Chapter 230: Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array

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Despite his admiration, Su Xing did not forget the terror of the Stars Falling Dragon Sword. Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasures in the Star Duels always were “weapons of mass destruction.” Possessing a powerful Purple Rose Astral Treasure along with adequate martial force, Star Generals advancing the level of their Star Weapons could occupy a place to contend in the Star Duels. If they were not a complete Star General with a terrifying Star Beast, a few Star Generals could not be an opponent.

The ten thousand dragons of varied colors attacked like a tsunami wave after wave. He only heard dragon roars in his ears, a desperately earth-shattering power. Holy Mother Qi Xia’s multi-colored light barriers broke layer by layer, the light distorting. Even a Supervoid Cultivator’s magic weapon barely resisted. In addition, Holy Mother Qi Xia’s Life-cast Magic Weapon “Qi Xia Banners” was mighty as expected, but seeing those seven banners revolve, they rolled a seven-colored rainbow light formed a light barrier to trap the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon within.

Holy Mother Qi Xia’s light barrier was being slammed to the verge of collapse. Refining the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon on one hand while also defending against the Stars Falling Dragon Sword on the other, even if Holy Mother Qi Xia’s grand as the starry skies Star Energy would not hold out for too long.

Lady Snake Scorpion used the Stars Falling Dragon also to engage in one last battle. Each wave was ten Thousand Bells Immortals Dew entering her throat.

Holy Mother Qi Xia tested to release an artifact and several abilities, but they had only just left the protection of the multi-colored light when they were torn to pieces by the myriad dragons, a spectacle too horrible to endure.

“Su Xing, my boy, are there any magic weapons you still have not used? Otherwise, it certainly would be too late.” Holy Mother Qi Xia struck several hand seals, and the dazzling lights entered the Qi Xia Banners and protective multi-colored lights. Holy Mother Qi Xia’s expression began to become grim. Seeing Su Xing unexpectedly still able to resist, she immediately smiled.


“Why would Holy Mother say this?” Su Xing grave. With his flying swords broke, the Profound Star Barrier’s white light flared and fought the dragons, but the Profound Star Barrier’s cracks were increasingly many. It looked as if it would not hold out for too long.

“To be able to be this self-confident, has This Seat seen wrongly?” Holy Mother Qi Xia said.

Su Xing was silent.


A ripping sound entered their ears. Tears already appeared in those Qi Xia Banners. Holy Mother Qi Xia’s expression changed, and her tone was no longer that unperturbed as before. “How about this, then. Su Xing, my boy, so long as you help This Seat refine this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, seeing as my boy and little sister are so affectionate, how about taking that Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror as a gift This Seat sends to little sister and her husband!”

Seeing that Lady Snake Scorpion continuously urged the Stars Falling Dragon Sword’s power, Holy Mother Qi Xia no longer hesitated. Although the Shifting Light Image Switching Mirror was a Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure, it was not too useful to her. This thing was obtained from a Purple Rose Grade Chest. It was originally an object that connected Star Master and Star General, and Holy Mother Qi Xia holding onto it was unnecessary. Now, she completely did not hesitate to use it for a business transaction.


Compared to obtaining the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, what did this Shifting Light Image Switching Mirror count as.

Su Xing rolled his eyes. He indeed was endlessly tempted by the Shifting Light Image Switching Mirror, but he also very much did not want to turn the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon to Holy Mother Qi Xia. He could not feel at ease if this terrifying Gu Demon were to be turned over to anyone. “Your Servant fears that he is powerless to refine this Gu Demon, but Your Servant is somewhat sure he can temporarily suppress the Falling Dragon Sword.” Su Xing’s implication was that he would not help her obtain the Ten Thousand Year Gu, that he could only inhibit the Falling Dragon Sword. The rest was up to her luck.


Holy Mother Qi Xia said without the slightest hesitation.


Seeing this, Su Xing reacted instantly and flipped his wrist. A green jade-like branch appeared in his hand, and Holy Mother Qi Xia’s eyes immediately glinted when she saw it, showing a trace of excitement. However, that immediately was eliminated.

Su Xing sneered to himself and instantly swished the Miraculous Bodhi Tree in succession.

A large expanse of the divine light of clear drizzle and propitious vapors was like a surging magic cloud, blowing over the Gu Valley.


The Sword of Falling Dragon wreaking havoc was swept away by the clear light as if it had been trapped by the propitious cloud, suppressing the dragons’ devastation, but the Miraculous Bodhi Tree’s divine light not only pushed down the Falling Dragon Sword, Su Xing also meticulously did not pull back the Miraculous Bodhi Tree’s divine light, swiping away those Qi Xia Banners as well. Originally, how could that that tottering Qi Xia Banner hold back the Miraculous Bodhi Tree’s swiping.

