Chapter 217: Enviless Of The East’s Carefulness

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In front of the Jade Alum Palace.

Five Poisons Mountain’s front mountain. With sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces everywhere, similar to a deep well, the middle was a valley with a range a hundred li in size. Inside the valley, the black light of a serene magic energy was dazzling, messy yet contained.

Inserted into the ground were countless poles of large and small long banners. Demi Soldiers by the hundreds upon thousands clutched banners in their hands that they incessantly waved. These banners depicted poison snakes, poison scorpions, poison toads, poison spiders, poison centipedes and such, each an extremely poisonous figure. All of the Demi Soldiers were arranged in concentric rings, forming a mysterious Five Poisons Array Ring. Under the drilling of several Demi Kings, they endlessly operated the Five Poisons Mountain’s forbiddance.

They heard a bang, and the fifth ring’s poison spider banner suddenly disintegrated. Immediately afterwards, the Five Poisons Forbiddance shattered into tiny pieces. The expression of the Demi King Pansi1 operating the poison spider banner  turned extremely unsightly.

“Ha, ha, Old Lady Pansi, it appears that your Thousand Spiders Cave is merely so?” An imposing man burst into laughter. “Did you not say Thousand Spiders Cave had a very frightening Thousand Corpse Queen Spider? How was it not the least bit useful.”

Demi Queen Pansi showed venomous fangs of jade light.

From the Jade Alum Palace came a cold shout.

“The Queen has orders. The Demi Soldiers are to defend Gecko Cliff,2 and all Demi Kings are to be on call. The remaining people are to maintain the Forbiddance!”

Five Poisons Mountain’s toxic gases were thick, and the Demi Soldiers were not at all too numerous. Besides the nearly thousand Demi Soldiers raised for the Five Poisons Mountain Forbiddance Great Array, there were also the Five Poisons Demi Kings. It was probable that ordinary sects would be inferior to this sort of battle array, but Five Poisons Mountain was like an approaching great enemy, each one nervous and uneasy.

“I will go kill that person!” Demi King Pansi furiously roared. She abruptly threw out an artifact, and her escape light went far away.


On the Jade Alum Palace, Lady Snake Scorpion sighed. Dripping with fragrant sweat, she had not expected that the cultivators from the Azure Dragon Territory would be this formidable. Everything of the “Five Poisons” had broke. Although she had already anticipated this, this speed still greatly exceeded Lady Snake Scorpion’s expectations. If this was the case, they would reach her very soon. At that time, it would be too late. “Little Diao, Little Chan, can you still use your Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill?” Lady Snake Scorpion asked.

“No problem, Mother!” The twins replied in unison.

“These cultivators are courting death. Just let them die.” Little Diao showed an ominous glint.

It was not out of the question for even the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill to be able to handle Supervoid Cultivators. Lady Snake Scorpion nodded, her heart a little bit calmer: “Immediately assign someone to inform the Great King. Zhong Qi, we will depend on you for that Enviless of the East.”

Zhong Qi expressionlessly nodded. His body shook and flashed, and then he disappeared without a trace.

“The others are to immediately guard the Jade Alum Palace. Little Diao, Little Chan, we are going to Gu Hall!”

Lady Snake Scorpion looked at the mirror in her hand. In the pitch-dark, it revealed the savage scene of a massacre. Occasionally, there were light flashes that reflected the hair-raising and disgusting scene within. A gigantic hundred chi long centipede, Thousand Corpse Queen Spider, Poison Pythons, Giant Ants, Strange Apes, Black Beetles, etc. of countless odd insects and monsters each were in mutual slaughter, consuming one another, completely ferocious.

The close quarters battle within gradually turned faint, and clearly, the final “Gu” was about to be born.

The so-called Gu was created by placing countless Demon Bugs together for mutual massacre, and the final one left became the Gu. However, Lady Snake Scorpion’s Ten Thousand Year Gu was completely different. Starting the moment that the Star Generals were born, it relied on the powers of Poison Stars Xie Bao and Xie Zhen to envelop and exert every sort of array and materials with Five Poisons Mountain’s geography to make each kind of Gu more savage than at any other time. Furthermore, this type of fierce fighting would continuously persist for ten years, thus it was a Ten Thousand Year Gu.3

The Ten Thousand Year Gu reportedly was a unique poison creature, the toxicity of which was enough that even Transforming Star of Annihilation level cultivators were incapable of blocking. For this reason did it have such a fierce name.


