Chapter 195: The Princess Becomes A Slave

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“This is Subordinate’s beloved daughter, Tuoba Yan.1 And you still do not pay Master respects.” Great King Fire Horn hastily shot a glance at Princess Yan.

Su Xing thoughtfully looked at Princess Yan. He played with the God Sealing Plate in his hand as if nothing had happened. This kind of vague threat clearly added more pressure, and Tuoba Yan was conflicted, “Whatever you are thinking of doing, you are just finding trouble with This Princess.”

“I never thought that I could encounter a Star Master at Fire Horn Mountain, and it is even a man-eating lion.” Su Xing sized up that Whole Star Fiery Eyed Suan’ni Deng Fei, his tone containing a slight pressure.

Without her master’s order, the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni could only have no other choice. Gnashing her teeth, those crimson eyes let loose an ominous glint. This sort of Star General was a disaster if left at his side, and this Princess Yan seemed also to be an unruly tsundere. If he left things alone, this would bring him harm. It was a pity that with Su Xing’s current Star Energy, controlling a Galaxy Early Stage Demi King with the God Sealing Plate was very precarious. Besides, it would not be too possible for the God Sealing Plate to control a Star General.

However, this girl dared to act and had the courage to assume responsibility. If she could do that, then she actually was not bad.

Thinking things through again and again, Su Xing’s heart then had a countermeasure.

“Your Servant did not think she was unable to take down a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator!” Deng Fei’s expression was gloomy and cold.

“Great King Fire Horn, what would you say Your Servant should do to tame this lion?” Su Xing asked. In the battle just now with Tuoba Yan and her Star General, Great King Fire Horn and the other Demi Clan generals did not take advantage of the situation, which gave Su Xing a favorable impression. Only because of this did he let Tuoba Yan go, otherwise, with that sort of close quarters attack by the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni, Su Xing would already have bluntly first executed the contractor.

“You wish to tame Your Servant?” Deng Fei continuously laughed coldly. The Raging Heavens Starfire Hammer seemed to sense the indignation in its master’s heart. The bright flames explosively swelled and turned into a lion. She advanced a step, her steps creating raging infernos, about to execute an attack.

“Things cannot be like this.” Princess Yan shouted.

Great King Fire Horn looked at the crowd of generals. The abilities Su Xing displayed had already thoroughly convinced the Fire Shadow Clan’s generals. Their hearts had also tacitly agreed on the fact Su Xing was king, and now, seeing that Su Xing unexpectedly could defeat a Star General had only naturally made them even more reverent.

“Princess Yan is one of my rare kin that can utilize the Sword Chant ability. I ask that Master start off leniently.”

“If she serves the Great King, then it is certain she can be like a tiger that has grown wings.”

The generals plead for leniency one after the other.

“Like a tiger that has grown wings or am I nurturing a tiger that invites disaster. I fear that is not easy to say.” Su Xing’s tone was ice-cold.

“I also implore that Master let her off just this once. My beloved daughter’s mother passed away early. Her natural disposition is stubborn, but she is not a person devoid of sense.” Great King Fire Horn begged for leniency. “Subordinate is willing to properly discipline his daughter.”

“En. This is actually true. To be able to stand up for her father, she is a filial daughter.” Su Xing nodded his head, remaining noncommittal.

Hearing that things had somewhat turned for the better, Great King Fire Horn was delighted, but the next sentence made his pleasant surprise stop there.

“Does the Vermilion Bird Territory not have a ‘Nether River Blood Oath?’2 Tuoba Yan, if you truly are a filial daughter, then accept the consequences.” Su Xing indifferently looked at Tuoba Yan.

Hearing the words Nether River Blood Oath, Tuoba Yan’s complexion slightly changed.

The Nether River Blood Oath was an extremely well-known and even somewhat malicious pledge of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Clans. With blood as the evidence, the soul as the medium, once the words were uttered, the oathtaker became a slave, unable to emancipate themself. However, only with this could Su Xing be at ease, otherwise, raising a female tiger by his side, who could relax.

“Don’t think…” Deng Rongxin raised her hackles, and she was about to throw out the Raging Heavens Starfire Hammer.

Princess Yan extended a hand to stop her. The girl actually seemed surprisingly calm. Those red eyes fixed firmly on Su Xing, seemingly wanting to look through something: “You wish to have a Star Master become your slave? So do you not fear the consequences?”

“You had better think over your consequences right now.” Su Xing laughed inwardly. He was a Star Master that could be considered the so-called rational and lawful towards the Star Duels. Even if he was not a Star Master, Su Xing could not possibly be frightened by a legend shrouded in mist. Not only he, but any one of Liangshan Continent’s countless Star Cultivators did not think this way. The sole individuals that somewhat considered this were those deeply-rooted sects.

