Chapter 204: Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow, The Fair Skinned Gentleman

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Poison Dragon Swamp’s range was several thousand li. The green smoke of the swamp were like will-o-the-wisps, and knowing how formidable these toxic gases were, all the cultivators did not dare lower their guard. Each used their own Life-cast Sword Chant for protection, and with the defense of the Sword Chant, handling the poison smoke was even more possible. However, doing so would greatly wear out their Star Energy. Practically before they had walked out of Five Poisons Mountain’s first poison, some cultivators were forced to eat one flower of the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew.

Su Xing’s Star Energy was deep and resounding. Let alone that it was only Galaxy Early Stage, just his Star Energy was probably only a little bit off compared to Supercluster Stage. His pathfinding was abnormally easy, and Fang Xin’gu followed behind him. Zheng Yanran, though, fixed her gaze tightly on the swamp. These Supercluster Cultivators seemed to have the mind to preserve their magic energy to confront the Ten Thousand Year Gu, for they followed only the routes that had already been scouted. They even incessantly urged for everyone to go quickly find Poison Dragon Swamp’s eastern array point.

Although everyone was somewhat resentful, as matters stood, there was no path back.

Approximately several hours later, they suddenly heard a cultivator shout in pleasant surprise.

“I found the array point!!”

Hearing this voice, everyone immediately flew over.

Su Xing and Fang Xin’gu also rushed over, and needless to say, more than forty of them had surrounded it a short time later. What they saw was a giant stone obelisk, about ten zhang tall. Its entire body was pitch-black, a totem etched with strange spells. A giant sculpted snake wound around the stone stele. Cyan scales grew all over this snake’s skin, and it had sharp fangs, a form that seemed to be particularly shocking.

“Go!” A cultivator coldly shouted. Maneuvering his flying sword, it went there to attack.

Several dozen flying swords clanged as they cut onto the barrier over the obelisk. Suddenly, at this moment, that carved snake’s eyes emitted a dim light. The body that had obviously been one with the pillar abruptly began to slither along the stele. Astonishingly, it had come to life.

The swamp’s poison gas suddenly thickened.

A long, black shadow violently rushed out from the swamp’s depths. Due to every cultivator’s riding sword flying at low altitudes, only several meters away from the swamp, when this shadow attacked, several people were unable to react and were eaten. Astonishingly, it was a black scaled python.

Over the silent marsh, there were several screams.

Three cultivators had been pulled into the Poison Dragon Swamp in the blink of an eye, their life or death uncertain.

“Careful, it is the Poison Dragon Black Python!”1

Everyone shouted.


The swamp broke open, and several Poison Dragon Black Pythons rushed out, opening their maws wide.

These Poison Dragon Black Pythons were Five Poisons Severe Beasts. They lived within Poison Dragon Swamp, absorbing poison gas to live. Their poisonous fangs shot poison light, sprayed poison fog. Everyone here was a Scattered Star Cultivator, who ordinarily often experienced danger. Hastily, they struck their Sword Chants, and several hundred flying swords were just like a giant net that flew over. In an instant, the sword light and poison light struck each other.

But this swamp’s Poison Dragon Black Pythons all had been roused. A hundred of the giant pythons endlessly rushed out, bringing everyone an extreme pressure.

Daoist Master Qing Lian and Ancestor Qianli rushed over in succession.

“Everyone, immediately use your Sword Chants to break this obelisk now.” Ancestor Qianli this time did not hold back. A hundred flying swords appeared, and these flying swords were very abnormal. They completely integrated with Blooming Water Divine Thunder; the swords had Water Thunder, the thunder light dazzling. Su Xing’s eyes concentrated. It seemed that this Ancestor Qianli was much more powerful than Ancestor Baili. Just these flying swords were more awesome by quite a bit.

Daoist Master Qing Lian at this time also gave a low shout. His two hands formed a seal, and suddenly, cold light glared from every place on his body. At the same time, he launched more than a hundred green rays of light. These green beams swelled the moment they appeared. In a flash, more than a hundred dull green flying swords imposingly formed. After a burst of sword light, all of the flying swords automatically formed an odd formation. It revolved indefinitely over Daoist Master Qing Lian’s head, concealing a chilling killing intent.

