lecture her. Our Little Jing is a man she can rely on.” 

Bai Jing did not know how to act. If this was spoken in his last life, he certainly would be shy, would feel awkward. He grew up without parents and would very much like to hear this faint concern, but falsity is false. Nanny Chen should know that with a car, the distance travel would not be far, so she would be assured.

“From now on, do not care for that woman. She really thinks she’s something important. Let’s go.” Bai Jing faintly finished. Directly having Cao Lei drive, he threw his luggage to Wang Xuebing. With a little travel bag, in addition to daily necessities there were only a few books inside.

Nanny Chen saw him out the door. Once Wang Xuebing was in the car, he was full of excitement. What a great car, the whole thing had been modified. The trunk was not large being only 30 square meters, but it had everything. As luxurious as a small suite, the car had anti-vibration. When sitting inside, you won’t feel any shaking, just like when on a train. Tut! Richer people get everything, just being a chauffeur is no good at all. 

“Now, where to?” Cao Lei’s lazy voice passed over. 

Bai Jing felt very puzzled. This guy was apparently carefree, so how could he be a bodyguard? He was even sent by his father specifically, that is, recommended by a professional. 

Not understanding it, he thought no more of it. Anyway, it had nothing to do with him. Opening the map to see the route: “Meal first, you’re ordering, and then we go to Qingquan County. 

“How about Xianzhi Restaurant?” Cao Lei thought about the young master’s preferences, refusing to say anything about his choices. Knowing Bai Jing was not fond of him, all he needed to do was obediently drive on the road. 

“Do as you like!” Bai Jing finished. Lazily leaning against the sofa, he took out a fantasy novel and began to read. 

Wang Xuebing stared and was quite choked. Qingquan County is the first town not far from D City. What were they doing there. 

But no matter what he thought, no one would answer. Bai Jing’s mind had long since been in the book, and to tell the truth, this man made utter chaos of the story. He looked really bored, but for that magical imagination, he had only admiration. Although he could now use the hidden dimension, humans still could not enter. Fortunately psychic power can be manipulated in it, or else such large tracts of land could only be seen and never used. That would be awful. 

And he also wanted to look for inspiration from the novel. Maybe in some cases he would be able to have some breakthrough by those characters. Anyways, since those two were here, he did not have the leisure to read the medical books. He could only read at night in the room. From the way here to Huangshan, where there was a big distance and while collecting materials on the road, until they arrived at Huangshan, he thought he should be able to clearly remember the force points to the human body and be able to trace all the meridians!

Arriving at Xianzhi restaurant, Cao Lei took the lead to open the door, responsibly taking an “After you,” sort of motion.

Bai Jing was not unaccustomed to this. He slowly exited the car, with a graceful gait, appropriately tailored clothes, his posture tall and straight. Bright and white was his face, revealing its cold and proud angles, an arrogant look in his eyes that seemed to see no one. All without exception, he made no attempt to downplay his grandeur.

Even Wang Xuebing had to give him praise. A noble is a noble, and the laypeople were afraid that they could not imitate this sort of excellence…

Only just having arrived at the first floor lobby, Bai Jing had become the focus of attention. 

People who knew him greeted him with a smile: “Master Jing.” 

Bai Jing frowned, and directly scaled the stairs to his private room. He did not understand why in his previous life he liked to be in crowded cluster, and always showed off his extraordinary, I-don’t-know-what-low-key is attitude, as if pride had dripped into his bones. 

Bai Jing gave a self-deprecating smile. In fact, it was his self-esteem, wasn’t it? Though his dad was great, the truth was, he was nothing but an illegitimate child. 

“Master Jing, long time no see.” One with elegant looks, a man had on a pair of gold wire glasses, approached them. 

Bai Jing looked at him and nodded.

That man did not care about Bai Jing’s coldness. He gently laughed: “Master Jing, the person you sent last time has already left. Before, he wanted contact information, but without Master Jing’s permission, I could not give out any. Are you having a meal? Mind if I join you? 

Bai Jing was puzzled. What person?

Cao Lei then reminded him: “Last Saturday, Hong Lai Street, a man.” 

Hung Lai Street? What man? Bai Jing thought for a moment, but he still did not remember. For them, it was perhaps a few days ago, but for him, it was five years ago, and last Sunday he only just woke up from bed. Things that long ago, who could remember that clearly. 

“It seems that Master Jing has forgotten, but fortunately I did not make a decision. I thought that you knew each other.” He Yong gave a faint smile. He was not the slightest embarrassed by the lack of a reply, and he actually seemed to have found firm footing. 

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  1. Thank you for translating this! I don’t normally comment on translations, but I really wanted to this time. The story is really interesting. I found it by chance because I was looking for a new BL novel, but it honestly has all the elements I enjoy in non-BL stories as well. What an awesome combination! But the best thing about this are the translations… They seem so fluent and it makes this very enjoyable to read, especially compared to some other novel translations I’ve (tried to) read before. So yeah, a big thank you from me!

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