Chapter 220: Supervoid Cultivator

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Star World1 was a myth of Liangshan Continent’s. The heavenly hundred and eight stars were believed to have descended from Star World. It could be clearly seen that they were incredible.

Hearing Pansi’er say this, Su Xing felt some disbelief.

Could it be that man descended from Star World?

Thinking of this, the two then halted their pace, gazing far into the distance.

A man in the sky covered with a yellow robe leisurely descended. Seeing his legs stand on empty space, without a sword, that was shockingly the characteristic of a Supervoid Cultivator.

Xuan Zhenzi, Ancestor Longevity and the other Ancestors showed shock when they saw this. They absolutely did not expect that besides the Roc Demon King, they also could see a Supervoid Cultivator. Enviless of the East coldly snorted, soaring high into the air until he stood chest to chest with that yellow-robed man.

“Your Servant is Zhong Qi. The Queen has some matters and is far unable to welcome you, having Your Servant come receive her guests. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Azure Dragon Territory who have turned up uninvited, Your Servant now asks that you quickly return.” Zhong Qi opened his mouth to speak, that face cold as a boulder, without emotion, but his tone nevertheless had a sort of invisible pressure squeezing everyone present. The Supercluster Ancestors all were pale in the face, not daring to breathe, and the Galaxy Cultivators had already fallen to the ground, paralyzed.

Let alone that Supervoid Cultivation was only a realm higher than Supercluster, this simply was a fundamental leap. Supercluster Cultivators only turned the Star Energy in their bodies from a river into a sea, making Star Energy evidently seem more resounding and powerful, but it was at Supervoid Stage that it would make the body’s Star Energy completely dissolve into a whole with one’s body. The body’s Star Energy would then become nothingness, just like the starry skies above; from the perspective of any cultivators with weak willpower, a Supervoid Cultivator every word and action was comparable to a magic weapon.

“Lady Snake Scorpion is truly formidable, does she even have a character of your level serving her, Sire?” Enviless of the East laughed aloud, releasing an imposing air. Gecko Cliff’s Demi Kings and Demi Soldiers each were drenched in sweat, stepping back three chi.

The grandeur of the two Supervoid Cultivators secretly crossed swords, their spiritual mights bearing down on the other, matchlessly tyrannical that the others simply were unable to get involved.

“What is the background of this Zhong Qi, never heard of him.” Xuan Zhenzi’s tone was grim.

“Hmph, Enviless of the East, we had best quickly destroy the Forbiddance, otherwise the moment the Roc Demon King comes, we certainly will be unable to escape.” The Red Lotus Fairy coldly smiled. The Roc Demon King’s Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li was of extreme speed. To think of escape was to dream.


Enviless of the East also knew things were grave. Although the opponent was also a Supervoid Cultivator, his own side also had four Supercluster Ancestors, after all. Each had extraordinary abilities and if they truly battled, Enviless of the East was not afraid. “If Fellow Zhong Qi wishes to obstruct us, then Enviless is much obliged.”

Enviless of the East then made a move, and more than a hundred flying swords appeared around his body. These flying swords formed a Sword Array that shot towards Zhong Qi with a whoosh. A Supervoid Cultivator’s Sword Chant was not at all ordinary, as expected. Just when Enviless of the East acted, the Su Xing several thousand meters away could sense a sort of churning feeling in his stomach. Those hundred flying swords practically was just like a galaxy hanging upside down and pouring as a torrent. This sort of terrifying imposing aura was not achievable even if Su Xing used the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

Zhong Qi raised his yellow robes, and he flashed yellow from head to foot. Immediately, the entire sky flooded with yellow light. Dark yellow rays instantly swelled violently, spreading in all directions frantically in a quick expansion. Instantly, Gecko Cliff was enveloped by the yellow light. Enviless of the East turned the imposing air of his flying swords scalding, successively attacking this shrouded Gecko Cliff.

Enviless of the East stared at Zhong Qi, not daring to be careless.

After Zhong Qi’s face showed an abnormal expression, his figure flashed and disappeared in the light barrier without a trace.

When they saw this situation, everyone naturally knew that Zhong Qi made his move. Each fully used their abilities. That Xuan Zhenzi greatly released the green light on his body, then shouting, his long robes floated, and the originally settled mist began to surge. Like before, another more than hundred flying swords brandished their fangs as they pounced towards the sky. Unexpectedly, they could resist that madly expanding yellow light for a time without falling.