“Fine, then This Princess shall oblige you.”

Tuoba Yan resolutely said.

“Princess!” The Fiery Eyed Suan’ni Deng Rongxin was still somewhat unresigned.

Tuoba Yan shook her head and bit open her finger. She let the blood splatter in her surroundings, forming a profound magic circle. This array had ten Death Gates, ten Life Gates, and a sea of blood in the center. Tuoba Yan began to slowly chant: “I enter the Death Gate, then losing rebirth; life and death are in hand, and the blood sea is attached; I enter the Life Gate, wishing to enter my grave, abandoning life and death, becoming a slave, becoming a servant…”

This Nether River Blood Oath had considerable background. Legend had it that the Vermilion Bird Demi Clans all had a common ancestor named, “Ancestor Nether.”3 In the Vermilion Bird Territory’s myths, this Ancestor Nether was in charge of the underworld’s blood rivers, controlling life, death and reincarnation, and the veins in the bodies of all of the Vermilion Bird Demi Clans flowed with Ancestor Nether’s blood. If blood was used for an oath, then it was the world’s most poisonous pledge. If the oath were to be broken, then the violator would forever fall into the underworld and experience death, robbed of reincarnation.  

“…Tuoba Yan promises the man right here before her to forever fall. For all my life, I become a slave, and my life and death fall into his hand!!” Each word that Tuoba Yan chanted made the Star General Fiery Eyed Suan’ni a bit more unsightly. Her fingernails pinched into her flesh, bringing out a scar of blood. After the final word was uttered, that blood sea array condensed into a drop of blood. This drop of blood blended into Tuoba Yan’s soul intent, and then it floated before Su Xing.

Su Xing opened his mouth and absorbed this Blood Intent.

Tuoba Yan cried out, and the Nether River Blood Oath was considered finished. With this, Tuoba Yan was Su Xing’s servant for her whole life. So long as Su Xing did not change the oath, should Tuoba Yan be the slightest bit disloyal, then death would be better than life.

Tuoba Yan walked forward. She suddenly squatted and brought out a bottle of medicine that she spread onto the wounds that had been ripped open by the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni. This Nether River Blood Oath honestly was formidable. She had just finished swearing it, and Tuoba Yan was this quick to obediently begin serving him.

“You are a princess, after all. I will not do anything to you.” Seeing that Tuoba Yan’s fingers were trembling, how could Su Xing not know what she was thinking.

“Tuoba Yan for her whole life is Master’s Slave Servant4 and does not dare have delusions.”

Tuoba Yan replied with an expressionless face.

“I will not treat you unfairly. Consider these three things as given to you.” Su Xing knew that when it was appropriate to show kindness and to exert pressure. Two items then flew out.

Seeing those three things, the expressionless Tuoba Yan immediately showed astonishment. There was a secret art, and there was a double-edged sword.

“This Nine Chapters of Conflagration Sky has recorded nine types of True Fire Supreme Grade Palm Techniques. It will be very helpful to you.”

“Many thanks to Master!” Princess Yan bowed her head and said. Seeing her so cute, Su Xing also gave the Firebolt Sword to her.5 This artifact currently did not have any use to Su Xing, but Princess Yan’s Fire Element was fierce, so this was very helpful to her.

“What is your flying sword?” Su Xing asked.

“Reporting to Master. This sword is known as Fire Without Shadow, and what is practiced is the Twelve True Fires Sword Chant.”

“I have a Heavenly Dark Clinging Fire Sword Chant,6 and it is a High Grade Sword Chant. Take it. As for materials, I have some, but the others you will have to manage yourself.” Su Xing gave the Heavenly Dark Clining Fire Sword Chant and a few materials to Princess Yan. Signing the Nether River Blood Oath, Princess Yan’s strength increased a bit, and thus would be more helpful to him.

“Slave Servant thanks Master.” Compared to her ice-cold just now, the present Tuoba Yan’s tone was much warmer.

“I still have important matters to attend to. When I return the next time, I hope this Fire Horn Mountain will be all be in your Great King Fire Horn’s control.” Su Xing coldly said.

Great King Fire Horn heard Su Xing’s meaning, and he was startled and happy: “Nine caves and ten streams, there still are several Demi Kings. With Master’s secret books as a guide, these cave groups can be received in about a year.”

