Chapter 112: Climactic Confrontation of Nebula Cultivators

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So incredible!

Jiang Yundao’s heart shivered. Five Nebula Stage Cultivators unexpectedly had been dispatched within a breath. His attack strategy flowed smoothly, like moving clouds and flowing water, and those five Star Cultivators in any case could be considered to have assets. Jiang Yundao knew one of them possessed a High Grade Talisman, but even that was not used quickly enough, thus leading to complete defeat.

This man was too unwavering.

Jiang Yundao believed he himself could not handle five Star Cultivators as relaxed as that man had. He looked at Zhao Cheng, and while the Great Liang’s Fourth Highness did not bat an eyelid, his eyes nevertheless very clearly revealed a trace of astonishment.

The arena very quickly was left with Su Xing and Zhao Cheng.

“Very good. Defeating this kind of Star Cultivator such as yourself certainly will make Father Emperor sit up and take notice.” Zhao Cheng sneered, already continuously placing defenses around his whole body, a shallow black color glimpsing nearby.

Su Xing raised and cut with the Firebolt Sword. The flames knocked against Zhao Cheng’s defenses and shook open a ripple but did not bring about a significant result. Zhao Cheng immediately regained confidence, brought out a box of ink-stone and threw it at Su Xing while chanting an incantation.

That ink slab suddenly swelled several sizes, the deep and distinct engraved lines clearly visible, and a black and evil smoke sprayed out under Zhao Cheng’s control. The black smoke had myriad changes, spreading all around Su Xing and acted as a shroud.

“Black Evil Inkstone!”1 Jiang Yundao slightly smiled. Prince Zhao Cheng deserved to be called a Star Master nurtured by the Great Liang. The moment he acted, it was a Supreme Grade Nebula Artifact. Some black smoke concentrated like black ink, an encroaching qi that engulfed. The Nebula Star Cultivators simply had no method that could block it, and like its name said, it was black and evil tyranny that made people detest it bitterly. Yet, Zhao Cheng was not satisfied. After raising the Black Evil Inkstone, he also bit open a fingertip, dispersing essence blood that dissolved into the black smoke. The black smoke immediately showed blood among its black, and the bloody light condensed together, seeming like an evil spirit from purgatory opening its bloody mouth.

A few cultivators just looking at it felt themselves shudder while the masses already had been scared out of their wits.

“Blood Sacrifice Mind Great Array!”2 Jiang Yundao shouted in astonishment.

The Blood Sacrifice Mind Great Array was one of Liangshan Continent’s Demonic Arts, specially for refining one’s own essence blood. Dissolving it into an ability, that ability then would show this kind of bloody and fiendish light. Not only would it let spellcasters have greater and easier control of the their powers, the Blood Fiend within would make the power’s might even more corrosive than before. From when the five Nebula Cultivators began to fight Su Xing, Zhao Cheng knew the valiance of the man before him, and when he acted, he wanted to directly slay Su Xing.

The Supreme Grade Nebula Artifact Black Evil Inkstone combined with the secret art Blood Sacrifice Mind Great Array. This kind of combined position that could loftily correspond to the Star Cultivator was fine. This was the imperial family’s Star Master of authority and power, Jiang Yundao thought to himself. Looking at Su Xing, he had originally thought this man would certainly be scared pale, or at least show alarm. However, he completely exceeded Jiang Yundao’s imagination – Su Xing was steady and calm, not moved in the slightest.

It seemed as if the blood-colored black smoke filling the sky was merely only so.

Under Zhao Cheng’s Divine Intent, the blood-light black smoke even more quickly condensed into an enormous form that sealed Su Xing’s escape route before then engulfing Su Xing. Having been swallowed by the black smoke, they feared Su Xing certainly would be crippled or left half alive.

When Su Xing scattered several Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fires that were cleanly swallowed by the black smoke, he immediately realized what was different about this black smoke. Once again looking at that clear blood-light, it made the attacking blood smoke brim even more with a fierce look. Su Xing stowed away the Firebolt Sword, losing the obstruction provided by Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire. The black smoke viciously bit at him, seeming like an evil spirit from the underworld.

Su Xing shouted, and in his hand appeared a shield. The shield was carved with the seal of a divinatory diagram, the amulets flashing. An infant’s crying broke through the air, and the weeping tore at the heart, shaking people from the core.

