Chapter 155: Noblewoman “Wealth”

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“Young Master, is something the matter?”

Su Xing thought for a moment, then said: “Yingmei, do you know Wu Song?”

Lin Yingmei showed a trace of surprise: “Young Master, why are you asking this?” Suddenly, the Panther Head’s expression became grim, “Is Young Master saying she was hostile to you?”

Seeing from Lin Yingmei’s expression, the relationship between the two was not shallow. Su Xing smiled and said: “On the contrary, she actually helped me once.” Su Xing then briefly spoke about his encounter with the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. The danger within was naturally omitted without mention, and he actually admired that cold and elegant Wu Song.

Only then did Lin Yingmei’s expression apparently relax. She said complexly: “Your Servant never expected she would already have obtained her Star Beast. Young Master had better still be careful of her.”

“What’s the relationship between you two?” Su Xing curiously asked.

“Wu Song and Your Servant can be considered intimate friends. Some time after the Star Duels commenced, we became close friends. Because Your Servant and she were of that sort of temperament…” Saying this, Lin Yingmei’s tone slightly stopped. Su Xing knew her meaning and finished for her: “That doesn’t want to sign contracts?”

Lin Yingmei went, “En.” She continued: “Before Your Servant met Young Master, this was indeed so. Perhaps she feels Your Servant betrayed her…However, Your Servant asks that Young Master be at ease. If Wu Song dares to be hostile to Young Master, Yingmei pledges her life to fight with her to the end!” The girl’s tone was cold, completely without the least bit of falsity. Su Xing’s heart shivered when he saw that sort of resolute expression, for this type of half-contained sentiment would move anyone.

Su Xing approached her, gazing downwards toward Lin Yingmei.

The girl’s gaze showed a trace of panic.

“What, are you afraid to see me after one month of not seeing each other?” Su Xing joked.

Lin Yingmei shook her head.

“Yingmei, did you miss me?” Su Xing made a thin smile.

“En,” came the soft, almost inaudible answer.


“Your Servant, as Young Master’s Star General, ought to be concerned about Young Master!” Lin Yingmei puffed out her chest, righteous and imposing.

Su Xing was happy. His hand felt the girl’s cheek, a teasing posture. Lin Yingmei’s expression was somewhat nervous. If other people saw this scene, perhaps they would doubt their own eyes. Liangshan Continent’s great and famous Majestic Star Panther Head unexpectedly was showing a girly blush of embarrassment. Although it was slight, it was extremely arousing, making Su Xing’s mind helplessly sweep away. Unable to restrain his emotions, he said: “I really missed you, too, Yingmei.”


“Do you know what happens next?”

“En…the sisters are still outside…wu…” Lin Yingmei’s words had not fell when Su Xing already lowered his head and kissed the girl’s soft red lips. Lin Yingmei went stiff, but both her hands somewhat helplessly grabbed Su Xing’s clothes. Under the provocations of Su Xing’s tongue, she could not help but kiss back.

The sound of tongues sucking resounded inside the Immortal’s Abode.

After the French kiss ended, Lin Yingmei’s air was like gossamer, both her cheeks a dizzy red, a strand of thread-like saliva hanging from each other’s tongues.

“Since you are such intimate sisters, if you two have a falling out, I certainly would be in pain.”1 Su Xing said.

“Young Master is what is most important.” Lin Yingmei replied.

“Actually, there is a way to get things done once and for all. Just let Young Lord receive that Wu Song.” A charming voice came from outside the Immortal’s Abode. Wu Xinjie evidently heard the two’s conversation.

With Su Xing’s thoughts, the door of the Immortal’s Abode opened, and as expected, he saw several beauties laying in front of the door. At this time, Su Xing and Lin Yingmei still maintained their intimate embrace position. Su Xing’s hand was even placed on the girl’s upraised butt, which made Shi Yuan open her eyes wide.

