Chapter 226: Stars Falling Dragon Sword

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Seeing that Lady Snake Scorpion was relatively far and having gone through the previous sneak attack, Lady Snake Scorpion had increased her vigilance. At the same time, she clutched a sword of sparkling starlight. Even if they were separated a great distance, Su Xing could sense the resolution on that sword. Astonishingly, it was a Purple Rose Grade Star Treasure. Xie Bao was at her side, and having lost her elder sister, the Twin-tailed Scorpion was somewhat depressed, but her whole body was on guard, her fingers incessantly playing with the Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles.

Su Xing saw he could not find a gap, and he did not know if delaying any further would be a solution. Heaven knew what time the two Demi Kings would return. Moving his Divine Intent, he immediately rushed out, the twelve Heaven Tearing Swords producing a deep dragon roar as they shot out.

When the golden light appeared, they immediately startled Lady Snake Scorpion and Xie Bao. Xie Bao’s Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles became a drizzle that sprinkled over, fine as fur. Lady Snake Scorpion’s eyes shot out a tremendous hatred. She raised her hand, and a seven chi long black python also rushed out. Afterwards, every sort of Gu Poison each flew out. Not only those, but countless poisonous bugs also wildly bubbled forth. Amidst Lady Snake Scorpion’s low cries, they pounced towards Su Xing, covering the sky and earth.

When Su Xing saw this many poison bugs appear, a slightly flabbergasted expression flashed past his eyes.

But in the next instant, those poison bugs wrapped up Heaven Tearing with layer upon layer, beginning to gnaw at the flying swords.

Now, two Heaven Tearing Swords at this time already separated to slash onto Xie Bao and Lady Snake Scorpion.

With a “clang, clang,” Xie Bao’s Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles were Three Star, and the myriad fine needles were like a torrential downpour. They easily restrained the flying swords that came slashing. Su Xing was far from giving up when he saw this. Two Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder Bullets thick as an arm shot out, immediately booming over.

Lady Snake Scorpion’s Gu Poison was superb. Flicking her five fingers, she fired a black light.

Then, the blazes burning inside the palace pots turn black, soar into the sky and attack towards Su Xing.

They had met for no more than a moment, but Su Xing and Lady Snake Scorpion both alternated launching their abilities without holding back at all. What Su Xing did not expect was that this Galaxy Early Stage Lady Snake Scorpion unexpectedly repeatedly restrained his flying swords and the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunders. However, Su Xing’s side still had Yan Yizhen present.

The Skilful Star Wanderer Little Yi’s figure flashed and rushed out, directly attacking the weakest Xie Bao.

Let alone that Xie Bao looked like a little girl of seven or eight years, she fought calmly and composed. The Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles fell towards Yan Yizhen without leaving any gaps, but Little Yi’s speed was very quick, her reactions also very timely. However, the Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles were too numerous and too concentrated. If she got close, even a Five Tiger General would not necessarily block everything. Several thin needles stuck into Yan Yizhen’s skin, but the maid was hard as a boulder, not hesitating in the slightest.

A fist powerfully boomed onto Xie Bao’s head.

Xie Bao was sent flying, but this punch was not enough to make her sustain serious injury. The Twin-tailed Scorpion snorted. SHe looked at the Yan Yizhen rushing towards her from the front, and the Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles became a scorpion tail that suddenly stabbed downwards.

Yellow Rank Poison Needle!

Scorpion Tail Needle!

Clang, clang.

The Scorpion Tail Needle could not pierce into Yan Yizhen’s body. The maid’s steps changed, easily avoiding the scorpion’s tail. The Skilful Star’s phantoms were consecutive, and another fist approached. Lady Snake Scorpion controlled several poison pythons to pounce towards Yan Qing, letting Xie Bao avert disaster.

Boom, boom, boom.

A violent rumble suddenly went through the tunnel.

Su Xing instantly knew that the two Great Demi Kings already heard the commotion and were rushing over. It made Su Xing felt that it was a pity he was unable to kill Lady Snake Scorpion in a single hit. She was worthy of the name of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s number one Star Master, for the Gu Poison Arts she controlled left Su Xing at wit’s end.

Inside the secret passage, Demi King Golden Wings flapped his pair of wings, producing the sound of wind and thunder. Several blinks later, and he had arrived. His speed actually was swift, somewhat different in approach to the Roc Demon King’s Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li but with an equally admirable result.

