Chapter 212: Destroying The Ancestor

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“Truly troublesome!”

Wu Siyou’s unhappy voice resounded. Ancestor Qianli controlled his flying sword to go attack. At this time, because his Flower Essence Sword was broken, he hastily called it back. Su Xing’s Escape Technique activated, and he controlled Heaven Tearing to directly attack.

Ancestor Qianli genuinely was nearly insane with anger. Had he ever been completely put into so difficult a situation by a single Galaxy Cultivator. It was too late for more thought as he controlled the completely blue jade ruyi. The jade ruyi suddenly protected and concentrated slightly to his front. At the same time, he waved his hand, and small seals sprayed in the four directions. In the midst of multicolored light, it became a green light that smashed directly towards Wu Siyou.

Compared to Su Xing getting close to him, he evidently took more consideration of the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song.

There was an enormous “boom,” and Wu Siyou coldly laughed. She completely lack hesitation and attacked the jade seal. Black rays and green light intertwined, but the black qi waned and swelled in between, crushing the multicolored light.

The jade seal whooshed, flying to one side, reversing its direction back to ruthlessly pound Ancestor Qianli.

Ancestor Qianli was astonished, and his hands hastily formed seals. Only after several seals were struck in quick succession did this make the jade seal shooting towards his defenses gradually stop. However, with this moment’s delay, Wu Siyou already arrived in front of him, her jet-black swordtip carrying snow appearing right in front of the barrier, slashing downwards.

The barrier was abruptly jolted, and Ancestor Qianli only felt a tremendous power come from his front. At once, even his own person wearing the defensive cover was sent flying. However, Ancestor Qianli was worthy of the name of the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s old monster, for he was extremely experienced with battling others. Before he was sent flying, he unexpectedly rushed to shake his sleeve. A Blooming Water Divine Thunder then suddenly shot out, directly launched at Wu Siyou. Wu Siyou’s cold as ice and frost beauty hooked on a disdainful smile.

When she saw the Blooming Water Divine Thunder that was like a sharp sword hack down from above, Wu Siyou basically did not have intentions of dodging. On the contrary, she suddenly breathed in, raised her double-headed sword at the Blooming Water Divine Thunder above her, and then the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ black sword qi sprayed forth.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder struck the black sword qi, and immediately, the Divine Thunder was twisted and wrapped up by this sword qi. The thunder-light on the Divine Thunder could only moan and flicker a few times. Then, it had been cleanly extinguished.

Suddenly, it vanished into thin air.

When Ancestor Qianli saw this, his expression was even more unsightly.

He had used this Blooming Water Divine Thunder at full power without leaving any leeway. Even if it was to handle an ordinary magic weapon, it would still have enough to spare, but he had not expected that the Harm Star was valiant far beyond his imagination. Looking at the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ three gorgeous stars, Ancestor Qianli’s heart sunk to a low point. He even thought of fleeing. Wu Song’s fame for combat was shocking to the extreme, especially at this time that was already the third phase of the prologue. How could Ancestor Qianli dare confront her.

Wu Siyou’s figure flashed, seemingly leaning where she was. “Huchi,”1 a cool elegance flashed through. In the blink of an eye, she had arrived in front of Ancestor Qianli with another sword attack.

Ancestor Qianli’s completely blue ruyi cracked, the mighty power sending Ancestor Qianli’s body flying away.

Wu Siyou moved, and then she flashed to underneath Ancestor Qianli. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ swordtip flowed like quicksilver, slashing downwards.

In an instant, the Ancestor Qianli who was incapable of blocking had been turned into a sandbag repeatedly struck flying. That jade ruyi honestly was a top-notch defensive magic weapon. Although the aura of dark-green light flickered incessantly, under the immense ravaging strength of Wu Siyou’s Three Star Weapon, it unexpectedly still had not been broken for the time being.

It made Wu Siyou unable to help but lightly exclaim in surprise from her own mouth, but the attack in her hands did not stop in the slightest. One slash after another, she did not stop for a moment.

