Chapter 236: The “Thousand Buddha Star” Chao Gai

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The nine story pagoda floated above, its aura boundless.

Seeing a Supervoid level cultivator unexpectedly being dispatched in one strike, the Ancestors present looked as if they were facing a great enemy, the expressions of each anxious. The Roc Demon King who was brothers with Zhong Qi also did not dare show his might, no longer did he have his previous air of a general.

Inside the pillar of light, they spotted a womanly figure slowly descend.

This woman wore a golden glass crown, and she wore golden thread treasure armor, woven with silk, separated with a suan’ni belt. Her feet were clad in golden Luan and Phoenix Dance shoes, and her shoulders were draped in a shallow golden sash, moving without wind, giving people a sort of elegant feeling. Her fine jet-black hair was combed into a flying cloud bun. There was no character discernible in her eyes, but they were nevertheless bright, mysterious and with a sort of indescribable severity.

At this moment, she dropped from the sky, like a god descending into the world, imposing and illustrious.

Su Xing’s “Seeing Clearly” entirely was unable to see anything of this woman’s cultivation. Evidently, it had reached a kind of unfathomable stage.

“Who wishes to destroy the Star Duels? Announce their name!”

The woman spoke, obviously very indifferent, yet she pressured people that they could not breathe, as if every word was like a mountain. She looked all around everyone present. Gesturing with an empty hand, the nine story golden pagoda of glass and treasure light flew back to her hand. The pagoda shook, spurting out a burst of Golden Crow’s Divine Flame. Clearly, it was going to refine Zhong Qi.

Seeing a Supervoid Cultivator being played with in her hand, everyone was incomparably overwhelmed with shock.


“Your Servant is Demon King Roc. Brother Zhong Qi just now unintentionally offended you, and Your Servant asks that Adept1 let him off this once!!” The Roc Demon King ventured to plead for leniency.

The girl’s gaze seemingly was at crickets and ants, and she disdained to glance at him.

“This One came on orders of ‘Ninth Heaven,’ but he dared to challenge Maiden Mountain’s might. His guilt cannot be pardoned; This One sees he is the Immemorial Golden Crow that This One did not turn him to ash and dust, yet thou still dares to beg for leniency. Thou does not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!” The woman coldly spoke, unexpectedly leaving the Roc Demon King powerless to refute.

So overbearing.

Su Xing’s heart shuddered. Just what was the background of this woman that she would be this awesome, chiding the Roc Demon King as if she was chiding a child.

“May Your Servant ask which adept Ninth Heaven is?”

“We have not offended Maiden Mountain at all.”

Xuan Zhenzi promptly proclaimed their innocence.

The girl snorted, loftily making an introduction.

“This One is Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai,2 having come on the orders of ‘Ninth Heaven,’ as the Star Guard for Liangshan Continent’s Ninth Generation Star Duels! If thou darest to violate the rules of the Star Duels,  issuing a Star Position against the rules without permission, This One will immediately eradicate it!!”


Besides Qingci’s sneer of having anticipated this, everyone present all drew in a breath. They stared at the mighty and imposing girl brimming with incredible shock and disbelief.

Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai!

It was said she was the very first commander of Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight Star Maidens, but she was not at all inside the Star Duels. The Ancestors present each were the scholars of their sects and knew the secrets of the Star Duels like the back of their hands. The previous generations of Star Duels seemingly wrote down records of Chao Gai, but these had never been genuinely verified. Now, hearing the girl announce her name, there was a kind of unspeakable shock.

And seeing the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda propped on her hand, its treasure light imposing, everyone was almost completely believed it.


There was only this kind of legendary Star General that was capable of subduing a Supervoid Cultivator in a single move.

Thinking of this, Xuan Zhenzi and the rest could not help but become restless. Seeing Chao Gai say she was to uphold the rules of the Star Duels, as it turned out, the actions they were about to undertake had alarmed her. Thinking to this, the faces of Xuan Zhenzi and the others were green.

The Enviless of the East who was proud for his whole life did not feign his expression, coldly saying: “Could it be that you say that you are Chao Gai upholding the Star Duels in order to shelter these people?” Enviless of the East pointed at Wu Siyou, Su Xing and the rest, the hatred in his eyes reaching bone.

“Are all of Liangshan’s Cultivators such trash?” Chao Gai expressionlessly replied: “Four Supervoid Cultivators and four Supercluster Cultivators unexpectedly wish to join together to violate the Star Duels – This One does not care for thy grievances, but if thou darest to interfere and destroy the rules of the Star Duels without permission, This One naturally will make you scattered ash and dispersed smoke…”

Seeing the Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King’s final phrase of scattered ash and dispersed smoke downplayed as if she was eating a meal, the faces of everyone were completely unsightly. In any case, they were characters that could move unhindered in Liangshan, but they were like crickets and ants in the eyes of their counterpart. Even the Roc Demon King’s eyes had a slight unhappy desire to kill.

