Chapter 203: Poison Dragon Swamp

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This mirror was approximately three inches, its surface like glass. The flash of red clouds it gave off were actually good looking, and it seemed that this was a Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure.

“This mirror is named ‘Shifting Star Mirror.’1 If it reflects upon a Gu, then the mirror will seal it. Breaking out is difficult.”

Holy Mother Qi Xia’s Sound Transmission reached their minds, and Su Xing faintly nodded. He and Wu Siyou looked at each other pensively.

Enviless of the East was again giving an inspiring speech, and he even gave each person a piece of Five Poisons Mountain’s precious stones to act as a sect’s keepsake in the future. His methods were exceptional, for this action incited the entire crowd into a fervor, firing them up. “We shall trouble Holy Mother Qi Xia to go stall Immeasurable Mountain’s Ancestor Zaohua and Silver Night Mountain’s Queen Lady Yu Chun.” Enviless of the East cupped his fist.

Holy Mother Qi Xia nodded her head.

“All Fellows, there is no time to lose. So as to avoid sudden changes, we shall move out now.”

The Eight Great Ancestral Masters on their riding swords flew out of Red Cloud Hall, and more than a hundred Galaxy Cultivators helplessly followed.

“Su Xing, do you truly wish to go?” Wu Siyou furrowed her brow and said: “As these Supercluster Cultivators have planned, this Five Poisons Mountain is perhaps a trip without return!” She and Su Xing thought together.

“It just so happens I want to help cure Little Huang of the Gu Poison. With their help, what could you have against it.” Su Xing was unconcerned. He currently was full of self-confidence. With more than a hundred flowers of Thousand Bells Immortal Dew, it was enough for him to shake the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. Even if the eight Ancestors simultaneously attacked, Su Xing had enough confidence to escape unscathed. He, on the contrary, was more concerned about Wu Siyou: “Siyou, could it be that you want to go?”

“Your Servant naturally wants to see that Ten Thousand Year Gu.” The corner of Wu Siyou’s mouth twitched slightly, a cold grin.


An expanse of sword light flew towards Five Poisons Mountain, and within this, Enviless of the East was the most conspicuous. For all cultivators, even those Supercluster Ancestors were relying on flight artifacts and magic treasures if not riding swords. Only Enviless of the East was simply not in need of any device. His silhouette directly rose into the sky. Legends said that Supervoid Cultivators’ Star Energy could meld into one with the world. Upon reaching this realm, flight did not require any supplementary tools, and it was even swifter than artifacts and magic weapons by some, making people envious.

Wu Siyou who was not capable of Riding Swords at all just sat on Su Xing’s Wind Swayed Divine Raft. No one doubted the two were a married couple.

With this many cultivators mobilized, in order to not be detected, Enviless of the East also fully used an Immortal Magic, Threatening Eyes And Ears.2

Approximately several hours afterwards, the Five Poisons Mountain enveloped in poison gas was visible to everyone.

In the ten years since the Roc Demon King constructed the Jade Alum Palace at Five Poisons Mountain, the poison fog and demon smoke of Five Poisons Mountain was more and more profound. It was unknown to what terrifying state the Five Poisons Mountain inside had developed into. The hearts of a group of Galaxy Stage Cultivators pounded when they saw this. Looking at the Five Poisons Mountain pervaded by smoke and rolling magic clouds, the forbiddance evidently had already activated. In the several thousand li surrounding Five Poisons Mountain, everyone halted.

Divine light shone brightly from Enviless of the East’s eyes, and looking around: “In front is the core of Five Poisons Mountain’s forbiddance. The poison smoke inside has reportedly been condensed for ten thousand years, incomparably toxic. For those unafraid of death and capable of flight, this Five Poisons Mountain’s four sides possess more than twenty array points. I see that we should divide here into four groups, breaking each from the four directions east, west, south and north? All Fellows, how about it?”

The other Ancestral Masters were silent, and the Galaxy Stage Cultivators basically did not have the right to speak.

“Good. Then two Ancestral Masters each will guide in excess of forty juniors. This matter of life and death for the Azure Dragon Territory shall be passed to Everyone, and I ask that all of you pull together as one and withstand calamity.” Enviless of the East clearly said, “We will converge again when the time comes.

Everyone said “Yes” in succession.

The close to two hundred Galaxy Cultivators and eight Ancestral Masters split into four groups, flying in the four directions.

