Chapter 113: Ghost Cavalry King And The Heavenly Star Maid

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Sixteen Devil Exorcising Flying Swords1 formed a sword array that floated around Jiang Yundao. When he saw Zhang Cheng’s conduct and actions, this Galaxy Middle Stage Cultivator nevertheless suppressed the urge to stop himself.

Zhao Cheng cut open the artery in his wrist, and blood followed the jade ornament, falling like a bubbling creek and instantly soaking into the Devil Suppressing Stele. The stele’s blood lines appeared while at the same time showing a glimpse of ninety-nine Devil Suppressing Seals, and the ten words on the stele twisted like tadpoles, showing its true nature. The originally very imposing characters at this instant seemingly wanted to breathe out supernatural beings.

The Devil Suppressing Magic Seals withered away one after another, and in an instant, a black wind on the stele blew. Black clouds pressed down on the city, and Stone Table City fell into darkness. The spectating masses already scattered and ran, and low level cultivation Star Cultivators one by one lost their heads out of fear. They wanted to escape the city, but the black curtain that pressed down unexpectedly surrounded Stone Table City into itself.

Within the fear and screams, Zhao Cheng’s demonic sounds were like a devilish brainwashing noise.

“By means of Mine essence blood as the medium, undo the Devil Suppressing Seals. The executed Ghost Cavalry Divine Generals of this place, come quickly, hear This King’s dispatch!” At the spot contaminated with blood, the Devil Suppressing Seals immediately melted, and in the blink of an eye, thirteen Devil Suppressing Seals were undone in succession. The black winds were increasingly numerous, condensing into figures in midair. A figure with an indistinct hand that clutched a black iron sword, wore black iron armor, and was draped with a feather crest slowly descended like a divine soldier.

“Ghost Cavalry Divine General!”2

Ten years ago, the Ghoul Clans colluded with the Cloudcover Empire to use every sort of secret technique and forbidden art to create an immediately terrifying “Ghost Cavalry Divine General.” These Ghost Cavalry Divine Generals used living souls as food, essence blood as air, neither slept nor complained, felt neither pain nor fear. At once, thirty-three Ghost Cavalry and sixty-six Divine Generals were like uninhabited locations, a long drive into the Great Liang Dynasty’s thousand li. They defeated several hundred thousand soldiers, almost taking the capital, Bian City.

Emperor Liang personally met the enemy, killing all the Ghost Cavalry Divine Generals and erecting on the border a monument to intimidate the supernatural. Afterwards, Emperor Liang drove a wedge between the Ghoul Clans and the Vermilion Bird Territory’s hundred clans to incite discord, then extinguished hereafter the danger of the Ghoul Clans. This was the publicly available data. However, what was not public was not written. Although Emperor Liang defeated the Ghost Cavalry Divine General personally,  the Ghost Cavalry’s head, the “Ghost Cavalry King,”3 was extremely valiant. The two fought to Stone Tablet, and Emperor Liang relied on a pre-arranged Devil Suppressing Magic Circle and Devil Suppressing Stele to finally suppress him.

The Devil Suppressing Stele was forged from ninety-nine precious materials including Precipice Mountain’s Breath Soil,4 Head Mountain’s Pure Copper,5 Relic Blade Dark Iron,6 Star Divine Sand7 and others, then casted using Heavenly Fire simply was equivalent to a Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure. The ninety-nine Devil Suppressing Seals inscribed on the stele established a secret technique forbiddance. Ten years later, although many people wanted to break the Devil Suppressing Stele, basically, there was no one who could.

“Your Highness, could it be…” Jiang Yundao suddenly somewhat realized why Zhao Cheng’s body was all Demonic Arts Powerful Magics.8

“Hm, hm, hm.” Zhao Cheng coldly laughed. He had waited for this moment already for a very long time.

