Chapter 225: Psychological Tricks, Xie Zhen Meets With Misfortune

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Su Xing in his dreams did not think that the little loli he drooled with desire for would unexpectedly run in front of his eyes. Furthermore, Su Xing’s Oneness of Heaven and Man was too powerful. Plus, this place was the underground Gu Hall, where even Lady Snake Scorpion would not have thought someone would be secretly spying.

Seeing the Lady Snake Scorpion watch the mirror as she guarded in front of an ancient door, she constantly muttered to herself. She probably was worrying about the Ten Thousand Year Gu and did not pay attention to the Xie Twin’s clamor. At this moment, the Savage Star Double-headed Serpent Xie Zhen seemingly was fed up and wanted to go walk outside, completely oblivious to danger as she approached that nook Su XIng hid himself in.

Su Xing rapidly brainstormed, and then he recalled that last time when he encountered Crying Star Xie Bao at Falling Dragon Mountain, not only did he act to rapidly dispatch her, he also successfully obtained the blood to cure the Gu Poison. The opportunity this time and last time that were no different were placed in front of Su Xing.

Su Xing maintained his calm and was not excessively excited. First, he sized up the terrain of this place. The secret passage was very deep, with several slightly spacious halls built into the center. Lady Snake Scorpion and the others were paying attention to the birth of the Ten Thousand Year Gu, so no one noticed the departing Xie Zhen. However, calling out a Flying Sword immediately would alarm them. With Xie Zhen’s reactions, at that time, he could not rapidly dispatch her. On the contrary, he himself would fall into a dangerous place.

Su Xing currently considered his priority to be obtaining blood to cure the poison and then to discuss about how to kill her quickly. Only the Intertwined Branch Sword of the Thousand Year Contract could break the Star Energy protecting a Star General.

Su Xing muttered to himself for a long while, and then his mind had its countermeasure.

The Double-headed Serpent walked out a hundred paces and suddenly stopped. She turned her head to cast a glance towards the shadows Su Xing concealed himself in. It seemed she sensed something out of place, however, Su Xing had Shi Yuan’s “Hiding” Innate Skill and the “Oneness of Heaven and Man.” She basically was unable to make him out if she did not walk close. Xie Zhen’s Divine Intent naturally could not sweep out anything, and she once more walked expressionlessly forward. Su Xing surreptitiously bit open his finger and grasped a clump of Essence Blood.

That clump of Essence Blood quickly became a golden ring in Su Xing’s palm. This was the “Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring” he obtained when he killed Long Aotian. Every time he was to use the Star Weapon of a Starfallen Star General, it required Essence Blood as a supplement, and spitting up every time would make the user’s energy greatly harmed.  

Prudently finishing every movement, no one noticed Su Xing at all.

Su Xing inhaled deeply. He turned his wrist, and thirty Middle Grade Talismans “Shadow Beast Talismans”1 appeared. Just when Lady Snake Scorpion and the others’ attention were completely on their side, he suddenly threw the talismans into the hall at the other end. The talismans transformed into beasts of darkness. These transformed beasts were a very big threat to lower grade cultivators, however, they were only cannon fodder in front of Lady Snake Scorpion’s group. Su Xing did not hope these Shadow Beast talismans could settle them. His objective was to borrow the Void Darkness to cover his tracks, and his superior Hiding would shift the attention of Lady Snake Scorpion and the others.

As expected, the moment the Shadow Beasts emerged, they startled Lady Snake Scorpion, and the group immediately launched attacks.

Su Xing guessed that the Shadow Beast Talismans could persist for more or less between five to nine seconds, and these seconds were the time to settle things with one strike.

Sensing the commotion coming from behind her, the Double-headed Serpent turned her head, seemingly still expressionless. She stepped forward several paces, and the darkness of the surrounding corners suddenly erupted. Xie Zhen’s reactions were very quick, and she was incomparably crafty. She promptly retreated, her hand moving. Several green snakes formed, flying over like living creatures.

Destined Star Weapon.

Green Tree Viper Gloom Blade!2

The blade-light moved to and fro, its cold glint crackling as it brought a strange spiritual energy on its way to bite Su Xing. Knowing that this Green Tree Viper Gloom Blade contained potent poison, Su Xing did not dare directly receive it. His body leaned, and the Green Tree Viper Gloom Blade skimmed past his eyelid. Su Xing even could see the green vipers of that blade flicking their tongues.