When Ancestor Longevity, Queen Lady of Ice and the Red Lotus Fairy saw this, they at once did not hesitate in the slightest. Each enshrouded themselves with a multicolored barrier. Ancestor Longevity’s “Ninety Nine Rebirth Swords,”2 the Queen Lady of Ice’s “Ice Spirit Snow Soul Swords,”3 and the Red Lotus Fairy’s “Red Lotus Karma Fire Swords”4 made a beeline to attack the yellow light.

Besides flying swords and abilities, the Supercluster Cultivators alternated magic weapons.

Zhong Qi’s yellow light was just like the canopy of Heaven pressing down on them. Everyone did not dare easily let his yellow light pressure them. When these Supercluster Cultivators used their flying swords, bright and multicolored sword lights twisted without stop under the yellow canopy. That yellow covering was just like a quagmire, for the Supercluster Cultivator’s flying swords were abnormally challenged. Only Enviless of the East’s “Primordial Boundless Swords”5 broke the light like a shuttle, and under the force of their flying swords…

Zhong Qi had been forced to reveal his figure.

Enviless of the East patted his Astral Bag, taking out a treasure mirror of purple light. It released an oddly thick pillar of multicolored light. Unexpectedly, it instantly flooded open the light screen in front of them, hardly hesitating to cover Zhong Qi.

Zhong Qi’s pupils glowed, and his yellow robes fluttered.

The yellow light canopy immediately burst out and released a dazzling ray of light that poured down in torrents to cover everyone within. Those Galaxy Stage Cultivators let out screams the instant the yellow light touched them. Without the least bit of capability to resist, their whole bodies were burned into ghastly skeletons by a sort of yellow fire. The other Supercluster Ancestors were greatly astonished, however, they were sect founders. Naturally, they had the means to protect their lives.

At once, all of the Supercluster Cultivators gathered in the middle back to back, forming a plum blossom shaped defensive array. Afterwards, they each took out their own defensive treasures, becoming a ball of divine light that flickered incessantly. Unexpectedly, they had instantly spread no less than five or six layers of concentrated barriers.

“This is the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame!!”6

“Enviless of the East, hurry and kill him!!”

The Ancestors anxiously shouted one after another. These sect Ancestral Masters that could discern that this yellow light’s origins unexpectedly were of the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame immediately lost the color in their faces. The Golden Crow’s Divine Flame was an immemorial legendary flame that the three-legged Golden Crow had once spat out. Its might was shocking, able to burn the sky and ruin the earth. Seeing that their opponent unexpectedly used the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame to forge an enormous light barrier was a trick unprecedented in the Azure Dragon Territory.

Enviless of the East wrinkled his brow. Green light flashed, and a layer of green divine light protected him within. Then, he raised his hand, flicking his fingers at the light canopy. A hundred green sword qi about a zhang in length criss-crossed and violently shot forth, breaking the yellow light canopy without any difficulty.

Zhong Qi sneered. His arms suddenly moved, and countless talons of Golden Crow’s Divine Flame produced a “chi, chi” sound that broke the air as they surrounded Enviless of the East.

Enviless of the East explosively shouted, and the divine light greatly swelled. His figure forged towards the talons, a grim expression flashing across his face. One arm clashed with the talons and easily danced. Immediately, it was even more intensive than the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame talons. A dark green ray with an even sharper air splitting noise erupted in front of Zhong Qi.

Both sides slightly touched. Enviless of the East’s sword light easily ripped apart the Golden Crow’s talon shadows, and also flicking, the flying swords became a light and shadow that attacked Zhong Qi.

Zhong Qi’s expression moved, and the flying swords exploded in front of him.

A formless light screen blocked Enviless of the East’s Sword Chant.


Zhong Qi lightly pointed at Enviless of the East.

That yellow light canopy enshrouding a thousand meters suddenly compressed violently towards Enviless of the East. Enviless of the East’s layers of barriers suddenly burned, the speed at which every single layer broke clearly visible to the naked eye.

“Can you only use the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame?” Enviless of the East expressionlessly said.

“And what about it?” Zhong Qi calmly said. A yellow light flashed across his eyes, and the yellow light transformed. Enviless of the East’s flying swords were immediately broken.

“Then you can just prepare to die at this place!” Enviless of the East shouted. A block of jade floated above his head, and pinching together hand seals, a spiritual pressure suddenly discharged. His hands formed seals, and his Divine Sense at the same time connected to all of the flying swords, suddenly initiating the sword array of a sword chant.