In order to plan and prepare for these matters, Lady Snake and Scorpion had already prepared for a very long time. Naturally, she was unwilling to fail at the very end for lack of effort.

Xie Diao and Xie Chan followed behind her, seemingly sensing their mother’s grimness. They tightly covered their mouths, not uttering a word.

Outside Thousand Spiders Canyon, however exceptionally tranquil, the poison gases had lessened considerably. This place lacked the vicious danger of the Five Poisons to the front. On the contrary, every sort of poison flower and grass grew everywhere. These poison grasses were Supreme Grade poison materials that had passed through the nurturing of the Five Poisons. A group of people now currently paced endlessly back and forth on this grassland.

Enviless of the East coldly looked ahead. The several Galaxy Stage Cultivators that experienced life and death to reach those poison flowers and grasses could not help but be overjoyed at this unexpected good news. Continuously gathering them, they seldom wasted this much energy to come here. Naturally, they would not miss this opportunity. They might as well since they no longer dared to wish for that Ten Thousand Year Gu. When the time came to go to the Jade Alum Palace, looting would not be bad, either.

“These cultivators indeed are naive, shall we eradicate them right now?” Ancestor Longevity showed a thoughtful smile.

Enviless of the East beside him snorted. Glancing around, he noticed that the cultivators that had passed the Five Poisons unexpectedly numbered more than a dozen. These numbers actually were not few, however, how could these cultivators have ever realized that catastrophe was already imminent. These sect founders that used underhanded means to make these cultivators into scapegoats naturally would not permit them to go out and ruin their reputations. Destroying corpses and erasing traces was a very easy affair.

“Watch them closely for now. Is there not still that Gecko Gliff? At that time, it will do to have those Demi Kings slaughter them.” Enviless of the East coldly said.

“If a cultivator seizes the chance to escape?” Ancestor Longevity asked as if he had a deeper meaning.

The Xuan Zhenzi and Queen Lady of Ice beside them also glanced at them. The former was aloof while the latter wrinkled her brows: “Doing this is rather too treacherous.”

“The Queen’s words are in err. If the Queen does not fear those Scattered Star Cultivators going out and arbitrarily speaking, then the Queen can let them go.” Ancestor Longevity laughed.

“There is a female disciple willing to follow This Palace. This Palace will not act.” Queen Lady of Ice harrumphed.

“Lady Ice,4 do not speak nonsense. We cannot brave this risk.” Enviless of the East bluntly said.

Queen Lady of Ice’s eyes had a trace of dissatisfaction. “If This Palace had known this beforehand, This Palace would not have come.”

“Everyone had better not raise internal strife.” Daoist Master Xuan promptly walked over to mediate, “The top priority is still to go to that Ten Thousand Year Gu. Five Poisons Mountain still has several thousand Demi Soldiers and the Five Great Demi Kings. That Lady Snake Scorpion also will not be easy to handle.”

“Although we have already passed this Five Poisons, indeed we cannot lower our guard.” Enviless of the East nodded: “We also cannot have contempt for that Roc Demon King.”

“En, as for these Scattered Star Cultivators, worry about them if they can make it past the Ten Thousand Year Gu.” Enviless of the East Looked at Queen Lady of Ice: “Lady Ice, how about it?”


Queen Lady of Ice fanned a sleeve, turned and walked towards a female cultivator.

Ancestor Longevity specially glanced at that female cultivator. She was merely Galaxy Early Stage, but she had grown to have bright eyes and white teeth and was actually very cute. In the Star Energy of her whole body, there was the faint appearance of an icy chill. It seemed she cultivated a Cold Ice secret technique. It was no wonder that Queen Lady of Ice would feel this encounter was fate.

Enviless of the East did not look further. In his eyes, whatever kindred spirits was a joke.

“How have the Red Lotus Fairy, Lingbo Fairy, Daoist Master Qinglian and Ancestor Qianli not arrived yet?” Enviless of the East was annoyed.

These words had just fallen.

A red silhouette rushed out from the cave, instantly arriving onto the plains. Red muslin covered her body, Karma Fire was all over her body, and her legs tread on red lotuses. She was the Red Lotus Fairy.

