Chapter 198: Danxia Banquet

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The horizon washed clean anyone, smiting with its light. It flowed with the thousand year wine of an Immortal, becoming several clothes for the Lingshan.1

Mount Danxia’s Red Cloud Hall2 on its summit was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s famous beautiful scenery. This hall was established on a peak of eight hundred zhang, completely constructed from iridescent colored glass. It glittered at the red clouds, and when seen from far away, the entire summit was cloaked in red clouds, appearing to be dazzling.

Outside the main hall, ranks of mighty Demi Soldiers stood guard, protecting with utmost strictness. They strictly prohibited those of untenured rank from entering. These Demi Soldiers were majestic and formidable, impressive in appearance. They did not have a Demi Clans unusual appearance, but their eyes had clarity, their lips were like saber cuts, or their hands held long halberds, or large axes, or spears. They all were equally splendid in the light. Propitious vapors circulated, so it seemed this was a pretty good artifact. Placed in the Azure Dragon Territory, and that would be an item that would make the mouths of many cultivators water.

Above all, the imperial guards of this gate and the leader of that squad of soldiers had armor with circulating talisman script. The essence light of their eyes shot everywhere, and their bones were developed. Surprisingly, they were all military cultivators who were only that little bit off compared to a Demi King. The atmosphere within Red Cloud Hall’s main hall was joyful, with continuous happy laughter, yet on the outside, the atmosphere was nervous. Not a single person was idle, and there were only each and every one of those Demi Clan beauties, their bodies wearing a token that distinguished their identity. They traveled to and fro, amidst the chirping and her fragrance, but even if it was these Demi Clan beauties, every single one had reserved Star Energy, their cultivations masterful.

When Su Xing and Wu Siyou came forward to attend the banquet, they somewhat praised the scene they saw before them .

It proved itself to be Mount Danxia’s strategic location, for the entries and exits were not to be trifled with.

The one who controlled this Mount Danxia was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s most famous beauties, the Hundred Flowers Clan.3 The females of the clan all were beautiful ladies that were out of this world, beauties that captivated even birds and beasts, and looking now, it was a fully justified reputation.

This Red Cloud Hall was located in the surrounding Xiashan.4 The palaces were continuous, and the red light extended ten li, a scene that was extremely spectacular.

After sending the invitation card up, a maid then guided Su Xing and Wu Siyou into the main hall.

The main hall was immense beyond compare. Rows of pillars glorious as the morning glow glistened. The sunset colored tiles laid over the floor did not have the slightest of cracks and were entirely lavish. Although Su Xing had been ceremoniously invited, he was at most only a Galaxy Early Stage. He was an unknown minor character, and after he entered the main hall, there was no one to greet him. Su Xing happily idled, engrossed as he sized up the people who came.

Above Red Clouds Palace, the gold and jade in glorious splendor, the light fog canopy, the layer of rosy clouds, the desolate music, ten people wore palace dresses, Demi Clan beauties wearing light muslin were in the middle of a dance. On both sides, there were several crystal jade tables, with fine liquor and delicacies, rare and odd fruits on display. The aroma assailed the nostrils, and others ate with gusto. Beauties, good wine, delicious food and spirit fruit, this simply was a day only the Immortals could enjoy.

Su Xing noticed an odd phenomenon. Although it was the Holy Mother Qixia who invited him, all who came were surprisingly Azure Dragon Territory cultivators.

“For the Shifting Flower Sect to flourish in the Azure Dragon Territory, it was all because we had all of our Fellows to rely on. Do Me the honors, today, we invite our Azure Dragon Territory Fellows. However, it is a party, so seek pleasure, and everyone certainly must not be formal with Me!”

Right above the feast sat a composed and dignified beauty. She fully smiled, and her white hand held a golden goblet, swallowing top quality wine within in one gulp. This beauty wore a Qi Xia Crown on her head, and her body was draped in Five Colored Phoenix Red Cloud dress. A respectable majesty came from directly head on, and the ripples of a powerful Star Energy could be vaguely seen in the three zhang surrounding the beauty. It slightly revolved, and it became countless tiny rainbow vortexes. So long as someone attacked, these rainbow vortexes would rapidly swirl, twisting the invading artifacts or magic weapons to pieces, utterly overbearing.

By Su Xing’s “Seeing Clearly” skill,5 even if he did not use Divine Intent to sense it, he could see that this woman’s cultivation was Supervoid Stage at the minimum. It appeared that she was Holy Mother Qi Xia, unmistakably.

