Chapter 237: An Uninvited Guest Turns Up

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The Void Immortal’s Abode

Su Xing lied upon the sofa. He was dressed only in a pair of shorts, and although he occasionally knit his brow, his mood was still fairly relaxed.

An Suwen was beside him, her white fingers gently helped Su Xing apply medicine, smiling as she did so: “Big Brother, seriously, this type of escape technique is best used sparingly. This is too terrifying, and even Elder Sister Yingmei is distressed.”

Su Xing smiled.

The distance to return to the Void Immortal’s Abode from Greencorn Mountain already had several days, and An Suwen continuously was by Su Xing’s side tending to the aftereffects of the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique. Although this type of frightful escape technique was capable of escape reviled by men and gods, the aftermath was very serious. In a short seven days, Su Xing used it twice, so the self-harm was doubled. However, at that time, Su Xing worried about Yingmei and did not have that many misgivings.

Su Xing groaned a few times, enjoyment across his whole face.

“To receive care like Little Sister An Suwen’s, it was worth it.”

An Suwen stifled a shallow smile. Regardless of how severe the trials and hardships the Big Brother in front of her confronted in the Vermilion Bird Territory, producing who knows what traces, even contracting the Gongsun Huang who was number one in magic energy, he still was still like the first time they met, not having changed in the slightest. “Big Brother. If you would like, Little Sister recalls there actually is a ‘Warm Yang Qi Raising’1 acupuncture technique.”

“What use does this have?” Su Xing asked curiously.

“It can allow Big Brother to improve his blood circulation, withstand external and internal injuries, and stabilize Essence Qi.”

Su Xing’s eyes shone. This actually was a good thing. That was not saying injuries could be self-healed, and neither did this count for anything. What was important was that it could stabilize Essence Qi. Wounds could always be completely recovered from, but things like Essence Qi practically were the second lives of cultivators. In case there was great harm to vigor or Essence Qi, regardless of cultivation, magic energy and abilities would be greatly weakened. If it could stabilize Essence Qi, to a cultivator, this was honestly a wonder treatment.

“Little Sister, why didn’t you mention such a good thing earlier.” Su Xing twitched his lips.

“Because this Warm Yang Qi Raising needs a long time of persistence in order to show results. Suwen also does not know what the end result would be.” An Suwen softly replied. “And…”

“And what?” Su Xing was curious.

“And Little Sister needs to massage the 720 acupuncture points in order to facilitate the process.” An Suwen was somewhat embarrassed.

Su Xing could count as knowing why An Suwen was too embarrassed to mention this. Seven hundred twenty acupuncture points. A person’s body altogether had seven hundred twenty of them. Would that not imply sincere trust between the two? Su Xing faked a cough, feigning righteousness: “This isn’t anything shameful, Suwen, it isn’t right for you to be this lacking in confidence.”

An Suwen wen, “En.” Actually thinking, she seemed to have done something even more shameful for the “Big Brother” before her.2 This was only a massage. Furthermore, seeing Su Xing practice such a self-harming cultivation method, An Suwen’s heart could not bear it. She whispered: “Then Little Sister will carefully serve Big Brother…however, it will hurt slightly at the very beginning. Big Brother must bear with it.”

“It’s fine, could it be able to get through the Chaotic Tail Escape?” Su Xing smiled.

Although his words were spoken with a clear conscience, when it was actually time to undress himself of those shorts, he was somewhat embarrassed, “Do I really need to undress?” Su Xing chuckled.

“You actually do not, but there will be some pain.”

An Suwen’s face was slightly red, and she shallowly smiled.

“Then it’s fine.” Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief, then lied back down on the bed.

An Suwen took in a deep breath. Her white finger slightly extended, and a faint clear light gradually appeared on her fingertip. Her fingertip touched, and suddenly came a sort of pain like his meridians were being burned by fire. Fortunately, Su Xing’s Chaotic Tail Escape was practiced to proficiency. This pain was still bearable, but following An Suwen’s acupuncture technique’s gentleness, there was another sort of feeling that was unbearable.

This scene was just like they had returned to that time when An Suwen originally refined the pills for breakthrough to Galaxy Stage for his sake, possessing an unclear strangeness.

An Suwen lightly bit her red lips, doing her utmost to throw herself into the “Warm Yang Qi Raising” acupuncture technique massage.

In the air, a trace of ambiguity passed through.

Outside the Void Immortal’s Abode

Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei were currently listening to Shi Yuan recount the affair of Ten Thousand Poisons Mountain in the Vermilion Bird Territory. The various kinds of thrills the two beauties heard split them into shock, and when they learned Su Xing contracted the Leisure Star, the ranked fourth Dragon in the Clouds, Wu Xinjie felt this was unforeseen.