“What high-sounding sentiments Maiden Mountain has!”

Enviless of the East’s expression sunk. “Could it be you think This Enviless will fear you just because of a few of your words?”

“Enviless of the East??”

Xuan Zhenzi and the others panicked.


Enviless of the East had been robbed of the Four Symbols Seal by Su Xing, and having put aside the Ten Thousand Year Gu, not having anything at all already made him sullen to the extreme. He truly had a hatred that itched to crush the bones of Su Xing and his companions and scatter their ashes. They were about to annihilate this man, but suddenly came some woman proclaiming herself the Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King Thousand Buddha Star, even claiming to accept orders from the name Ninth Heaven and uphold Maiden Mountain’s rules.

What a fraud.

If he, Enviless of the East, would be frightened like this, then he was not Enviless of the East.

“Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array!!”

Enviless of the East gestured with both hands, and the hundred Primordial Boundless Swords split off a multitude of sword lights. An expanse of cyan vastness astonishingly rolled up. When everyone saw him fully use the Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array, how would they dare to stay. Immediately, they escaped far away.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai had a cool eye. Instantly, she was trapped inside the Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array.

To be frank, Su Xing very much looked forward to Enviless of the East being able to get rid of the woman in front of him, after all, this woman gave Su Xing a feeling that truly was very ominous. If he had to, Su Xing was secretly planning whether or not he should assist Enviless of the East.


Enviless of the East struck hand seals.

Bursts of sword light fired inside the sword array. A power that seemingly toppled mountains and overturned seas covered Chao Gai.

The Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King was wholly lofty and unyielding, and it was unknown what place her strength was at or if her instincts were such, but the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda’s aura was faint, protecting Chao Gai within. The Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array’s sword light struck wave after wave upon her golden light. Nevertheless, it was like running into a boulder, not shaking in the slightest.

The person inside the Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array could not see the outside, but the people outside could clearly see the activity inside. They saw Chao Gai seemingly do nothing and just rely on the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda to obstruct the Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array. There were no words to describe the shock in everyone’s hearts.

Enviless of the East overflowed with cold sweat, successively urging on the sword array several times.

But this sword light that appeared like heaven overflowing waves seemingly sunk into the depths the moment it touched Chao Gai, disappearing completely.

“Fellows. This she-monster from who knows where wishes to safeguard the demons. If everyone does not follow Enviless to kill her, then until when will everyone wait.” Enviless of the East shouted when he saw this.

Xuan Zhenzi was silent.

Ancestor Longevity’s eyes carried ridicule, taking joy in the misfortune.

Enviless of the East’s face greatly changed. He cursed: “Cowards!”

“The light of a firefly dares to be impudent before This One!”

The Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai raised the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda. The pagoda released light, and its divine light extended a thousand zhang.


The Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array broke in the blink of an eye.

The hundred Primordial Boundless Swords clattered, their spiritual powers completely lost.

Not good!

Enviless of the East silently shouted, raising an escape light to flee. His reactions could not be called dull, but the escape light had just rose when an aura immediately rolled him up. No matter how Enviless of the East struggled, he was incapable of freeing himself in the slightest.

Chao Gai harrumphed. The Thousand Pagoda shook, and another Supervoid Cultivator was sucked into it.

Su Xing restrained his impulses, for he was very afraid of this woman.

Supervoid Cultivators were considered the peak in Liangshan Continent, but in no more than a moment, this woman easily captured two of them, and he did not know whether it was that she was too terrifying or that Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda was an abnormal magic weapon and such.

Seeing Enviless of the East had been captured, everyone then was speechless, not daring to say anything.

“Beginning from this moment, the rules of this generation’s Star Duels are revised anew!!”

“The rules are revised?”

“What is the meaning of this?”

The Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai seemingly glanced at Su Xing, intentionally or otherwise, but she nevertheless disdained to explain further.

Su Xing’s heart jumped, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Sword-light skyrocketed, breaking through the sea of clouds.

Su Xing’s rode his sword ahead, his brow tightly creased.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai suddenly descended, and the matter of Five Poisons Mountain was finally ended with nothing finished. Although it seemed the Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King apparently was helping Su Xing settle a great trouble, Su Xing did not feel much relief. Chao Gai also made clear she was only interfering in the Star Duels. As for the grudges between Star Masters and the other sects, she categorically disregarded it all. Maiden Mountain’s position was very clear – if others were to provoke Star Masters and the Star Generals, they would necessarily suffer heavenly punishment. Conversely, if a Star Master provoked a sect, then Maiden Mountain would let things run their course.

Recalling at the last moment when Qingci called out for a Star Duel, this woman apparently knew and foresaw this sort of matter would occur.

Qingci and the Killer Star Li Kui also had a super Purple Rose Astral Treasure, so they were considerably dangerous opponents, too.