The fiercely engulfing black smoke halted as if it had been stopped by something invisible, continuously stopped in midair. The shield’s soundwaves unceasingly beat upon the smoke. That congealed and unchanging black cloud withered a little bit, and Zhao Cheng could only sacrifice essence blood to further enlarge the black smoke so that it could finally counterattack.

“That is a magic weapon??” Jiang Yundao stood up in shock. He shouted, overwhelmed. He could see with just a look that the shield in Su Xing’s hand was the Crying Infant’s Ancient Lost Treasure Earth Shield refined. The magic energy on the shield appeared cloud-shaped, surrounding Su Xing. The Black Evil Inkstone’s black smoke could only tear at him from nearby, completely incapable of penetrating. How could an artifact break through a magic weapon’s might.

Zhao Cheng at this time was also astonished, unwilling to give up as he linked hand seals. A Daoist magic and essence blood shot into the black smoke, and in the blink of an eye, the black smoke completely enveloped Su Xing.

The arena already appeared as a deep, dark color. The thick as black smoke absorbed every source of light.

Shi Yuan saw this, and her heart could not help but tighten, springing up from her seat.

“There is no need to worry. Young Master’s Heaven Sword has not been used.” Wu Xinjie smiled. Even if Zhao Cheng’s Supreme Grade Artifact and Blood Sacrifice Mind emitted anything more brilliantly, he himself in the end was merely a Nebula Late Stage Cultivator. In terms of magic power, Su Xing far surpassed him. A Nebula Magic Weapon simply was not something a Great Liang Prince could shake up.

Of course, that was unless he had some type of trump card.

Wu Xinjie knit her brow. Sure enough, she saw that after Zhao Cheng saw that the Black Evil Inkstone could only use up his magic energy in a steady flow, he abandoned continuing to support it. He turned to slapping his hand on a suspended charm. Light flashed, and a black qi cut and revealed a demon’s broadsword.

The black sword swelled several times in the wind, a demonic face that terrified people. The sword’s hilt spat out a black light that hacked towards Su Xing. The Su Xing who used the Heaven Shield to defend was too late in making the adjustment.

Everyone cried out in alarm, hastily dodging out of the way. As the broadsword slashed, the sticky and thick unchanging black smoke was torn open easily by this sword, the smoke rapidly faded away under the black sword’s light. This unexpectedly was a Nebula Magic Weapon!!

Lin Yingmei tightly clenched her fists, already rising, jumping down.

All of the girls did not dare carelessly follow down, fearful that Su Xing met with a mishap.

“You thought only you had a magic weapon? Taste This King’s ‘Crying Ghost Saber’!”3 Zhao Cheng proudly laughed his head off.

A ghost’s cry resounded, and the black smoke dissipated. A tall and straight figure like a statue appeared before everyone’s eyes as Zhao Cheng’s smiling expression spontaneously ended.

They only saw Su Xing hold single-handedly a large sword that held up the Crying Ghost Saber’s slash.

“Another Nebula Magic Weapon, Heaven Sword?!” Jiang Yunfao was in disbelief. He unexpectedly had two of the Crying Infant’s Immemorial Lost Treasures. It seemed very clearly refined by his own self. To only refine an Ancient Lost Treasure into a Nebula Grade Magic Weapon was far too extravagant.

Jiang Yundao finally understood why Su Xing previously returned disdain for his words. Comparing unfairness, the artifacts of the guy before him were even more unfair.

Su Xing coldly looked at Zhao Cheng. His feet moved, rushing towards him.

Zhao Cheng hastily controlled the Crying Ghost Saber to hack out ghost cries, but the equivalently Nebula Ranked Magic Weapon Earth Shield easily resisted. “This King’s methods are not what you can imagine.” Zhao Cheng bound a seal, and several dozen Black Armored Ghosts4 suddenly appeared in his surroundings. These Black Armored Ghosts under his Divine Intent promptly killed towards Su Xing.

Su Xing’s Heaven Sword slashed and hacked, cleaving onto a Black Armored Ghost. The Black Armored Ghosts actually were not frail as he thought. Slightly resembling Blooming Water Divine Thunder’s shape changing attack, the remaining Black Armored Ghosts bit at Su Xing like locusts. At this moment, the Crying Ghost Saber lowered, and several sword lights swiftly flowed onto Su Xing’s body. His skin promptly ached with a painful heat, cutting open several pitch-black wounds. Su Xing hastily retreated backwards, the Black Armored Ghosts following. Su Xing assembled his Star Energy onto the artifacts, and the Earth Shield was thrown out to obstruct the Crying Ghost Saber. Subsequently, the Heaven Sword flew wildly in his hand. Sword light scattered everywhere, rising high and sweeping.

