Chapter 199: Thousand Bells Immortals Dew

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Holy Mother Qi Xia extended her hand and swept. The embroidered boxes all opened, and inside each was an item or a magic medicine, Spirit Jade, artifact, or magic weapon, their luster glorious. Twinkling with the rays of the five colors, each was an extraordinary item, and even Wu Siyou, with her high ken, could not help but raise her brow.

“Your Servant wonders what intention this is of the Holy Mother?” Su Xing asked as he smiled.

“May I ask, Your Majesty, how much more pure gold do you have?” Holy Mother Qi Xia asked.

“Six billion!” Because the Azure Dragon Territory’s transactions rarely needed gold, Su Xing mostly used the items from the Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Fiend chests to barter, actually leaving him with a surplus of pure gold. The Holy Mother Qi Xia before him unexpectedly needing gold made Su Xing somewhat curious. For the reason that the Vermilion Bird Territory was not at all abundant in minerals, gold was thus even scarcer. Could Holy Mother Qi Xia collecting gold like this mean she had some use for it?

“Six billion?!” Holy Mother Qi Xia stared blankly. Su Xing’s numbers were clearly far greater than she had anticipated. She somewhat stared oddly at Su Xing. Although the Azure Dragon Territory was abundant in gold, gathering this much absolutely was not easy. Perhaps only dynasties and overlords like Emperor Liang could have this kind of national power. However, the Azure Dragon Territory’s hermits were numerous, obtaining ten billion through such a happy encounter was not impossible.

“This actually is more than what I wanted.” Holy Mother Qi Xia briefly muttered to herself. She looked at Su Xing and said: “How does Your Majesty feel about these items? I would like to use these to exchange for that six billion liang of gold.”

Su Xing glanced about. Some things were indeed pretty good, with even that Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng being present, but it was still unworthy for Su Xing to exchange. Seeing that Holy Mother Qi Xia urgently needed such great quantities of gold, if he did not make this Demon King of Mount Danxia take out something that would move him, how would Su Xing be satisfied. “Although gold can be said to be not too free flowing among the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Cultivators, Your Servant also has some use for it. Though these items are fine, Holy Mother, they are completely useless to Your Servant.”

“Those Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng roots are but a good medicine to give your wife to mend her body.”

“Waifu, what do you say?” Su Xing glanced sideways at Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou pursed her lips, her expression clearly stating she was uninterested.

“That Red Cloud Cloak1 is a magic weapon. It can guard against water and fire, defy hellfire, and it can also resist sealing script. If this was the Azure Dragon Territory, this item is worth several billion.” Holy Mother Qi Xia faintly smiled, pointing to a rainbow-colored Immortals clothing.

That Immortals clothing was indeed extraordinary, its treasure light bubbling forth, talisman script flashing. It should have no problem being valued at three billion, but the problem was that this magic weapon was even more useless to Su Xing. Looking at the apathetic Wu Siyou, Su Xing feigned helplessness.

Holy Mother Qi Xia smiled, but she was not angry. She could tell that the married couple before her was always steady and calm. To remain unmoved, it was evident they had seen even more rare items, otherwise, ordinary Galaxy Stage Cultivators would have had a rush of excitement upon seeing these magic medicines and treasures. “It seems I have underestimated the ken of you two…”

The maids collected the items.

Holy Mother Qi Xia pondered a moment. Then, she used Sound Transmission, and a maid nodded, excusing herself.

Another maid then filled cups of fine wine for Su Xing and Wu Siyou.

“Seeing from your out of the ordinary appearances, I wonder from whence you studied?” Holy Mother Qi Xia drained the jade fluid, feigning leisure as she asked.

“Your Servant and my wife are free and unfettered by nature. We have no school nor sect.” Su Xing knew she had begun to doubt his and Wu Siyou’s identities as Star Cultivators. However, Su Xing was not worried. Even if she found out he was truly a Star Master, she would not dare do anything.

“It seems Your Majesty’s wife is apparently somewhat not too happy. I wonder if it was because Red Cloud Hall did not properly greet you?” Holy Mother Qi Xia smiled.

“This is how my wife is. Your Servant asks the Holy Mother to not take offense.” Su Xing cupped his hands.

Holy Mother Qi Xia laughed, “None taken, none taken. To be able to cultivate to Galaxy Late Stage at such a young age, this makes me feel admiration.”