When the Star Duels originally commenced, Emperor Liang had his five children participate in the Star Duels to vie for imperial power. Furthermore, he conferred to each son and daughter one opportunity. The eldest daughter Princess Ling Yan obtained the personal teachings of “Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword.” Second Prince Zhao Heng obtained “Nine Suns Burning Heaven True Art”9 while the Third Prince chose an equivalently Supreme Grade Sword Art, but only Zhao Cheng was an exception.

What he chose was the Demonic Arts Way10 obtained from the initially extinguished Ghoul Clan. At that time, he had been mocked and ridiculed by his siblings, who believed he was obsessed, courting disaster. Although the Demonic School’s magic allowed him to enormously promote his cultivation, he was only content for a time; how could they ever expect that Zhao Cheng’s wild scheme actually was for the Devil Suppressing Stele’s Demon Cavalry Divine General. Three years later, he finally knew how he should use the Devil Suppressing Stele.

The Devil Suppressing Stele sensed imperial blood and unceasingly trembled in response. The Devil Suppressing Seals were more and more weak, the black wind transforming into a more concentrated shape.

“Your Highness, you must not do this. Located below it are all the monsters His Majesty was unable to handle.” The flying swords around Jiang Yundao chirped. This official had no room to advance or retreat.

“What is there to be afraid of. This King possesses a way to make them swear allegiance!” Zhao Cheng clutched the jade ornament, striking a seal.

A whistling sound broke through the air.

Zhao Cheng raised his head and saw Su Xing already sword riding and attacking, the Heaven Sword slicing the wind and cutting the moon. An ink-like defensive light cover unhurriedly opened, the Magic Weapon Grade Heaven Sword unable to cut it open. Su Xing released Blooming Water Divine Thunder, and the purple thunder washed away the black wind, breaking Zhao Cheng’s defenses.

Zhao Cheng saw this, and raising his Divine Intent, more than ten High Grade Talismans transformed into every sort of beast shape to block Su Xing. When Su Xing cleanly cut them down, at this moment, the Devil Suppressing Stele had sixty-six Devil Suppressing Seals undone. A gloomy black wind shrouded Stone Tablet City as black clouds pressed down, miserable, dark and desolate.

“Go!” Upon seeing this, Su Xing in response had the Heaven Sword transform into a rainbow light that cut downwards.

At this moment, Jiang Yundao was unable to deal with that much anymore, and the Descended Devil Sword Array shot towards the black shadow.


Black light flashed, and a long sword blocked, making Su Xing and Jiang Yundao’s sword array result in failure.

The shadow congealed into an entity as if it had substance, a black fierce mask wearing, long sword holding man appeared in the air, a type of formidable pressure unexpectedly shook the people and made them unable to breathe.

“Ghost Cavalry King!”

Jiang Yundao was stunned.

Zhao Cheng was pleased, ordering: “Ghost Cavalry King, quickly kill that bastard for me!”

“What qualifications do you have to command me.” The Ghost Cavalry King disdained to do so, raising his long sword.

The Devil Suppressing Stele became something several inches in size in his palm. Zhao Cheng grasped the Devil Suppressing Stele in one hand and the jade ornament in the other, sneering: “This King can release you as well as make you return. Should you serve This King, This King can let you be happy in Liangshan.”

The Ghost Cavalry King stared. That jade ornament once was his personal artifact. Now, it was linked to the Devil Suppressing Seals’ Divine Intent, and at any time, he could return to the ice-cold ground. The Ghost Cavalry King coldly grunted, stowing the long sword, and turning around, fell onto the stage light as a feather.

A kind of powerful pressure constricted Su Xing as if Mount Tai were on his shoulder. The Ghost Cavalry King reportedly was a general of the Ghoul Clan and proficient in military arts. He originally relied on the seven chi “Devil Saber” in his hand that shared equal fame as Emperor Liang’s Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword. Although he had been pressed down upon by the Devil Suppressing Stele for ten years and his cultivation was greatly lowered, to Su Xing, he was still a frightening existence.

“As long as This King has the Ghost Cavalry King, do you still fear this Star Duel is unattainable? Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Zhao Cheng complacently howled with laughter.

