Chapter 206: The Deep Valley Has A Deity’s Flute

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Ten million li away in the direction of the Azure Dragon Territory’s southeast, there was a verdant and lush mountain range. This mountain chain was endless and unbroken. Looking from a hundred li away, a practically limitless oily green could be seen. The fresh and green verdant forest reached a height of forty to fifty zhang, just like swords stuck into the world, hardly giving cultivators any room to place their feet. With every gust of wind, the bamboo forest produced a sweet-sounding bamboo sound, like a favorite musical instrument, and doing so gracefully. The outside thousand li seemingly could hear a “you are a silent black and white” tone.1

Make people unable to forget me!

This place was Greencorn Mountain.2

One of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Five Elements Mountain Ranges!

On this day, a Fire Beacon Chariot arrived above Greencorn Mountain. Due to the bamboo forest being excessively hidden in addition to the Greencorn Mountain being too high to reach, the Fire Beacon Chariot could only stop a bit further away. The chariot had four girls currently looking into the distance at that mountain’s indigo color.

“This is Greencorn Mountain.”

The girl wearing a light purple palace dress spoke in awe. Passing through and into this pair of clear eyes was an emerald green spectacular to the limit.

“Sister Xinjie, does this place really have Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo?” Another girl clad in a black skintight jumpsuit twitched her lips.

The others directed their gaze to look at the woman between them who had planned this.

These five were Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan and An Suwen.3

The reason they would come to Greencorn Mountain was to trace and help Lin Yingmei go look for Ice Kite Arctic Jade, but this sort of jade itself was scarce. Wu Xinjie then thought to change their approach to look for a Star General, the ranked sixty-sixth Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Dajian.4 This Star General’s greatest strength was in carving precious stones. If Tang Lianxin was said to be an absolute in tool refining, then Jin Dajian was number one in jade refinement. If they had her help, Lin Yingmei’s Ice Kite Arctic Jade would be very easy, let alone that Wu Xinjie had never not had the idea to assemble the sisters together.

But unfortunately, that Jin Dajian had vanished without a trace, so Wu Xinjie and the girls borrowed Tang Lianxin’s Fire Beacon Chariot to continuously search, reaching the Azure Dragon Territory’s borderline. They heard nothing, though they actually did encounter several Star Generals. When they arrived here, Wu Xinjie recalled that material the Wood Element Sword Su Xing was forging required was “Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” Although Heavenly Gem Valley was a rumor, the fact was that Green Shushan was a precious place with an abundance of Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo.

Wu Xinjie then put forward her own opinion. To be able to help Su Xing find the materials for the flying sword, all the girls naturally would not oppose.

“This place unexpectedly completely is bamboo!!” Lin Yingmei’s brow rose, somewhat surprised.

As far as the eye could see, the bamboo forest became an ocean, the fresh green reaching the heavens. Unexpectedly, they could not see any other types of vegetation. The bamboo forest was quiet, serene and deep. It gave people a sort of intoxication of tranquility to the limit, making people completely forget their worries.

“This place is all Metal Stone Thread Bamboo,5 but it is very formidable. We need to be careful.” Wu Xinjie reminded the to definitely not be fooled by the outer appearance of this bamboo forest. The Metal Stone Thread Bamboo was one sort of Strange Bamboo of Liangshan Continent. This bamboo’s appearance seemed ordinary, but it would vibrate to produce a sweet-sounding tone in response to sound. These tones were absolutely not ordinary, and every type of tuning would directly enter a cultivator’s heart, making the cultivator give rise to an unprecedented sense of satisfaction. So long as a cultivator’s mind was not sufficient to suppress it, they would be incapable of sobering up, and they would be imprisoned by the Thread Bamboo’s magic sound, dying in bliss.

It was for this reason this Metal Stone Thread Bamboo was also called “Peace and Happiness Bamboo.”6

Furthermore, the Greencorn Mountain in front of them had at least a million Peace and Happiness Bamboo. The sound of wind brushing past would give rise to the magic sound, so Greencorn Mountain could be considered Liangshan Continent’s most tranquil place. Even Supercluster Cultivators were unwilling to stay at this place for long. Encountering a slight breeze was fine, but if they should meet a strong wind or a hurricane, this serene bamboo sound would immediately be more pressing than King Yama. Supercluster Cultivators were hard pressed to stop this alone.

Hearing Wu Xinjie’s explanation, Shi Yuan felt that the quiet environment before her had become more dreadful than a tomb.7 Although Star Generals naturally possessed extraordinary Star Energy and that something like an actual hurricane would not make them lose their bearings, they could not avoid being affected. Wu Xinjie remembered a previous Star Duel had a Star General fall at Greencorn Mountain.