“The cultivator is courting death!!” Demi King Golden Wings, and his hands became sharp talons that scratched at Su Xing.

Su Xing used the True Dragon Nine Claws Art to attack. The powerful strength grabbed the two, and they could not help but be repelled. Demi King Golden Wing’s retreat was insignificant, but when Su Xing was forced back, the flying swords controlled by his Divine Intent were nearly destabilized. Su Xing hastily steadied his mind. A black fire and a powerful toxin already covered towards him under the Lady Snake Scorpion’s control. Su Xing fired the Purple Cloud True Star and Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder to finally stop it.  

Lady Snake Scorpion was startled, having not thought that the powers of the cultivator before her were more varied than hers. In any case, that she had this many abilities was because her Lord Husband was Falling Dragon Mountain’s Great Sage Falling Sky, the Roc Demon King. And just what was the background of this brat? Thinking of this, Lady Snake Scorpion was even more unwilling to let Su Xing go.

When Yan Yizhen saw that the two Great Demi Kings made a pincer attack, she could only give up on handling Xie Bao, turning around to attack a Demi King.

Her figure moved, and as if the several dozen meters of distance did not exist, she appeared in front of Demi King Golden Wings in the blink of an eye. Originally, Demi King Golden Wings was currently charging his Golden Claws in preparation to give Su Xing another fierce attack. Nevertheless, he did not foresee Yan Yizhen would suddenly block his front.

Demi King Golden Wings promptly went to block, but how could he compare to the the Yan Yizhen’s Two Star Star Weapon’s “Swallowflash Samsara.”

Su Xing at this moment also painstakingly Resonated for the sake of allowing Yan Yizhen to instantly dispose of the Demi King. The coordination between master and servant practically was perfect tacit understanding.

Yan Yizhen was indifferent towards Demi King Golden Wing’s defenses, answering his defense with disdain. Her two fists went ahead like phantoms, the air filled with a frightening whistle. How could the pitiful Demi King Golden Wings expect that the very first to rush over would become the very first to be beaten silly. His powerful body and excellent speed let him down, for under the Swallowflash Samsara, he was unexpectedly unable to withstand even a single face to face confrontation. Every inch of his flesh was shaken and ripped by Yan Yizhen’s cruel fists, bringing a ash-black blood-light. His large body unexpectedly was continuously pressed upon by Yan Yizhen, completely unable to break free.

Demi King Golden Wings sensed he was about to be completely destroyed. He fiercely yelled, and his wings flapped. He flew into the air, and at this moment, Yan Yizhen’s figure followed like a shadow, appearing behind him at the same time.

Demi King Golden Wings was so frightened he nearly lost his soul.

Clearly, he did not expect Yan Yizhen’s speed to be fast to this degree. He could not rely on any of his previous experiences in facing an opponent. In the moment Demi King Golden Wings was startled, he did not even have the chance to react, and then his head was suddenly grabbed by the maid behind him.

Speedily defeating her opponent in a single blow, Yan Yizhen certainly was never one to be sloppy. Yan Yizhen’s hand grabbed Demi King Golden Wings from behind and fully used her heavy fist. The Yin Yang Pisces Fists alternately struck, a warm and a cold Pisces reflected each other. A frightening noise continuously was produced between the two. Demi King Golden Wings’ groans were louder and louder, already completely uncontrollable.

The acute pain made Demi King Golden Wings simply unable to organize any counterattacks. A large expanse of blood-light erupted and sprayed into the air. The red scarlet color was a ghastly sight, combined with bits of dust sent flying in the air, it drew a long bloody tint.

The maid cruelly kicked above his stomach, and the immense strength changed Demi King Golden Wings’ shape.

“Boom!!” An enormous noise.

Demi King Golden Wings fell onto the ground. The hard floor splintered, sending fragments shooting in all directions. A gigantic air wave soared, like a true tidal wave, raising a terrifying tide. The entire room gave rise to a violent quaking all because of Yan Yizhen’s attack.

The magnificent Supercluster Demi King had unexpectedly been instantly killed by Yan Yizhen.

The Yin Yang Pisces on the maid’s fists swam around.

“Impossible. The Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing!”

Lady Snake Scorpion turned pale with fright, and neither did she know why she felt it was impossible.