The seven-colored banners released a vibrating cry, and the rainbow light immediately broke.

Holy Mother Qi Xia’s expression slightly changed.

“Apologies, Holy Mother, that this Miraculous Bodhi Tree breaks Ten Thousand Techniques cannot be helped by Your Servant.” Su Xing candidly said.

Holy Mother Qi Xia grunted, not saying anything. She seized on the chance that the Falling Dragon Sword was being suppressed. The Holy Mother pointed at the same time, and at this moment, the listless Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon shouted and screamed. Su Xing’s figure moved and rushed to attack the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon opened its large mouth, firing countless poison needles.

An arm that was like a centipede rolled towards Su Xing.

Su Xing swiped the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

The blue light rays were clear, easily brushing forwards. This Miraculous Bodhie Tree deserved to be called a cheat hack, for swiping it was too wonderful for words. A light swish could break ten thousand techniques. In the previous phase, Su Xing practically succeeded in every endeavor, but the Miraculous Bodhi Tree required too enormous a Star Energy. Swiping to now, Su Xing’s more than one hundred Thousand Bells Immortals Dew was nearly depleted.

The divine light restricted the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, and the Thousand Year Contract’s Intertwined Branch Sword held in Su Xing’s hand stabbed forth.

Although the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was of copper hide and iron bone, it certainly had a weak spot.

Su Xing aimed at that ugly mouth of the Ten Thousand Year Gu Denib and stabbed. Su Xing was just like he wanted to pierce through the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, forcefully stabbing. The expressions of Holy Mother Qi Xia and the Lady Snake Scorpion changed.

Fortunately, green light only flashed on the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s body.

The scorpion tail on the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s rear swiftly stuck over and forced Su Xing to dodge. This sword stab did not yield any results either. When Holy Mother Qi Xia saw, her sleeve fanned, and a shuttle-shaped1 multi-colored light hastily flew over from the horizon. In the blink of an eye, it arrived over the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s head. The shuttle-shaped multi-colored light split against the wind, becoming a light net covering the skies and the earth that covered the Gu Demon from above.

The Gu Demon bored into the earth, its four claws shoveling dirt, and it instantly entered the underground.

Holy Mother Qi Xia’s Cloud Catching Bag2 fell onto empty space.

“Inferior animal, you dare run!” Holy Mother Qi Xia’s face turned cold. Her leg stamped, and the earth jolted as an incorporeal spiritual pressure directly poured in.

It shook the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon out.


This Gu Demon was a monkey, yet it had some intelligence. Being refined by the Qi Xia Banners, it already lost its previous close-quarters fighting drive. Whatever desire to kill it had was gone. It spread its wings and flew towards the airspace over Gu Valley, unexpectedly preparing to flee.

“Thinking of running?”

Holy Mother Qi Xia flew over.

Lady Snake Scorpion saw this, once again brandished the Falling Dragon Sword. Seeing her face was pale, she was too weak to support it. Evidently, she was an arrow at the end of its path using the Star Falling Dragon Sword. The Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure was like this. It was not something to be used arbitrarily just by continuously replenishing Star Energy. It far exceeded the realms of cultivators, and frequently using it would greatly harm vitality.

Su Xing at this time also hastily pursued. The Profound Star Barrier’s light erupted, and the barrier instantly shattered.

“Wu Song, accept death!”


At this moment, the outside of the Jade Alum Palace was a mess. The Supervoid Cultivators’ war had destroyed Gecko Cliff, and the Supercluster Ancestors acting to search for the Gu Palace also was to wantonly destroy things. The entire huge Jade Alum Palace and the five Poison Halls collapsed in a landslide, loudly toppling over. It was just that Lady Snake Scorpion had already foreseen this. The Gu Valley had been sealed in an underground palace, so even if things were shaken flat, the entirety of the Jade Alum Palace could not possibly be discovered.

Wu Siyou straddled the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, rushing over there and unfortunately ran into Enviless of the East.

The war between Enviless of the East and Zhong Qi ended when the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators’ simultaneous attack made Zhong Qi defeated. Furthermore, Five Poisons Mountain nevertheless was levelled by the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators. How could the Five Great Demi Kings and the multitude of Demi Soldiers resist such ruin; it was the total defeat of their army. Currently, when Enviless of the East wantonly searched for the Ten Thousand Year Gu and could not find the way forward was wholeheartedly furious, he unexpectedly saw Wu Siyou approaching from the horizon.

When he saw the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, Enviless of the East was suddenly indignant.