“But Star Falling here is quite comfortable.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Wu Xinjie shook her head and was silent. Actually, there were many Star Generals that knew the Star Duels were hopeless, and they chose to eternally rest at Greencorn Mountain.

“We shall search at Greencorn Mountain, see whether or not we can find the Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo. Greencorn Mountain is rich in Liangshan Continent’s most luxurious wood type materials. With so many years having come and gone, the Suppressing Evil Dem Bamboo should have that many stalks.” Wu Xinjie brimmed with self-confidence.

“If we can find the Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo, Su Xing definitely will be startled.” Shi Yuan was in a fantasy, having obtained several hundred stalks of Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo as she watched Su Xing’s dumbfounded expression.

“What a pity that this is such a beautiful place. Big Brother would definitely like it.” An Suwen sighed.

The other girls deeply held the same feeling, and they could not help but smile. This Young Master of theirs nearly treasured very unusually some of Liangshan’s peculiar sights and landscapes, as if he forever could not get enough looking at them.

“This Young Lady actually really misses Su Xing. This Young Lady wonders how he and Wu Song are in the Vermilion Bird Territory. Little Yi should have converged with Su Xing by now.” Shi Yuan appeared to panic. Separated by a distance of tens of millions of li, this made the Thief Star feel her heart was missing a bit of something. She had even thought of might as well using the “suicide” method to directly find Su Xing. After the Second Stage passed, regardless of how far apart a Star General and her master were, so long as she died, she would instantly return to the Star Nest anyways.

It was just that this was too lacking in face, and Shi Yuan certainly did not want Su Xing to always joke about her.

Wu Xinjie laughed into her sleeve. Suddenly, she saw Lin Yingmei also was somewhat staring blankly.

“Yingmei, do you also miss Young Lord??”

“Your Servant just now seemed to have seen a figure in this place just now.” Lin Yingmei knit her brow.

“A cultivator?” An Suwen asked.

“Maybe it’s a Demon Beast.” Shi Yuan said. Places like Greencorn Mountain with terrain abundant in Spirit also often had many Demon Beasts in existence.

“Be careful.” Wu Xinjie said.


Gesturing with her hand, the Fire Beacon Chariot took flight at Greencorn Mountain.

Greencorn Mountain was extremely large, its ravines and cliffs innumerable. It was completely a spanse of green that would dazzle the eyes.

The sound of wind gradually rose, and the Thread Bamboo’s sounds were endless, as if that Ninth Heaven Brahman sung it. It was also just like an ancient clear sound that gradually disturbed the mind. Wu Xinjie and the rest did not dare be careless, and they circulated their Star Energy to calm their minds.

Approximately several hours later, this big of a forest did not have an end in sight. The people inside this firmament’s bamboo forest had a type of extremely miniscule feeling.

Suddenly, a massive bamboo was reflected in Shi Yuan’s eyes. The Thief Star’s were like a torch, instantaneously discerning all the differences in this bamboo. It was a sparkling and translucent jadeite, with greenish blue droplets. When the Metal Stone Thread Bamboo produced its dull metallic light along with the sound of wind, only this bamboo concealed in the green grove was like a shy girl.

“Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo!”

Shi Yuan shouted in pleasant surprise.

It was just as Wu Xinjie thought. Greencorn Mountain was a precious place for Spirit Bamboo, and one or two growing in several hundred years was not strange, however, that Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo was hidden within a forest of millions of bamboo. It really was not too easy to find if one was inattentively searching. The Fire Beacon Chariot descended towards it, and as they drew increasingly near, this bamboo was increasingly simple. On the bamboo, there were indistinct naturally markings. These simple and unadorned markings made this bamboo seem to brim with a noble air, releasing a Spirit Fragrance.

This was the standard of Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo – Evil Suppressing Marks.8

Just at this moment, in an instant, the light breeze was suddenly violent, the horizon composing a song.

They heard only a burst of melodious flute music that seemingly came from those prehistoric times, continuous and winding, lasting and rising, full of a fearsome magic energy. The Metal Stone Thread Bamboo here suddenly had been half resonated by this flute sound. The dull golden light abruptly strove for splendor against the sun, and a touching flute note like a sharp sword firmly passed through their hearts.

Wu Xinjie, Lin Yingmei and the rest already had defenses, but they did not expect that this flute would be like a flood of a thousand li. It rolled uninterrupted, instantly tearing the defenses in their hearts to shreds. The Peace and Happiness Bamboo simultaneously flutter as the song drifted from the horizon. Seemingly, there were countless fairies fluttering around them, composing a song.

