Chapter 194: The “Fiery Eyed Suan’ni” of Princess Yan

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The interior of the cave was extremely hot that it was simply like being in the center of an underground fire. Qu He was unable to take it and retreated to outside the mountain, which made Great King Fire Horn secretly sneer. Although this servant had been captured by a trace of Divine Intent by the God Sealing Plate, he nevertheless was not resigned to be so.

Su Xing knew this, yet he remained unmoved. He discreetly swallowed that Five Spirits Magic Fire Relic,1 for this Five Spirits Magic Relic’s nature was categorized as fire type. When it entered his throat, there was a brief fiery sensation, but the Five Spirits Magic Relic immediately began to exhibit its function when it slowly redirected the surrounding high temperatures to the entrance. The Fire Spirit Relic originally was the condensed form of a tool refinement master’s quintessence, and this tiny underground fire naturally was not to be feared.

When Great King Fire Horn saw Su Xing so at ease amidst the underground fires, the carefreeness was somewhat alarming. He did not know what the background of this cultivator was, but even if it was his own body that had trained more than fifty years in the Fire Spirit Transformation,2 the high temperatures of the underground fires in the cavern were adapted to only with great difficulty. Seeing Su Xing capable of acclimating in no more than the blink of an eye, the blaze seemingly being absorbed into the skin of his body was not at all like the appearance of a self-protection magic weapon. Immediately, his heart was endlessly reverent.

“This Fire Horn Mountain actually is an extremely good fire vein to train fire type cultivation methods.” Su Xing inwardly said. It was a pity his “Five Styles Refinement” had still not yet learned how to have the Thunder Style ignite a fire. Otherwise, refining the fire system True Vigor in his body perhaps would not need more than a month to reach the Transforming Realm.

The entire cavern established within the interior of Fire Horn Mountain was known as “Fire Cloud Hall.”3 It was constructed entirely from the Fire Crystal4 indigenous to Fire Horn Mountain, and it was constructed with the utmost care and attention. The Fire Qi was pressing, and it dispersed over the towns in the hall’s surroundings. Although it could not compare in elegance, it nevertheless was embellished with a secretly allowed Fire Spirit Magic Circle. Even though it welcomed enemies, it was a superb array. Fire Cloud Hall’s interior was very enormous, with a hundred or so stone rooms ten zhang tall. Fire crystals acted as stools, and the ground was covered with fire pelts. Infernos burned, the high temperature was strong, and the odd flora and essence jade of Fire Spirit decorated very luxuriously.

This Fire Horn Mountain at the Center District Deer Pursuit attained a small escape. Relying on the exceptional geography and environment, no one rushed over to provoke them. In this Fire Horn Mountain, besides the Fire Shadow Clan, there were also more than ten Fire natured clans as well as several Demi Kings with more than five thousand Demi Troops. However, the Fire Shadow Clan relied on their innate skills to take possession of these precious grounds in the Fire Horn Mountain.

“Paying respects to the Great King!”

A crowd of Demi Clansmen and soldiers knelt inside the hall. All of them were powerful characters of Fire Horn Mountain, and each had cultivation that was Galaxy Stage or above. However, while their cultivation appeared very good, their foundations were quite weak.

“Who among you is capable of a Sword Chant?” Su Xing asked.

The dozens of cultivators inside the hall looked at each other in dismay. For a main hall with this many Galaxy Stages, unexpectedly, not one of them was capable of Sword Chant abilities, which made Su Xing genuinely somewhat disappointed. The Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Clans all relied on the cultivation methods within their clans since time immemorial, always passing their practice for the sake of not breaking the traditions of their clan. Things like Sword Chants naturally were widespread in the Azure Dragon Territory while the Vermilion Bird Territory originally had very few. In addition, the materials to construct the flying sword of the sword chant were also precious. The Vermilion Bird Territory was abundant in every kind of magic medicines, but ores and jades were actually very scarce. For this reason, Sword Chants were very rare to see, however, there was also another reason, which was that the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Clan were incapable of nurturing flying swords inside their bodies like the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators. Thus, Sword Chants naturally were rare.

“I do not have interest in staying often in this Vermilion Bird Territory. Capturing you can be considered something you brought upon yourself.”

“Master lectures rightly.” Great King Fire Horn was sincere and earnest, with fear and trepidation.

“I have many important matters to attend to, and since I have captured you, naturally I shall not treat you unfairly. These cultivation methods shall be left with you. Practice them yourselves, and someday, perhaps they will have some use.” Su Xing thought, and he brought out fundamental cultivation methods. These cultivation methods were obtained when he killed Ancestor Heavenly Fire. They were of no use to Su Xing, and giving them to this Fire Shadow Clan now was just perfect.