Xie Zhen was stunned, but at this time, the Double-headed Serpent’s taciturn nature had been successfully exploited by Su Xing, thus avoiding a blunder. She had not yet called out in the first moments, nor did she utter a single noise. The Lady Snake Scorpion group that had their attention attracted elsewhere simply did not sense the state that occurred with Xie Zhen.  

The Double-headed Serpent’s eyes flashed a gloom, and her white fingers danced.

But how could Su Xing giver her that chance. The Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring rose.

The light rays on that golden ring burned, and the talisman script floated. The Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring became five afterimages that suddenly disappeared. In the next instant, they appeared on the four limbs and neck of Xie Zhen, and the violently erupting rays of light retracted. A sparkling multi-colored light locked tight Xie Zhen’s movements.

Even the Double-headed Serpent at this time only raised her eyelids, still unfrightened that something happened. Su Xing’s heart felt admiration towards this little girl’s calm. He was not the slightest neglectful, and the Intertwined Branch Sword seized the chance to swipe across Xie Zhen’s arm. Although Xie Zhen’s arms had been trapped, she nevertheless opened her mouth and sprayed a green poison gas into Su Xing’s face. Even Su Xing had no other choice.


The twelve Heaven Tearing Swords once again moved.

At the same time, Su Xing’s wrist flipped out the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and swiped at the cave entrance, swiping out a burst of multicolored light and auspicious vapors. Only when Xie Zhen spotted Su Xing’s Spirit Treasure did she finally show shock, but at this time, the twelve golden swords already slashed.

After Lady Snake Scorpion and the rest destroyed the Shadow Beast, they sensed something was not too right. In addition, when Su Xing used the Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring, they were startled. Therefore, every type of magic weapon and ability as well as Xie Bao’s Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles shot directly over to save Xie Zhen.

A clear drizzle of blue light seemingly projected and suddenly flashed, instantly breaking their assault.

They saw the golden swords dragon-roar, a spirit abundantly powerful enough to overturn mountains and rivers.

“Mother Highness, it’s that man!!”

Xie Bao screamed.

“Quickly come back!”

Lady Snake Scorpion was greatly astonished, clutching in her hand the Purple Rose Grade Star Treasure Stars Falling Dragon Sword.

When Xie Zhen’s eyes saw the flying swords falling she already did not have the chance to escape. She had never thought her opponent would plan so accurately, restricting all of her movement. She gloomily glanced at Su Xing, as if she wanted etch his appearance into her mind. The Star Crest on Xie Zhen’s forehead suddenly shattered.

“Star Release?!”

Su Xing was stunned.

Just as Heaven Tearing slashed, Xie Zhen simultaneously disappeared.

Su Xing never expected the little girl would be so resolute to use Star Release. Star Release was usable by all Star Generals that signed contracts. It allowed the Star General to instantly return to the Star Nest at great harm to oneself, almost the same as being killed. The difference was in judgment, and recovery was also faster than if they had died.

Su Xing swallowed a Thousand Bells Immortals Dew and no longer hesitated. He released a Purple Thunder Barrier, turning around to flee towards outside the cave mouth.

A concealed weapon. Gu Poison successively erupted at the place Su Xing left from.

A snake image swept dejectedly pounced at the air.

Lady Snake Scorpion’s head sunk. She honestly scowled in anger – she did not know what the background of that cultivator was, to unexpectedly infiltrate her Gu Palace. In addition, twice he had met with her Star Generals Twin-tailed Scorpion and Double-headed Serpent, attacking each once. This result practically was more incapable of being accepted than if Lady Snake Scorpion had been killed.

“Mother Highness.” Xie Bao also anxiously looked at Lady Snake Scorpion. She truly was speechless that her elder sister unexpectedly also would fall into the Star Nest like herself, deserving to be called twins.

“This Queen was careless. Someone unexpectedly could find this secret passageway.” Lady Snake Scorpion gnashed her teeth.

“Demi Kings Golden Wings, Demi King Power Bear.3 You two quickly inspect this passageway. Be sure to kill the opponent, and you absolutely cannot allow him to get close!” Lady Snake Scorpion coldly commanded the two Demi Kings: “Even if he dies, flog his corpse!!”

“As you command, Queen!”

Demi Kings Golden Wings and Power Bear immediately rushed out the cave mouth.

“Mother Highness, calm down. You can only blame that man for honestly being too cunning.” Xie Bao consoled.

Lady Snake Scorpion nodded and sat on the stone chair. She was somewhat worried and sick at heart. Without Xie Zhen, the loss to Lady Snake Scorpion was certainly extremely great. The Xie Twins’ martial force were degenerate in of themselves. Relying on the mutual connection of their hearts, their flawless Gu Poisons were perfect matches. Originally, she had wanted to rely on the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill Snake And Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss to act as a trump card. She did not expect that surprisingly, this sort of unexpected mishap would occur, that Xie Zhen unexpectedly would be finished.

