Chapter 213: Harm Star VS Different Star

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“Yanran, we are going!” Fang Xin’gu said when he saw this.

Zheng Yanran nodded her head, yet she walked to Wu Siyou’s front, hanging an engrossed smile.

“Has Elder Sister Siyou signed a contract?”

“Do you feel Your Servant would sign a contract?” Wu Siyou asked in return.

Zheng Yanran glanced at Su Xing, as if she was pondering the relationship of Wu Siyou becoming the Purple Thunder Monster’s wife. Zheng Yanran was not overly puzzled like the other cultivators. She was intelligent, instantly mentioning by name: “According to the relationship between Elder Sister Siyou and Lin Chong, it appears that Elder Sister Siyou wishes to make Elder Brother Su Xing prove something that you would come to the Vermilion Bird Territory using the guise of a married couple?”

Wu Siyou’s eyes stared.

Su Xing’s brows rose. This Zheng Yanran actually was bright of mind, having guessed just about right. Seeing that Zheng Yanran’s saber technique was superb, that move just now was a saber technique swift to the extreme that Su Xing only felt his eyes were dazzled. If it was himself, he feared he would suffer great misfortune. When he confronted the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni, Su Xing had a bit of luck contending against a Star General, but seeing that Zheng Yanran had only just used that one move, his heart was inwardly on guard, not daring to be careless.

The Fair Skinned Gentleman in the original hundred and eight was of the category whose martial force could be neglected, but it seemed she was abnormally powerful this Star Duel. Not only was her Star Weapon Three Star, her realm was also approaching Ten Thousand Techniques. As far as rankings for the Earthly Stars ranked seventy and above, they could count as commendable. Su Xing thought so as well, for legend said that although each generation of Star Duels had their own foundations, the Star Maidens of each generation’s Star Duels were all the same in possessing different talents.

An unknown Earthly Star with preeminent martial force appearing in the hundred and eight was not impossible. If this was all according to rankings, then from a martial force perspective, these Star Duels completely were under the rule of a few people.

Seeing Zheng Yanran’s every movement was absent-minded, every word and action actually caused some pressure. Evidently, she was very self-confident.

“Brother Fang, just how did Little Sister Yanran become your cousin?” Taking advantage of the time the two were faced off, Su Xing then curiously asked Fang Xin’gu.

“It is a long story…” Fang Xin’gu handsome face showed slight difficulty. Su Xing clicked his tongue. This guy showed a sad appearance that perhaps would throw a multitude of young women into a frenzy. He was originally so handsome, and unexpectedly even contracting the Fair Skinned Gentleman that could make one’ appearance become even more handsome, this honestly was Heaven’s favor.

Only after hearing Fang Xin’gu’s story did Su Xing know that Zheng Yanran turned out to be a distant relative’s niece that followed along Fang Xin’gu’s older brother, Fang Xinsan.1 As for the specific reason, that was unknown, however, Fang Xin’gu’s older brother Fang Xinsan was a formidable and distinguished sword cultivator. His sword techniques were extremely superb, enough that he could contend against a Star General. He handed Zheng Yanran over to Fang Xin’gu without saying anything, only that he needed to learn through experience and wanted him to look after Zheng Yanran.

It was actually this simple. Afterwards, Zheng Yanran wished to go to the Vermilion Bird Territory, and Fang Xin’gu followed along.

During that time with the Devil Mask Clan, Fang Xin’gu indeed absolutely did not expect this seemingly frail girl would be a legendary Star General, besides being one with frightening martial force.

“I think Elder Brother gave her to Your Servant to look after probably because he wanted to let Yanran see whether or not Your Servant could become her Master?” Fang Xin’gu bitterly smiled.

“Oh.” Su Xing did not feel this was odd at all. According to Fang Xin’gu’s words, his older brother Fang Xinsan should have been a sword cultivator for a very long time, but it was unknown how his martial force was. Seeing Zheng Yanran dispose of things so rapidly, he wondered whether or not she had received Fang Xinsan’s instruction to be this outstanding. If this was the case, he really could not have contempt for them.

“Then do you plan to participate in the Star Duels?”

