Chapter 9: H City

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In the middle of their stop-and-go trip, they arrived at the first large scale intermediate level city, H City. Close to famous tourist attractions, there were several very well known food factories, and Bai Jing intended to stay here a few days. Those towns where they had stopped to buy food, vegetables, agricultural supplies, and daily necessities were perhaps convenient and cheap, but to buy fence, electrical and the like, he had to come to the big cities.

Although he bought a lot of things on the road, the items only occupied an area less than 300 square meters in the dimension. To be honest, he was both happy and discouraged. Happy that the large dimension could contain so many things, but discouraged that with so much space, when would this ever be filled! 

Storage space and farming space was different. Storage space could be superimposed according to the volume of items. With eight acres of storage space twenty meters high, Bai Jing felt he really needed to load to capacity the storage space. In fact, even if he did not farm, there was enough to eat for a lifetime. 

But this was just a thought, and more preparations were always welcome.  And his heart held a faint hope that the apocalypse could quickly end, even if those things he bought in such enormous quantities that he probably would never get to use them, he still persisted to purchase them. However, would the apocalypse ever be over… 

Bai Jing’s heart could not be sure. In the final periods of his previous life, although he was in the Institute, from the attitude of the researchers, he could see how the severe the developments were. They had to face against more and more powerful and countless zombies, monsters, mutated animals, plants…1 

Was there really room for human survival? 

“Young master, we’ve arrived.” 

Cao Lei then interrupted his thoughts, and Bai Jing gave a self-deprecating smile. And what he was thinking about was that in this life, he had been picked up, tried, struggled, and if died, then if he could die together with Xiao Sa, he thought he should be satisfied. Xiao Sa certainly will not live together with him in the hidden-dimension, and when it came time to die, he would die. To Bai Jing, it did not matter. 

Just giving up without trying, then, was impossible! 

Even if there was only a glimmer of opportunity, he and Xiao together would work hard, trying hard to live! 

“You go book our rooms first. I’m going to look around.” Bai Jing thought to this point, not wanting to delay for a moment to get rid of these two and went directly to the building materials market.  The purchase of the fence must be as soon as possible. The encountered several fence sellers in the small towns they stopped at also, but he was not very satisfied. The style was neither good-looking nor strong, and if put to order, you would need more than a week. The shortest time to receive should be five days. Anyways, he intended to stay in H city for a few days more, and to the building materials market the sooner,  the better. If not, preordering would be fine.

Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were not surprised, for H City was but a tourist destination. Cao Lei made plans at once of where he wanted to go have fun. 

With the young master’s changes in behavior, Wang Xuebing could not help but feel some worry. The changes were too fast, faster than people could respond, and until now, he could not understand how the young master found him during his tail.  Since that day, July 31, the young master was not the same. The indifference and cold hidden in his eyes, coldly on the sidelines and ignoring the whole world, he was definitely not pretending. Looking at such a young master gave him illusions of seeing someone elderly dying. One person without any major changes, yet Wang Xuebing really could not think of any kind of reason that let the young master with such a arrogance, stubbornness, born unhappy with a taste of royalty, change so quickly and drastically!

Moreover, he also did not know if this was an illusion, but he always found young master treat him somewhat differently. Wang Xuebing could not recall whatever would be the cause for this special concern. Did the young master know his good character, thought he looked handsome and so held interest In him?

Wang Xuebing patted his cheek and could not help but cast himself aside. Slightly flushed, he could not help but think of that day, the young master’s appearance after the shower. What a fucking temptation, this was simply a crime. But the young master was straight; he was very clear on that.

Cao Lei’s face was black. Seeing his expression change to and fro, his face with a slightly coquettish look, Cao’s eyes began to flash a curious light. Showing a touch of devilish color, it looked devilish, dangerous and had a heart-stirring charm. A voice filled with magnetism slowly arose: “What do you want, huh?”

“No, nothing.” Wang Xuebing trembled without tears. He really did not put much into thinking. Everyone had a beautiful hear, and he was only appreciating it… 

“Huh!” Cao Lei raised his eyebrows. With a faint smile, he glanced at him, turned, and walked to the hotel reception, leaving only two words in his ear: “Open room.” 

Wang Xuebing quickly followed, his expression unclear. What does he mean? 