Lady Snake Scorpion truly was angered to the point her lungs were about to explode. Although the Double-headed Serpent Xie Zhen in the Star Nest was silent and did not say anything, Lady Snake Scorpion sensed her guilt. Kindly saying some words of comfort, Lady Snake Scorpion continued to look at the “Gu Mirror” in her hand. Inside the mirror was the Ten Thousand Year Gu, which was already battling at the final juncture. In the end, only one poison ape and a Ten Thousand Year Centipede were engaged in their final battle.

It was nearly about to be born.

She absolutely could not fail here for lack of effort!

Lady Snake Scorpion secretly clenched tight her fist.

However, at this time, Lady Snake Scorpion had not expected the man she hated to the bone would be even more cunning than she had thought.

Demi King Golden Wings and Demi King Power Bear walked out of the secret passage and searched their own ways.

“That guy honestly fled quickly. Golden Wings, your Wind And Thunder Wings perhaps are not a match.” Demi King Power Bear joked.

Demi King Golden Wings was expressionless, his eyes very strange. “How can that man flee this quickly. Unexpectedly, there is not a single trace.” Hearing Demi King Power Bear’s words, he turned his head and said disapprovingly: “Could it be you have forgotten? That man seemed to be the cultivator that killed Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao before. Originally, when he was chased by the Roc Demon King, the Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li still could not catch up. As if Your Servant’s Wind And Thunder Wings has a damned use.”

“Where did such a cultivator defiant of the natural order come from!” Demi King Power Bear shivered. Immediately afterwards, he was somewhat anxious: “If he is this quick, then what are we to do? The Queen wants us to search, but we simply cannot find even the hair of another person.”

“We can just guard the passage’s entrance, then.” Demi King Golden Wings thought that this was the best result. To be frank, according to the two of them, encountering a suspicious cultivator capable of getting rid of a Heavenly Star, they were uncertain in their hearts. Besides, their opponent was someone even the Roc Demon King had no alternative for. Demi Kings like them had best not waste their breath.

Demi King Power Bear deeply held this to be true. The two of them acting together was somewhat deficient, but each separating would probably end with them being struck down one at a time.

“However, this is too odd. Unexpectedly, the escape technique did not leave even a single trace. We do not know either what ability it is.” Demi King Golden Wing’s eyesight was very strong. Nevertheless, Demi King Golden Wings truly felt it was odd he could not see the magic energy fluctuations Su Xing left behind when he ran.

Demi King Power Bear scoffed and said, “If that cultivator’s Escape Technique left even the Roc Demon King without a way, your golden eyesight can see hairlines.”

Demi King Golden Wings pondered and then obediently guarded the secret passage’s entrance.

At this time, the two Demi Kings absolutely did not think that Su Xing did not escape at all, but was right under their noses.

Su Xing lied atop a rampart of the hidden passage like a gecko lying down. The him hidden in the Oneness Of Heaven and Man condition absolutely could not be discovered if one was not carefully looking. The two Great Demi Kings also absolutely would not expect that the Purple Thunder Su Xing released just now was only a smokeshell. He did not run, rather, he borrowed the Purple Thunder Barrier to climb up and hide himself.

Including Lady Snake Scorpion, they all followed their subconscious logic in believing one man alone charging into a risky situation to kill Xie Zhen would be enough of a harvest. Since he was discovered, he was certain to flee. There was no reason to dare conceal himself again. It was precisely this sort of “psychological blind spot” that let Su Xing quietly break away from the two Great Demi Kings. Even the Shi Yuan in the Star Nest was flabbergasted and praised him. Otherwise, Su Xing honestly was somewhat thorny to Lady Snake Scorpion.4

Seeing that the hall was left with only Lady Snake Scorpion and Xie Bao, a cold light immediately appeared in Su Xing’s eyes.

Author’s Note:

If it were not for the afternoon being pulled away, another chapter could have been posted at 5 or 6 o’clock. Currently on the fourth chapter, and another will be a bit later. You can sleep first, read tomorrow. If Little Ice can’t post a new one, she won’t sleep. Tonight will probably be an all-nighter…

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  1.  暗影獸符
  2.  竹葉青冥刃
  3.  力熊妖王
  4. This is like those old gags where the guy being chased rounds a corner and hides behind the first thing he finds.


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