Su Xing’s group had more than forty cultivators, the majority of which had cultivations at Galaxy Early Stage. The highest was Wu Siyou. For better or for worse, the Supercluster Cultivator for this group was Ancestor Qianli of the Blooming Water Sword Sect as well as the Taiyi Sword Sect’s Daoist Master Qing Lian. The two could be said to from the two Great Sects that hated Su Xing to the bone.

“Hmph, who does Enviless of the East think he is? This manner of following blindly truly makes This Ancestor unhappy.” Ancestor Qianli looked at the others departing, somewhat indignantly sneering.

The Daoist Master Qing Lian beside him was sage-like, extraordinarily refined. He stroked his long beard: “Fellow Qianli, these words are better not spoken to Enviless of the East’s face.”

“Ha, ha, Daoist Master Qing Lian, This Ancestor naturally knows I am not a Supervoid Cultivator’s opponent. However, that said, we are in any case each the grand Ancestral Masters of our sects, yet we are to obey him? Could it be you are very comfortable?”

Daoist Master Qing Lian faintly smiled: “This time, we are all working for the common purpose of the Azure Dragon Territory’s safety. There is no so-called obey or disobey.”

“Would This Ancestor believe in this sort of shit?” Ancestor Qianli laughed aloud. Gloomily, he said: “Did we not come for the Ten Thousand Year Gu, and for whoever obtains this Ten Thousand Year Gu, they would someday be Azure Dragon Territory’s overlord!”

Daoist Master Qing Lian smiled but did not speak.

“Daoist Master Qing Lian, how about if the two of us link hands?” Ancestor Qianli said slyly: “This Ancestor sees the others certainly will also link hands. With This Ancestor’s ‘Blooming Water Divine Thunder’ and the Daoist Master’s three hundred sixty Extreme White Black Green Lotus Flying Swords, should we act together, would we still need to fear Enviless of the East?”

“There is only one Ten Thousand Year Gu. Fellow certainly must not have wild thoughts.” Daoist Master Qing Lian vaguely replied.

Ancestor Qianli smiled: “This is simple. If the Daoist Master seizes the Ten Thousand Year Gu, so long as you help This Ancestor kill the Purple Thunder Monster, that Purple Thunder Monster’s items will be given to me. What do you say? Conversely, if This Ancestor luckily obtains it, I will certainly help the Daoist Master kill the Purple Thunder Monster, and his items shall belong to you. With the Ten Thousand Year Gu, who would care about that Purple Thunder Monster’s things.”

Daoist Master Qing Liang murmured to himself. Evidently, he had been somewhat piqued by Ancestor Qian Li’s words.

“How about it? Within the current Great Sects, only our two Star Masters have been slain by the Purple Thunder Monster. Honestly speaking, it is only us that genuinely hates the Purple Thunder Monster to the bone. No one loses out if we act together.”

The Daoist Master Qing Liang smiled: “Hey, talk more later. We had best still quickly rush towards our top priority, so as to avoid Enviless of the East becoming the winner.”

Ancestor Qianli gloomily cursed the old fox. This Ancestor’s ugly words have been said, yet he still feigns righteousness before This Ancestor.

Having heard the bare and treacherous deal between these two Ancestors, the Galaxy Stage Cultivators each were somewhat frightened.

Wu Siyou looked pensively at Su Xing. Should these two Ancestors realize the Purple Thunder Monster they wanted to kill was right among them at this moment, it was unknown what kind of marvel that would be; Su Xing also chuckled, a sort of unconcerned appearance.

Ancestor Qianli at this time turned his head back, sternly saying: “Presumably, you have heard This Ancestor’s words. This Ancestor is not like that sweet-talking hypocrite, Enviless of the East. We have long heard news of the Ten Thousand Year Gu, and moving out at this time, it is only because the Ten Thousand Year Gu is about to be born. Breaking the array points, that is only for the sake of allowing an easy escape from the Roc Demon King after seizing the Ten Thousand Year Gu. If this Ten Thousand Year Gu is stolen, do you know what this represents…if you have ambitions, you can make a vain attempt. This Ancestor only wants you to be self-aware. However, as long as you help This Ancestor obtain that Ten Thousand Year Gu, This Ancestor will not treat you unfairly. What do you think?”

“We will surely go through water and tread on fire for the Ancestor.”

They promptly said.

Ancestor Qianli laughed aloud, waving his large sleeve. “Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends.3 We shall go in like this!!”