The words Holy Mother Qi Xia spoke made Su Xing gain a whole new level of respect for her. Because of her Supervoid Stage cultivation, she had no need to foster any friendly relations with these cultivators, but she showed natural and unrestrained conduct. Her modesty that had etiquette was completely unlike the arrogant Supervoid Cultivator in the rumors, so it was no wonder the foreign Shifting Flower Sect that entered the Azure Dragon Territory could swiftly become one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Four Great Sword Sects in a hundred years’ time. If there was such a Holy Mother behind them, indeed, they could not be underestimated.

Su Xing suddenly recalled that in this Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline plunder, the Four Great Sword Sects only had the Blooming Water Sword Sect and Shifting Flower Sword Sect not show up. The Blooming Water Sword Sect was because its Star Master lost interest by means of a Falling Star,6 but this Shifting Flower Sect nevertheless not showing its face was somewhat strange. On second thoughts, according to Mount Danxia’s influence, the Shifting Flower Sword Sect vying for the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline was within reason.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou chatted as they ate, quietly monitoring their surroundings.

“Brother Su Xing!” He suddenly heard a loud shout.

Su Xing turned his head to look. An extremely pretty man walked towards him; he had not seen Fang Xin’gu for a few days, yet he was increasingly handsome. Even Su Xing was somewhat envious. At Fang Xin’gu’s side, Zheng Yanran absentmindedly looked around as she ate crystal cake.

“I never expected to see Brother Fang here.” Su Xing smiled.

Fang Xin’gu somewhat apologetically cupped his fists: “Holy Mother Qi Xia had inquired Your Servant about Brother Su Xing’s affairs, and Your Servant implores that you not take offense.”

“It was you who exposed us to her?” Wu Siyou’s tone was cold.

“Your Servant must also thank Brother Fang, otherwise, we would not have the honor to be able to experience this spectacular Qi Xia Treasure Palace.” Su Xing smiled, not showing much surprise. In the Vermilion Bird Territory, the sole person who knew his identity was only Fang Xin’gu. On that day at the auction, he and Fang Xin’gu formed a relationship, so it was very easy to deduce just who Holy Mother Qi Xia found to ask her inquiries.

“Where did you go the past few days?” Zheng Yanran licked her lips and asked.

“Just wandering randomly about the Vermilion Bird Territory.”

“Tsk, unexpectedly making Elder Sister Siyou guard a lady’s bedroom alone.”

Su Xing laughed out loud. He again turned to Fang Xin’gu to find out this dinner entertainment business. Only then did he know that for those who came from the Azure Dragon Territory, as long as they were a Supercluster Stage cultivator, they had been invited. As if there was something going on, “The Ten Great Sects and their Supercluster Stage Founders have arrived in person. It seems something is about to happen.” Fang Xin’gu muttered in a low voice.

Su Xing clicked his tongue. As expected, in this world, an invitation without good reason to a feast was not a happy occasion; there was no such thing as a free lunch.

“Brother Xin’gu. Will you not introduce this gorgeous beauty?” Four or five men and women walked over. The one speaking was a man in an elegant blue robe with pointed brows and starry eyes. His face was like crown jade, and he looked intelligent.

Wu Siyou’s supreme cool elegance had already made many of the male cultivators present endlessly interested, but due to Wu Siyou’s Galaxy Late Stage cultivation, they did not dare be rash. The cultivation of this man hitting on her was also Galaxy Late Stage. He had a bit of a friendship with Fang Xin’gu, and seeing Fang Xin’gu chat so happily, he could not help but wait for an opportunity to step forward. As far as the Su Xing next to Wu Siyou was concerned, he was completely ignored. A Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator was not worth his attention.

“This is Fellow Su Xing.” Fang Xin’gu said. “This is Fellow Long Aotian.”7

Long Aotian faintly nodded, his eyes gazing at Wu Siyou.

“This is Fellow Su Xing’s First Wife…” Fang Xin’gu saw his gaze and was somewhat unable to recognize his intentions, so he hastily spoke.

“Oh…his wife, huh…what!!” Long Aotian suddenly shouted.

Each and every one of the cultivators that came with him were somewhat astonished. In the majority of Dual Cultivators, which one would not have the male cultivator above the female cultivator. Seeing that Wu Siyou was unexpectedly higher than Su Xing by two realms of cultivation, they had believed Su Xing was but only a gigolo.

“This Long has truly made an error in judgment.” Long Aotian jeered: “Fellow Su Xing is indeed very fortunate, to be able to have this pretty beauty as his wife. It seems that Fellow Su Xing must have some sort of outstanding aspect, otherwise, how could this beautiful woman care for you. This Long would like to ask for guidance.”