Holy Mother Qi Xia chatted sentence by sentence. Su Xing naturally was quite familiar with this  type of sly inquiry of hers to conduct an investigation. Roughly several cups of tea later, six maids once again stepped forward with items. This time, the items were not as many, with only two, and each was covered with a red embroidered cover.

“These are items of Mine that still have some value. If Your Majesty again does not place them in your eyes, then I truly have nothing else.” Su Xing dismissed with a laugh Holy Mother Qi Xia’s words that were apparently both soft and hard.

Holy Mother Qi Xia had the maid open the red cover, and this time, Wu Siyou very curiously cast her gaze.

The first was a piece of jade about the size of two fists. This jade was sparkling and translucent, a rainbow light lingering in its interior, its reflected splendor filling the room. This was a piece of excellent “Rainbow Light Glass Jade.”2 When this jade was sanded into a fine powder and used to pour Spirit Materials into artifacts and Astral Tools, it could possibly add a rainbow light. It could resist evil spirits, repel miasma, and particularly as far as female cultivators were concerned, the property of the Rainbow Light Glass Jade to emit iridescent and multicolored light received no small measure of love. Furthermore, this Rainbow Light Glass Jade could beautify the face and delay aging. In the Azure Dragon Territory, it was a madly coveted object, and it was like the makeup that the women of modern society loved. Liangshan Continent’s high class ladies were quite fond of this sort of thing.

Su Xing estimated that for this large of a quantity, if done properly, it could be sold for ten billion without a problem.

This first piece of Rainbow Light Glass Jade made Su Xing somewhat interests. Although it was useless to him, it was pretty good to send as a gift to his now six beauties. However, Su Xing remained calm and collected as before. For the so-called business deal, he could not let the other see his own urgency, so as to avoid falling to a disadvantageous position.

Holy Mother Qi Xia originally used this Rainbow Light Glass Jade specifically for Wu Siyou. Seeing the two were still indifferent, she hinted for the next item.

The second item was a massive Spirit Flower. This flower was verdant and tender, each petal bloomed to the finest part. It had white bell-like buds that were heavy, somewhat similar to the Chinese Lantern flower in shape.3 It emitted a serene scent that seeped into the soul, and a brief sniff could make one feel full of vigor. Upon seeing this item, Su Xing’s expression could not help but tremble, his heart surging into a perilous situation.

This unexpectedly was Thousand Bells Immortals Dew!!4

The Thousand Bells Immortals Dew was given the name Thousand Bells because the buds appeared similar to little bells, with each possessing a hundred flowers. Each bud contained a worldly spiritual power dew, which was known as the Thousand Bells Dew. This was a significant Strange Flower in the Azure Dragon Territory. It grew in places with the quintessence of Heaven and Earth. During the day, it absorbed morning dew, and during the night, it brewed moonlight. Legends said each Thousand Bells Immortals Dew could let the Star Energy of Star Cultivators at or below Supercluster Stage instantly recover to a complete state, and this was the reason it was called Thousand Bells Immortals Dew.

As far as a Supercluster Stage Cultivator was concerned, this simply was a supreme panacea!

From time immemorial, Liangshan Continent’s Star Energy recovery medicines were mostly expensive and were scarce at best. Naturally formed Strange Flowers like the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew had each petal valued at a value of at least ten million and above. This stalk was more than ten billion without doubt. However, panaceas like the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew that could pull strongly against a crazy tide at the critical moment could not possibly be sold by cultivators. Holy Mother Qi Xia was a Supervoid Cultivator, so the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew was useless to her. Seeing that Su Xing and Wu Siyou were of Galaxy Cultivation and thus using it for an exchange, it could be seen she actually would use her hard-earned capital for six billion of gold.

“Of these Rainbow Light Glass Jade and Thousand Bells Immortals Dew, Your Majesty can choose one of them for an exchange.” Holy Mother Qi Xia smiled self-confidently. This Rainbow Light Glass Jade was an extremely great attraction towards women, and the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew was a Galaxy Stage’s panacea. She was not afraid of Su Xing being unmoved.

