Chapter 200: Banquet To Murder A Guest

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Finally, Holy Mother Qi Xia Su Qiong invited Su Xing and Wu Siyou to rest the night in Red Clouds Hall. Having just received such a great favor as the Rainbow Light Glass Jade, Su Xing was hard-pressed to decline such kindness.

Walking upon the corridor, Su Xing could not help but be excited. He never thought that he could surprisingly manage to get the extremely rare Thousand Bells Immortals Dew for the Evil Smiting Hall of the Vermilion Bird Territory, which could be considered an enormous gain.

“Take it.” Wu Siyou waved her hand, displeased.

The Rainbow Light Glass Jade and that Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering flew into Su Xing’s hands. Wu Siyou had not interest whatsoever in these two items.

“This Rainbow Light Glass Jade was gifted to you?” Su Xing looked at her.

“It is useless in Your Servant’s hands. Do you not have Little Sister Tang Lianxin, it so happens that you can take it for her to use.” Wu Siyou suddenly thought of something. She extended her hand to take the Fine Lady Essence Gathering secret text.

Su Xing promptly shielded it. This shameless action made Wu Siyou’s mouth twitch several times.

“This thing had best be given to Your Servant to destroy!”

“The book is one of this Continent’s most precious legacies, and you unexpectedly want to destroy it? Each book has recorded into it the links of Liangshan Continent’s civilization, and each link is like the Star Duels, a generation’s hard work. You believe that you are destroying a single book, but in reality, you are destroying one link of Liangshan Continent’s civilization…this sort of hackles raising matter, can you really do this, Waifu?” Su Xing began to babble.

Wu Siyou’s brows rose. She coldly said: “Your Servant knows you have a tongue like a reed. Your Servant may not be able to speak over you, but should you dare to do anything obscene to Yingmei, Your Servant will not let you off.”

“Does a kiss count as obscene?” Su Xing chuckled.

Wu Siyou pursed her lips, her expression ferocious as if she wanted to devour him.

“Alright, Waifu. I was never one to force my women.” Su Xing’s hand was placed on Wu Siyou’s shoulder, their appearance intimate.

Wu Siyou shook her shoulder, flinging aside that hand. The Harm Star certainly could not be that casually taken advantage of as the Solitary Star: “You truly are a person of unfathomable mystery. Why do you call out such a fabricated address so smoothly?”

“I’m the one that’s strange, just now, didn’t you address me as Lord Husband? Didn’t we agree on hubby?”

“Since others believe we are husband and wife, what does it matter what we address each other as. In the end, the result was still the same.” Wu Siyou’s words made Su Xing rather amazed. The Harm Star’s natural and unrestrained conduct was beyond expectation, and neither did she care about these elaborate details. Sure enough, she proved herself to be Liangshan’s Pilgrim. The more Su Xing looked at Wu Siyou, the more he liked her. This still was the first time that he had the urge to sign a contract.

“So you really want to become enemies with Yingmei? Your Servant truly does not have the heart for this…” Su Xing said regretfully.

Wu Siyou had an “I know what you want to say” expression, “Your Servant will not become enemies with Yingmei, but do not think that you can sign a contract with Your Servant…”

“That honestly is still rather self-contradictory.” Su Xing said.

Wu Siyou was silent, but her eyes suddenly had an indescribable frustration.

If she truly was his wife, Su Xing really wanted to hug her in a loving embrace. It was a pity that if he were to actually do this, the joy of his lower body would probably be sheared by Wu Siyou.

Just during the time that Su Xing was having regrets, he suddenly saw several people walk over. His expression changed, and he leaned to the side, pushing the somewhat absent-minded Wu Siyou onto a bed. “What are you doing?” Wu Siyou’s pupils stared blankly, releasing an icy chill.

“There’re enemies!” Su Xing said in a low voice, his face covering itself in the sea of Wu Siyou’s fine, black hair.

Wu Siyou grit her teeth. She suddenly glimpsed the people approaching, and restraining her heart’s impulses, she could only allow Su Xing to press against her body. She felt that her chest had been tightly pushed down upon, giving her a stifling feeling.

The ones approaching were Qu He and a distinguished and elegant man wearing a purple gold crown. The two glanced at them, somewhat puzzled, but they did not pay that much mind as they walked directly to the hall.