“Heh, heh, of course Your Servant has an outstanding aspect.” Su Xing showed a crafty smile.

How could the cultivators present not discern the ambiguity in Su Xing’s words. Everyone, was then disdainful and angered.

Fang Xin’gu promptly mediated. He said: “Today is Holy Mother Qi Xia’s feast. Everyone is a fellow citizen of the Azure Dragon Territory, so you must not ruin your composure. The Holy Mother has taken notice of us.”

“For the Fellow Su Xing who has such a beautiful woman, take care that you do not suffer misfortune preventing you from enjoying her.”

Long Aotian harrumphed, leaving behind words that were seemingly threatening yet not. He bowed, turned and left. His expression sure enough was lofty to the Heavens, and the cultivators that were with him together bowed and left.

“This Long Aotian is of Twin Dragons Mountain. He has some background, and his natural disposition is conceited. Your Servant asks that Su Xing not mind.” Fang Xin’gu said.

“Nothing could be done. Who let my Waifu be too cool and elegant.” Su Xing looked mockingly at Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou was calm and collected as a dry well. Her eyes were actually continuously on Holy Mother Qi Xia.

“That Holy Mother Qi Xia has come looking for you.” Wu Siyou said.

Sure enough, a maid then walked before them. She greeted them in a warm voice: “Holy Mother Qi Xia has invited you two. Please follow Slave Servant.”

Su Xing affirmed and took his leave from Fang Xin’gu, departing the main hall together with this maid.

Passing through a long corridor, they entered a hall within the hall.

Atop the hall, Holy Mother Qi Xia sat upright, her eyes tightly closed. Multicolored light circulated about her body very solemnly. Su Xing took notice of this and did not see any traps at all in this, but he did not dare lower his guard.

“Holy Mother Qi Xia has requested to see Your Servant, and I wonder for what matter.” Su Xing cupped his fists.

Holy Mother Qi Xia opened her eyes. She wore a kind smile, and she hinted at him to sit.

“Fellow Su Xing has truly kept Me waiting.”

“My wife’s body has a weak constitution, so Your Servant went on search of some medicine ingredients.There were many delays, so Your Servant must beg forgiveness.” Su Xing spoke out his prepared excuse.

Holy Mother Qi Xia: “I wonder how those Fine Lady’s Meridian Supplement Pills were?”

“Fine Lady’s Meridian Supplement Pills?” Su Xing glanced at Wu Siyou, and the latter turned her gaze away.

“Holy Mother has made This Su overwhelmed by her favor.” Su Xing smiled.

“No matter, for Your Majesty to have this beautiful a wife, certainly you must cherish her well.” Holy Mother Qi Xia smiled.

Hearing the two blather on about her status as a wife, Wu Siyou was disinclined to take notice.

“In reality, I sought out Your Majesty because I heard Your Majesty had once made a transaction of one billion in pure gold at an auction?”

Su Xing nodded. “This indeed happened. Your Servant does not know the one who was fond of gold, but they have let Your Servant have good fortune.”

“Those items that Your Majesty purchased were actually sold by Me.”

“Your Servant never expected it to be Holy Mother Qi Xia. Could it be the Holy Mother has regrets?” Su Xing could not help but feel this was strange.

“May I ask, does Your Majesty still have pure gold?” Holy Mother Qi Xia’s feigned careless appearance made Su Xing smell a hint of getting rich.

“Your Servant had obtained several mountains of gold by a fluke and actually still has some.” Su Xing narrowed his eyes.

“As expected, it is as I thought.”

Holy Mother Qi Xia gently laughed. She glanced at the maid to her side, hinting to the maid. She clapped, and several maids beautiful as flowers entered the hall. In their hands, they each carried a red embroidered box, half-kneeling on a single knee before Su Xing.

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  1. 靈山, actual mountain
  2. 雲霞殿
  3.  百花一族
  4.  霞山
  5. Wu Xinjie’s passive ability
  6. In the raws, but their Star Master, Chen Zhonglin, should be dead.
  7. Just so you know, there’s a Long Aotian in a lot of Chinese novels, and they all basically act the same way.


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    Just dbl checking.

  2. There is a typo :

    “For the Shifting Flower Sect to flourish in the Azure Dragon Territory, it was all because we had all of our Fellows to rely on. Do Me the honors, today, we invite our Azure Dragon Territory Fellows. However, it is a party, so sweek pleasure, and everyone certainly must not be formal with Me!”

    It should be :

    “so seek pleasure, and everyone certainly must not be formal with Me!”

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