Bai Jing first rented a warehouse and then came to the building materials market.  Although the fence shop had not yet been located, he felt awestruck just by browsing. Looking at a variety of building materials, his heart could not help but to mock the difficulty of choosing.  That would be nice if he could have a house in his space. He would make the layout warm and appropriate so that returning to the space would feel like returning home. 

“Sir, hello, may I ask what you need?” A salesman with sharp senses saw Bai Jing dressed in that style. Even if he did not look old, he would not be neglected. 

Bai Jing shook his head, eyes filled with dismay. In the case of these materials, he was able to see they could not be used. Even after he met with Xiao Sa, Xiao Sa himself did not know how to build a house! The hidden-dimension was to be confidential so he could not find someone to help repair things. Even after the outbreak and the beginning of a new life, something less prominent was easy to cover up. Coming up with these good materials, a house was the most eye-catching of signs. Tall trees catch much wind, don’t show all your cards, he understood these, and in his previous life, it did happen, did it not?

The salesman saw his mind changing, but continued to lobby: “Sir, what is the hesitation? We are the largest building materials market supplier in H city. We can give you some suggestions, and we also do remodeling and can also help you design the style you love. Feel free to take a look.”  

“I want a house.” Bai Jing said dryly.

The salesman went blank, puzzled. Was it possible he had not bought a house yet, but that did not seem to be the case. Smiling, he asked: ” Can you say a little more? We will try to meet your requirements here.” 

Bai Jing was free at the moment, and he was now at the building materials market, anyways. The fence was not pressing at this time, and he also kept a faint hope, explaining, “I want a simulated physical house. Do not build the foundation, but it needs to be strong and durable, suitable to live in. Water, electricity, and sewer pipes all need to be completed, but also comfortable inside with decorations, a living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. In short, it is a two-story cottage … …” Bai Jing said. His request seemed a bit high. He turned things over in his mind and said: “If it is not possible, two rooms and one living room can suffice.

The salesman looked shocked. This, this, what kind of person was this this his head did not break. Could it be he just had extra money he could not spend? But the customer is God, and what Bai Jing said excited him.  These were a lot of materials, and his commission this year will be enough with this one. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

“May I ask this gentleman to wait? I’m going to get the manager.” 

Bai Jing was surprised for a moment and nodded, for he did not expect it really could be done. 

Before long, the manager came out. He was a man about forty, slightly fat, middle-aged with a potbelly where his body particularly protruded. His eyes shone with a twinkle, and gently smiling, he knew with a look that this one was difficult to catch.  

He quietly looked at Bai Jing and smiled. He said: ” Is this the gentleman that needs to build a physical house? 

The salesman nodded. He pondered for a moment, then hesitatingly said: “But this price will not be cheap.” 

Bai Jing lifted his brow, glanced at him and said: “The price is of no concern.” As long as the house was to his satisfaction, no matter how much more expensive it was, he still wanted it. A home! One that really belonged to himself, so how could he not long for it with his racing heart. After the outbreak of the apocalypse, to have such a home to rest, how happy that would be. As long as they could build it, he was willing enough to spend more money. Any more expensive, and it would be like a real villa.

“Let’s have a talk inside the office, please.” The man’s eyes lit up, inviting Bai Jing to the office. 

Bai Jing nodded and followed after him. 

Entering the office, he freely sat on the sofa, with his lazy appearance, and revealed a nobility and elegance emanating from his bones.  

The manager’s attitude and smile were both friendly, and he asked: ” Where does this gentleman want to build his house, what kind of style, as well as remodeling. What are your requirements. Will lamps, kitchen utensils and others be or not be handled by you. You can talk to me about the requirements, and we will try to meet your requirements.” 

Bai Jing frowned and pondered. He had forgotten that there was nowhere to build the house, and such a large objects cannot disappear into thin air. 

“Sir, are there any difficulties? Can you tell me? We’ll try to solve them. “ 

Bai Jing thought, devising something to say: “I am new to H city, so I’m not familiar with this neighborhood. Do you know of any abandoned factory, or empty large warehouse. You can first built in that the house, and I’ll take it later. “ 

After Bai Jing finished, the manager at first doubted some things. Bai said he only just arrived at H City, so how could he just think of building a house; the manager was not a fool. Spending so much money to get a house, but built in that place, how would he transport away? Also talking about taking it, could he be sending helicopters? 