Su Xing fake coughed and separated from Yingmei: “Xinjie, this type of joke isn’t allowed. I definitely do not dare receive the Tiger-fighting Wu Song…” Su Xing was a hypocrite on this. The Harm Star was cool and elegant without peer. If a man did not have this idea, that would be strange, particularly if they knew that the relationship between her and Lin Yingmei was this good. Su Xing had also thought of this turning an enemy into a friend, but to be able to scare off the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, this was actually the first time Su Xing did not have confidence.

Lin Yingmei’s worried brows deeply creased. Clearly, she also did not feel Su Xing could receive and capture her: “After the previous generation’s Wu Song ruled Maiden Mountain by force, as she told Your Servant before, she intends to bring about the forging of her predecessor’s Ten Star Destined Weapon. By her disposition, she would rather die than be subject to humiliation.”

Wu Xinjie was only arbitrarily cracking a joke. She also knew that to become the lord of the previous generation’s Star Duels, it the current Wu Song actually signed a contract, it was an absolute disgrace no matter how it was put.

“Young Lord, we should still discuss the matter of the Purple Rose Birth Outline.”

“It seems there are still a few days before it begins.” Su Xing was also preparing for this.

“En. Shi Yuan already went to investigate, and Xinjie fears that events are somewhat not too encouraging.” Wu Xinjie sighed.

“What did Yuan’er discover?”

Shi Yuan said: “This Young Lady conducted hidden investigations inside several large schools. Half of the current Ten Great Sects have already reached agreements to cooperate in robbing and killing for the Purple Rose Birth Outline. Galaxy and above to Supervoid and below will all be present!”

“Supervoid Cultivators and below. What about Supercluster Cultivators?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. This certainly was troublesome.

Shi Yuan also showed a vexed expression: “Furthermore, these large schools are joining hands with the Sects. All Scattered Star Cultivator will keep away at all costs, otherwise, they will be kill without pardon. The biggest trouble is still the Supercluster Cultivators. Those old monsters will make a move.”

“To snatch the Birth Outline from under a Supercluster Cultivator will certainly not be simple.” Yan Yizhen’s tone was solemn.

“Yes, Xinjie investigated documents about previous Birth Outline plunders. Those who obtained the Purple Rose Chest all had a common characteristic, and that was all of them were Supercluster Cultivators. In robbing and killing for the chest, even a Star Master should not dare to act blindly without thinking.

“This cannot be helped. The powers of Supercluster Cultivators currently are too great, far from being something that a second phase Star Master can contend with.” An Suwen said.

“Could it be we are just giving up?” Lin Yingmei’s brows wrinkled together.

An Suwen was somewhat anxious: “Big Brother, this is so dangerous, it would be better to give up. Although the Birth Treasure Outline has recorded the weaknesses of Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals, neither is it very important. Suwen has also investigated this Birth Treasure Outline, and its usage in previous Star Duels was not completely advantageous.”

Even Su Xing was somewhat hesitant. If several dozen Supercluster Stage Cultivators robbed and killed for the chest, he definitely did not have any chances. Particularly, if he exhausted the Star Energy of a trump card Astral Treasure the likes of the “Profound Star Barrier,” he would be without a guarantee even more.

“Young Lord, there is actually no need to be pessimistic. Xinjie has a plan, and we can seize the Birth Outline!” Wu Xinjie laughed.

“Knowledge Star, what means do you have?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“Means Xinjie does have, however, Xinjie is still short of one very important thing.”

“What thing?” Everyone curiously asked.

“A Magic Weapon that creates victory, one that can let Young Lord be safe and in good health regardless of whatever attack or force he meets.”

“I’m afraid the Profound Star Barrier won’t do.” Su Xing shook his head.

“The Profound Star Barrier is only an Earthly Fiend Grade Astral Treasure, insufficient to render Young Lord safe from any attack or force.” Wu Xinjie shook her head. What she needed was something that could be absolutely safe.

“Does this sort of thing exist? Even if there is a certainty, its background will be great, and we won’t necessarily obtain it.” Su Xing was helpless.

Wu Xinjie winked: “Xinjie just happens to know a Sister that has it.”