Only when they disappeared did Su Xing exhale. He retreated several steps, for before Wu Siyou killed him, he gave an earnest explanation: “That girl just now is named Qu He, and she is a Star Master.”

“You know her?” Wu Siyou’s fury instantly was eliminated in astonishment.

“En. Still remember when I was chased by Great Sage Falling Sky?” Su Xing then summarized the events.

“Since she is a Star Master, why would she go to Five Poisons Mountain to die?” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow.

Su Xing guessed: “Perhaps something happened at Five Poisons Mountain…the man with her just now is unexpectedly Supervoid Early Stage. It seems he is a cultivator from the Azure Dragon Territory that wants to chase me.”

“This was a trap to kill me, huh.1 Forget it, let’s silently observe the others.” Su Xing saw that the unexpected Supervoid Cultivator and Qu He had gone to see Holy Mother Su Qiong. It seemed the time had come for Su Qiong to receive her reward for the continuous invitations and entertainment.

Wu Siyou stared pensively at Su Xing.

“That Elder Sister just now truly is a beauty.” Qu He praised.

“What a pity her man is but Galaxy Early Stage.” The man with Qu He was the Most High Path’s Enviless of the East. He wore his customary absent-minded expression on his face.

“I hear the Purple Thunder Monster you wish to chase down is also Galaxy Early Stage?” Qu He blinked.

“Although he is Galaxy Early Stage and has nevertheless killed several Supercluster Stage cultivators, he is a Star Master and naturally cannot be compared. Furthermore, he has the legendary Panther Head Lin Chong!” Enviless of the East spoke bluntly.

Qu He’s eyes were in adoration: “To be able to sign Lin Chong, Qu He truly longs to see what the Purple Thunder Monster looks like.”

“I, too, would like to see.” Enviless of the East sneered.

Entering the hall, Holy Mother Qi Xia sat upright on a throne. How could the warm and gentle attitude she had previously not long ago with Elder Sister and Little Brother Su Xing be seen. Her expression was serious.

“Enviless, I have not seen you for a long time.” Holy Mother Qi Xia spoke.

“Su Qiong, you actually are younger and younger. Your cultivation also seems to have progressed very well.” Enviless of the East nodded his head.

“There is no need to speak any more rubbish. The matter this time is important.” Holy Mother Qi Xia waved her hand, making all the maids withdraw, leaving only Enviless of the East and Qu He.

“En. This is only natural. Otherwise, why would we come.” Enviless of the East nodded and sat on the chair with a flourish of his large sleeves. “To what stage have things currently reached?”

“Qu He, you speak.” Holy Mother Qi Xia indicated.

Qu He saluted then brought out a jade strip: “The array of Five Poisons Mountain has already been completely recorded. It only needs to be broken, and then the forbiddance can be broken.”

Enviless of the East took the jade strip. His Divine Intent swept, and he inwardly nodded. As if nothing had happened, he said: “I heard the Roc Demon King’s body sustaining an injury is true?”

“Yes. He was wounded by a Star General.” Qu He nodded.

“This is indeed a great opportunity. If you still want to hesitate, if you wait until the Ten Thousand Year Gu appears, then the Azure Dragon Territory will be in danger.” Holy Mother Qi Xia faintly warned.

“Is Mount Danxia not dangerous as well?” Enviless of the East laughed; the Ten Thousand Year Gu, Enviless of the East naturally knew its power. In the even this sort of Gu was born, it was something that could easily dispatch him, “Just how is Lady Snake Scorpion able to refine the Ten Thousand Year Gu? Is it not a Poison Gu of myth?”

Holy Mother Qi Xia guessed: “Most probably it coincides with the Star Duels. With the help of those poisonous scorpions the Xie Twins, the attraction of Two Stars has made all of the bugs even more formidable than before. Drawing support from arrays and the like, Lady Snake Scorpion refining that Ten Thousand Year Gu has been verified. Ever since the Roc Demon King constructed the Jade Alum Palace, I have continuously blockaded Five Poisons Mountain. Now, with all kinds of clear signs, this Ten Thousand Year Gu is about to come into being.”

“Have those cultivators been prepared?’ Enviless of the East asked.

“More than a hundred are from the Azure Dragon Territory. Their cultivations are at Galaxy Stage.”

“Not bad. Although their cultivation is commonplace, acting as cannon fodder would still be pretty good. I hear that forbiddance on Five Poisons Mountain is very powerful, not easy to break through.” Enviless of the East nodded, looking upon the live of an entire crowd of cultivators like crickets and ants.