“I am somewhat thinking of giving up…” Fang Xin’gu looked at Su Xing and forced a smile. He actually was not a person without courage. Liangshan Continent’s Star Duels were famous and brilliant legends. Even if they were absolutely deadly, they were still the lifelong dreams of cultivators. Originally, Fang Xin’gu had wanted to have great success, but seeing Su Xing’s incredible abilities that he would dare stand off against two Supercluster Ancestors, Fang Xin’gu then realized the gap between them.

Only this level of courage could count as a genuine Star Master’s, and he completely was inadequate.

Su Xing was somewhat embarrassed. He felt that he himself was purely an exceedingly cheat existence. Of course, these sorts of words could not be said, however, he did not want to become enemies with Fang Xin’gu. At the same time, other than he, Zhao Hanyan and Gong Caiwei were people he also very much did not want to become enemies. Hearing Fang Xin’gu’s words, it was only then he profoundly understood that if he participated in the Star Duels, this cruelty was inevitable and incapable of being averted.

“Brother Su Xing, can This Fang be so bold as to ask a question?” Fang Xin’gu looked at Su Xing with uncertainty, very complex. Naturally, he did not know Su Xing’s thinking at this moment. There was a question that had always been in stifled in the pit of Fang Xin’gu’s stomach somewhat uncomfortably.

“What question?”Su Xing smiled.

“That Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong, did Brother Su Xing actually contract her?” Fang Xin’gu curiously asked. Looking again at the cool and elegant Wu Siyou, his expression had a sort of completely puzzled look.

“She has some matters to attend to. As for Wu Siyou, en, she indeed is Your Servant’s waifu.2 You also know that she and Lin Chong have a pretty good relationship.” Su Xing laughed.

Fang Xin’gu’s pupils stared at the boss, and then he made a thumbs up. From start to finish, he had evolved worship from the bottom of his heart: “Two legends of Liangshan Continent’s thousand years unexpectedly both are Brother Su Xing’s women. Brother Su Xing truly is a god!”

At this time.

Zheng Yanran and Wu Siyou that had been standing opposite of each other finally had a result. The result did not go beyond Su Xing’s expectations.

“What? Yanran must not, you want to have a Star Duel with Wu Song??”

Fang Xin’gu was scared pale. That was but the overlord of the previous generation, and right now, she also had a Star Beast beside her.

Wu Siyou stroked the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, her eyes extremely indifferent.

Su Xing walked over and asked: “Waifu, do you truly want to fight with her?”

“En.” Wu Siyou was calm and easy. The corner of her mouth wore a slight curve, and this sort of curve brimmed with a challenging nature: “Very rarely is there a completely uncharacteristic Star General. Did you see just now?”


“This Different Star Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran’s martial force is not bad, brimming over with talent. There are only a few altogether in the one hundred and eight sisters. Since she wants to Star Duel, Your Servant naturally shall accompany her to the end.” Wu Siyou harrumphed.

Su Xing could discern Zheng Yanran’s disposition. Her appearance was frivolous but inside her bones actually was a type of innate arrogance. By means of her methods out of the norms for Earthly Stars, wishing to challenge Wu Siyou was within reason. It was just that looking at things this way, Zheng Yanran absolutely was not able to handle the current Wu Siyou. The Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran’s sole advantage perhaps was that Dark Rank Saber Technique.

Each rank of Star Generals’ battle techniques were boundlessly mighty. At the Earth Rank, they could contend against a Supervoid Cultivator, and at the Heaven Rank, even Transforming Stars of Annihilation needed to be somewhat afraid of the consequences. By means of Zheng Yanran’s Three Star Destined Weapon, along with that excellent martial force, if paired with her Dark Rank Saber Technique, this truly made Su Xing somewhat worried. Earthly Stars’ Star Magics were but capable of consecutive usage.

“Waifu, is this fine? She has the Dark Rank Saber Technique. Do you want me to help you?” Su Xing asked.

“What? Is that person not your friend?” Wu Siyou thoughtfully smiled.

Su Xing laughed out loud, “I did not say we need to kill him…however, Waifu is the most important.”

“Hmph, do not speak pleasant words, Your Servant will not fall for them.” Wu Siyou waved her hand and walked directly to the center of the canyon.

