Chapter 216: The “Bright Star” Iron Flute Deity

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“What did you say?” Wu Siyou stared blankly at Su Xing, somewhat not understanding him. In her experience, Su Xing was unlikely to go so far as to commit such a low level mistake.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider once again opened its mouth, spraying out an inescapable net of complete stickiness.

Su Xing all of a sudden returned to his senses, abruptly losing his previous easygoing attitude. His eyes brimmed with detachment and an indescribable ice-cold. His hand waved, and the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword burst out a heaven overturning flame, burning down the spider silk while also annihilating every cobweb.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider moved rapidly along the wall, several dozen mummies cutting over without fatigue.

Sword-light broke.

Wu Siyou was resolute. The skeletons and mummies shattered where they were, however, the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider only shook, and these mummies once again stood up. Wu Siyou was somewhat impatient, but that Thousand Corpse Queen Spider wandered everywhere in the cavern, spitting spider silk to its front, incapable of attack for a time.

“Truly troublesome!” Wu Siyou’s hand clenched the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, the double-headed sword producing a light of deep cold that illuminated the cave.

Su Xing motioned for Heaven Tearing, and the twelve golden swords unceasingly twisted apart the spider webs.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider was spouting nets nonstop, layer upon layer of spider silk pressing towards Su Xing in an unending stream. The Heaven Tearing Golden Swords already ripped unknown numbers of layers to pieces, but all along it could only move forward a bit.

This Thousand Corpse Queen Spider was worthy of being called an Ancient Poison Spider, its powers exceptional. If it was not for the Heaven Tearing Golden Swords being a Ninth Rank dragonscale sword, ordinary flying swords could only be tangled by the spider webs. However, further stalemate was not a solution. Su Xing’s mind was somewhat heavy. Gripping the Green Lotus Peak he obtained from Daoist Master Qinglian, he secretly waited for his chance, preparing to smash the spider. It was at this time he suddenly heard a cold snort!

A sudden air-breaking sound.

A bright, cold light in midair cut open a perfectly straight ray of light. Countless black lotus flowers seemingly had been ripped open. Snow-light shot directly towards the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider, severing the spider webs inch by inch. The speed of the simply unstoppable cold light had instantly broke through the layers of spider webs.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider wailed, and a sharp sword penetrated its mouth and directly pinned it to the wall.

Su Xing stared in amazement – Wu Siyou had thrown the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus over.

“Hurry and go!”

Wu Siyou shouted.

Su Xing nodded, saying nothing more. Heaven Tearing immediately made a dragon cry, whooshing as it slashed. The sword qi unceasingly twisted the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider. This Thousand Corpse Queen Spider had black qi protecting its body, and for a time, the golden swords unexpectedly had no way through. Su Xing swallowed a Thousand Bells Immortals Dew, tossing the Green Lotus Peak in his hand.

Fortunately, the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure did not require troublesome sacrifices; refinement was enough to make it usable. The Green Lotus Peak suddenly swelled violently several dozen times, forming a hill of green lotuses that pressed towards the Thousand Corpse Demon Queen Spider. The Thousand Corpse Queen Demon Spider had been pinned by the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, its eight legs forcefully moving as it tried to flee. With great difficulty, it dragged out the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider immediately flicked, and it fled to the nearest cave above, thinking of escaping first.

Su Xing coldly grinned, striking a hand seal.

The Green Lotus Peak immediately escaped to above the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider and heavily crushed downwards.

The Thousand Corpse Demon Spider produced spider silk in an all out effort to stop it.

The Green Lotus rumbled and pressed down upon the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider, immediately destroying its corpse completely, with not even half a breath left. The mummies controlled by the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider lost their threads, completely ruined. The Green Lotus Peak turned small and returned to Su Xing’s hand. This Prehistoric Spirit Treasure truly was powerful. It was a pity the magic energy it consumed was not less than what the Miraculous Bodhi Tree would have taken. A soul flew out, and Su Xing completely did not hesitate to receive it.

Having finished this, Su Xing panted, but he did not feel one bit relaxed at all. On the contrary, his expression had an impossible to get rid of graveness that made Wu Siyou completely puzzled.

Having interacted so much, even though it was not for long, Wu Siyou quite understood the man in front of her very rarely showed this sort of serious expression, as if something dangerous was disturbing him. Gongsun Huang sensed the difference in Su Xing, emerging to sit on Su Xing’s shoulder, one hand stroking his cheek to give him comfort.