Ancestor Qianli at this moment was greatly afraid in his heart. Being closed in on by the Pilgrim, Ancestor Qianli simply completely lacked the power to retaliate. After a dozen or so slashes, the defensive aura that jade ruyi released finally dimmed. The jade ruyi’s cracks increasingly grew in number. Ancestor Qianli’s heart thudded, directly sinking.

A sneer flashed across Ancestor Qianli’s face. A figure flashed by, the double headed sword crisscrossing up and down, the offensive not diminishing. The Harm Star closed in with every step, not giving him any chances.

Ancestor Qianli’s face was like ash. He watched as his protection was about to be struck open. He abruptly grit his teeth and pressed something underneath his clothes on his chest. His plan was reckless, to do his utmost against the opponent.

“Wu Song, do not be savage!” Ancestor Qianli used his flying sword to battle Su Xing, and from his chest, he felt out a talisman. This talisman’s entire body was of multicolored light, emitting an Immortal Qi. Sect Supreme Grade cultivators like Supercluster Ancestors, when they reached this realm, the magic weapons they were most expert with generally were those that protected their lives while the others were not placed in their view. Furthermore, besides a few special talismans or Supreme Grade talismans, those simply were no longer valued, and this talisman of Ancestor Qianli’s was Supreme Grade based on its appearance.

The talisman fragmented. Multicolored light exploded, becoming a haze that enveloped Wu Siyou within. That multicolored light covered her, and Wu Siyou suddenly felt her figure sink, her movements unconsciously greatly slowing.


Ancestor Qianli malevolently laughed. He rubbed his hands together, and then he raised them both. A dozen more red flickering and long burning talismans were shot from his hands. They shot straight at the Wu Siyou still being trapped by the multicolored haze.

These talismans instantly arrived above Wu Siyou. Under the urging of Ancestor Qianli, they successively exploded.

Explosions rumbled continuously without stop. A large expanse of thunder-fire appeared, and then it pressed directly downwards, becoming the mouth of a ferocious beast about to swallow Wu Siyou. Just during the time he was satisfied he could kill Wu Siyou, suddenly, he saw the surroundings soar with divine light and propitious vapors. The serene blue steamed, the qi rolled and rolled, this clear drizzle of blue light was like a flowing galaxy that cleanly broke his two Supreme Grade Talismans instantly, “Multicolored Red Clouds Seal Talisman”2 and “Desolate Fire Devouring Beast Talisman.”3

Seeing this scene, Ancestor Qianli cried out loudly.

“Bullying my Waifu, you must not want to live anymore?” Su Xing shook the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, abruptly closing in.

Heaven Tearing attacked and slashed Ancestor Qianli. A white shadow also pounced out, a claw ripping open.

Consecutively receiving two heavy attacks, Ancestor Qianli’s energy was greatly reduced.

“Bastard!!! This Ancestor must destroy you.” Ancestor Qianli shouted loudly. He again unleashed a Blooming Water Divine Thunder, and then he turned around and fled.

Just when he turned and ran, he suddenly saw a girl appear in front of him.

She wore an ash gray Golden Cup Chrysanthemum dress, the wide sleeves reaching the ground. Her hand hefted a jade sword, her hair was bundled and was like snow, a frivolous appearance.

Different Star Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran!

Seeing the ranked seventy-fourth Earthly Star also dared to obstruct him, strutting around right in front of him, Ancestor Qianli truly had rage written across his whole face. He raised a flying sword to slash at Zheng Yanran. “The damned Star Generals can all go die!!”

Zheng Yanran lifted her eyelids, as if she had waited for a long time. Her left hand covered her yawn, and her right clutched the Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow. Her two legs slightly parted, a forked stance.

Ancestor Qianli arrived in the blink of an eye.

Zheng Yanran lightly chuckled. “Contempt for Star Generals certainly is not good.”

Zheng Yanran seemingly had a slight bowing movement, naturally as if she was watering a plant. Her hand neither quickly nor slowly raised the straight saber as she held the shaft. In the middle of her lifting her hand, she turned her wrist. Stroking her palm, every one of her movements was clean, so simple they would make others overlook her.

Cold light swept over!

The saber went out, then it returned.

A resounding noise.

Ancestor Qianli lowered his head and was already overwhelmed with shock to see his stomach had been ripped apart with a wound.