The two Supercluster Cultivators promptly acted. The Blooming Water Divine Thunder filled the skies and bloomed, the water thunder exploding layer upon layer. Daoist Master Qing Liang’s three hundred sixty Extreme White Green Lotus Swords spun without end, the sword light seemingly unstoppable.

The moment they acted, they promptly brought relief to the pressure on everyone. The others immediately went to attack the Poison Dragon Stone Stele.

“Not good!!” A cultivator suddenly screamed.

They saw the poison snake on the obelisk open its mouth, and it unbelievably rushed out. That cultivator, along with his flying sword even, were swallowed by the poison snake. When the others saw, their faces were white. Flying swords were thrown in succession without end, and every sort of artifact was also completely put to full use.

That enormous azure python opened its mouth, spraying a blue light.

The other cultivators did not dare receive it, and each avoided it.

“You all go quickly, This Ancestor is already helping you handle these Poison Dragon Black Pythons. Quickly go break the array point.” Ancestor Qianli shouted.

“Heavenly Deficiency Sword Array!”

“Eighteen Dark True Swords!”

“Hanging Star Sword Array!”

Several dozen cultivators surrounded the obelisk, their sword chants repeatedly rumbling, but that enormous azure snake’s scales were incomparably hard. It withstood the flying sword attacks of the cultivators, and the poison gas on the swamp was even more concentrated. Having been rolled over by its mouth opening, several cultivators were careless and were greeted with the fate of falling into the swamp without emerging.

Su Xing did not use Heaven Tearing at all, rather, he used his Divine Intent to control more than thirty flying swords and artifacts. Immemorial Sword Chant Heaven Tearing was a top-notch terror. If he brought it out, it would be hard to avoid being noticed by Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian, and Su Xing certainly did not want to be noticed right now.

Under the continuous attacks of this many cultivators, the flying swords were just like a net of swords that endlessly attacked the gigantic azure python. Everyone gradually calmed down, and their movements no longer confused. They handled this more easily now.

The giant azure python at this time suddenly scuttled into the swamp, and for a time, the flying swords were incapable of attacking.

Meanwhile, Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian had dispatched a hundred Poison Dragon Black Pythons. Seeing that the cultivators were still idle, they immediately shouted: “Hurry and go break the stone stele!!”

“But what about that black python?”

“This is the array point’s guardian beast. It running away is naturally for the better.” Ancestor Qianli said nothing further, and his flying sword went to attack the obelisk. Suddenly, at this time, the poison smoke abruptly condensed, and originally open air was crammed full of poison smoke in the blink of an eye.

“Not good!”

When everyone saw, they began to attack the obelisk without the slightest hesitation.

With the two Supercluster Cultivators assistance, breaking this obelisk was a matter of one minute. Seeing the obelisk collapse, Ancestor Qianli was satisfied. “Depart!!”

The others did not dare neglect their riding swords and left, but the green poison smoke was increasingly concentrated. Everyone could only sacrifice their magic energy to go ward it off, but by doing so, their speed considerably slowed.

Just at this time, the swamp erupted.

The previous gigantic azure python transformed into a black serpent that rushed out, shockingly towards Fang Xin’gu’s direction.

Fang Xin’gu’s expression changed.

Everyone practically felt he was dead without doubt.

Su Xing grit his teeth, and just when he was about to use Heaven Tearing, just at this moment, Wu Siyou seized his hand. She surreptitiously shook her head, her eyes sharply watching.

The poison python soared like a dragon, fiercely opening its mouth wide.

They saw the always inactive girl Zheng Yanran suddenly flash. In the vastness of her white hair, a weapon of gold light appeared in her hand instantly and rushed past the python. She raised the weapon in her hand, and she ruthlessly chopped at that immense Poison Dragon Black Python’s venomous fangs.

Let alone that Zheng Yanran’s outward appearance was extremely delicate, frivolous, with an expensive appearance, when she acted with this severity and viciousness, her attack was immediately fatal. She was intent on snapping this poison dragon python’s venomous fangs.

