Chapter 188: Gongsun Huang

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The indistinct groaning gradually turned softer, and Gongsun Sheng’s complexion was much better compared to before.

“Has it been resolved?” Wu Siyou dully asked.

Su XIng shook his head, a worried expression across his whole face: “The medicine I concocted can only suppress the flare ups of the Gu Poison in Gongsun Sheng’s body. To have the medicine act as an antidote is impossible.” If it was only poison, there was more to be said, but as it turned out, it was Gu Poison. Although Su Xing did not thoroughly understand this sort of Demonic Technique, he had heard news about it. It was said that a cure could only happen by ingesting the blood of the Gu Master.

“Actually, Your Servant has an even simpler idea.” Wu Siyou smiled thoughtfully.

“What idea?”

“Would it not be alright for you and this Gongsun Sheng to sign a Star Duel Covenant. A Star Duel Covenant allows for unexpected recoveries, and although Your Servant does not know what it will do for a Star General, perhaps it would be that bit of useful.” Wu Siyou stared profoundly at Su Xing. That cold and elegant expression of hers as well as the tone of her intent brought a bewitchment more troublesome than the Gu Poison.

“That would need to wait until she wakes up.” Su Xing bluntly said.

Wu Siyou was taken aback. She snorted: “You honestly do not hide one bit.”

“What is there to hide.” A matter like turning an enemy into a friend was without doubt better, “Actually, I quite want to sign a contract with you, Siyou.” This man very shamelessly expressed his own desires.

Wu Siyou curled the corner of her lip, her expression saying: You can have your grand dreams.

“But we had better first discuss this Gu Poison.” Su Xing recovered his serious expression, feeling Gongsun Sheng’s pulse and aura. Although it had steadied, the result was apparently somewhat grave. Whatever Gu Poison it was had hid away in her body and was consuming her Star Energy. If this went on, sooner or later, Gongsun Sheng would undoubtedly be consumed into a cripple, “The Leisure Star is ranked third, the strongest magic Star General among you sisters?”

Seeing Wu Siyou nod her head, Su Xing continued: “But unexpectedly, there isn’t any room for resistance. Siyou, don’t you feel that this is a very big danger?”

Wu Siyou knew what Su Xing was alluding to. To be able to use Gu Poison to instantly dispatch the number one magic energy Star General, that enemy was extremely dangerous any way it was put. The Harm Star Pilgrim did not deny Su Xing’s worries, “According to what Your Servant knows, those among the Maiden Mountain Sisters that use Gu Poison are very few. Those that could have such deterrent perhaps would be the ranked thirty-fourth Double-headed Serpent Xie Zhen1 and the ranked thirty-fifth Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao,2 but for them to wound Gongsun Sheng this heavily, perhaps they used some special trick to do so.”

Pausing, Wu Siyou said: “Use the Birth Treasure Outline to take a look, and then you will know. The Birth Treasure Outline records everything related to the Maiden Mountain Sisters. Perhaps the origin of this Gu Poison can be found.”

Su Xing could only do as much when he thought about it. Flipping out the Birth Treasure Outline, he aroused his Star Energy. The Birth Treasure Outline immediately shone bright as light. The pages promptly flipped, stopping with a flutter. Writing like a reflection in the water slowly appeared, and Wu Siyou also curiously moved forward to come and see the bottom of the matter.

The Birth Treasure Outline very quickly revealed all of the current information on the Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng.

Star Position: Leisure Star

Star Name: Gongsun Sheng

Nickname: Dragon in the Clouds

True Name: ???

Rank: Fourth

Star Weapon: Pinebrand Ancient Sword (Two Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Seventh Stage

Innate Skill: Clear Skies Wandering3

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Cloud Wandering Azure Dragon Turn4

Current Status: No Contractor/Weakened/Poisoned (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: Bears the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow5 Skill “Snake and Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss”6 of the Double-headed Serpent Xie Zhen and the Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao, extremely weak!

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill” Su Xing looked at the material on the page and could not help but stare blankly.