The crowd of cultivators hesitated before they still entered the dense fog.

Su Xing turned his head to look behind him.

“It seems that they hate you abnormally. Do you still wish to go?” Wu SIyou asked through Sound Transmission. “If you expose your identity, you must understand clearly the consequences.”

“It is precisely because of that. Right now is the best opportunity.” Su Xing gazed at Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian, inwardly smirking.

Wu Siyou was silent.

A dense, non-dispersing poison cloud that was like a Mara4 blocked everyone’s line of sight. Before them was a dark green swamp over a range of a thousand li. Bubbles were emitted in the middle of the swamp with a gunong-gunong5 sound. After these bubbles burst apart, a wisp of green smoke rose. This green smoke filled the area above the swamp, carrying a type of corrosive scent. One look was all it took to know this was highly toxic.

Thue cultivators were somewhat hesitant to advance upon seeing the scene before them. Seeing that swamp was just like boiling water, anyone could see, in the case someone fell into it, returning alive was absolutely impossible.

“Senior Qing Lian, how shall we cross this?”

A male cultivator was green in the face when he saw that green poison smoke. Just the swamp’s odor was unpleasant.

“This is Poison Dragon Swamp, one of the Five Poisons of Five Poisons Mountain. We can still barely use riding swords. All Fellows, I ask again that we search for the array point in the vicinity. This is also for the sake of making us better,” Daoist Master Qing Lian was unlike Ancestor Qianli, speaking with a warm comfort.

When everyone heard, they looked at each other in dismay. At once, they used their flying swords. They might as well, for the toxic gas at Five Poisons Mountain’s Poison Dragon Mountain was not too thick. On the borderlines of the forbiddance, the flying swords actually could ascend several zhang. This made the cultivators breathe out a sigh of relief. They released every sort of Sword Chant for protection as they very carefully forged their way. However, the green poison smoke of Poison Dragon Swamp was still formidable. A few cultivators’ flying swords were unable to bear the poison gas and had been easily corrupted, rendering those cultivators incomparably distressed.

Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian glanced at each other and showed peculiar expressions. Ancestor Qianli released a flight artifact and directly flew over while Daoist Master Qing Lian lagged unhurriedly behind.

The two, with one in front and one in back, were not afraid these cultivators would play some sort of trick.

Su Xing naturally did not have any interest in helping these Supercluster Ancestors execute their task. He and Wu Siyou entered the swamp,6 and Su Xing deeply mulled over Poison Dragon Swamp. It was reasonable to say that a Star Cultivator relying on covering themselves completely in Star Energy to handle the swamp naturally was not out of the realm of possibility. However, seeing those extremely poison gases of this Poison Dragon Swamp that had been refined, one touch was enough to feel a burning pain.


They heard a scream, “Save me!”

Due to the dense fog in the sky above the swamp, anywhere above several zhang was impossible to see clearly. They could only rely on weak presences to sense. It sounded as if an unfortunate cultivator had fallen into the swamp.

The other cultivators shivered in their hearts, somewhat shrinking back.

“All Fellows, having all reached this stage, you must not get cold feet.”

From behind them came the warning of the Daoist Master, a dagger hidden in his smile.

“Brother Su Xing, careful. These green poison gases can easily corrupt flying swords. Falling down there is death without doubt.” Fang Xin’gu flew over at this moment, and with him was Zheng Yanran

Su XIng nodded. It seemed this boundless swamp’s poison smoke changed without stop. He thought, These old monsters sure enough are shrewd. Apparently, they had foreseen this situation. Seeking out Scattered Star Cultivators was entirely for them to pathfind.

All of the cultivators successively used their abilities to dispel or evade the poison smoke, flying past Poison Dragon Swamp at high speed.

“There seems to be something below that swamp.” Zheng Yanran pointed below the swamp and suddenly said.

Su Xing stared, and as expected, he saw that in the frothing bubbles of the swamp, there was some object apparently spying on them in secret. Fang Xin’gu wrinkled his brows, activating a talisman.

The talisman became a fireball that sunk into the swamp, very quickly being engulfed. The shadow also disappeared instantly.

“Be a bit more careful.” Su Xing warned.


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  1. 移星鏡
  2.  逼人耳目
  3. In this context, he is basically wise people submit to the current situation.
  4. A type of demon
  5. SFX
  6. I really don’t think he’s in the swamp, more like very close to it.


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