Chapter 189: Falling Dragon Mountain’s “Crying Star”

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“The Living Goddess of Lightning Wang Dingliu snatched away the Birth Treasure Outline?” When Wu Siyou heard this information, she felt this was simply unbelievable.

Gongsun Huang cocked her head to the other side, assuming a pondering posture: “Seems to be her.”

“That truly is incredible.” Su Xing said in admiration. Previously, he had encountered Wang Dingliu the first time he plundered the Heavenly Spirit Grade chests. At that time, Wang Dingliu’s “flash movement”1 left Su Xing with a very deep impression. At that chest plunder, she easily stole the chest from under their noses.

“But this Purple Rose Grade Birth Treasure Outline has to require refinement, how did she take it.” Wu Siyou felt confused.

Gongsun Huang shook her head, expressing she did not know.

“There is probably some inside information within.” Su Xing thought. He then asked Gongsun Huang about the Gu Poison, and it was more or less the same as he thought. After Gongsun Huang entered the Vermilion Bird Territory, she found a ravine whose presence was odd, so she curiously stepped forth to investigate. By Gongsun Huang’s Clear Skies Wandering ability, she naturally did not fear danger, but how could she have known that an array had been laid at that place. Before she could approach, she was discovered by the Xie twins and battled with them. Afterwards, only after she was struck with the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow skill “Snake and Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss” and a “Thousand Year Gu Dragon Poison” did she flee. She never expected a crowd of winged Demi-kin to launch a close pursuit. Originally, Gongsun Huang had wanted to rely on the Poison Toad Pool’s swamp to break away, but by curious coincidence, she encountered Su Xing, thus displaying the scene of the “Heavenly Falling Cloud Dragon.”

“So it turned out to be a Thousand Year Gu Poison.” Wu Siyou nodded her head. If it was this, Gongsun Sheng falling to this level was not surprising at all. A Hundred Year Gu Poison was severe, a Thousand Year was even more so, and a Ten Thousand Year did not need thinking. If Astral Treasures were used as a comparison, Hundred Years were Earthly Fiend, Thousand Years were Heavenly Spirit, and Five Thousand Year would be Purple Rose. As for Ten Thousand Year, that would be a legend. For Gongsun Sheng to run into a Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure, would that not be a scene of her fleeing.

“This Lady Snake Scorpion is somewhat problematic, as expected. Do you still plan to go find her?” Wu Siyou glanced sideways at Su Xing, feeling that if he went to confront this poisonous scorpion with his current capabilities, that it would be foolhardy. Judging from the multiple Falling Stars in the Vermilion Bird Territory, this Lady Snake Scorpion simply was seizing the chance to execute Star Generals.

Su Xing naturally knew the dangers, but Heaven never barred anyone’s way, let alone, he would meet this Lady Snake Scorpion sooner or later. “I’m going out first for a while.” Su Xing patted Gongsun Huang, and the girl smartly descended from Su Xing’s shoulders.

“Where are you going?” Wu Siyou asked.

“To Falling Dragon Mountain!” Su Xing was already gone, his voice vaguely audibly.

South District Falling Dragon Mountain, with a range of hundreds upon ten thousands of li, ringed by linked mountains with boundless peaks. Near Falling Dragon Mountain, there was a valley with black clouds masking the sky. The medicine materials on the mountain for the “Five Poisons” were innumerable. With a domain of nearly a hundred thousand li, the Five Poisons Mountain’s poisonous insects were too many to mentions, which was why it was called Five Poisons Mountain. The Vermilion Bird Territory’s many Five Poisons Demi clans all were fond of coming to this Five Poisons Mountain to forage for medicine ingredients, but ten years earlier, the Falling Sky Great Sage Roc Demon King suddenly lay an array at Five Poisons Mountain so that Lady Snake Scorpion could cultivate a “Jade Alum Palace.”2 Since then, the hundred thousand li region of the Five Poisons Mountain became a forbiddance, and this made many Demi-clans and cultivators complain constantly.

Fortunately, the outermost areas of Five Poisons Mountain still acquiesced to Demi-clans and cultivators coming to gather Five Poisons medical materials, so afterwards, no one uttered a word.

On this day

An imperial canopy aromatic cart descended from the skies. The embroidered bags reflected brightly, dispersing the dense fog.

The cart landed before the Jade Alum Palace, and an alluring beauty gracefully stepped off the cart. She hugged two little girls in each of her arms. “Mother Highness, Little Chan wants to go play.” Little Chan said.

“Go, then.” Lady Snake Scorpion slightly smiled. On this Five Poisons Mountain, there was no need to worry about anything.