Sy Xing muttered to himself. To say that his heart was unmoved was to lie to himself. When he saw the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew, Su Xing had an urge to steal it. His Miraculous Bodhi Tree practically exhausted his Star Energy with each single use. If he had this Thousand Bells Immortals Dew, he completely could get rid of the future consequences. With regards to entering the Evil Smiting Hall, there was also much benefit, but Su Xing did not agree without restrain. Rather, he feigned hesitation – Su Xing was a cunning fox. Since this Holy Mother Qi Xia dared to bring out two items with values exceeding ten billion, she clearly did not care in the slightest. Otherwise, simply bringing out the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew was sufficient to make Su Xing agree. In other words, what she actually wanted was to rope in Wu Siyou? Seeing the Rainbow Light Glass Jade seemingly prepared just for Siyou, his thoughts rapidly churned, and Su Xing then had a countermeasure.

“Could it be these were unable to interest you? Then I truly am helpless.” Holy Mother Qi Xia laughed.

“No, no, no, Holy Mother is actually too generous. Either of these two items brought to the Azure Dragon Territory can be valued at more than ten billion.” Su Xing spoke forthrightly. For this value he believed the Mount Danxia overlord’s heart was clear, however, since she did not take these to the Azure Dragon Territory to exchange for gold, evidently, there was some secret motive.

Holy Mother Qi Xia showed a trace of admiration. “As expected, Your Highness is candid. Then I wonder if there are any more misgivings?”

“To be quite honest, these several billions of gold is due to my beloved wife Siyou’s very significant contributions. This Su does not dare selfishly think only of himself, but Holy Mother has also seen it. My lovely wife already is Galaxy Late Stage and on the verge of entry into Supercluster Stage. This Thousand Bells Immortals Dew is not useful to her, but that Rainbow Light Glass Jade is actually should be accorded to my beloved wife…” Su Xing said as he looked deeply affectionately at Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou immediately understood the intent of Su Xing’s “confession.” She secretly sneered in her heart, and upon her lips, she faintly said: “Lord Husband can just take the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew. Your Servant naturally thinks of Lord Husband.”

Su Xing was dumbfounded, for he had never thought that Wu Siyou would refer to him as Lord Husband. He looked apologetically at Holy Mother Qi Xia. “Since choosing any one would be hard to avoid benefiting the other’s shadow, Your Servant can only reluctantly decline.”

Holy Mother Qi Xia slightly smiled, her tone gentle: “Your Majesty and your wife are deeply in love with each other, sure enough. Whatever I do, I would actually consider it somewhat dissatisfactory…I feel very much like a kindred spirit of Your Wife. I wonder if Your Wife would be willing to become sisters with Me, so this Rainbow Light Glass Jade can be treated as a gift for Little Sister?”

Su Xing wildly perspired. Although he knew Holy Mother Qi Xia had intentions of enticement, he did not expect she would raise the idea of becoming sworn sisters with Wu Siyou. How could the grand Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song ever recognize her as Elder SIster.

“My wife’s natural disposition is aloof. Other than Your Servant, she is not willing to speak to anyone.” Su Xing helplessly said.

Holy Mother Qi Xia waved her hand, unconcerned about this: “I also do not speak often. In the future, Little Sister and her husband can come to Mount Danxia often to stretch their legs.”

Su Xing looked at Wu Siyou. Seeing she was very indifferent, he stepped forward and cupped his fist: “Then Your Servant thanks the Holy Mother on Wife’s behalf!”

“Family need not address Me as Holy Mother. No need to be shy, it will do to address me as Elder Sister Su Qiong.”5 Holy Mother Qi Xia smiled sweetly.

“Su Xing thanks Sister Su Qiong.” Su Xing had no choice but to concede that the Holy Mother Qi Xia before him and the Supervoid Cultivator in the legends were, sure enough, not too similar.

Afterwards, Su Qiong and the two intimately chatted the daily life of the family, with quite the concern for the bedroom affairs of Wu Siyou and Su Xing. This made Su Xing somewhat embarrassed, for the discourse even asked Su Xing about the pressures of having such a beautiful wife and so one. She even specially gave Wu Siyou a rare book used by dual cultivators for sex, “Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering.”6 and Wu Siyou put on a masterful performance, expressionlessly actually accept it.

Which made Su Xing’s glasses fall askew.7

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  1.  雲彩霞披
  2.  虹光璃玉
  3. Abutilon pictum
  4.  千鈴仙水露
  5. 夙瓊, lit. Morning Jasper, as far as I can tell, this is her whole name. But an actual surname might appear later…IDK
  6. 素女採精, this is possibly a pun because 精 can mean “semen.”
  7. He’s not really wearing glasses. Ever watch those animes with meganes that have their glasses slightly fall upon seeing something surprising? This is just describing the same expression.


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