“Gratitude to Master for your favor.” Su Xing’s magic energy was profound and deep. It was not something Great King Fire Horn was capable of imagining. Although he had been instantly subdued, his heart was still somewhat uncomfortable. Now hearing that Su Xing was bestowing texts, he was briefly rather startled. Originally, he had thought these would be some trash cultivation methods to console them, and Great King Fire Horn was even somewhat smug with mockery. However, when he saw those texts and rare books, he immediately was endlessly moved.

And how could the Astral Bag of Ancestor Heavenly Fire have trash cultivation methods. If they were not High Grade, then they were Supreme Grade. How could these Vermilion Bird Territory Demi Soldiers that were poor and destitute not rejoice when they saw this. The Vermilion Bird Territory’s myriad Demi Clans each had special abilities, but they did not have a standard system like the Azure Dragon Territory. Thus, relying on every sort of magic medicine and ley line to cultivate their magic energy to profound levels was somewhat all talk but no action in meaning.

The Azure Dragon Territory was extremely stringent with their blockade against the Vermilion Bird Territory. Powerful cultivation methods could not be circulated over so as to avoid expanding the enemy’s wings. Consequently, the Vermilion Bird Territory incomparably yearned for what was in the Azure Dragon Territory that they would invade at that time. Now, with the cultivation methods that Su Xing granted, Fire Horn Mountain was just like it was a grade higher than the other clans.

A crowd of generals including Great King Fire Horn accepted these willingly, paying their respects for Su Xing’s kindness. The Vermilion Bird Territory had always respected the strong, and Su Xing used a Galaxy Early Stage cultivation to capture Great King Fire Horn. Entering the center of the underground fires, then showing deep profundity, and now bestowing High Grade fire type arts, with these three steps, how could these not make them submit. Their hearts recognized that Su Xing perhaps was a great monster that hid his cultivation.

Su Xing nodded in satisfaction. He planned to first rely on “Fire Horn Mountain” to open a gap into Deer Pursuit. Fire Horn Mountain’s environment just so happened to give Su Xing the opportunity to conceal himself.

“Which bastard dared to bully Dad!!”5

From outside the hall suddenly came a voice.

Su Xing looked over and saw a fragrant girl draped in red muslin rush in. Her red hair and crimson eyes were pretty, but what made Su Xing pay attention were the twelve flying swords that hovered behind the woman. Surprisingly, she was capable of a Sword Chant.

“Daughter, you must not be rude to Master.” Great King Fire Horn hastily shouted.6

“Fire Without Shadow,7 go!

The girl chanted and made hand seals. The twelve Fire Shadow Flying Swords whooshed over to attack Su Xing. These flying swords could only count as mid-rank in Su Xing’s eyes. Su Xing flicked his fingers, and the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder was launched, just like a dragon as it grabbed hold of the flying swords.

Everyone in the main hall was astonished.

This was the first time they had seen Immortals Magic.

The girl’s complexion turned pale. Nevertheless, she spat, spouting out a burst of Earthly Fire.

“Daughter, desist!”

Great King Fire Horn split open the Earthly Fire with a palm.

“Dad.” The girl angrily looked at Su Xing with confusion. “This deceitful man used some despicable trick, how could that be considered open and candid. If you have the skill, then determine just who is higher with This Princess.”

“Fine.” Su Xing nodded, and one Heaven Tearing flew out.

The Purple Thunder Lightning Claw broke, and the girl urged the twelve flying swords to shoot forth. That Heaven Tearing Sword slashed unstoppably, cutting down the twelve flying swords. Heaven Tearing was an Immemorial Sword Chant, forged of Supreme Grade Materials. How could it be compared with those flying swords that girl had.

“Ah.” When the girl saw her Sword Chant was unexpectedly incapable of handling one flying sword, she was stunned, but she smirked.

Su Xing felt this was strange.

Suddenly, he saw the girl’s forehead flash a Star Crest.

A fiery shadow, with two eyes of scarlet, just like a male lion attacked towards Su Xing.

A Star Master!

Seeing that Great King Fire Horn’s expression was complex, Su Xing immediately realized when this Great King Fire Horn initially robbed Qu He, it was perhaps because of her identity as a Star Master. Su Xing dodged, and he saw a scarlet fire iron chain hammer ruthlessly pulverize his seat.

How could Su Xing dare be careless confronting a Star General. He fired a Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder to break this blaze.

