Chapter 154: The Beautiful Ladies Return

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Most High Path, Three Clarities Field1

A sea of clouds was faintly discernible, and the Immortals’ Peaks gathered superior spirit qi.

An elegant man with a majestic appearance stood atop the mattress-like summit, but his attire was rather strange. A white undershirt without wearing any outerwear, that pair of eyes as simple and elegant as chrysanthemums ignored the boundless fog on this mountain, ignored this spiritual scenery, ignored this Azure Dragon Territory’s most spiritual Immortal’s Field. He merely gazed at a girl of fourteen, fifteen or sixteen beneath a tree.

The girl wore a red skirt, with her manner appearing delicate and graceful. A pair of slender white hands at this moment clasped a cyan robe. Her hand held a thin needle, piercing beautifully, deftly flipping and flying. A look showed it was the outerwear the man had taken off.

A green rainbow splashed over.

The man raised his head and saw an elegant looking youth with eyes like clear stars descend before him. That youth aimed a glance at the girl sewing beneath the tree, his expression a tranquility that completely lacked ripples.

“Senior Brother Zhenyuan, if your robes are damaged, you can exchange them. The Jade Clothing Palace2 has many treasures that are certainly much better than this ordinary robe.” The youth deferentially spoke. Who could have thought that the man wearing only a white undershirt before him was surprisingly the one known as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master, Xie Zhenyuan.

“She likes it, so I leave it to her. Some things cannot be changed out.” Xie Zhenyuan’s temperament was refined, his expression flat as water.

“Qingxuan3 really does not understand. Why would Senior Brother sign a contract with her?” The man asked. The Azure Dragon Territory called Xie Zhenyuan the number one Star Master. One reason came from his strength, and the other judged from the background behind him, so much so that people felt the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one school’s stunning genius certainly had to be a fierce star of outstanding martial force. However, these people’s fantasies returned to being fantasies. Who would have thought things would be completely the opposite.

“Everyone says Star Generals protect the contractor, yet Zhenyuan actually wants to do the opposite.” Xie Zhenyuan lightly smiled.

Qingxuan was blank. He covered his lips, not speaking.

“Junior Brother Bing Qingxuan,4 what is the matter this time?” Xie Zhenyuan smiled and asked.

Bing Qingxuan then remembered the purpose he came here for: “The Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline already is about to begin. The Headmaster wants to let Qingxuan invite Senior Brother to go on a trip to the Most Clear Hall, to discuss the matter of plundering the Purple Rose Birth Outline.”

“It would be best to leave everything to the Headmaster.”

“I shall inform the Headmaster.” Bing Qingxuan stepped onto sword-light, glanced at the young girl, and inwardly shaking his head, the green light shook, instantly disappearing into the horizon.

At this time, the girl beneath the tree waved her hand at him.

Xie Zhenyuan made a shallow smile, paced around and then walked towards her.

The Three Clarities Field, with its windless sea of clouds, was tranquil as if nothing had ever happened.

“Su Xing, This Young Lady really missed you!”

Inside the Immortal’s Abode, Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan had finally returned. Upon meeting, the Thief Star emotionally rushed straight at him.

Su Xing embraced her, feeling the warmth of the girl’s lovable body.

Shi Yuan this time raised her head and kissed Su Xing, stealing a march on Wu Xinjie to use a passionate kiss to let out her feelings, leaving Wu Xinjie helpless. When it came to her turn, Wu Xinjie actually also radiated passion all around. The two’s saliva became a thread, and the girl’s charming eyes were like silk, making the sisters to the side stupefied.

When he faced Lin Yingmei, the girl nevertheless did not let herself go like they did.

“Young Master, please be a bit more dignified in front of the sisters!” Lin Yingmei was actually nervous.

Su Xing chuckled. Blocking her waist with a hug, only afterwards did he ask: “How was this month?”

“A bumper harvest. Let This Young Lady think, the Heavenly Master Ruins, South Garrison Royal Tomb, Wind Spirit Mountain, Second Dragon Mountain…En, en, there were fifteen altogether.” Shi Yuan replied in high spirits.

“This is some of the harvest.” Wu Xinjie waved her hand.