In the blink of an eye, it hacked apart these Black Armored Ghosts. Zhao Cheng violently spat out blood, his complexion pale.

Su Xing’s sword chopped into the wind. Zhao Cheng was helpless, recalling the Crying Ghost Saber to his hand. The two Nebula Grade Magic Weapons joined together, and with a shake, it shook the two people apart several meters.

The stifling battle of this prison=like place finally showed a small chance to catch breath.

The wounds he received from the Crying Ghost Saber’s tearing transmitted an odd poison, so Su Xing took out the Detoxification Bead and held it in his mouth.

Zhao Cheng panted great mouthfuls, his heart already astonished. He repeatedly brought out the methods he was most proud of but was unable to take possession of the slightest convenience, and his opponent seemed to be abundantly collected. In addition, he had not used a thunder art against him.

Just what is this bastard’s background? Zhao Cheng did not dare believed there was a Star Master that could be above him. Besides his Elder Sister of the Great Liang who he was unable to contend against, even if it was the Second Prince Zhao Heng, he was still seventy percent confident.

However, the confidence he had accumulated had been, in a very short time, ravaged to nearly total ruin by Su Xing.

“Just which sect do you come from? Could you be of the White Tiger Territory?” Zhao Cheng believed he knew the Star Masters of this generation from the Azure Dragon Territory like the back of his hand. Regardless of whether it was that exceptional and stunning genius “Xie Zhenyuan”5 of the Most High Path,6  or the monster of the Lifeless Hall7 rarely seen in a hundred years “Yan Wudao,”8 he understood both. Furthermore, he had never seen the Yun Youzi before his eyes.

Of course, using such an item as the Change Appearance Pill to conceal his features, this was very difficult to say.

“How are all the martial arts Your Majesty the Fourth Prince learned a few of the corrupt type?” Su Xing did not answer, only asking a question back, secretly holding Zhao Cheng to a new level of respect. The martial arts and magic weapons he displayed were very awesome. If he did not have Nebula Magic Weapons, Su Xing would have had to waste a lot of heart blood to handle this. If it was anyone else, they would have been finished long ago.

However, saying this back, even if Su Xing at this moment realized the valiant point of Star Maidens, according to his estimate, the abilities that the Zhao Cheng before his eyes showed simply could not withstand several of Lin Yingmei’s attacks. No wonder people like Zhao Cheng desired powerful Heavenly Star Military Generals.

“Do you admit defeat?” Su Xing saw that Zhao Cheng had exhausted all his strategies.

“You jest, you want to make This King concede? Hahahaha.” Zhao Cheng unashamedly laughed, and three or four black as ink flying swords flew out. Because he was only a Nebula Cultivator, he had not learned Sword Art Abilities. The flying swords operated by his Divine Intent were not many, their might also not great, like an ordinary artifact. Su Xing’s Heaven Sword slashes, and several top-notch artifacts disintegrated.

Subsequently, his figure flashed, and Su Xing already went for the kill.

Not conceding, then beat him until he did.

Zhao Cheng threw the Crying Ghost Saber. Obstructing Su Xing, he suddenly turned and ran towards the Devil Suppressing Stele.

His sudden action made everyone baffled.

Li Shishi and the others under the Devil Suppressing Stele hastily got out of the way, so as to avoid the battle of these two bringing disaster to the pond fish.

Su Xing deflected the Crying Ghost Saber, at this moment seeing Zhao Cheng standing atop the towering Devil Suppressing Stone Stele. He saw Zhao Cheng’s expression was extremely malevolent, his hand holding a jade pendant. Grinning evilly, he cut open his wrist, fresh blood following the jade ornament as it flowed out with a glug-glug onto the Devil Suppressing Stele. They saw Zhao Cheng’s face was fierce as a demon’s, and they heard the sound of thunder.

“The Heavenly Star recruiting a master, open wide your eyes and witness This King’s power! This King will make you accept me wholeheartedly!”

Jiang Yundao was greatly alarmed, immediately realizing what Zhao Cheng wanted to do.

“Your Highness, quickly stay your hand!!!”

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  1. 黑惡硯
  2. 血祭神魂大法
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  4. 黑甲陰魂
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