Chapter 219: Zhong Qi Of The White Tiger Territory

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The Harm Star Wu Song’s Innate Skill was the Pilgrim’s Array.1 Normal arrays or spider silk basically were incapable of obstructing Wu Siyou; Demi King Pansi withdrew her fingers, and shouting, her fist swung past Wu Siyou’s attack path. A Poison Qi immediately wound around the silk, and the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Silk brought a violent wind pressure. With a vague flicker, the poison grasses were disintegrated in an instant, as if a blade had flown in all four direction.

A hook formed on Wu Siyou’s lips. Ducking under the spider silk, she lowered her body and swooped down, her entire person instantly sticking close to the surface of the earth, as if she was a flying fish skimming the water’s surface. Her speed once again increased a level.

At the same time, her right hand’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was ready to attack.

A swift and severe imposing air pounced towards her directly from the front, and Demi King Pansi could only feel that the surrounding airflow seemingly turned more formidable than her Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Spider Silk. Her body unexpectedly gave rise to a slightly constricted feeling, as if the surrounding space emitted an immense pressure towards her. This made Demi King Pansi’s heart shiver and feel disbelief.

This woman was not that simple!

Demi King Pansi flourished her Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web, promptly making a defense. Regardless of what level of power the opponent was, as long as she had the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web protecting her, that woman presumably could not injure her. However, just at this moment, Wu Siyou’s cool and elegant figure already reached her front. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus cut down the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Silk, and her palm already heavily chopped onto her.

Demi King Pansi’s silhouette immediately was launched violently away.

Abruptly putting strength to her legs, Wu Siyou’s body first ran, the speed unexpectedly extremely quick. With several great strides, she had already crossed over the distance between them. Her body fiercely leaned, her shoulder angled outwards. In that instant, Wu Siyou concentrated all her strength on her body rather than her armament, completely turning herself into a lethal weapon. She carried a severe wind pressure, again mercilessly slamming the place Demi King Pansi was at.

The Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web suddenly spread open, and the spider web rolled towards Wu Siyou layer by layer.

Three bright stars glowed, and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus very easily stabbed directly through.

This instant could count as a fact that even those ignorant of the Star Duels would recognize.

To be capable of refining Star Weapons to manifest Stars, and to be able to be this stunning, in all of Liangshan, there was only one type of people that could achieve this.

“You are a Star General??!”

Demi King Pansi was dumbstruck.

The hundred Demi Soldiers on the other side also launched an assault. These Five Poisons Demi Troops each had their own innate gifts. Their bodies donned black armor, and they carried tempered arms, wanting to surround Wu Siyou. However, how could Su Xing give them this chance. Suddenly putting strength to his feet, he was like a panther as he instantly leapt into the middle of the Demi Soldiers.

In the instant that these Demi Soldiers reacted, he cut directly through their frail defenses. Afterwards, he suddenly reached out for a Demi Soldier and clutched its neck with his right hand. He then ruthlessly flung the Demi Soldier away, the immense power throwing that fully two hundred kilogram body as it was an artillery shell, flying straight. With a tremendous noise, it slammed into the cliff face, smashing open a deep crater.

The other Demi Soldiers seemed to not have seen that. All of them launched an attack on Su Xing together. Whether it was using poison or unleashing a Gu or even completely charging forward to close the distance, they believed cultivators were all of the same kind.

Several Demi Soldiers’ poison arrows were just like poisonous snakes, their movements fine yet fierce. From time to time, these hidden arrows flew out, but it was very difficult to imagine how their boorish forms could have ever employed such delicate yet also dangerous arrow arts.

A dazzling poison light cut open the air with an unending “chi, chi,” sound, demonstrating the extraordinary strength of the Demi Soldiers.

Su Xing’s body was as if it had lost its weight. He floated and moved amongst the hundred Demi Soldiers’ siege. No matter how tight the assault, he always would find a hole in their attacks and then timely dodge away. That body technique was even faster than the wind. It was just that these Demi Soldiers’ close quarters martial arts were not bad, either. Although their attacks had many gaps, under mutual coordination, the first indistinct signs of slightly containing Su Xing developed.

Su Xing was not in the mood to deal with these Demi Soldiers, however, for fear of attracting the attention of Enviless of the East and the rest several thousand meters away, he could only suppress his methods as much as possible, his eyes bursting with a cold light.