Fang Xin’gu was fruitless in dissuading her and could only step back. The two might as well have reached the limit with this Star Duel. Purely probing her, Wu Siyou actually disdained to truly kill her. However, it was always unavoidable that elder sisters sometimes needed to teach bold little sisters “a lesson.”

“Elder Sister Siyou, let me win.” Zheng Yanran covered her mouth and laughed.

“Your Servant shall give you a hard to forget lesson!” Wu Siyou calmly said: “Use every trick you have!”

“Little Sister is indeed dreaming, thinking she can defeat the previous overlord, Wu Song!!” Zheng Yanran’s eyes instantly turned cold. That moment was similar to a Demon King possession. The Golden Cup Chrysanthemum dress moved on its own without wind, and Zheng Yanran flashed by.

The first slash was just like a ray of light.

While the fog had not receded, a cold net tore it open. It bore all of the best qualities of Zheng Yanran’s fighting prowess, lacking any holes and of the highest quality. The first slash let Su Xing know this girl indeed was not an ordinary Earthly Star martial general.

The concentrated atmosphere was stirred up by the ripping cold light of the sabertip. It released an indistinct whistling sound. The tip that was almost in reach was just like a bloodthirsty fang, like a fracturing sheet of ice. Floating snow fragmented, and this saber was completely chilly to the bone.

Astonishingly, it was Zheng Yanran’s Saber Technique.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer!!

Su Xing stared fixedly on the battle between the two. All of the battles between Star Generals of different styles to Su Xing could provide enormous benefit to learning from experience of the martial force of Star Generals. He naturally would not miss this great opportunity.

In Su Xing’s eyes, he saw the flat flames of Wu Siyou’s gaze. That simple expression was like a weak and sharp razor, brimming with disdain towards this technique.

She lightly raised her hand, and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was waved to block. The double-headed sword was raised to chest-level without any fancy movements.

In the next instant, the time between the two was just like it was frozen.

Black sword qi then gushed out. Wu Siyou stepped forward, and this step was so practiced.

The speed was even faster!

Zheng Yanran’s pupils shrunk. Ice Breaker Snow Slicer slashed open the black sword qi, yet it was incapable of obstructing Wu Siyou’s swift and severe pace. The Pilgrim already flew forward, one palm falling and striking Zheng Yanran’s shoulder.

The girl slid backwards, yet she still maintained her impregnable defensive stance. She appeared to be very adept, and she carried slight approval on the corner of her mouth. “En, not bad. Yanran had even thought this slash could bring Elder Sister trouble…”

“Is that so?” Wu Siyou indifferently said. She flung her arm, suddenly shooting over with her sword.

Right now was her time to counterattack.

“Elder Sister will not use her Yellow Rank Sword Technique? That certainly is somewhat dangerous.” Zheng Yanran’s brows rose, sneering very coldly.

In the next instant, accompanied with a slashing motion, Wu Siyou’s afterimage emerged, real and fake indistinguishable. The shadow of a hurricane reaching several hundred meters wide violently shout out from the swordtip. It directly pounced towards the Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran. Even if it was a pure attack, this sword qi’s imposing air was not inferior to her Yellow Rank Sword Technique.

Zheng Yanran hastily withdrew a step, raising her sword to block.

The black sword qi seemed to pressed down on Zheng Yanran from every direction. In that instant, the girl’s defenses nearly were collapsed. The Fair Skinned Gentleman showed an astounded expression, and her straight saber cut down the sword qi.


The power directly sent her flying. The Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow released a whistling dragon cry that was almost cut short.

Wu Siyou did not pursue and attack, standing proudly upright.

Zheng Yanran’s smile was somewhat unresigned. This was a Heavenly Star Martial General’s slash!

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  1.  方心散
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  1. Seeing ‘waifu’ here. Doesn’t sit well for some reason.
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    1. I prefer “waifu”, myself, which is not a Japanese term — it’s an otaku’s standard translation for the real Japanese 俺の嫁 “oreno yome”, literally my wife. So whether this is a zh or ja novel is irrelevant, because this isn’t even a wasei eigo term.

      1. What the hell did ANY o f that have to do with anything!?

        Dood, it’s not even about the etymology here… it’s just a matter o f what “sounds” better and contextually, Su Xing saying “wifey” just suits him better as a character.

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