“Your Highness, please, quickly stop. This Ghost Cavalry King is not something Your Highness can manage.” Jiang Yundao anxiously shouted.

This shout drew the Ghost Cavalry King’s killing intent. A blade slashed over, its speed quick to the peak, The sixteen Devil Exorcising Swords became a sword array to stop it. The sound of the wind shattered, and the long blade penetrated deeply. Unexpectedly, it cut open the Devil Exorcising Swords and hacked at Jiang Yundao.

The old Daoist’s face lost its color. A Vajra Official Seal was tossed out that heavily smashed onto the Ghost Cavalry King’s body. The Ghost Cavalry King’s shadow ruptures, exposing an angry look. The sword qi tore the gold seal to shreds on Jiang Yundao’s body, spitting out a black light that cleanly devoured him.

“You, what are you-you doing.” Zhao Cheng was dumbfounded.

The Ghost Cavalry King disdained to explain: “This King11 requires Essence Energy to recover. Could it be a little food is out of the question?”

“Kill them quickly.” Zhao Cheng was unsightly.

The Ghost Cavalry King’s actions flit past, and a Galaxy Middle Stage Cultivator unexpectedly was killed off without the least bit of resistance. Su Xing was shaken. He saw the Ghost Cavalry King approach, and clutching the Heaven Sword, a purple cloud spilled over.

A strange expression flashed across the Ghost Cavalry King’s eyes. Looking at the wound smashed open in his stomach by the golden seal, he did not mind it and laughed gloomily: “You still will not flee?”

Su Xing actually thought of escaping, but Stone Tablet City had been sealed by the dark clouds, just like as if it had turned into deathrow. Running completely lacked sense.

“Apparently, this place has rather good delicacies.” The Ghost Cavalry King looked around his surroundings, playful eyes sweeping past Wu Xinjie and the rest. His tone not falling, the Ghost Cavalry King then raised the long sword in his hand and simultaneously shot towards Su Xing.

“Blooming Water Divine Thunder!”

The Purple Cloud Divine Thunder that Su Xing had spent a while condensing burst forth. Unable to deal with his real body being discovered, the Blooming Water Divine Thunder thick and solid as a python opened its mouth wide.

A tearing sound.

The Ghost Cavalry King unexpectedly used the Demon Saber in his hand to tear open the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, and then he slashed at Su Xing’s neck in the blink of an eye. Su Xing had plentiful experience in close quarters combat, and he rapidly leaned to the side, dodging, but the Ghost Cavalry King’s attack plagued him like an evil spirit. An excellent and accurate method not inferior to Lin Chong.

Lin Yingmei at this time had no choice but to expose her identity. Rapidly going on stage, her speed was swift to the peak, an ice-cold spear crossing against the Devil Saber’s attack trajectory. The chilliness of the spear’s edge was not something even the Ghost Cavalry King dared receive directly.

The Ghost Cavalry King withdrew a step, looking astonished at the maiden who appeared, staring at that spear.

“Arctic Star Serpent Spear? Lin Chong.”

“As expected, it is you, Purple Thunder Monster!!” Zhao Cheng forgot himself as he shouted.

“A Star General, This King has not yet eaten one. Seems she should be delicious.” The Ghost Cavalry King revealed a malevolent expression.

“Bring it on!” Lin Yingmei icily said.

Her words had scarcely fallen, when their savage shadows interlinked, the two attacking each other.

The Majestic Star and the Ghost Cavalry King were both excellent at martial arts. Each time they crossed blades, each moment was deadly, so tyrannical it made others incapable of interfering. The cold surrounding the weapons was just like a roaring demon wreaking havoc inside a room. The Arctic Star Spear’s point suddenly became a chill that stabbed into the bone. Wherever it swept, not only was the air so pervaded it was like it had been frozen, even the solid stage floor was rapidly freezing.

