Chapter 231: Your Servant Is Here, How Could She Allow You To Humiliate Lord Husband!

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The thousand golden lights in the sky turned. Suddenly they rolled out a cool breeze, and a green light and mysterious wind bubbled forth at the same time. In the middle of the array, Wu Siyou already could not see her hands in front of her. The light obscured everything in a range of three zhang, and the middle of the array was ferocious. The sword’s cold, twisting wind whistled, and even a Star General as valiant as Wu Siyou had been attacked by the wind. Her whole body was cold, and muttering to herself this was not good, she circulated her Star Energy to protect her body.

The Heaven And Earth Profound Dust Array’s middle vaguely rumbled with the sounds of thunder. Enviless of the East was just like he was already outside of the sword array, not a trace to be seen. Wu Siyou’s thin eyes watched, suddenly spotting a green qi rising in the center of the array. The jade light twinkled, as if there was a dark cloud rolling around in the center. Soon after, the faintly shaking jade wave surged for the heavens. The sword-light apparently was finished charging and was idle, the tip hidden, the fiercest danger in the middle. Wu Siyou drew in breath.

Wu Siyou watched for several breaths. Suddenly, she slashed empty space with the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in her hand, at the same time stamping with her leg, shouting: “Tai!”1

Ink and snow sword-light slashed a thousand pieces.

Heaven fell and earth rend, huala, huala!

This green light was boundless and gloomy between Heaven and Earth. Suddenly, countless cracks appeared, and then it was just like a smashed mirror, falling down piece by piece, shattering. But in the blink of an eye, green light again revolved. The sword-light wrapped around the green light and bubbled from all side, just like a tide.

When Xuan Zhenzi, Queen Lady of Ice and the other remaining Ancestors saw this, they were fully aware of the power of the Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array, all of them promptly retreating three chi, glancing at each other.

“For Enviless of the East to unexpectedly use such a killing array now, it seems he is staking everything on this.” Xuan Zhenzi’s tone slightly sighed, but it was unknown whether it was a lament or a sob. The Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array was but Enviless of the East’s top power, somewhat more powerful than any flying sword, magic weapon, spirit treasure or Astral Treasure. When this sword array appeared, nearly no one could escape. Even Supercluster Late Stage level Ancestors like Xuan Zhenzi were intimidated at first glance.

It seemed that Enviless of the East did not dare be careless, already using his full power from just a few face-to-face meetings. They knew his intent to kill was absolute.

“Will his handling a Star General like this provoke the Liangshan Maiden?” Queen Lady of Ice wrinkled her brow.

“Liangshan Maiden, hmph.”


When the other Ancestors heard this name, each of their expressions were difficult. Perhaps to the majority of Scattered Star Cultivators or lower level cultivators, the Liangshan Maiden was probably even more like a spectator, an indifferent one. But if one were to have awesome military glory,  they would lack fear and take her to be a joke. However, with regards to the Ten Great Sect’s peak Ancestors.


That simply was a legend!

Their cultivations were profound, so naturally they were clear about the Liangshan Maiden’s might.

In the previous generations of Star Duels, there was no lack of Great Cultivators that ignored Maiden Mountain and wished to challenge its dignity, but their names were never remembered by people because they perished and were scattered like ash and smoke.

“Hmph, it appears that Enviless of the East wants to kill Wu Song to promote his reputation in Liangshan. That Star Beast truly makes people envious.” The Red Lotus Fairy sneered.

Legend said that Maiden Mountain, for the sake of preserving fairness in the Star Duels and to avoid other cultivators spying, would send down a “Star Guard,” and documents did not lack this sort of record either. Although it was unknown whether it was a falsehood or an exaggeration of the Star Duels, while maintaining a prudent thinking of believing it to be true rather than not, the Ancestors would not place themselves at risk. However, the Star Duels had another rule. Star Generals also could not infringe on the interests of other people, otherwise retaliatory killing was considered fair.

Wu Song apparently killed Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity, an Ancestral Master of the Most High Path. According to common sense, Enviless of the East carrying out a vendetta was within reason. It was just that they just did not know whether Wu Song had committed an offense, or if the latter was courting death.

Seeing the Heaven and Earth Profound Dust Sword Array trap Wu Song, their hearts knew that the Harm Star would die without doubt.


At this time, they suddenly heard a hissing howl, like the moans of ghosts and the wails of spirits.