“About a year. Too long.” Su Xing shook his head. He brought out a pearl and a mirror. “This pearl’s name is Boundless Sun Pearl. Its spiritual power has suffered a bit of damage, but relying on Fire Horn Mountain’s ley lines for renewed refinement, it will be a powerful magic weapon. However, you are incapable of using it. Fire Horn, this pearl shall be given to you. There is also this Fire Dragon Mirror that you had best also take for refinement.” Su Xing gestured with his hand. After he acquired Heaven Tearing, these two magic weapons were of little value to Su Xing.

The Boundless Sun Pearl and Fire Dragon Mirror flew into Great King Fire Horn’s hands. Great King Fire Horn’s most powerful magic weapon was a “True Fire Spear,” forged from Fire Essence and True Fire, but it simply was frail against Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing. With these magic weapons, his strength also greatly increased.

Great King Fire Horn repeatedly expressed his thanks.

Seeing Su Xing so extravagant, the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni was amazed and lost her previous drive.

“Right, do you have Karma Fire Spirit Stones7 here?” Su Xing suddenly recalled that Yan Yizhen required six pieces of Karma Fire Spirit Stones to advance to Three Star, and he wondered whether or not this Fire Horn Mountain had any.

“Karma Fire Spirit Stones? This dwelling keeps four pieces.” Great King Fire Horn said promptly.

“Then good. I just so happen to have some use for them.” Su Xing smiled.

“Hurry and go bring those four pieces of Karma Fire Spirit Stones over for Master.” Great King Fire Horn commanded. Immediately, he thought, “It would be better for Subordinate to go.”

Su Xing nodded, letting the others all withdraw.

The main hall was left with only Su Xing and the Princess Yan obediently squatting at Su Xing’s feet. Seeing this girl was previously tsundere and now actually obedient, he gave her a massage. This transformation scene honestly was somewhat big.

Princess Yan saw that Su Xing was staring at her, and her face turned thoroughly red as she averted her gaze.

“Why would you want to Star Duel?” Su Xing asked: “It seems your Fire Horn Mountain’s influence is not great, so everything about the Star Duels would simply bode ill for you, correct?”

Princess Yan and Deng Rongxin both were taken aback, having never though Su Xing would be this caring.

“Slave Servant does not dare hide the truth from Master. Only by signing a contract could Slave Servant nurture a flying sword. Doing so can help Dad expand his power…”

“You are indeed filial. Could it be you never thought that this matter is very dangerous?” Su Xing smiled.

“Life in the Vermilion Bird Territory is inherently very dangerous, and there are things to fear.” Princess Yan shook her head.

Deng Rongxin scowled coldly and looked at Su Xing: “Your Servant sees you are not an ordinary person. Just what sort of person are you?”

“Rongxin, do not be rude to Master.”

“Hmph. I, the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni, has only the Princess as her Master in this life. This man had best understand this point. Should you do anything shameless to the Princess, Your Servant will not watch with folded arms.”

“Rongxin!” Princess Yan’s tone sunk.

Deng Rongxin’s eyes were lion-like in their resolve.

“You think I would want her body?” Su Xing’s such frank words made the two girls stumped and bashful.

“A while longer, and then I shall leave. Starting from today, you shall help me properly manage this Fire Horn Mountain.” Su Xing was unconcerned. “I fear that I will not return for a considerably long time.”

“Ah, Master will leave just like this? Could it be you will not rest for the night…” Tuoba Yan’s eyes concealed some pleasant surprise. Deng Rongxin felt this was odd, for she originally believed this man that grabbed her breast was certain to do something obscene.

The half-moon had nearly set. How could Su Xing have any sort of happy mood. “You may withdraw first. Carefully study, and do not make me disappointed!”

“Slave Servant understands.” Princess Yan neatly excused herself from the main hall.

By the time she left, a golden book flew out.

Its pages flipped and stopped on a certain page.

Star Position: Whole Star

Star Name: Deng Fei

Nickname: Fiery Eyed Suan’ni

True Name: Deng Rongxin

Rank: Forty-ninth

Star Weapon: Raging Heavens Starfire Hammer (Two Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Thousand Militaries Fifth Stage

Innate Skill: Crimson Pupils Flame Hair8

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Fire Ni Ripping/Suan’ni Skyward Roar Flame9

Current Status: Contractor (Tuoba Yan)

“It seems my martial force is just about at the Thousand Militaries Fifth Stage.” Su Xing muttered to himself.

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  1. 拓跋炎
  2.  冥河血誓
  3.  冥祖
  4. Yes, she uses the same form of self-address as Yan Yizhen…perhaps there will be a maid vs slave competition?
  5. Blast from the past!
  6. 天玄離火劍訣
  7.  業火靈石
  8.  赤瞳炎發, I think 發 is being used as “hair” in this context.
  9. 火猊撕裂/狻猊哮天焰


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