Chapter 205: Disciple, Saber Draw Water Cutter

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“Star Master!!”

Everyone was astonished. Not a single person foresaw that Fang Xin’gu was a Star Master, that his cousin unexpectedly was a Star General.

Although she seemed to only be the ranked seventy-fourth Different Star, the martial force she just displayed made everyone change.

Ancestor Qianli coldly smiled. Ever since his school’s Star Master had been destroyed, he currently saw Star Generals in a bad light no matter what.

“Your Servant is Fang Xin’gu. Because of chance and coincidence, Your Servant has signed a contract with his cousin. Due to great concerns, Your Servant asks Seniors and Fellows to understand.” Fang Xin’gu cupped his fist and said.

“Heh, heh. You have hidden yourself quite deeply. If it were not for that Poison Dragon’s surprise attack just now, This Old Man would have been fooled by you.” Ancestor Qianli put on a fake smile.

The other cultivators gazed at Fang Xin’gu with gladness and alarm.

Zheng Yanran stowed away the straight saber Jade Dragon , coldly snorting.

“The Fellows at this place are here for the Azure Dragon Territory’s safety, regardless of whether or not you are a Star Master is irrelevant. Since even this Fellow can lend a helping hand by his Star Master status, indeed the youth can stay.” The Daoist Master Qing Lian’s mouth spat out a lotus flower to ingeniously carry this matter forward.

“We had better quickly pass this Five Poisons Mountain, so as not to tarry our time.” Daoist Master Qing Lian looked at Ancestor Qianli.

Ancestor Qianli chuckled and asked Fang Xin’gu: “What is your name?”

“Your Servant is Fang Xin’gu!” Fang Xin’gu did not dare be careless.

“You must have a sect?”

“Your Servant is alone.”

“Very good, how about if you enter the Blooming Water Sword Sect for this Five Poisons Mountain? This Ancestor will personally take you as a disciple, so long as you wish to lend the Blooming Water Sword Sect a helping hand.” Ancestor Qianli laughed out loud.

Seeing him unexpectedly recruit a Star Master, the Daoist Master Qing Lian did not speak.

Fang Xin’gu was somewhat hesitant, but he knew that since a Supercluster Ancestral Master dared to ask like this, naturally the Ancestor would not allow him to say no, “Many thanks for Senior’s consideration.” Fang Xin’gu could only speak like this.

The Zheng Yanran behind him wrinkled her nose, appearing displeased.

Ancestor Qianli’s mood was very good as far as they eye could see. “If anyone else among you is a Star Master, quickly state your name? This Ancestor will not harm him. The Star Master under Ancestor Qing Lian’s school has been killed by the Purple Thunder Monster, and now is also an opportunity for you to develop!” Ancestor Qianli was very cunning. In order to avert harming his teamwork with Ancestor Qing Lian, he immediately spoke like this, to prominently show his good faith.

Ancestor Qing Lian’s face wore a slight smile as he nodded.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, not a single one of them admitting so.

“You!” Ancestor Qianli suddenly pointed at Su Xing. He gloomily said: “This Ancestor just now discovered that everyone is using flying swords, yet you and the woman with you are not doing anything. Could it be said she is a Star General?”

Everyone looked at Su Xing, a face of fright as they stared at Wu Siyou. Their hearts actually believed this about seventy to eighty percent. Wu Siyou’s cool elegance was threatening, and how could this personality be matched by ordinary Star Cultivators. Only those legendary Star Generals could have this level of imposing aura.

Only then did Daoist Master Qing Lian notice Wu Siyou, his eyes gleaming.

Su Xing smiled wholeheartedly, “Senior misunderstands, this is Your Servant’s wife, how could she be a Star General.”


Ancestor Qianli smiled oddly: “You, a Galaxy Early Stage, has this beautiful and gorgeous of a wife??”

Wu Siyou’s eyes had a trace of killing intent, so Su Xing held her hand.

Wu Siyou went blank, but she immediately understood Su Xing’s meaning. Lowering her gaze, she did not let anyone see her eyes, but if they were visible, most probably even Ancestor Qianli would be scared pale.

Su Xing restrained the thought to kill him. His appearance was still deferential as he said: “Senior has also said so, Your Servant is only Galaxy Early Stage, so what qualifications does Your Servant have to sign a Star General that can pretend to be Galaxy Late Stage.”