The sound was sharp and ear-piercing, like a demonic noise.


All of the Ancestors turned their heads to look, and they saw an unremarkable mountain range suddenly explode. A black light soared into the sky, dazzling the eyes of all the Ancestors. When they saw this creature, their hearts were astounded. That monster truly was bizarre to the limit. Two monkey heads, with a horn and fangs, eyes that released a bloody color, four arms extending past the knees, fur like needles, with the hundred feet of a centipede winding across its body, a scorpion tail at its rear, and a snake tongue flicking in and out. Its back had bat wings, its whole body enveloped in poison light and toxic gas from head to foot, with poison fog and miasma swirling around. It practically was a Ten Thousand Poison.

“Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon!!”

Xuan Zhenzi all of a sudden shouted.

Several more figures and multi-colored light flew out from beneath the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

When the Ancestors saw this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, it appeared to be unable to withstand another blow. At such a Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon that could at any time be inserted with Essence Blood and controlled, they completely lacked hesitation and rushed over towards the Gu Demon overjoyed. Every sort of ability, seal, and magic weapon simultaneously flew out. They wanted to capture this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon in the first moments, and even the most cold as ice Queen Lady of Ice was incapable of restraining herself, fully using her Dark Ice.


The injured and recuperating Zhong Qi at this time saw the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon also with a glint in his eye, and he joined the camp that fought over it.

This unbearably ugly, sinister as a demon, completely covered in vile air Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was just like it had become an appetizer everyone fought over, a scene extremely spectacular.


When Enviless of the East saw the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, he also was wild with joy, but he was bitterly using the Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array to trap Wu Siyou and was incapable of moving. He could only watch helplessly as they fought wildly, his heart anxious. Continuously urging the sword array with hand seals, he shouted: “Pilgrim Wu Song, you had better quickly return to Maiden Mountain.”

Yet the Wu Siyou in the middle of the Heaven and Earth Profound Dust Sword Array only felt an extremely large pressure pushing in her face, making her feel stifled. Her breathing was not smooth, and her heart only felt incomparably oppressed, putong, putong as it hopped.  

The sword light in the middle of the array was like a golden snake wildly dancing. The green light roared, Heaven and Earth rippled, and a thunderclap roused; as a Supervoid level cultivator, Enviless of the East’s sword array was the so-called tyrannical. “The Boundless gives birth to the Supreme Ultimate, the Supreme Ultimate becomes the dual modes,” Enviless of the East’s Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array was abstruse, the sword-light sweeping from the four cardinal directions like a cool breeze. They shot directly to the Wu Siyou at the array’s center, leaving her without a place to run.


Wu Siyou was a peak Star General, and knowing how formidable this was, she suddenly shouted and resisted brilliantly with the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, starlight shining. In front of them, every sort of brilliance undulated back and forth. First, they blocked the sword lights coming from the four directions, but Enviless of the East’s sword array was like a tide, each wave fiercer than the last. After several sword tides, those joined together, and the sword-light directly smashed apart their Star Energy defenses.

Immediately, the sword-light eliminated the four seasons. Enviless of the East once again urged the Sword Chant, and linked it with a wave of the sword array. Then, he launched a wave-like sword-light that grew from small to large.

The next wave of sword-light already shot to Wu Siyou’s side. Enviless of the East’s Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array was known as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Flying Sword Killing Array. Once entered, no one could escape. To be trapped in the sword array’s center, it was expected that escape required exceptional powers, and that still was not easy. Furthermore, when Enviless of the East urged the sword array, his Supervoid level Star Energy indeed was endlessly might, shaking Heaven and Earth. It was a pity that his battle with Zhong Qi was tremendous, for his energy was greatly consumed. Otherwise, if Enviless of the East was at peak cultivation, the moment the sword array emerged, it was practically comparable to the Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure “Thousand Stars Good Fortune Sword.”2

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger loudly roared. Its body trembled, and its white fur launched bursts of white light. THis light was sharp as a blade, colliding with the sword-light rolling over. There was a rumble, and the Profound Dust Sword-light and white light simultaneously were exploded into fine dust.

But the Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array’s next wave of sword-light was but an instant. Soon after, the seventh wave and the eight wave of sword light came one after the other. Wu Siyou and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger were already forced to mental and physical exhaustion, arrows at the end of their path.