The white hot weapon carried bursts of a blizzard, seemingly like a formless sickle. Together with the killing intent itself, it simultaneously slashed towards the opposing Ghost Cavalry King.

In the next moment, along with the chopping motion, a several dozen meters wide black qi violently shot out from the sword’s tip, directly pouncing towards Lin Yingmei.

The latter promptly reversed backwards a step, raising her spear to sweep it away. The blizzard once again counterattacked the black qi. This time, the sharp blade was not in the least slowed down as it broke through the Ghost Cavalry King’s defense.

The blizzard became an even more threatening storm. The ghost shadow of the Ghost Cavalry King’s entire body was increasingly frail under the spear’s wind.

“Li Shishi, quickly have that Heavenly Star come out and contract with This King? Lin Chong has already begun killing.” Zhao Cheng’s face was like an evil spirit’s, roaring. Li Shishi had already been scared stiff by this face.

“This King possesses this fierce general, the Ghost Cavalry King. Could it be she still is unmoved, or were you swindling This King?” Zhao Cheng’s tone appeared gloomy.

Li Shishi blankly looked at Little Yi.

A Divine Thunder attacked from behind, and Zhao Cheng promptly evaded, seeing Su Xing had unexpectedly was trying to kill him.

“You have Lin Chong, and you still vainly want a second Heavenly Star. How laughable. Today, This King will make you repent.”

“You have already lost your reason. Quickly reseal this monster.” Wu Xinjie and the rest approached, shouting.

“Today, do not think any of you will be leaving here alive!”

“You already do not have the qualifications to sign a Star Duel Covenant. Before you give rise to an even greater injury, stop!

The maid Little Yi’s expressionless face stepped forward, her red eyes apathetically frightening.

“A small maid also dares to make thoughtless remarks to This King?”

Zhao Cheng sneered and struck seals. The Devil Suppressing Stone Stele’s eleven Devil Suppressing Seals collapsed, and several dozen Ghost Cavalry Divine Generals, showing malevolent faces, pounced towards Little Yi.

Little Yi abruptly rushed forward, brandishing her fists. On those fists, a rainbow light and astral wind reflected each other. Like the tip of a sharp sword, a fist descended and smashed a ghost to pieces.

The girl dropped down, her maid skirt fluttering, wearing long white boots, flashing a red tattoo on her thigh. Su Xing noted that the exposed stretch of her white back flickered with a flame. Her hands already gained dark red and dark blue boxing gloves. Her fists flickered with Starlight, possessing an echo of Pisces.

Her forehead had a dazzling Star Crest. Her identity was self-evident.

Su Xing was mute.

Zhao Cheng was stupefied.

“What, you are that Heavenly Star???”

(Not Yet Finished, To Be Continued)

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  1. 降魔飛劍
  2.  鬼騎神將
  3. 鬼騎王 It says he’s cavalry, but he doesn’t come with a demonic horse, yet.
  4. 崖山息壤
  5. 首山赤銅
  6. 昆吾玄鐵
  7. 星辰神砂
  8.  邪功厲法
  9. 九陽焚天真訣
  10. 邪功法門
  11. 本王, different from Zhao Cheng’s


  1. Is Gong Caiwei the youngest? She’s a princess too, right? Is Daddy not paying enough attention to the middle child or something that he acts out like this.

    1. It does not yet clarify what their age order is, but I believe she is actually the daughter of a prince, not the emperor himself. She is most probably his niece…And most probably some Daddy issues were involved with Zhao Cheng’s upbringing…

      1. That’s probably even worse for him.
        “Look, little Gong Caiwei has the Leader Star. Who was your Star General again, Zhao Cheng?” *snicker*

  2. My guess is that this is the guilt star, based on the pisces reference, being called little and location.
    Guilt star in Water Margin was originally a fisherman, youngest of 3 and had has nickname (Living) King Yama.

      1. Skillful Star?

        I read somewheres that she’s one of Su Xing’s contracts….I think.

        Also…that douchebag prince. Hope he gets rekt.

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