Speaking as such, everyone was somewhat relieved. To be able to feign being Galaxy Late Stage, at the minimum, she would have to be among the first twenty Heavenly Stars. By Su Xing’s current strength, he was extremely mediocre. Even that flying sword was not level, so it was not believable.

“Is there not also another sort of possibility? That the contracted Star General is capable of disguising her Star Energy.” Ancestor Qianli remained unmoved.

Su Xing feigned a difficult expression.

Fang Xin’gu at this time said: “Senior…”

“Is This Ancestor still called Senior?” Ancestor Qianli smiled.

Fang Xin’gu was embarrassed and promptly corrected himself: “Master, Disciple can testify. Fellow Su Xing is not a Star Master at all.”

“Reason.” Ancestor Qianli flatly said.

“It is like this. Fellow Su Xing’s wife previously had Yin deficiency. Fellow Su Xing even specifically helped Lady Su purchase medicine to mend her body. If she was a Star General, how could there possibly be this sort of matter.”

His words made the others enter into a commotion.

Although they knew the two had a relationship, when they heard Fang Xin’gu be so frank, they were very much jealous of Su Xing. A few female cultivators gazed at Wu Siyou and blushed.

“Is this true?” Ancestor Qianli wrinkled his brow. He naturally knew that although Star Generals were remarkably beautiful, since ancient times, who would not have dared to have the idea of a Star General’s Pure Yin.. Legend said that in the past, there were many cultivators that relied on every sort of means to forcibly seize a Star Maiden. However, in those times, with falling skies of bright stars, people that harbored this sort of idea would die a very ugly death.

However, Ancestor Qianli looked at Wu Siyou. Yesterday was somewhat tense, making Wu Siyou currently appear comparatively exhausted. Now, she actually made people feel she truly did have that sort of impression of being very tired due to sex.

“Then why does she not use a flying sword?” Daoist Master Qing Lian curiously asked,

“That is because my wife is pregnant.” Su Xing forced a smile.


Everyone was startled.

Life-cast Flying Swords were nurtured in the body. If a woman was pregnant, then indeed she could not use a flying sword. This was explainable, and Fang Xin’gu looked in shock at Su Xing. Zheng Yanran’s smile, though, was somewhat mysterious.

“This Ancestor still is not too convinced.” How could Ancestor Qianli be that easy to deceive.

Wu Siyou was somewhat impatient and wanted to call out the White And Black Unicorn Tiger to open its mouth wide to kill him, had the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song ever been encircled by a crowd like this before. Su Xing rolled his eyes. He had a plan, and he immediately said helplessly: “Senior really is incredible. Your Servant does not dare deceive Senior. Your Servant indeed is a Star Master!!”


Fang Xin’gu was hoarse, and everyone was stunned.

Ancestor Qianli laughed heartily, with a sort of satisfied feeling of vanity, “Why must you conceal a thousand ways. Unexpectedly, even pregnancy has been mentioned. Heh, heh, what Star General is this, that she could unexpectedly be willing to let you take her virginity?”

Fuck, there’s no need for this idiot to provoke Wu Song if he wants to die.

Su Xing said: “Senior misunderstands, this is Your Servant’s wife…” He paused, saying nothing. His shoulder shook, and there suddenly was a bright glow. Gongsun Huang appeared out of thin air and sat on Su Xing’s shoulder, her eyes blinking.

Everyone was stupefied.


“This is Your Servant’s Star General, but to be honest, she has been inflicted with the extreme toxins of Lady Snake Scorpion’s Star General. She has already lost her fighting capabilities, thus Your Servant can only conceal her.” Su Xing made a bitter smile.

Ancestor Qianli fixed his gaze and looked. Sure enough, he discovered that Gongsun Huang was abnormally weak, that her body had Gu Poison within. This time, he absolutely was not mistaken.

The other envious cultivators were relieved. Many even had jeering expressions. Originally, they were still very jealous that Su Xing was a Star Master and also had a beauty beside him. Now, they saw his Star General unexpectedly was trash. The hearts of many of them somewhat took comfort and joy in his misfortune.