“Has Yingmei returned to the Star Nest?” Wu Siyou’s tone sunk. She very quickly could think that, given this man’s personality, to be able to make him greatly change all of a sudden, perhaps there was only this reason.

Su Xing shook his head, deeply inhaling.

“Let’s quickly go to the Jade Alum Palace. Don’t delay anymore, those people also should have arrived.”

An ice-cold figure blocked Su Xing’s front, and Wu Siyou anxiously said.

“Did something happen to Yingmei?”

“You don’t believe in Yingmei?” Su Xing lightly smiled

“Then, you just now?”

“Fine, then. Suwen returned to the Star Nest.” Su Xing helplessly said.

Wu Siyou was stunned.

Lin Yingmei was left with Suwen and the other girls. The Efficacious Star returning to the Star Nest signified something that naturally went without saying.

“How did this happen?”

“They encountered a Star General at Greencorn Mountain, and that Star General used Greencorn Mountain’s environmental characteristics to become very powerful.” Su Xing bitterly smiled. An Suwen had not yet completely knocked out, retaining a bit of clarity to briefly explain the situation clearly to Su Xing. Originally, Su Xing wanted to return immediately to the Abode, however, rushing back was too late. Furthermore, Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan had not yet returned to the Star Nest to clearly say they were alright. Su Xing could only believe in them. The top priority was just to immediately finish the matter of the Ten Thousand Year Gu.

“Greencorn Mountain, that place has many Metal Stone Thread Bamboo. If it only was a bamboo forest, it would be unlikely for her to go as far as to becoming a threat…could it be that Star General is…” Wu Siyou’s brows increasingly tightened.

Su Xing shook his head, walking towards the exit of Thousand Spiders Cave without uttering a word.

Greencorn Mountain

The bamboo sea everywhere swayed and rustled, rolling up a violently surging billows. The earth shattering tune neatly played, unstoppable. The world of this range upon range of mountains seemingly had only this will shaking song. The bamboo song resonated, and the valley echoed, sounding heartbreaking..

Several dozen cold bamboo flying swords were brilliant in color, overcoming all obstacles. Their bloodlust under Thread Bamboo’s bizarre song was all the more extreme. The fingers of the woman wearing green clothes delicately dances, and those several dozen flying swords then slashed with an all-important manner.

The Cyclops Jinn Puppet lifted its enormous fist, booming towards the flying swords, but the Peace and Happiness Bamboo’s song resonated to the peak, vaguely launching layers of cobweb-like green light. These green lights trapped this puppet, and the sword threads unceasingly slaughtered this Cyclops Jinn Puppet. Although the Cyclops Jinn Puppet had already lost its intelligence, that flute sound was like a substance that trapped the Cyclops Jinn, forcing it to be unable to move a single step.

The green-clothed girl’s flying swords slashed downwards.

Countless sword-lights shot out.

The Cyclops Jinn with its defenses dissolved by the Thread Bamboo and then attacked by the woman instantly became a pile of scrap.

Shi Yuan’s Puppet Banner ripped, and her expression was immediately unsightly.

This Greencorn Mountain’s myriad Peace and Happiness Bamboo and the opposition’s flying swords fused together, combining for a truly unstoppable1  spirit.


The green-clothed girl then conveniently pointed lightly at Shi Yuan.

The sword threads covering the sky shot over.

Shi Yuan’s head incomparably hurt. The flute song blaring in her ears was seemingly deadly, attacking Shi Yuan that she had no strength to fight back. The Thief Star Flea On A Drum was trapped by the tune, her Star Energy resistance also at its limit, “Yuan’er, force a Star Release!” She heard Wu Xinjie anxiously shout in her ear.

The Star Crest on Shi Yuan’s forehead flickered. She grit her teeth, for she nevertheless was unresigned to do so.

The bamboo song descended the heavens, the sword threads rose in dance.

Shi Yuan retreated several steps in succession, finally powerless to support herself. Her forehead’s Star Crest seemingly shattered, and her figure immediately dissipated under the sword.

“Star Release?” The green-clothed woman was very surprised; “You have signed a contract.” The so-called Star Release was a sort of forced return to the Star Nest ability of contracted Star Generals. Of course, it was only that much better than being destroyed and sent back to the Star Nest.2

“I cannot understand.” The green-clothed girl was completely confused how a contracted Star General would be together with three other Stars. Neither did she think more of it, for she shouted and pointed a finger. The sword array once again danced.