“Red Lotus Fairy. And the Lingbo Fairy?” Xuan Zhenzi looked behind the Red Lotus Fairy. A moment later, there was only a panicked and uncertain youth, but no one else appeared.

“That woman died.”

Red Lotus Fairy expressionlessly replied.

The Great Cultivators showed astonishment. Even the distant Queen Lady of Ice raised her eyebrows and could not help but walk over.

The Shifting Flower Sword Sect’s Lingbo Fairy is very familiar with Five Poisons Mountain and is at Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivation, how could she die like this.” Ancestor Longevity chuckled: “Is this true?”

“Could it be you suspect This Immortal killed her?” The Red Lotus Fairy scoffed.

“Just what happened?” Enviless of the East questioned.

The Red Lotus Fairy sneered: “We were crossing the Toad Black River. Those cultivators suddenly revolted, and among them was a cultivator that unexpectedly was a Star Master. The Lingbo Fairy was struck into the Black River and thus died.”

“What, a Star Master?!”

Everyone was slightly stunned.

“What Star General is that to be unexpectedly capable of confronting you two?”

Xuan Zhenzi was endlessly amazed.

The Red Lotus Fairy was unconcerned. With a self-mocking tone: “If you knew what that Star General was, you would not be this amazed.”

“And just what Star General was she?”

“Five Tigers General, Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo!”5 The Red Lotus Fairy coldly spat.

The Ancestors all slightly drew in a breath. A chill reached from head to foot, and they looked at each other in dismay, frightened. Although they could think that there perhaps would be a Star Master in existence among the hundred Galaxy Cultivators that came to the Vermilion Bird Territory, they did not anticipate it would be the ranked eighth Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo. This indeed was a Fiend Star Five Tigers among the Star Generals, super ferocious, that when the Second Phase ended, the Supercluster Cultivators would find her hard to contend against.

“Red Lotus, is what you said true?” Queen Lady of Ice sneered.

“Hmph, of course it is true. Although she is a Five Tigers General, This Immortal’s Red Lotus Karma Fire is not that easy to handle.” The Red Lotus Fairy had seemingly foresaw they would ask this. Hinting with her eyes, the youth trembling in fear that came with the Red Lotus Fairy walked over.

“This Immortal knew you would believe Your Servant killed that woman. Ask him, then. In order to show This Immortal’s innocence, This Immortal indeed wasted great time in order to protect him hereunto.” The Red Lotus Fairy calmly answered.

“What is your name? Explain what you saw in detail. If you dare hide one word, Your Servant shall make you terror-stricken.” Enviless of the East coldly eyed this youth. His cultivation was only Galaxy Middle Stage, presuming he would not have dared to collude with the Red Lotus Fairy under his pressure.

The youth was refined, but under the pressuring expressions of the Ancestors, he still had been scared pale. His legs trembled, and he promptly said: “Your Servant is Xie Chang’an,6 a scattered Star Cultivator. What Senior Red Lotus Fairy said just now was absolutely true. Afterwards, they were struck by Senior’s powers, using the jade pendant to escape.”

Enviless of the East closely stared at this Xie Chang’an, wanting to discern something from his face.

The Red Lotus Fairy sneered in annoyance: “If you do not believe This Immortal, then it will do for This Immortal to leave right now. This Immortal will leave it to all of you to go for this Ten Thousand Year Gu.”

Enviless of the East smiles: “There is significant concern. Enviless is only thinking of confirming clearly to give the Shifting Flower Sword Sect an explanation. If an offense has been committed, then Enviless pleads for forgiveness.”  

“Hmph, Enviless of the East, whatever you say goes. Who let your cultivation be the highest.”

The Red Lotus Fairy smiled insincerely.

Enviless of the East did not mind and looked at Xie Chang’an.

The youth’s forehead dripped with cold sweat. His fear did not seem to be feigned. Enviless of the East smiled and suddenly slapped the youth’s head.

Xie Chang’an made an incredible scream and collapsed onto the ground, then ceased to breathe.

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  1. 盤絲妖王
  2.  壁虎崖
  3. Nine generations of Star Duels is approximately 1000 years…
  4.  冰姬, her name might actually be Queen Bingji. I really don’t know.
  5. 五虎將天威星雙鞭呼延灼
  6.  謝長安


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