“So it turned out to be this. No wonder.” Wu Siyou’s tone was ice-cold and thin.

“Siyou, just what is the meaning of this?” Su Xing asked.

Wu Siyou furrowed her brow: “Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow are the layered styles of most Star Generals. Put another way, these types of styles each embody one of the Star General’s quintessentials in one move. The might is powerful, but to utilize Heaven Earth Dark Yellow requires each Star General to be interconnected in spirit, harmoniously reaching a realm. Let alone Gongsun Sheng, perhaps Your Servant would perish without doubt should Your Servant sustain this Snake and Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss.”

“This powerful?” Su Xing was hoarse.

“Could it be you do not know even a bit. Past Star Duels had two Star Generals use their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow to dispose of even high grades of Star Generals.” Wu Siyou apathetically said. “A past Star Duel had a Star Master rely on two Earthly Stars using their ‘Heaven Earth Dark Yellow’ to become overlord.”

Su Xing shook his head. Wu Xinjie actually had never raised this sort of subject with him before.

“But the stage to have a Star General interconnected with each other in spirit is very difficult. They were rare as phoenix feathers in the previous Eighth Generation Star Duels. If it was not Xie Zhen and Xie Bao, it would be cause for surprise.” Wu Siyou’s tone was heavy. In the secret rumors of each of the Star Generals, the Double-headed Serpent Xie Zhen and the Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao always were the most outstanding existences among the hundred and eight Star Maidens. The reason was very simple. This pair of twin sisters were the sole existences among the Star Generals able to simultaneously sign two contracts with any Star Master. Their nature that had excellent heart also had mutual sensitivity. Comprehending their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was not at all surprising, however, their Gu Poisons were useless against contracted Star Generals. Star Maidens could recover in the Star Nest, killing any snake or gu. But as far as Star Generals without a contract were concerned, perhaps even Wu Siyou would feel Xie Zhen and Xie Bao were a snake and scorpion there were definitely not to be trifled with. Often, a moment of carelessness could leave no hope for a reprieve.

“Your Servant never thought that after the conclusion of the second stage, they would comprehend the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.” Wu Siyou coldly grinned, feeling this was interesting.

“So things are like this? Their blood is needed to cure Gongsun Sheng?”

Wu Siyou affirmed: “Or killing them can break the Gu.” The Harm Star’s smile was somewhat pensive: “But to kill them is perhaps not that simple. For purely using their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow to dispatch Gongsun Sheng is somewhat not too possible. It must be that they used some kind of exceptional intermediary. They should have an extraordinary Star Master in order to achieve this.”

“En, however, if they truly used some exceptional intermediary, perhaps there would be no way to recover by signing a contract.” Wu Siyou sympathetically looked at Gongsun Sheng, regretfully saying: “Truly such a pity, the number one in magic energy Dragon in the Clouds being sent off in this sort of manner.”

The atmosphere turned silent.

“The Lady Snake Scorpion?!” Su Xing bounced out these four words.

“Your Servant believes it should be her.” Wu Siyou nodded.

Su Xing drew in a breath of cold air. Wu Siyou saw that things were apparently somewhat serious. She inquisitively asked: “What do you know about her?”

“This indeed is a Star Master defiant of the natural order.” Su Xing nodded. When he left the auction, Su Xing specially turned to Fang Xin’gu to understand the range of the powers of the Vermilion Bird Territory as well as the matter of Lady Snake Scorpion. The intelligence Su Xing found greatly exceeded his expectations.

Originally, in Su Xing’s understanding, Star Masters should be a generation younger to be talented, after all, they appeared after the Star Generals were born. Any way it was put, there could not possibly be too great a difference, but this Lady Snake Scorpion certainly was substantially different. She originally was “Seedling Clan,”7 specially cultivating the Gu Poison arts. This sort of Gu Poison Art did not need the support of Star Energy. Selecting this path before the Star Generals were born, those in the Vermilion Bird Territory were terrified at the mention of her Gu Poison. Often, she could not use Star Energy and be able to make Star Cultivators wish to die. She always asserted she wanted to contract the Xie twins that were number ones in Gu Poison, the “Double-headed Serpent” and the “Twin-tailed Scorpion.” Consequently, the Vermilion Bird Territory dubbed her “Lady Snake Scorpion.”