Su Xing narrowed his eyes.

With regards to things about Chao Gai, it would be best to ask Xinjie.

Su Xing stopped his riding sword, dissatisfied with his current speed. If he continued like this, it was unknown how long it would take to reach Greencorn Mountain from Five Poisons Mountain.

“What is the matter? Are you not worried about Yingmei? Why have you stopped?” Wu Siyou asked.

“This is too slow. And I don’t know how things are now.” Su Xing shook his head. He suddenly flew to Wu Siyou’s side.

Wu Siyou was puzzled.

Suddenly, Su Xing grasped Wu Siyou by the waist and lifted her into a carry.

“What are you doing!!” Wu Siyou was alarmed.

“Are you worried about Yingmei or not?” Su Xing asked.

“Worried, naturally…Su Xing, do not think Your Servant is easy to bully.”


“Ai, how aggressive you were when you called out Lord Husband before.” Su Xing shook his head in pity: “Don’t be awkward with the details if you want to see Yingmei quickly…”

Wu Siyou stared blankly.

All of a sudden, she saw Su Xing vomit blood, and before she could understand what had happened, she heard a boom. A blood-light splattered and instantly escaped several ten thousand li.

Wu Siyou’s mouth was agape.

Su Xing, for the sake of seeing Lin Yingmei, used that self-harming escape technique.

Seeing the resolution in Su Xing’s eyes, Wu Siyou actually abruptly had a trace of envy for Lin Yingmei.

Greencorn Mountain

The bamboo forest had clear sounds, and there was also a flute’s melody. Compared to the franticness before, at this very moment, it actually had an additional peaceful sort of feeling.

Atop a cliff, a girl half-knelt where she was and played a flute. The tune had lost its violence and now had a tranquility, and upon the girl’s bosom lay a green-clothed woman. It was just that her breath had ceased, and she slept peacefully.

At her side were two other girls quietly listening respectfully, silent.

Suddenly, a blood-light made this quiet world fierce without warning.

The listening girls rose, their eyes containing some surprise and excitement.

“It seems Elder Sisters’ Young Master has come.

Iron Flute Deity Ma Lin set down her flute and slightly smiled.

“Little Sister Xiaoxiao,3 are you truly unwilling to form a contract with our Young Master? Our Young Master certainly is not an ordinary person.” Wu Xinjie said pitifully.

“Xiaoxiao naturally has only one master, and her name is Yang Chunxue!”4 Ma Xiaoxiao caressed the green-clothed girl.

“Yingmei, Xinjie, you’re alright?”

Su Xing was somewhat shocked when he saw the scene in front of him as he worriedly flew down.

“Young Lord!” Wu Xinjie embraced him and smiled: “Thanks to Little Sister Yingmei. She unexpectedly broke the legendary ‘Ambush From Ten Sides,’5 so Young Lord certainly must properly console her…Young Lord, why are you covered all over in blood?”

“I’m fine.”


Su Xing smiled and spotted that heroic girl, who in his memory had been forever stone-like, have a sort of strong sense of yearning.

“Young Master!” When Lin Yingmei finished speaking, she seemed to lose all of her strength.

Su Xing took a sudden stride forward and embraced her upon his chest.

“Your Servant will not make Young Master anxious!”

Lin Yingmei muttered.

“As long as you’re alright.” Su Xing tenderly kissed her hair. His bloody self at this moment was washed clean of its excess and ferocity. The pair’s embrace actually appeared exceptionally tranquil with the peaceful sea of bamboo.

Even Wu Siyou could not bear to destroy this scene. Her heart sighed, just like she tacitly approved.

The melody gradually ceased, resounding in the valley.

“Elder Sister Yingmei has now found her wise lord. If only you could allow our following sisters to be released from the cycle of the Star Duels, then Ma Lin can die without regrets.” The Iron Flute Deity Ma Lin set down her flute, faintly heaving a long sigh.

In the sky.

Down came a Falling Star!

Watching this regretless sister fall, Wu Siyou suddenly thought up of a phrase.

–Tiger’s wind and dragon’s cloud, in the midst of ridicule, a magnificent feat was established. From now through the thousand years after, who can compare!6 

Author’s Note:

(Second Volume End)

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  1. He is addressing her with this.
  2.  托塔天王千佛星晁蓋, so I’m torn with translating her title. She could be either the Thousand Pagoda Star or the Thousand Buddha Star.
  3. 蕭瀟
  4. 陽春雪
  5. 十面埋伏
  6.  風虎雲龍,興王祗在笑談中, 直至如今千載後,誰與爭功, an excerpt from a poem by Wang Anshi, a major ancient Chinese historical figure. Basically, what this means is that when virtuous and able people band together, they are capable of achieving the greatest of feats. In its original context, this was the reinvigoration of a country.


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