Enviless of the East knew of Wu Song’s might. Mighty was the Harm Star’s fame for fighting prowess, and he wanted to get this done quickly. He was deliberately placing Wu Siyou into her final resting place. Launching the sword chant in succession, the tidal sword-light was endless, increasingly fierce. How could the White and Black Unicorn Tiger still be able to resist the sword-light. When several waves of sword-light passed, it was immediately bruised over its whole body, howling in anguish.

It was directly stored into the Star World by Wu Siyou.

Losing the Seventh Rank Spirit Beast’s divine light that she relied on, Wu Siyou’s figure immediately seemed lonely, one that had difficulty supporting itself.

“Wu Song, just allow Enviless to send you back to Maiden Mountain, to free you of these Star Duels!!” Enviless of the East shouted.

Hua, hua, the sword-light swept over.

Wu Siyou barely blocked. She did everything she could to move forward, but the green light all around was boundless. She could not find a way out, nor could she discern a direction. The sword-light again rolled, and Wu Siyou did not have even the strength to grasp the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. If she did not rely on the THree Star Destined Weapon in addition to plain Star Energy and the support of a Star Beast, any other weaker Star General would already be ash.

The next wave of sword-light whooshed over, and Wu Siyou was certain to be finished.

Just at this moment, suddenly, the boundless sword light in one direction abruptly was washed open by divine light. That point of divine light grew from small to large, instantly breaking open a hole. Seeing an auspicious cloud roll, auspicious light twinkle, Wu Siyou showed surprise.


Suddenly, a hand pierced through the green vastness and extended, the palm open.

Wu Siyou did not hesitate at all, grabbing onto that hand with her own.


The powerful force seemingly was overwhelming, also seemingly dispelling clouds to reveal the sun, Wu Siyou suddenly saw clear sky and white mist. Astonishingly, she had been pulled out of the Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array.

Wu Siyou looked and saw a warm smile.

Never before had this happened. Wu Siyou felt this man smiling like this made her feel relieved.

Who was he?

Su Xing.

“The Miraculous Bodhi Tree!!”

Enviless of the East saw that treasure tree’s jade light lingered. It broke the sword array, and his expression was unsightly to the extreme. WIthout any hesitation at all, his flying sword slashed.

Su Xing was naturally aware of a Supervoid Cultivator’s might, and he swished the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

Divine light attacked, and the flying swords were restricted.

“You truly have done more than what is required, not fighting over that Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon and instead saving Your Servant.” Wu Siyou looked at Su Xing, her tone slightly loud. She could also tell the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon turned from a Gu into a Demon. Already, it could be captured at any moment, and with Su XIng’s capabilities, he would be enough to snatch away this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon first. Then, their trip to this Five Poisons Mountain would not have been in vain, but Su Xing gave up the readily available Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon to confront a Supervoid Cultivator with her. This honestly made Wu Siyou feel “within reason, outside of expectations.”

“Siyou, you are my Wifey. When Wifey is in trouble, how can I watch with folded arms.” Su Xing made a hooked smile, as it should have been by rights.

“A clever mouth and a honeyed tongue!” Wu Siyou snorted. Although she feigned indifference, her eyes showed she was actually somewhat fond of it.

“You adulterous couple even dare to be so intimate before This Senior? How can This Senior ever keep down this resentment if he does not kill you today!” Seeing the opponents unexpectedly use Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity’s Prehistoric Spirit Treasure to confront him, he truly was close to blowing his top.

“Heh, heh, do you truly still want to kill? Your Servant fears you will be unable to cope with us in a short while. If you do not go, the other certainly will take the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. You plotted so actively, and you would give such benefit to someone else, would you be so resigned?” Su Xing was calm. Swishing the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, he confined Enviless of the East’s flying swords.

Enviless of the East was infinitely torn, somewhat worried of his gains and losses. Immediately, his eyes were cold: “Today, I shall let you die in the name of love, you cheating couple.”

“Your Servant is here, how could she allow you to humiliate Lord Husband!”

Wu Siyou coldly shouted like exploding thunder.

Immediately, she alarmed Five Poisons Mountain into staring in astonishment!

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  1. 呔, in vernacular usage, it means “tie,” as in the one that goes with a suit. However, Wu Siyou is using the archaic definition, which is simply a vocalization to call people’s attention.
  2. 千星造化劍


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