A ringing sound of metallic arms clashing, five Demi Soldiers mounting a joint attack brandished sharp claws that slammed into each other. Su Xing had already lowered his body and stuck close to the ground the instant they attacked. Flipping his wrist, one Heaven Tearing violently swept in a large circle through the surroundings like a hurricane. Its wild brute power conquered every obstacle, and all of the surrounding Demi Soldiers had great difficulty escaping this disaster.

Suddenly, metal clanged against each other.

His short hair flying, Su Xing stabbed his hands and a foot in different directions, right away intercepting the fierce attack of three Demi Soldiers. This time, Su Xing secretly used the power of the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder on his palms. The Purple Thunder being restrained produced a muffled sound that filled Su Xing’s attack. He had not expected that by keeping Purple Thunder in his hand, the attack would actually be unusually good.

After several Demi Soldiers collapsed, the other fighters launched even fiercer close combat attacks.

Before long, the more than half of the hundred Demi Soldiers had met a violent end.

Su Xing at this time saw that Demi King Pansi was already being forced by Wu Siyou to retreat step by step. She suddenly hissed sharply, her arms frantically waving, and her whole body emitted black qi. The black qi was in bursts, surging evil clouds. Demi King Pansi opened her mouth, spitting out ten thousand strands of spider silk. This spider silk shot over filling the sky, like fireworks blossoming and covering everything in a range of a hundred meters. It made people basically no chance of dodging. Clearly, this Demi King Pansi was already recklessly using her most powerful ability.

Su Xing pinched together a hand seal.

Purple Cloud True Star gushed forth and warded off these threads. How could Demi King Pansi ever have foresaw a Galaxy Stage cultivator like Su Xing would have powers that could contend against hers. While she was astonished, Wu Siyou’s figure escaped, easily breaking free of the layers of spider web and slashing downwards. Demi King Pansi opened her mouth, once again spitting a clump of spider silk. Wu Siyou’s figure slightly leaned, one leg sweeping over.

She kicked Demi King Pansi’s stomach, which sent her flying. Demi King Pansi had not returned to her senses when she suddenly saw a figure that seemingly waited for a long time appear at a place behind her. By the time Demi King Pansi noticed, she saw Su Xing’s cold smile.

A token flashed in her eyes.

Demi King Pansi’s heart shouted, “This is bad.” Her ten fingers waved to control some spider silk, but Su Xing was faster than her by a step. The God Sealing Plate struck her forehead with a bang, and the woman screamed, falling where she was.

“Receive!” Su Xing said no more, sending his Divine Intent into the God Sealing Plate in his hand.

The God Sealing Plate was an Immemorial Secret Treasure of the Vermilion Bird Territory specially used to trap a cultivator’s mind. There were pros and cons to trapping two minds, however, the user necessarily had to have Divine Intent stronger than that of the one being trapped. Otherwise, the one that was trapped would easily break free and regain control, turning the tables and absorbing the caster’s Divine Intent for a complete disaster. The current Su Xing had received six Star Generals, and his Divine Intent could be said to have surpassed all others before and since. Trapping a Supercluster Early Stage Cultivator still was not done easily.

When Demi King Pansi saw the God Sealing Plate had sealed a piece of her mind from her Tianling Point2 into the plate, she immediately gnashed her teeth. She circulated her Divine Intent to swallow it back, secretly even jeering at Su Xing’s stupidity. A Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator receiving her Divine Intent practically was bringing about his own destruction. But after several breaths, Demi King Pansi suddenly sensed the opponent’s Divine Intent was abnormally powerful. Although her own trained mind was not strong, she was Supercluster Stage, after all. Nevertheless, she had not expected she would be like an ant in front of the opponent.

A Star Master!

Demi King Pansi was shocked. She immediately could recall contracted Star Masters possessed Star Nests, and these Star Nests were capable of powerful Divine Intents.

“Why do you not kill her?” Wu Siyou was confused.

“We still need her to guide us to the Jade Alum Palace.” Su Xing replied.

“How do you have this type of Immemorial Secret Treasure!!” Demi King Pansi hatefully glared at Su Xing. Su Xing flashed the God Sealing Plate, and Demi King Pansi immediately became respectful, not daring to vent herself any longer.