What Su Xing admired was this Lady Snake Scorpion’s savage intelligence. Starting to promote herself before the Star Duels so that she was known to everyone in the Vermilion Bird Territory, the result after the Star Duels began was that signing the Xie twins was a matter only to be expected, that the Star Generals famous for Gu Poison would join hands with this Lady Snake Scorpion. This simply was nightmarish existence.

Besides this, there was another point that made Su Xing feel this Lady Snake Scorpion was abnormal – and that was her status.

For the Star Masters Su Xing encountered before, if they were not royal princesses, they were commandery princesses, but this Lady Snake Scorpion was actually great. She had the status of a married woman, and her husband’s background was not small. He was the “Falling Sky Great Sage Roc Demon King.”8

“Roc Demon King? Falling Sky Great Sage?” Wu Siyou was engrossed. “It sounds like he apparently has some assets.”

“If it was only having some assets, that would be fine.” Su Xing smiled: “Perhaps Emperor Liang would find it hard to compare.”

Several hundred thousand Demi-clans could be found throughout the entire Vermilion Bird Territory. Demi Kings were the chiefs of clans, but Demon Kings were a level higher, directly managing the Demi Kings. The majority of Demi Clans here could only survive by realigning to some mountain peak. Gradually, this would form a major power. The Vermilion Bird Territory used the five directions of “East, West, South, North and Middle” to demarcate the five immense powers. They were divided into the East District Danxia, South District Falling Dragon, West District Silver Night, North District Immeasurable as well as the scattered Center District Deer Pursuit. That year of the matter when the Vermilion Bird Territory invaded the Azure Dragon Territory, it was when four of the districts achieved mutual understanding that they moved.

“So it turned out to be this. This Lady Snake Scorpion actually is shrewd.” Wu Siyou sneered.

Utilizing Star Energy was the hole of a Star Master. Perfectly cultivating Gu Poison, if they added on her husband, the Roc Demon King, she honestly was the most powerful of the Star Masters Su Xing currently knew.

“Then what do you plan to do? Your Servant sees that you had best give up on Gongsun Sheng. That woman definitely will not leave things at that with you. Perhaps, sect members currently are already scouring everywhere for you.” Wu Siyou truly was somewhat unable to see through Su Xing. If Su Xing actually wanted to sign a contract, he could forcefully sign one while Gongsun Sheng was unconscious. Could it be that this guy planned to accept her entirely in body and mind?

A phrase suddenly appeared in Wu Siyou’s mind.

At this time, Gongsun Sheng had already awakened.

Gongsun Sheng did not show any panic, only staring steadily at Su Xing, as if she was a silent doll.

The girl’s figure leaned, and in the next second, she already sat upon Su Xing’s shoulders. Her body weight was very light, like a weightless feather. She lowered her head to look at Su Xing, her eyes seemingly transmitting an unintelligible message.

“You saved me before. Me saving you this time is something that ought to be done.” Su Xing smiled.

Gongsun Sheng blinked, silently pondering.

“What is your True Name called?” Su Xing curiously asked.

Gongsun Sheng seemingly was habitually silent, using her finger to gesture in the air. A formless airflow slowly took shape into three stream-like ancient style characters.

“Gongsun Huang!”9

“Something has happened in the Vermilion Bird Territory.” Gongsun Huang suddenly opened her mouth and spoke, her voice faintly discernible.

“What happened?”

“The Vermilion Bird Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline has been stolen by a Little Sister without a contractor.” Gongsun Huang tilted her head to the side.

“This is very normal.” Wu Siyou did not feel this was odd at all.

“What Star General is she?” Su Xing sensitively asked.

Gongsun Huang blinked.

“The one hundred and fourth Little Sister Inferior Star.”10

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