Several dozen items floated in the air. There were artifacts, talismans, pills, concentrates, ores, and everything else that could be thought up of. “This Galaxy Artifact is called ‘Mountain Breaking Engraving,’5 and there is also this ‘Green Spirit Jade Tortoise Pill’6…” Wu Xinjie introduced these one by one, and the things that came from this ruin naturally were considerable. The Mountain Breaking Engraving was a Galaxy Middle Stage Artifact, with destructive power that was terrifying. Whenever it was raised, wind and thunder would be brilliant, and all mountains would topple over. It was an extremely powerful artifact used to break defenses. The Green Spirit Jade Tortoise Pill reportedly used the Ancient Spirit Beast Green Spirit Jade Tortoise’s soul in its forging; it was a tool refinement master’s panacea. After ingestion, the tool refinement Heart Flame would advance several grades, and it so happened that it could be used to nurture Su Xing’s Heavenly Water Heart Flame. And there was also that…

What interested Su Xing the most was still those secret works. However, these secret works were all Soul Techniques, Escape Techniques, and Sword Chants, which had no use whatsoever to the current Su Xing.

Last were the talismans.

“Territory Breaking Talisman!!”

Su Xing was stunned.

“A Supreme Grade Talisman, it can break any forbiddance and magic circle.” Shi Yuan giggled.

“Only naturally a good item.” Su Xing smiled. Possessing the Territory Breaking Talisman, that meant he could enter and leave the forbiddances of the whole world as he pleased. This talisman’s value was more than a hundred billion. He never expected there unexpectedly would even be five copies of the Territory Breaking Talisman.

Tidying things up a bit, Wu Xinjie smiled: “Congratulations to Young Lord on advancing to Galaxy Stage. What Sword Chant has Young Lord prepared to learn?”

“What do you think?” Su Xing asked. Galaxy Cultivators were able to learn Sword Chant abilities, and this was a power cultivators were required to learn. However, Liangshan Continent’s Sword Chants were innumerable, and their levels were not all the same. Some were good, some were bad. Su Xing currently had on him the “Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword” and the “One Hundred And Eight Overturn Qiankun Sword.” The former was an Immemorial Sword Chant while the latter could be considered the Four Styles School’s Supreme Grade Sword Chant. However, this type of powerful Sword Chant typically required designated flying swords with custom fitting to the user in order to bring out even greater powers. Unfortunately, to refine these flying swords was not a simple matter.

Su Xing could learn other Sword Chants, but this approach to Sword Chants would make him fall behind other people. After experiencing Zhao Hanyan’s Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Sword and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s whatever Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword, Su Xing naturally could not learn a Sword Chant with a high level, or else he would be in the old situation of being at a disadvantage the next time he encountered them.7

It was just that Su Xing did not have any sort of background. Even if this Four Styles School was not a declining Great Sect, a Supreme Grade Sword Chant required someone to think of a solution.

“Xinjie this time wanted to help Young Lord find a few legendary Sword Chants, but none were suitable.” Wu Xinjie sighed.

“This doesn’t matter.” Su Xing said.

An Suwen at this time said: “Little Sister has a way.”

“What way?” Everyone curiously looked at the Divine Physician.

“This Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword is very good. Use the nine types of Solar, Lunar, Astral, Draconic, Metallic, Wooden, Aquatic, Flame and Earthen to assemble it, but each type can independently form a Sword Array. This type of Five Elements Sword is assembled in succession. Big Brother can learn and finish gathering the sword at the same time.” An Suwen said.8

Wu Xinjie suddenly understood and nodded: “This is a way.” The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword was classified as an Immemorial Sword Chant. Even if one type alone was brought out, it was not inferior to Liangshan’s top-notch Sword Arts.

But there was one very big problem.

“The materials to forge the Five Elements Sword are too demanding.” Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow.

“Yes, Young Lord actually can forge a wood type, but only one. He would still be missing eleven swords.”9 Wu Xinjie was very worried. The Five Elements Sword materials were rare and priceless. Even if he forged the wood type, for the other eleven swords, he perhaps would need more than a hundred billion liang of gold in order to buy Putuo Black Bamboo Sand. And those Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboos you could not purchase them even if you had more gold. Even if these rare and precious items were not mentioned, it was just a Ninth Rank Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon that Su Xing currently could not attain to forge the metallic type flying sword.

“Money, money.” Su Xing did not expect that the several billion he had was still this poor and destitute.