If the mind inside the God Sealing Plate was destroyed, she would also more or less die.

“No nonsense. Inform me that Lady Snake Scorpion still has the Jade Alum Palace’s Ten Thousand Year Gu!” Su Xing coldly said, an evil smile spreading across his lips: “If you obediently cooperate, I will not make this difficult for you. If you harbor ulterior motives, then do not blame me.”

“Yes.” Demi King Pansi eagerly agreed.

Ten years ago, Lady Snake Scorpion began to design the Five Poisons Mountain Forbiddance. The Sixth Poison after the Five Poisons, the Gecko Cliff, was a gigantic natural moat. The cliff was a hundred ren3 high, glossy as a mirror. The Four Great Demi Kings and the thousands of Five Poison Demi Soldiers all stood guard again and again. If it was exchanged for one allowing riding sword flight, this Gecko Cliff naturally could be ignored, but after the Five Poisons Mountain Forbiddance, to scale it was simply a dream. Furthermore, Five Poisons Mountain’s final forbiddance was in this cliff.

Indeed, it sounded amazing, but Lady Snake Scorpion had one point that she nevertheless did not think of. That was that a Supervoid Cultivator would have designs on her. Supervoid Cultivators could use their Power of Heaven and Earth to urge on Supervoid Flight. Already, they had no need for flying swords, and after passing the “Five Poisons,” the Gecko Cliff’s poison mist and magic miasma would already have more or less vanished into thin air. After all, Demi Kings and Demi Soldiers could not possibly guard within the poison cloud.

So by the time Su Xing rushed to Gecko Cliff, the scene had become a tussle of the Supervoid Cultivator Enviless of the East going to break the “Gecko Pillar” and Lady Snake Scorpion assigning someone to go obstruct and kill him.

“The Roc Demon King has not come yet. This Lady Snake Scorpion honestly is arrogant.”

On a remote trail, Su Xing watched the several thousand meter Gecko Cliff. Already, he spotted Enviless of the East and the other Ancestors. Seeing Enviless of the East soaring in the air, the imposing air of a single flip of the wrist annihilating several hundred Demi Soldiers certainly was stunning.

“Hmph.” Pansi’er hooked a sneer onto her lips.

Su Xing felt her expression had a trick: “Could it be that she has a killing move?” What Su Xing could think of was the Lady Snake Scorpion’s Xie Twins Star Generals, but standing off in the face of a Supercluster Cultivator was a praying mantis stopping a cart, overestimating their capabilities.

“Master, although the Roc Demon King did not come, there is still Zhong Qi!”

“Zhong Qi? A Demi King?”

Demi Kings had always respected strong. Since Su Xing could restrain her, Pansi’er actually very quickly fell into the slave servant role. She replied: “How would Slave Servant know, she only knows the Roc Demon King is but extremely deferential towards this Zhong Qi. Slave Servant only knows he is from the White Tiger Territory.”

“The White Tiger Territory?”

This time, it was Wu Siyou that could not help but raise her brows.

The White Tiger Territory was Liangshan Continent’s most mysterious as well as most dangerous place. That place was a vast trillion li, rich in Demon Beasts. The Azure Dragon Territory, Vermilion Bird Territory and the Black Turtle Territory’s Demon Beasts were not very common to see, but the White Tiger Territory’s Demon Beasts honestly were too numerous to count. Often, there would be cultivator teams formed to go treasure hunt in the White Tiger Territory, but that place was in extreme lack of spiritual influences. Seventh and Eighth Rank Demon Beasts could be seen anywhere that encounters were practically slaughters. Surviving cultivators’ rumors added more terror to the White Tiger Territory, thus everyone believed the White Tiger Territory was the habitat of Wasteland Beasts from the Prehistoric era. Those that dared go could be counted on the fingers. However, it was said that if one could walk out of the White Tiger Territory’s “Eight Wastelands And Thousand Ancients,”4 he could arrive at the legendary Star World.

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  1.  行陣, This is a pain to tl, because this has an established tl, but the way the author is using it is as an ability to freely travel within a certain range.
  2.  天靈穴, acupuncture point, I believe.
  3. 仞, inconsistent equivalents are given, but it seems to be 8/3 meters.
  4.  八荒和千古


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