A shocking scene appeared.

Countless threads of green light flashed eerie green rays, intermittently appearing all around. Their flickering was silent, completely lacking a pattern, as they slowly closed in on the center, trapping Zhong Qi within.

Zhong Qi’s face turned grim. Only at this time did he realize that he was caught in the opponent’s trap, unexpectedly falling into the middle of a sword array. His shock was brief, and he waved his hands. Several bursts of Golden Crow’s Divine Flame became Golden Crow saber rays that criss-crossed and shot out, slashing straight towards the place Enviless of the East was at.

After several thousand green sword threads simultaneously appeared and flashed consecutively several times, the Golden Crow’s Divine Light instantly had been cut into countless pieces, becoming specks of divine light, disappearing without a trace.

Zhong Qi was stunned, showing a grave expression. Immediately afterwards, he coldly grunted. His forehead overflowed with cold sweat, and the thousand meters Golden Crow’s Light Canopy concentrated to a single point, becoming a supernatural bird that emerged, the Immemorial three-legged Golden Crow.

The three-legged Golden Crow’s three legs aimed at a single direction exceptionally slowly and scratched. Light and flame dazzled the eyes, and the entire Gecko Cliff collapsed and disintegrated, tottering on the edge of complete destruction. The imposing air of the two Supervoid Cultivator’s confrontation was truly terrifying!

The three-legged Golden Crow consecutively slashed several green strands, firing off at several dozens of zhang away. The result was that a densely packed sword light appeared in front of him. After it had been broken several chi, the three-legged Golden Crow finally greatly reduced its flame and howled in grief as it collapsed.

Zhong Qi at last revealed a shocked expression.

“So amazing!” Su Xing actually breathed in. Even if they were separated by several thousand meters, the imposing showdown between the Supervoid Cultivators seemingly pressed down upon him. The Heavens and Earth became incomparably heavy. Originally, Su Xing felt he could easily destroy Supercluster Ancestors, and he even thought that somewhat certain of the Supervoid Cultivator. This was the first time he had seen a confrontation of Supervoid Cultivators, and his heart honestly was shocked into a perilous situation. He felt that certainty was practically a joke.

Perhaps before he had even acted, Enviless of the East could raise a hand and destroy him. A cultivator of this sort of Star Energy and Nothingness of Heaven and Earth ability actually was too terrifying.

Su Xing also roused from his shock. “Siyou, have you any certainty confronting a Supervoid Cultivator?”

“Quite possibly.” Wu Siyou was not at all like Su Xing showing that much shock. In the perspective of the Harm Star, Supervoid was indeed powerful, but as long as she possessed the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, so long as she used her Dark Rank Move, in addition to her Three Star Destined Weapon, she still had a chance in battle. However, killing him was not too likely.

“Do Star Generals not originate from Star World? Legend says that past Transforming Star of Annihilation stage, these Supervoid Cultivators count as nothing.” Pansi’er chuckled. The Vermilion Bird Territory was very mystical about the legends of the Star Generals and naturally were not clear that the Star Generals needed to grow.

Wu Siyou sneered.

“Let us quickly go to the Jade Alum Palace.” Su Xing shook his head.

Under Pansi’er’s guidance, Su Xing and Pansi’er entered a narrow winding road into the Gecko Cliff. This trail was considerably concealed, and only those with a Demi King’s token could pass through. Quite fortunately, Su Xing had obtained a Demi King Token from Demi King Golden Wings in their prior confrontation. As it happened, it could be used. For the sake of not inadvertently alerting the enemy, Wu Siyou remained outside and did not follow.

Watching the Supervoid Cultivator’s confrontation, Wu Siyou seemingly was even more interested some.

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  1.  星界
  2. 九十九往生劍
  3. 冰魂雪魄劍, it should be noted that both 魂 and 魄 mean “soul,” but each refers to a different type. The former refers to one that can exist separate from the body while the other refers to one attached to the body.
  4. 紅蓮業火劍
  5.  原始無極劍
  6. 金烏神焰


  1. So…considering Su Xing’s abnormal growth speed and how being a mere Galaxy Early stage Cultivator puts him on the same ground as a Supercluster Middle stage, I wonder how long it’ll be before Su Xing can jus straight fly.

    But, does he even get to Supervoid by the end?

    1. Let’s just say his cultivation reaches a stage that hasn’t been seen in Liangshan Continent for a very long time.

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