Demi King Power Bear at this time rushed over. Due to his not having Demi King Golden Wings’ Wind And Thunder Escape, his speed was greatly slower. He stared blankly at the Demi King Golden Wings that was killed like a lamb entering the tiger’s den. Demi King Power Bear was also of tyrannical strength, and he swung his huge fists without the slightest hesitation.

Su Xing at this time broke the Resonance, and he released another Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder and Purple Cloud True Star. It was just that delaying further like this was too great a waste of energy.

A drizzle of a hundred golden needles pierced through and broke out of the purple thunder.

Su Xing controlled the flying swords to block them.

Lady Snake Scorpion could discern that Su Xing was out of the ordinary. Perhaps he still had abilities he was restraining. She immediately did not hesitate, and neither was she willing to continue delaying. Although it was somewhat of a pity, she could only use her strongest Astral Treasure. The Astral Treasure Stars Falling Dragon Sword in the Lady Snake Scorpion’s hand immediately waved, and when Xie Bao saw this, she then entered the Star Nest.

Lady Snake Scorpion read an incantation. The light rays of that double-edged sword’s starlight in her hand shimmered and was increasingly penetrating. Countless dragon images were seemingly sealed onto that sword, and these dragons were like tadpoles that were shrunken down several times as they swam about continuously on the sword’s edge.

Su Xing immediately sensed something far from reassuring.

Lady Snake Scorpion took no more than the blink of an eye to raise the sword in her hand. THe entire underground palace was filled with light. The starlight of a galaxy seemingly fell into the underground, the scene seemingly exceedingly beautiful.

“Stars Falling Dragon Sword!!” The insufferably arrogant Demi King Powerful Bear shouted in fright, unexpectedly not caring to strike Yan Yizhen any longer. He turned and was about to flee.

“Little Yi!” Su Xing roused the twelve Heaven Tearing Swords the moment he saw this. The twelve Heaven Tearings became a golden shield that protected his entire body. The swords released golden dragons that were also bold and powerful.

Little Yi understood tacitly and stole into the Star Nest.


Lady Snake Scorpion shouted, and that Stars Falling Dragon Sword immediately was like shattering glass. The hundred different colored dragons trapped inside suddenly burst out like a Heaven overflowing flood. The entire underground cave was filled with countless dragons, imposing and turning everything upside down.

Su Xing was startled, having not expected the Lady Snake Scorpion’s Stars Falling Dragon Sword to be this violent.

Countless dragons immediately crammed into the underground palace, like a rolling flood.

The cavern’s black fire, poisonous animals, and poisonous bugs were instantly washed cleanly away.

Bang, bang, bang.

Demi King Power Bear screamed and was ravaged into a rag by a dragon.

Su Xing’s heart shivered: An entire Supercluster Demi King unexpectedly was swallowed by a dragon with not even slag left.

The dragons slammed onto the twelve Heaven Tearings like a tidal wave.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent hurt. Silently shouting, “This is bad,” the Immemorial Sword Chant Heaven Tearing Dragonscale Sword was unexpectedly slightly unable to persist after being twisted by Lady Snake Scorpion’s dragons. Damage surprisingly appeared on the Life-cast Flying Swords. This Astral Treasure honestly was too terrifying, and Su Xing hastily seized the Miraculous Bodhi Tree to swipe with.

A wave of divine light manifested and rolled.

Prehistoric Spirit Treasures were purported to be slightly better than a Purple Rose Astral Treasure, but with this swipe, he did not know if it was his cultivation that was too low or if it was because of other reasons, the clear light and propitious vapors of the Miraculous Bodhi Tree capable of breaking Ten Thousand Techniques wrapped up the hundred dragons. Nevertheless, it only made things smaller, and it was incapable of suppressing the Falling Dragon Sword’s devastation.

Su Xing again swallowed several Thousand Bells Immortals Dew, successively swiping several times.

Only then did the clear light finally was considered to have taken the advantage.

Lady Snake Scorpion inhaled, similarly consuming several Thousand Bells Immortals Dew. The weakening Falling Dragon Sword’s vigor again increased, crazily swelling.

Su Xing and the Lady Snake Scorpion began to stake their Star Energies.

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree and the Stars Falling Dragon Sword carried out a life and death confrontation.

The one that could not persist – dies!

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