Little Chan ran down the mountain in excitement.

“Little Diao?”

Little Diao shook her head.


The four tough and stocky Demi clansmen guarding the door deferentially half-knelt. “Lady, the Great King has already waited a long time!”

“Oh, This Queen realizes.”

Lady Snake Scorpion ascended the palace.

The Jade Alum Palace was constructed on one of Five Poisons Mountain’s peaks. Leading to a flight of stars, was a stairway made from an intertwined scorpion and viper. Entering the centermost great hall, Lady Snake Scorpion saw a man tall and sturdy in stature. His appearance was magnificent, and beneath the surface, he had a sort of dignity characteristic of earthly monarchs. He was draped in a crimson cape, and embroidered on the cape were nine Five Claws Golden Dragons. His underclothes were silver armor, unlike silver or iron, it was unknown from what material it was constructed from. Although his attire was extremely arrogant, his breath was restrained and unrevealed, not angry but awe-inspiring.

“The Great King is quite refined.” Lady Snake Scorpion smiled in full.

Little Diao did not like this man at all, so she might as well escape into the Star Nest.

This imposing and reserved man was the overlord and commander of a part of the Vermilion Bird Territory, the “Sky Falling Great Sage Roc Demon King.” Lady Snake Scorpion settled upon his chest and laughed provocatively: “Why has the Great King come at this time? Did the Great King not make an appointment with Immeasurable Mountain’s ‘Founder Zaohua’3 and Silver Night Mountain’s ‘Holy Mother Yongsheng’4 Queen Lady Yu Chun5 to discuss the matter of handling that Mount Danxia?”

The Roc Demon King was like a boulder and remained unmoved. His tone heavy as iron: “That Mount Danxia has now collaborated with the Azure Dragon Territory. It has been determined they are to be eliminated, however, that adulterous couple has grown accustomed to laying in their nest, and I6 have come to take a look. How is that ‘Ten Thousand Year Gu?’”

“Lord Husband truly is anxious.” Lady Snake Scorpion rippled fully with charm, her skillful hands slowly stroking the Roc Demon King’s body.

“Wife has cultivated that Gu Poison art from since Wife was a child. I cannot endure any longer. Is this to cause me harm?” The Roc Demon King was stern.

Lady Snake Scorpion smiled and left the Roc Demon King’s chest, “Wife shall let Lord Husband see.” She flourished her hand as she spoke, and an old mirror appeared in her hand. Inside the mirror was reflected the scene of a pitch-black cavern, and countless grotesque poisonous insects and beasts mingled inside. These poisonous creatures continuously killed each other, destroyed each other, with a demonic air that even the mirror seemed to shudder at.

“Not bad, not bad. This Ten Thousand Year Gu is a fearsome beast to destroy the world.” The Roc Demon King exclaimed in admiration.

“It seems it is nearly there. It still requires several dozen days, and then it can emerge. At that time, the Vermilion Bird Territory would entirely be the Great King’s.” Lady Snake Scorpion smiled.

“En. This still is Wife’s contribution. With this Ten Thousand Year Gu, the Star Duels count as nothing.” The Roc Demon King revealed a smiling expression.

It seemed he recalled something, and the Roc Demon King’s brow locked tight: “Most recently, many cultivators, Star Cultivators, and Star Generals from the Azure Dragon Territory have come. In the end, we must be careful. Although they say they have come to for the purpose of confronting the Purple Thunder Monster, there is no guarantee they would not sense anything.”

“Your wife has already foreseen today would happen. All of the Five Poisons Mountain’s surrounding ten thousand li have been set up with layers of forbiddance mechanisms. With the Great King’s several dozen Demi Kings keeping watch, even a Supervoid Cultivator would have no way to return!” Lady Snake Scorpion coldly grinned.

“This is good, it is for the best the Wife is thorough. Come, drink a cup with me, speak about the Star Duels…” The Roc Demon King’s mood was very good.

Both evading and stopping, the time turned to several days before Su Xing finally arrived at a path towards the Vermilion Bird Territory’s so-called South District. The large mountains before him were continuous and towering, with many massive peaks of a thousand zhang, of ten thousand zhang. Lifting his head to look at their tips, it seemed they had joined together with the blue dome of Heaven. Serene mountain springs and streams, forests of pine and bamboo, with birdsong and the fragrance of flowers, the topography here was as if the Azure Dragon itself had lain down, crawling amongst the clouds, just as if it had yielded. This was Falling Dragon Mountain.