When the Knowledge Star said this, the doubtful sisters immediately saw the light, and revealed shocked and suspicious expressions.

“Don’t tell me we’re going to find her? But she won’t submit.”

“Just who is this?” Su Xing was confused.

“One of the richest people in Liangshan.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“Don’t bring her up. What richest, This Young Lady sees that she is the stingiest person under all of Heaven.” Shi Yuan twitched her lips, objecting. “She has completely wasted her old reputation.”

Seeing her say as such, Su Xing was, in fact, even more curious.

Su Xing very interestedly looked at these legendary Star Generals. He was eager to give it a try: “Then let’s go take a look.”

“Then Little Sister Yingmei should remain at the Immortal’s Abode to upgrade her Star Weapon to Two Star. Little Sister Suwen should stay also. Too many people going will instead be unsuitable.” Lin YIngmei and An Suwen did not have any opinions.

“I also won’t go.” Shi Yuan shook her head.

“Little Yi and Xinjie shall accompany Young Lord, then.”

After confirming, Su Xing then immediately set out. On the road, he inquired with Xinjie the gossip of this richest Star General under all of Heaven because it seemed the beauties present were seemingly very envious of her reputation. This was ordinarily very rare.

Speaking of that Star General, not only was she the most enviable of the one hundred and eight Star Maidens, she was actually the most envied in all of the Azure Dragon Territory. Because this sister was the sole Star General of the one hundred and eight generals that could separate herself from Star Duels’ regulations, she did not have any military force, yet she was superb on the Maiden Mountain. All of the Star Maidens would bow to her.

If several words were used to describe her.

She could be said as such.

Wealth Equivalent to a Nation!2

Contempt of Authority and Law!3

Any Star Cultivator was like dust in her eyes, not worth a mention. Even if it was the Azure Dragon Territory’s most powerful Emperor Liang, financial strength, or military force, she could easily spurn them all.

She had been publicly accepted as Liangshan’s richest person. The Eighth Generation Star General’s accumulated wealth reportedly could reportedly cram the Nine Dragon Seas – Liangshan’s largest oceans. If an exact number was needed, in accordance with Liangshan’s “Sunzi Suanjing”4 calculating wealth in units of ten thousand, hundred million, 10^12, 10^16, 10^20, 10^24, 10^28, 10^32, 10^36, 10^40, 10^44, 10&48 5…if measured according to the uncountable units, her wealth reportedly reached levels of 10^28. Using Su Xing’s everyday comprehension, that was more than a trillion.

Su Xing nearly choked.

This Star General was rather too wealthy. Fortunately, many of the items of Liangshan’s Cultivators could not be measured with gold. Otherwise, by this sort of astronomical wealth, even directly advancing Star Weapons to Ten Star was but a simple task.

“Why does this Star General have so much money?” Su Xing really felt that man to man, this was too excessive.

“That is because of the second reason – Contempt of Authority and Law!” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Contempt of Authority and Law?”

“Yes. Although she is a Star General, she will not participate in any generation of Star Duels. On the contrary, because of her natural hobbies, she is especially interested in engaging in business and hoarding gold. Accumulating over the millenia, it can be well imagined how massive this wealth is.”

“Could it be no one has the idea to fight her?” Su Xing felt disbelief when he heard this. It was rather too unfair for this sort of wealthy Star General to be so comfortably off.

“This happens to be the reason we are going to see her, to borrow something!” Wu Xinjie grinned.

Saying this much, Su Xing suddenly remembered he still did not know just what kind of person this Star General was, to unexpectedly be so aloof.

“Because she is too wealthy, outsiders all like to call her Noblewoman Wealth.”6

“Noblewoman Wealth.”

Su Xing sweated.

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  1. He means Wu Song.
  2.  富可敵國
  3.  藐視權法
  4. 孫子算經
  5. 萬、億、兆、京、垓、秭、穰、溝、澗、正、載、極
  6.  財大官人, the actual title is Nobleman, but this is a woman, so…


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