Wu Song killing Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity certainly was the hatred of a generation, particularly when that Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Miraculous Bodhi Tree had also been stolen. This Spirit Treasure originally was given to Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity for use to guard the sect. Even if the Supervoid founders in seclusion were absent, Enviless of the East on the one hand wanted to take back the Miraculous Bodhi Tree while on the other really did not expect to take Wu Song’s White and Black Unicorn Tiger.


The foes saw each other, each covetous.


Enviless of the East’s Heaven and Earth spiritual power squeezed. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s white light erupted, for the Seventh Rank Spirit Beast was far from surrendering from just the spiritual power of a Supervoid.

Seeing this, Enviless of the East’s hands flew through hand seals. Suddenly, more than a hundred flying swords simultaneously flew towards the sky. Instantly, two clumps of dazzling blue light burst in the sky, forming two several zhang long immense azure swords. Their cold light was thick, and then they eerily flashed in his eyes. Silently opening his mouth, two clumps of green qi slipped out, each spraying onto one of the giant swords.


Upon touching the green qi, the giant swords in the sky brilliantly glowed. Rapidly falling following a light cry, they aggressively slashed towards the White and Black Unicorn Tiger and Wu Siyou in the white light.


“Bang, bang,” two enormous noises sounded.

The immense swords fiercely struck onto the white light. Green rays and white light interweaved, but the two swords barely pressed several inches into the white light, bouncing bluntly back.

Seeing this scene, Enviless of the East was stunned.

Wu Siyou’s eyes showed a slight mocking expression.

The White and Black Unicorn TIger’s mouth roared, and it spat out a beam of resplendent light. This beam directly pressed onto the Primordial Boundless Swords. Wu Siyou’s figure also flickered, directly leaving the White and Black Unicorn Tiger. She soared into the air, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus like ink and snow, its sword light radiantly reflecting.

When Enviless of the East saw this, his expression sunk. His hands quickly flew through seals, rushing lightly for the group of swords. Suddenly, green clouds flashed by, and each flying sword ejected three identical sword lights. Originally, there were a hundred green rays, and now, they became thousands upon thousands of sword lights. The flock of swords had doubled their power in an instant.

Afterwards, Enviless of the East then flung his green robes, and his mouth densely spat the word, “Go.”

The moment this sound was uttered, every sword light obediently split to the extremes of left and right, becoming two lines, splitting the original things into two sides. The two eaves of flying swords instantly bound with the sword lights into one. The green light shuddered, and the swords transformed into a mysterious sword array, separately breaking for the sky.

Wu Siyou and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger rushed ahead at the same time, apparently unconcerned.

The offensive of the Harm Star Pilgrim and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger madly swelled, breaking Enviless of the East’s flying swords. Using flying swords to go obstruct a Star General of superb martial force, especially the Wu Song who possessed the White and Black Unicorn Tiger Spirit Beast, the Enviless of the East who had just consumed his vigor in a war with Zhong Qi just now had no solution.

Only when Enviless of the East’s spiritual power wildly pressured them did he finally stop Wu Song’s counterattack. He was angry: “Wu Song, This Senior must kill you today. See if you have any ability to go stop This Senior’s Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array!”3


Forming a hand seal, the scattered thousand sword lights all of a sudden combined and wrapped Wu Siyou tightly. All sides were a boundless green light, limitless. The weather turned gloomy, seemingly pressing over. Even Wu Siyou felt she had been trapped, and her heart shuddered.

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  1. As in textiles
  2. 捕霞兜
  3.  兩儀玄塵劍陣


  1. This arc has started to feel like its just dragging on way too long for me. I just want them to reunite and start whatever arc comes next, or at least get 1 star beast and start on the next one if it is going to work like that, whatever.

    1. Like I’ve been saying in previous chapters (not like you could’ve seen my recent comments, lol), I think the main problem is that the fights are boring. All they usually boil down to is throwing artifacts and swords at each other and see whose sword light or artifact is shinier or stronger (this usually means who has the best items, i.e. who has the deepest pockets). The Star Generals’ fights are usually WAY more interesting since a lot of them fight hand to hand, but in general, fights are uninspired and usually don’t carry any tension since we don’t know anything about anyone other than Su Xing, so there’s never even an ”ideal vs ideal” or other kinds of deeper-meaning behind the fights, just some greedy, overgrown toddlers with anger issues fighting over whose cock is bigger or who offended whom or trying to one up one another and whatnot.

      Also Su Xing is a Gary Stu, which I dig, but takes off all possible tension from fights when I know him and his girls will be alright in the end.

      1. Su Xing’s pretty low on the Gary Stu scale. He fails a couple times, and they’re pretty big failures. You’ll see later on, I don’t want to spoil too much.

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