Su Xing climbed halfway up a mountain and saw in the distance a sharply contrasting mountain area. That black fog lingered, a polluting miasma with a demonic aura. Apparently, that was a muddled world.

That place should be the oddity of Five Poisons Mountain that Gongsun Sheng sensed?

Su Xing spoke to himself, escaping there on his riding sword; Five Poisons Mountain looked seemingly very close, but getting there actually cost Su Xing approximately an hour. Turning past several hundred mountaintops, this Five Poisons Mountain had circling mountains and winding valleys. Surrounding it was a layer of faint fog. Its swamps and poison ponds were innumerable, and a deeper point was sight of the countless black lights of and poison gas concealing the mountain cave. It only shot halfway into the sky before falling back down again, launched but never dispersed. It was a completely opaque substance.

It seemed as if there was some sort of array.

He had come to this Falling Dragon Mountain to look at the situation on one hand, and on the other, he wanted to forage for a few Five Poisons materials.

Lady Snake Scorpion’s Jade Alum Palace was established within. A truly eccentric woman unexpectedly established her own palace within such a vile environment. It seemed every kind of the Lady Snake Scorpion’s Five Poisons was actually here, however, this Five Poisons Mountain’s range had several forbiddances. Those without tags would be killed without pardon, and only the surroundings could provide others with what to pick. Su Xing flipped his wrist, and a bag made from golden feathers appeared.

This bag was easily severed from Demi King Golden Wings during their original confrontation. The Demi King naturally had many good things on his person, crystals and spirit jade, purple and normal gold, magic weapons and medicines, talismans and secret arts all in abundance. However, the most useful item was the Demi King Token.

The general information about Falling Dragon Mount recorded on the token was perhaps what Su Xing most lacked in. As far as using this Demi King Token at the Five Poisons Mountain, “misleading others with lies” was an idea Su Xing actually did not have. Traveling on this road, Falling Dragon Mountain became caves by the thousands upon the ten thousands, all leaking baleful airs rushing into the Nine Firmaments, ferocious among the mountains.

Su Xing spotted many Supercluster grade Demi Kings guide Demi Soldiers in martial arts drills and array drills. These Demi Soldiers were each odd. Some had two wings on their backs, some had dragon horns growing out their foreheads, and still others had tails like a snake or scorpion. There were also many elite Demi soldiers with distinct armor, glowing with amulets, flickering now and then. If these cultivators and soldiers did not cultivate magic energy, they cultivated martial force. Their quantities were immensely many, and all the way, their auras were in the several ten thousands. In addition to Falling Dragon Mountain’s surplus millions of Demi clansmen, the Demi Soldiers numbered unbelievably many.

The Su Xing who was watching was somewhat speechless. If he had this sort of power, the Ten Great Sects would be nothing more than a ball.

Su Xing’s heart schemed. This Vermilion Bird Territory respected the strong, so would it not be better to get rid of the Roc Demon King to obtain Falling Dragon Mountain. However, this sort of thinking was just a playful fantasy. This Roc Demon King’s cultivation was above Supercluster. Su Xing was not arrogant enough to be at the level of challenging Supervoid Cultivators.

In the surrounds, Su Xing gathered many medicines of the Five Poisons, so he prepared to return. Five Poisons Mountain lived up to its name, and all the medicinal materials that could be classified as poisonous were all here. Just the surroundings were inexhaustible. When Su XIng came, he saw many Demi clan cultivators gather medicines into gourds or place grasses into wicker baskets. These cultivators had no lack of Galaxy grades.

Su Xing inspected the periphery, dodging through Five Poisons Mountain’s surroundings. He had yet to get a good look at this black smoke and devil fog when he suddenly heard murderous shouts.

“Where are you running to!”

I was discovered this quickly? This efficiency is too fierce, isn’t it? Su Xing was bewildered.

“Little Sister, play with Elder Sister!”

Su Xing followed the sounds. Immediately he saw a figure run towards him. Behind her was an innocent small girl currently giving chase, carrying the tone of hunting prey while still declaring herself an elder sister. This scene was extremely hilarious.

Suddenly, Su Xing was unable to laugh.

He saw the girl’s fingers pinch golden needles fine as hair. She raised her hand, and the needles were like fine rain, bearing the shadows of scorpions.

Golden Scorpion Tail Needles!

“Crying Star” Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao!!7

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  1.  閃移
  2. 玉礬宮
  3. 造化教祖, seems to be a cult leader.
  4. 永生聖母, lit. Holy Mother Eternal Life
  5. 宇春
  6.  為夫, a form of self-address for a husband.
  7.  “天哭星”雙尾蠍解寶


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