That speed unexpectedly was fast to the point he was unable to see it clearly.

Ancestor Qianli was in disbelief. He had seen Zheng Yanran step and slowly raise her hand. All of her movements were natural like a little bird properly soaring in the sky, a fish properly breathing in the water.

The Supercluster Stage’s unbroken defenses were ripped open in the blink of an eye.

This moment seemed as if water could be sliced apart!

“Underestimating Your Servant certainly would lead to suffering?”

The girl slightly laughed as she informed him.

Dark Rank Saber Technique!

Saber Draw Water Cutter!!

The Star General’s Star Magic was Dark Rank and capable of breaking a Supercluster, but his stage could break Supervoid. Although Zheng Yanran’s martial force was slightly lacking, due to the protective jade ruyi having been broken, Zheng Yanran’s saber had nearly taken Ancestor Qianli’s tiny life.

But it was just about there.

This saber directly tore apart all of Ancestor Qianli’s thoughts.

Ancestor Qianli took a step back, just barely a step back.

Zheng Yanran was just about to draw her saber.

A swordtip ran through Ancestor Qianli’s chest from behind, like ink flecked with snow, a penetrating cold light.


Su Xing also rushed forth, the Heaven Tearing Metal Element Sword slashing.

Even if Ancestor Qianli was the Da Luo Golden Immortal4 at this moment, he could only powerlessly return to Heaven.

In his shock and astonishment, Ancestor Qianli swayed for a long time before he fell where he was, dying just like that.

“Zheng Yanran, many thanks.” Su Xing nodded towards her, unceremoniously using his sword to prod Ancestor Qianli’s corpse and seized his Astral Bag. This Ancestor Qianli was known as a sect founder, but confronting Star Generals he was still utterly frail, “Shall we divide it together?” Su Xing shook the bag. Suddenly, he was taken aback. He noticed Zheng Yanran currently hung a pondering smile, her gaze completely focused on Wu Siyou.

The Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song was also engrossed gazing at her.

Their eyes faced one another, seeing some kind of thing that was far from encouraging.

“Waifu? Little Sister Yanran, you are not…” Su Xing was speechless.

Suddenly, at this moment, Fang Xin’gu’s scream came from behind. Su Xing turned his head and spotted that Blood Jade Centipede brandishing its fangs and claws, wisps of blood wafting in and out. Fang Xin’gu was somewhat in a difficult situation holding it back, his artifacts being corrupted one after another.

When Su Xing saw this, his figure flashed past, raising his flying sword to slash.

This Blood Jade Centipede was known as a Five Poisons type. Its soul was something Su Xing also aspired as a must-have.


A deafening loud sound, and Su Xing’s Metal Element Flying Sword Heaven Tearing had already stabbed into the Blood Jade Centipede’s head portion.


Bright red blood-light sprayed into the air. The Blood Jade Centipede spewed blood, and Su Xing’s figure fluttered like a pinwheel. Sweeping across, it was firmly kicked away. The Blood Jade Centipede rolled in midair, its frightening red figure already visible as it spouted great swathes of poison blood.

Just as Su Xing was about to destroy this Blood Jade Centipede, it was at this moment a figure flashed in front of him.

White hair rising, Zheng Yanran attacked. The straight saber’s blossoming ice-cold saber rays were like an abyss streaking across the Blood Jade Centipede’s body. It became mottled on this ugly monster’s body, and the saber qi happened to exploit the crack already split open. In an instant, wind pressure squeezed from inside and out, forming the imposing air of a grinding machine.


The Blood Jade Centipede screeched, and Su Xing was blunt. The golden sword fell, ripping the Blood Jade Centipede into pieces.

Storing its soul, Su Xing breathed out.

“Brother Fang, are you alright?”

Fang Xin’gu shook his head. He did not know at all that Su Xing had been the Purple Thunder Monster all along, so he had no misgivings whatsoever. On the contrary, he cupped his hands in admiration: “Brother Su truly is a Master that does not reveal himself, This Fang admires.”

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  1. SFX: pant
  2.  五色霞印符
  3.  荒火噬獸符
  4.  大羅金仙


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