The opponent also wanted to score a quick victory. She wanted to instantly get rid of Su Xing to avoid him activating the God Sealing Plate. That scarlet fire iron chain pierced through the Purple Thunder, and the iron chain was bathed in a fire cloud. Each and every one of these fire clouds were like demonic lions that pounced at Su Xing. Su Xing sent out twelve Flying Swords, and Heaven Tearing slashed with whooshes, eliminating these suan’ni fires. The golden swords roared with a dragon’s cry, and they became a net.

This Star General was seriously formidable. Her figure seemingly flew, and seeing her iron chain fling, the Fire Jade in the hall had been shattered on impact. The iron chain then shot straight at Su Xing.

Heaven Tearing formed a shield of swords to block this chain.

Suddenly, an unclear figure appeared behind Su Xing. The opponent had surprisingly abandoned her weapon in order to attack. Her hands grasped claws, and her expression had the ominous glint of red fire, just like a vengeful lion, swift and severe.

Su Xing only felt a powerful pressure heavily bear upon him, and his body seemingly was out of control.

Not good!

It was a Yellow Rank Battle Tactic.

Su Xing promptly felt this sort of oppressive imposing air originated in the Star General’s finishing move.

If an ordinary cultivator had been pounced on by her, perhaps they would have already been frozen by her imposing air, and then have had their necks snapped. However, put any way, Su Xing had received Lin Yingmei’s and Yan Yizhen’s baptism. His movements truly were like lightning, for his left hand moved forward to protect his throat while his right moved backwards to grab.8

The opponent’s sharp claws grabbed onto Su Xing’s hand, and it was as if it had been seized by a lion. There was a scorching hot pain, and the sharp claw continuously pressed down to tear Su Xing’s windpipe. Su Xing’s right hand at this time grabbed a jutting, soft object. Shockingly, it was that Star General’s breast. The Star General froze, and her lion claw also turned sluggish. Su Xing took advantage of this opportunity, and he imparted a Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder onto his palm.

With a shallow cry, the girl was pushed back several paces. The Star General honestly was incredible to surprisingly not have been knocked unconscious.

The Star General had been repelled and was about to charge.

Su Xing could be considered to know from personally the experience of fighting ordinary Star Cultivators and Martial Force Star Generals. As expected, a Fiend Star was troublesome. Seeing that she still wanted to charge, Su Xing clutched the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, considering whether or not to kill her contractor.

At this time, he heard the girl shout: “Rongxin,9 stop.”

Only then did the Star Maiden’s arched body slowly resume a cautious stance. The fire fog scattered, and Su Xing saw distinctly the appearance of the Star General in front of him. The woman was abundantly beautiful, her features extremely so. Her pupils were like rubies, and her long, curled red hair seemingly burned like a flame; she wore a Fire Jade tiara, and she was draped in suan’ni armor. She hefted an iron chain hammer filled with Essence Fire. What a demonic Star General, especially those eyes that were harsher than a lion’s, gazing at Su Xing wishing she could devour him alive.

Raging Heavens Starfire Hammer.10

It turned out to be the ranked forty-ninth Whole Star Fiery Eyed Suan’ni Deng Fei!11

Looking at her towering chest, the exposed half of that perfect roundness had a hand imprint. Su Xing then knew what she was resentful about. It seemed that Star Generals were still women after all.

“Enough, you are not allowed to make trouble. Hurry and come pay respects to Master.” Great King Fire Horn yelled. Looking at Su Xing, he was secretly startled. A Galaxy Early Stage that unexpectedly could handle a Star General was actually inconceivable. His heart was even more firm in believing Su Xing was a monster that concealed his cultivation had reached Annihilation. In order to avoid Su Xing resentfully killing his daughter, he hastily shouted to stop her.

That maiden’s long hair was spry and lively, her figure graceful, especially that hair that was thoroughly red like a flame. She was known as Fire Horn Mountain’s “Princess Yan,”12 and her character was also somewhat irascible. How could she be resigned to see her father become a prisoner under the stairs. Now seeing that she had been ordered to stop, and then seeing her own Star General unable to kill Su Xing in a spurt of energy and give him a chance for the God Sealing Plate, she was briefly dumbfounded where she was, embarrassed and at a complete loss.

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  1. Flashback to Chapter 136.
  2.  火靈轉化
  3.  火雲殿
  4.  火水晶
  5. 爹爹
  6. I imagine him tugging his hair in panic lol.
  7.  火無影
  8. He’s in the middle of turning around, hence the awkward posture.
  9. 融心
  10.  怒天星火錘
  11. 地闔星火眼狻猊鄧飛
  12.  炎公主, lit. Flame Princess, but Yan is actually her name




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