Following the undulations in the timbre of this flute’s sound, that wavelike flute sound was even more violent in its constant changes.

Unexpectedly, it made the Star Generals incapable of withstanding it.

“This is Dark Rank Star Magic!!” Wu Xinjie’s expression changed, and she immediately heard the origins of this flute.

At this moment, Greencorn Mountain, that span of tens of thousands of bamboo forests of concentrated green seemingly resonated, becoming a natural array. Perhaps this world had no other tuning array that could currently be stronger than this. The flute’s sound was agile, yet it was completely unable to be completely expelled from the heart.

The Fire Beacon Chariot fell amidst the flute’s song.


Associated in the wake of this flute sound entering their hearts, the sound of a chilly wind also came over.


Lin Yingmei’s spear was raised, intercepting the attack. The newcomer was a girl in green clothes. She was blank with surprise, her lips chanting. More than forty golden bamboo flying swords combined into one with clanging.

Wu Xinjie and the rest fell into the forest. Lin Yingmei had that Snow-winged Cicada Bodice, so she could glide in combat. Gritting her teeth, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear immediately was waved. A cold light brushed away the flying sword, and the Majestic Star flashed towards the woman with a stab.

“Panther Head Lin Chong??”

The woman cried out in alarm and did not dare be the slightest bit neglectful, her white hands forming hand seals.

The flute noise was all the more resounding, and the entire bamboo sea from far away echoed seemingly to the grounds of that far-off prehistory. Lin Yingmei violently vomited a mouthful of blood.

The woman saw this, and completely without hesitation, she slashed with the golden bamboo flying sword.

Lin Yingmei flipped to the side, evading.

“Lin Chong, accept death!!” The woman shouted.

The flute sound invading her mind incessantly engulfed Lin Yingmei’s Star Energy, the girl continuously retreating.

“Sister Yingmei, quickly go kill that person, leave her to us.” Shi Yuan and An Suwen blocked the woman’s attack.

“I never thought there would be this many Star Generals, do not think any of you can run!”

The woman snorted. A riding sword was above her, and her forehead had a green star twinkle. Astonishingly, she was a Star Master. She threw out a bamboo tube, and this bamboo tube sprayed out a clear qi onto the flying sword. The flying sword sharply expanded, its imposing aura even more fierce. Several dozen flying swords suddenly formed into more than a hundred that went to cover her.

“One Hundred and Eight Heavenly Bamboo Sword Array!9 Go!!”

Lin Yingmei wanted to counterattack, but that deep valley’s flute sound was honestly too taxing. If it was not a weapon, it was something even better that made the girls simply incapable of forming an effective defense.

A boom descended.

The sky filled with bamboo trees lifted in waves.

In the wake of the massive scorpion stone pillar collapsing with a boom, they had again sacrificed numerous cultivators. Su Xing’s group finally could be considered to have destroyed the Scorpion Desert’s second Five Poisons Array Point. The barren landscape was like rolling waves, a barren that was each built into a meter in size by Pipa Poison Scorpions.10 The blood red chelicera and that dazzling tail needle seemed to be very frightening.

After entering the scorpion’s desert, they were thoroughly incapable of riding swords. Everyone could only madly dash across the desert. If they sunk into quicksand, then they were dead for certain.

Su Xing suddenly had a headache, and his expression slightly changed.

“What is the matter?” Wu Siyou looked at Su Xing’s startled expression in complete confusion. Even if they encountered the Poison Scorpion Desert’s Pipa Empress Scorpion, there was no need for him to be this shocked, that she was slightly worried.

Su XIng shook his head, his brow tightly knitting together.

Author’s Note:

Sorry, but today I wanted to write more. At 12, I wrote nearly 2000 characters. I abruptly got stuck on the resurrection contest on the 2nd. Being stuck for the whole day was depressing. I am certain to finish before the 26th. After the city is finished, I will burst out again and strive for Evil Smiting Hall as the finish for this month

Tomorrow, I will continue with three chapters.

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  1. 彷彿千里之外都能聽到“你無聲黑白”的音調 This is an allusion to the Jay Chou song 千里之外, which has the lyrics 你無聲黑白
  2. 青蜀山, 蜀山 is an actual place
  3. Uh, I count four, author.
  4. 玉臂匠金大堅
  5. 金石絲竹
  6. 安樂竹
  7. Remember, she hates going into tombs.
  8.  鎮邪紋
  9.  一百零八天竹劍陣
  10.  琵琶毒蠍


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