“Are they the only ones that will do this?” Holy Mother Qi Xia was doubtful.

“Su Qiong, you still are so kind. Regardless of what this flock of cultivators does, is there a second choice?” Enviless of the East sipped his fine wine, praising: “This ‘Danxia Rain Broth’2 makes one linger and forget to go home, as expected.”

Su Qiong kept silent.

“That Purple Thunder Monster, Su Qiong, have you found him?” Enviless of the East squinted his eyes into an ice-cold line.

“Lin Chong was not found!”

“Could he have gone to the Black Turtle Territory?” Enviless of the East stroked his chin.

“Since that Purple Thunder Monster dares to kill Supercluster Stage Cultivators, it must be that he has backing. Why should you chase to kill him, to be able to sign the Panther Head for the first time in a thousand years, I see that not provoking him would be better.” Su Qiong advised.

“It is precisely because he can kill Supercluster Stage Cultivators that he must die!” Enviless of the East coldly grinned.

“Right, the Vermilion Bird Territory has most recently turned up a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator that can contend against the Roc Demon King in speed. Could he be the Purple Thunder Monster?” Su Qiong asked.

“It could not possibly be him! The Purple Thunder Monster should not have this sort of capability!”

Enviless of the East shook his head, not knowing whether it was because of unwillingness to accept that he could compare with the Roc Demon King, or if he subconsciously recognized the Purple Thunder Monster would be so defiant of the natural order. Holy Mother Qi Xia Su Qiong smiled, but she said nothing more.

Returning to the hall, the moment Su Xing appeared.

“Brother Su Xing, what did the Holy Mother invite you for??”

Fang Xin’gu worriedly met with Su Xing. He was somewhat anxious and feared his introductions had exposed Su Xing to Holy Mother Qi Xia and gave rise to trouble for Su Xing.

“Nothing much.” Holy Mother Qi Xia Su Xiong hoped to conceal the matter of her purchasing gold, so Su Xing did not speak directly.

Seeing Su Xing not speak, Fang Xin’gu did not persist. As far as the secret rumors of a Supervoid Cultivator, the less he knew, the better.

“Most recently, something has apparently occurred in the Vermilion Bird Territory.” Fang Xin’gu shifted topics.

“What major event?”

Only then did Su Xing find out from Fang Xin’gu’s words that recently, Azure Dragon Territory Cultivators had been invited to secretly live in the Red Clouds Palace. In addition, the Ancestors and everything of the Ten Great Sects reportedly had entered secluded meditation in the Red Clouds Hall. All of the cultivators could faintly guess that something was not too favorable, discussing in private that they had been brought to confront the Purple Thunder Monster. However, to have this sort of battle formation to handle the Purple Thunder Monster made people feel this was somewhat overkill.

Connecting it to the Roc Demon King utilizing Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li in his chase and falling to an injured state, Fang Xin’gu said, “Your Servant fears it is something to do with Lady Snake Scorpion. She has t have done something to compel the Azure Dragon Territory to feel fear. The Azure Dragon Territory’s Great Sects cultivators pretend that Roc Demon King’s chase perhaps lured him into a trap that he would sustain injury. Otherwise, there is nothing else about him.”

“Brother Fang actually sees things very clearly.”

“This was all said by Your Servant’s cousin, Yanran.” Fang Xin’gu laughed.

The Zheng Yanran beside him bit down on nephrite cake, her expression absent-minded, ambiguously saying: “The results will naturally become apparent tomorrow…”

Deep night, after the feast dispersed.

Under the guidance of maids, Su Xing walked into the room that Su Qiong arranged. Sitting on top of the bed, Su Xing was still thinking of Zheng Yanran’s words.

“Things are somewhat fishy.” Wu Siyou grimly began to speak.

“I feel the same. It seems we can only wait until tomorrow to see.” Su Xing nodded.

Wu Siyou pursed her lips, staring expressionlessly at Su Xing.

Su Xing stared blankly, looked in all directions, and he suddenly understood as his brow erupted in sweat

Could it be that he and Wu Siyou truly needed to sleep in the same bed like a married couple!

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  1. This is a reference to the Feast at Hongmen, which was a banquet staged to kill a certain guest.
  2.  丹霞雨漿


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