So long as the head suffered severe damage, this Poison Dragon Black Python’s strength would harshly decrease. If other places were cut, although it could give this Poison Dragon Black Python wounds, the effectiveness was not as clear as snapping its fangs.

The Poison Dragon Python ferociously turned its head around. It saw the face of glittering demonic green light as well as a gorgeous and blinding white saber light appear before it.

The Poison Dragon Python indignantly hissed, and it released green light from its fangs when it saw that cold light.

Zheng Yanran coldly grinned. The cold weapon carried an air-shattering whistle and an astral wind that broke open the green light. The two venomous fangs were simultaneously shattered, and then the girl’s delicate figure scuttled, mercilessly cutting into the Poison Dragon Python’s back. She penetrated straight through, and a white cold light practically cut this half of the body off.


The Poison Dragon Python was as if it had met a lightning bolt. Its body violently shook., and the python raised its head and miserably hissed. It flung its snake tail heavily at Zheng Yanran. How could the one acting as the guardian beast of the array point be underestimated. Just the gale that tail raised was enough to blow away many cultivators.

That wide dress in front began to float in the poison wind. Zheng Yanran’s eyes carried a carefree sneer as she confronted that maw of the Poison Dragon Python. That ugly mouth seemed to want to swallow the person whole, bones and all.

The Poison Dragon Python’s error was in estimating the girl’s fighting strength. Then the next saber attack came cutting, the saber qi like a falling snowflake. The sliced Poison Dragon Python howled incessantly, continuously sweeping out poison light, but Zheng Yanran would not give it any opportunities to gasp for breath. Immediately, she began to enter her second wave of attacks. The weapon chopped, and the Poison Dragon Python’s stomach was suddenly sliced open with blood gushing from the wound.

The Poison Dragon Python bellowed, curling its body up. Zheng Yanran laughed in the poison wind. She had already jumped high into the air, a whirlwind spinning around her, best described as protection. She rolled in midair, and when she landed, her legs heavily stamped onto the still shocked Poison Dragon Python’s head.


Zheng Yanran’s knee accurately struck, and a sword turned the Poison Dragon Python’s spitting into whimpers. She simply did not give the Poison Dragon Python the time to wail. At this time, Zheng Yan still had her previous innocence. Now, she had become like a demon or a god, her calm face no longer with any fluctuations. She did not have any sympathy for the devastated Poison Dragon Python, and her actions were even more ruthless.

The cold light wandered, and the saber’s tip rose and fell.

The surrounding poison creatures and poison gas immediately were dispersed by an ice-cold.


The Poison Dragon sank into the swamp and was thoroughly incapable of budging.


Zheng Yanran smoothly landed on the Poison Dragon Python’s body. That shiny straight sword3 emitted bits of cold light, and her forehead had a star shimmer.

Her acting out was not more than the time of a few breaths, yet she easily wiped out this guardian beast. Seemingly as if they were dreaming, the cultivators did not return to their senses.

“A Star General!!”

“Ah, Star General!”

Everyone shouted when they saw that cold light straight saber.

This saber was seemingly refined and tempered with cold frost, the saber top’s cold light seemingly like snow, thoroughly ice-cold. A white dragon extended from the back of the blade to the hilt, gorgeous enough to make people speechless.

“Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow!”4 Ancestor Qianli’s pupils shrunk: “Different Star Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Tianshou!!”5

Zheng Yanran’s gaze was somewhat ice-cold yet somewhat absent minded. Her figure flashed, and she returned to Fang Xin’gu’s side.

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  1. 毒龍黑蟒
  2. 嘩啦, onomatopoeia
  3. 唐刀
  4. 玉龍厄雪
  5. 地異星白面郎君鄭天壽, just so you know, 天異星 was Liu Tang, and I thought she was crazy. It seems their names really match their personalities…


  1. “These Poison Dragon Black Pythons were Five Poisons Severe Beasts. They lived within Poison Dragon Swamp, absorbing poison gas to live. Their poisonous fangs shot poison light, sprayed poison fog.”

    Holy Mother of cacophonous repetition. If you use the search word function, you’ll find that the word poison is repeated 52 times in this chapter. I swear, these xianxia authors.

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