As the manager’s mind kept thinking, Bai Jing did not see him and made the house according to his ideas, which would take at least a few months to finish. He could rent the warehouse or abandoned factories for a year, then when the outbreak came, who would mind how the house disappeared. Speaking with the man before him, he needed to use half truths and half lies. It’s no big deal to say that he’ll send in aircraft to take it, anyways, since his style was extravagant.  

It must be said, these two men happened to have the same thinking. 

The manager thought for a moment, then said: “There is a large warehouse nearby, a former food factory. It was some yogurt factory, and now that moved to some other place; the old factory is empty now.  Though it is too far to commute to, the venue is relatively large, so it became a warehouse. And now, it’s just empty, but if you want to build a house, then this deposit … … “

“You shall have it.” Bai Jing faintly said, his heart secretly jumping. A remote area, was this not just right? If it was built downtown, he was afraid of attracting trouble. 

“Ha, ha” The manager said upon hearing this, and it did not matter how Bai Jing moved the house away as long as he was paid well: “Now, let’s talk about your request.” 

Since he was so full of his service, Bai Jing immediately bluntly and directly put in his request, a small two-story duplex building. The living room should be large, the house lighting needed to be good, with large windows reaching the floor, as well as large bathrooms, and what other materials for the doors and windows, the floor, as well as the decoration of the ceiling, the house lights, study room, bedroom, living room, with what kind of style … 

Only when Bai Jing became dry in the mouth was the house reluctantly finalized. After making some calls, the time that passed had been a few hours. Bai Jing very readily paid the 200W deposit without another word. Then, he remembered that the fence had not yet been bought, so he asked, “Where is fencing sold around here?”  

This was the first time the manager met such a straightforward guest, and after the deal was settled, only talking about his request then letting them play freely, such a guest was really rare. 

After listening to Bai Jing ‘s question, the manager laughed: “Sir, buy a fence? There are some stores nearby. If you find it troublesome, we can help you order. What do you want for the material?” 

“The strong the better, preferably steel.” 

“This is an easy job, when do you want it?” 

“The sooner the better. Today would be best.” 

“This, ah…” the manager called a salesman, whispered a few words in his ear, and then spoke to Bai Jing with a smile: “Sir, you put in an urgent order. Would you like to see the goods now? 

Bai Jing nodded, as that would be the best. The H city really was well worth its name as a national medium-sized city. Arriving at the fence area, Bai Jing immediately saw what he wanted. Manufactured from steel, they were approximately 1.4 meter high fences, and they had a lot of stock in their warehouse. It was originally a club which made special orders, but it had been more than two months, and no one came to take it. Since Bai is now anxious to have some, they served him first. 

Bai Jing very generously paid the money and had them deliver the fence to the warehouse. The outcome today was not bad; with the fence installed, he could raise some animals, and then he intended to arrange the dimension into a paradise. There was no rush to farm, as his food stores had enough to eat for some time. And if the ability was upgraded, then the land would become larger. This was only eight acres of land right now, which was not enough. 

The next few days, at night, when Bai Jing did not read medical books, he only controlled his psychic power to cut out two acres of land, which were then divided into six sections via fencing. He already made a good plan that his space would not only have chickens, ducks, sheep and cows, he also wanted pigs. Sheep can live with goats, sheep’s wool was insulating. All animals in the apocalypse, if they did not mutate, they became zombies. To have good wool later was perhaps impossible. And the cows, he would also like to keep Xiao Sa well-fed. Anyways, keeping them was not a trouble, and he felt being more prepared was better.

During the day, he drove around everywhere, first to the major food factory to buy enough food. Then later, he went to the electrical city to buy washing machines, refrigerators, electric heaters, dishwashers, induction cookers and the like, and then thinking again, he went to a winery and tobacco factory. Although he did not like alcohol or tobacco, he remembered that stuff would become a rare luxury in the apocalypse, and it was still an essential gift choice.

Because the place was relatively far,  Bai Jing spent a total of two days, came back later and was questioned by Wang Xuebing. 

Bai Jing naturally ignored it, making Wang Xuebing jump angrily, but it seemed he was accustomed to his incessant jumping.

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