“Forget it, let’s think of a way again in the future. Since the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Purple Rose Five Elements Sword at hand, Heaven always never bars our way.”10 Su Xing said: “Can’t we still use the Purple Rose Writ to create two Immortal’s Abodes? At the time two are opened, let’s see whether or not the land of the Immortal’s Abode will send anything. It can’t be said for sure if there would be Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” Since it could send a Life Extending Peach, Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was not out of the question.

Wu Xinjie also thought so, but the Purple Rose Writ Pendant had a restriction on establishing Immortal’s Abodes. The distance between each other was required to be ten million li or greater. She feared that only the Black Turtle Territory could would, and this was yet another thorny affair.

“I have several things to gift you all.” Chatting a bit, Su Xing took out three items. First of all, he gave Silver Blade to Wu Xinjie.

“Young Lord?” Wu Xinjie was stunned, and even Lin Yingmei was blank. She naturally knew the importance of this strange item to Su Xing. From the first time they met, she saw Su Xing always carefully cherished it.

“Silver Blade is not very useful to me right now. Xinjie, you take it for self-protection. Although this isn’t a Star Weapon, you can use it. Using your ranked third Star Energy to use Silver Blade is for the best. Last time at the Grindstone Mountain, you used it very well.” Su Xing smiled.

“Xinjie cannot have such an important thing.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

“Is it more important than your own safety?”

This deliberate burst of Su Xing’s actually made Wu Xinjie somewhat moved.

Wu Xinjie no longer declined. Carefully taking Silver Blade, she was happy from the bottom of her heart. Loving it too much to part from it, the other sisters were quite envious.

Su Xing then took out a pair of Green Feather Boots. He had used the previous Green-feathered Storm’s feathers to specially refine them. Light as goose feathers, swift as a gale, to a robber as nimble as the Thief Star, this simply was an outstanding tool. This was even the first item that Su Xing refined after becoming a tool refinement master. Shi Yuan particularly cherished these.

Lastly, it was Lin Yingmei’s turn.

“Young Master, no need for Your Servant.” Lin Yingmei shook her head.

“Yingmei, I’m afraid you must receive this.” Su Xing took out the item. It was none other than the material Lin Yingmei needed to advance her Star Weapon to Two Star – six pieces of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence and forty liang of Relic Blade Sand.

“Young Master, you collected it all?” Lin Yingmei quaked. The Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence certainly was not easy to find.

“Master specially went on a trip to the Kagoshima Market Square to help Yingmei do so, and he spent many funds.” Yan Yizhen opened her mouth.

“Your Servant definitely will protect Young Master to the death.” Lin Yingmei’s expression was firm.

Su Xing laughed aloud: “I always say this, but I truly do not wish to let you protect me.”

“Yingmei’s Star Weapon has reached Two Star actually very quickly.” Shi Yuan sighed.

“What are you still missing, tell me. Let’s go next time, and we’d better advance to Two Star before the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline begins.” Su Xing said.

“Then Xinjie indeed will trouble Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie covered her smile.

Then, they chatted a bit about their experiences this past month. When Su Xing all of a sudden recalled that Wu Song, he said to Lin Yingmei: “Yingmei, I have some things I want to talk to you about.”

“En? What does Young Master wish to say?”

“You girls won’t mind if I have a chat alone with Yingmei?” Su Xing asked the beauties.

“Of course we will not mind. Yingmei is very shy, so we will not be to the side. Young Lord, you must take good care of Yingmei. For the past month, Little Sister Yingmei has been a very big help.” Wu Xinjie ambiguously said.

Lin Yingmei was somewhat embarrassed.

Su Xing rolled his eyes: “Don’t scare Yingmei, it’s just proper business.”

“En.” Lin Yingmei nodded.


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  1.  三清域
  2. 玉衣宮
  3. 青軒
  4. 邴青軒
  5. 破山印
  6. 青靈碧亀丹
  7. Here’s some confusion. The raws say he can’t learn a high level sword chant, which I’m guessing is due to the fact that he doesn’t have a custom sword yet. However, the raws could have an error, meaning he naturally cannot learn a low level sword chant because it would be inferior. I am really unsure as to what the author meant, so I am translating based on the raws.
  8. It should have been obvious from the start that the best way was to build each of the nine types of swords one at a time.
  9. Remember, this Sword is composed of 108 total, using 12 swords each for the nine types mentioned above.
  10. 天無絕人之路, basically it means to never give up.


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