“So it turned out to be this.” Ancestor Qianli sneered: “However, you deceived This Ancestor like this. Your audacity truly is not small!”

A powerful pressure immediately pressed down on Su Xing.

“Forget it, this Fellow had no other choice.” Daoist Master Qing Lian stroked his beard, slowly interrupting Ancestor Qianli. He flatly looked at Su Xing: “Do you wish to enter This Ancestor’s school? This Five Poisons Mountain is also to confront that Lady Snake Scorpion. That Gu Poison can be cured, so there is no need to worry.”

“Then thanks to the Daoist Master.” Su Xing said.

Daoist Master Qing Lian smiled in satisfaction. In reality, he had no interest at all in Star Masters like Su Xing that had trash Star Generals, but it was sufficient cause to kill Lady Snake Scorpion when the time came. Moreover, having a Star General gave sects quite a bit of face. His thoughts and Ancestor Baili’s could be said to hold the same opinion. In their eyes, so long as this was beneficial to them, Star Generals could be taken in and exploited.

“There is no time to lose. We must first go to the next Five Poisons.” Daoist Master Qing Lian beckoned with his hand.

Sword light escaped away.

“Hmph, why did you not allow Your Servant to kill these old farts.” Wu Siyou coldly said. If she commanded the White And Black Unicorn Tiger to do so, she actually did not fear these Supercluster Middle Stages.

“Wife, I also very much want to kill them, but right now still is not the time.” Su Xing shook his head. If they acted, the other cultivators would certainly stand on Ancestor Qianli’s side. This place’s topography was troublesome and there was nothing to do about it. Of course, Su Xing had another reason, which was that these two Supercluster Stage old monsters all had full energy. If the other Ancestral Masters were drawn over, that would be extremely far from good, let alone that Five Poisons Mountain still had many more poisons to pass through. Right now, they still could not make a move.

When it truly was time to move, he inevitably could not give them the chance to catch their breath.

Su Xing then brought out the Birth Treasure Outline. The book’s pages flipped, reflecting material pertaining to Zheng Yanran.

Star Position: Different Star

Star Name: Zheng Tianshou1

Nickname: Fair Skinned Gentleman

True Name: Zheng Yanran

Rank: Seventy-fourth

Star Weapon: Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow (Three Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Thousand Militaries Sixth Stage

Innate Skill: Pretty2

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Ice Breaker Snow Slicer3

Dark Rank Special Skill: Saber Draw Water Cutter4

Current Status: Contractor (Fang Xin’gu)

Detailed Materials: …

When Wu Siyou saw Su Xing take out the Birth Treasure Outline, she could not help but wrinkle her brow.

“Awesome, unexpectedly, she’s at Thousand Militaries Sixth Stage.” Su Xing exclaimed. In his impressions, the Fair Skinned Gentleman in the Water Margin was certainly not this incredible.

“When Star Generals are born, there is a certain realm and capability to grow. Your Servant sees that she is very exceptional, very gifted, unexpectedly already reaching Thousand Militaries Sixth Stage.” Wu Siyou was also very impressed. This sort of realm could defeat average Heavenly Stars, “She has learned her Dark Rank Special Skill. It seems she is a formidable Little Sister.” Wu Siyou nodded.

“Truly, she cannot be underestimated.” In order to avoid the troublesome matter of another Star Master appearing in the midst of the Star Cultivators, Su Xing even decided to secretly seize the opportunity to first use the Birth Treasure Outline to probe them. This was to avoid being taken advantage of others for their personal gain.

“Was what she used just now the Saber Draw Water Cutter?” Su Xing asked.

Wu Siyou shook her head: “Your Servant fears it is Ice Breaker Snow Slicer.”

“Do you wish to confront her?” Gongsun Huang blinked her eyes.

Su Xing shook his head, smiling.

“You are afraid that when the time comes to handle Ancestor Qianli, that Fang Xin’gu and Zheng Yanran will act?” Wu Siyou thoughtfully said.

“I am not a single bit worried.” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders.

At this time, he saw that the others had already directed their attention here. He did not find any other Star Masters, so Su Xing put the Birth Treasure Outline away and went to catch up.

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  1.  鄭天壽
  2. 俊美
  3.  斷冰切雪
  4.  抽刀斷水


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