“Yingmei!” Wu Xinjie pressed Silver Blade’s trigger. Bullets left the barrel, exploding in the sea of bamboo. The explosions considerably weakened the flute noise.

Because she was the ranked third Heavenly Star, Wu Xinjie actually could barely resist, but that devilish sound poured into her mind, currently nibbling slowly away at her Star Energy. If this continued, she would hit a dead end sooner or later.

Lin Yingmei saw that Shi Yuan had already Star Released, and her face became ice-cold. Her figure swiftly moved in the bamboo sea.

Wu Xinjie activated Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War.

The Majestic Star’s speed was even faster!

“The Knowledge Star? Hmph.” The green-clothed woman threw out an artifact.

A silver-colored copper bell swelled in the wind. “Dāng,” as a heavy and muffled bell sound was produced.

But in the Thread Bamboo, it was seemingly a dot amidst the flute sounds. The volume was not loud, but the underside of the bell was directed towards Wu Xinjie. Her mind sunk, and her figure instantly almost fainted.

Wu Xinjie staggered backwards, continuously firing bullets.

The Ice Kite Arctic Bullets3 passed through Silver Blade’s speed boost, leaving the barrel at speeds even faster. Cold light swept past, becoming ice birds.

That annoying noise was greatly reduced in an instant.

The green-clothed girl then pointed, and several dozen green sword qi were unloaded.

Passing through the multitude of bamboo forests, the flute sound was like a shadow following her body. The Star on Lin Yingmei’s forehead resonated. She suddenly surged towards the sky, leaping a thousand meters. In an instant, she had leapt into the skies. The flute sound and the bamboo sea suddenly were left far behind. On a precipice, Lin Yingmei spotted a delicate young girl currently closing her eyes and playing a horizontal flute. She wore a simple and elegant green muslin, wore elaborate jewelry. The wind brushed, showing her graceful figure as her long hair floated. Her forehead twinkled with a green Star Crest, and this Star Crest made a steady flow into that concert flute.

That flute was forged from jade, a shining jadeite. It was carved with a simple decorative design, and along with the mellow flute sound. Countless jade lights passed through the flute’s openings and flowed out, spreading across the entire valley. The Peace and Happiness Bamboo amidst the flute sounds swayed and played a lulling tune.

Phoenix Cry Wind Coompressing Flute!

It was the ranked sixty-seventh Bright Star Iron Flute Deity Ma Lin!!4

“Accept death!!”

Lin Yingmei horizontally held her spear, the blizzard on the speartip circulating. It slashed downwards towards the Ma Lin whose eyes were closed playing the flute.

Ma Lin opened her eyes, her green eyes showing a jade light. The flute sounds abruptly rushed, as if a powerful army of thousands of soldiers was going full speed ahead for the kill in a brimming conflict. This flute sound was just like countless golden spears endlessly attacking Lin Yingmei’s whole body.


The Arctic Star Serpent Spear carried a screaming, sudden snow and slashed.

The Bright Star Ma Lin withdrew at a rapid pace, the flute sound uninterrupted. Countless sound waves squeezed Lin Yingmei from every direction.

Lin Yingmei was just like a sharp sword stuck straight through the heart, suddenly ripping apart the sound waves wrapping around her. Ma Lin’s eyes showed astonishment, only seeing a violent snowstorm directly pounce over. Lin Yingmei revealed herself in that snowstorm, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear releasing an arresting ice-cold. The blizzard immediately strengthened, blowing the thick, green cliff into disarray, freezing the Thread Bamboo’s song.

Ma Lin produced stifled alarm.

The Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong?

Yellow Rank Spear Technique.

Long Blizzard Nights!

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  1. 神擋殺神,佛阻殺佛; If Gods block you, kill the Gods. If Buddhas block you, kill the Buddhas
  2. There is a difference that will be explained later when compared to dying.
  3. They made bullets out of a material meant for Yingmei, lol
  4. 地明星鐵笛仙馬麟


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    Let it never be said that, under the right conditions, even an Earthly Star can take on MULTIPLE Star Generals at once. Granted, it’s the Star Master doing the fighting and… both Shi Yuan and An Suwen are NOT combat oriented either….

    These 9th Star Duels are flipping nuts. Thank goodness both Yingmei and Xinjie are a good combi for fights.

    And again…Where the hell is Yizhen!?

  2. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Wonder if the better plan might be to decimate the surrounding forest so she can’t use it to amplify her attacks.

    1. That’s kinda what happened when Lin Yingmei froze the surrounding forest; the trees stopped ringing.

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