That Su Xing contracted a new sister, Wu Xinjie naturally knew, but she did not know who. Originally, she had thought it was one of the Earthly Star Little Sisters, yet she did not think it would be the number one in magic energy Leisure Star. Regarding this gossip, Wu Xinjie naturally was very curious. The persons involved, Gongsun Huang and Yan Yizhen, currently were in the Star Nest self-cultivating, and Wu Siyou only spoke generally about the concrete details.

“Little Sister Siyou has approved of the man Yingmei looks upon, right.” Wu Xinjie saw Wu Siyou was seemingly somewhat absent-minded, and her eyes slightly turned.

“En.” Wu Siyou nodded. “However, if Su Xing dares to disappoint Yingmei, Your Servant naturally will not be polite with him.”

“Heh, heh, why does Little Sister not simply sign a contract with Young Lord? Xinjie thinks that Yingmei might also be thinking this…Yingmei, is this correct?” Wu Xinjie asked.

Lin Yingmei nodded.

“Your Servant cannot betray the name of the Pilgrim!” Wu Siyou shook her head. Although she had intended to refuse, Wu Xinjie was astonished to find Wu Siyou seemingly did not have any conflicting intentions, as if it was only because of some reason that she was slow and uncertain to make a firm resolution.

The Knowledge Star immediately thought this was to be expected, after all, the Harm Star was the previous generation’s overlord. This virtually was another chain. The super self-respecting Wu Song signing a contract undoubtedly would be taken as a joke in Liangshan. Regardless of how things were, she would rather die. Not signing a contract probably was Wu Siyou’s bottom line.

Wu Xinjie said this was a pity.

“Siyou, then what do you plan to do next?” Lin Yingmei sighed.

“Your Servant will fulfill her duties. Evil Smiting Hall will commence after a month. At that time, Your Servant will accompany you in entering Evil Smiting Hall. Before then, Your Servant has some matters to attend to. Yingmei. He actually is a man that can make others very relieved. Your Servant need not worry.” Wu Siyou said.

Lin Yingmei sighed.

A moment afterwards, the door to the Immortal’s Abode opened, and An Suwen unhurriedly exited thoroughly red in the face.

“Is Young Lord alright?”

“There are no big hindrances. He can completely recover with several days’ self-cultivation.” An Suwen said.

“Oh, very good. Xinjie shall go give Young Lord a nice surprise.” Wu Xinjie’s eyes were somewhat crafty, and she impatiently ran into the Immortal’s Abode.

“Sister Xinjie, hand this over to Su Xing.” Shi Yuan shouted.

Wu Xinjie turned her head, and a magnificent and vivid Four Symbols Jade Seal fell into her hand. This was Enviless of the East’s Four Symbols Seal. Originally, Su Xing knew that Enviless of the East would spare no effort to stop him. For this reason, he intentionally allowed the Thief Star Shi Yuan who had self-cultivated for a long time to go steal it while he himself attracted Enviless of the East’s attention. WIth those excellent hiding techniques of the Thief Star, she had greater certainty than if Su Xing were to go grab it.

Seeing Shi Yuan currently study meticulously the “Five Poisons Banner” Su Xing gave to her, Wu Xinjie smiled.

When Wu Xinjie left, Wu Siyou said: “Yingmei, can Your Servant ask you a question?”

“What question?”

“What if some day, someone made you leave Su Xing, what would you do? That if you refuse, Su Xing would die!” Wu Siyou asked.

Lin Yingmei did not expect she would ask this. For a time, she was silent, and then she unhurriedly said: “Your Servant would stake her life to kill that person.”

Wu Siyou smiled, somewhat approving while also carrying a bit of some other meaning.

“Siyou, why would you want to ask this? Are you hiding something else?”

Lin Yingmei furrowed her brow. She discovered that ever since they returned, several people had been slightly odd. Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang were exhausting all possible speed to quickly recover their vitality. If this was before, Little Yi would not stay in the Star Nest. Mostly, she would exploit the spiritual power of the Immortal’s Abode to slowly recuperate because although the Star Nest was very good, it had some effects on the Star Master. Furthermore, Shi Yuan also meticulously studied the Five Poisons Banner and Five Poisons Beast Souls since she returned.

Even An Suwen was not idle.

“Could it be that something has happened?” Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow.

Just as Wu Siyou was about to reply, suddenly, the Void Immortal’s Abode seemingly had been torn apart. All of the girls turned their heads in astonishment, immediately assuming attack stances, and they saw a clump of golden light oddly appear out of thin air.

Wu Siyou’s heart immediately sunk.

“Young Lord, what naughty things have you and Little Sister Suwen done now?” Wu XInjie entered the inner room wearing a playful smile, as if she was thinking of some fascinating affair.

“Suwen only helped me with a good ‘Warm Yang Qi Raising’ massage.” Su Xing put on a green shirt. His whole body was as if it had been bathed in a sauna. The pores and blood vessels of his entire body had all opened, and he felt good from head to toe.

Wu Xinjie pounced, extending her supple tongue and wound it together with his. Su Xing had just suppressed his lust when it soared once more. He seized the opportunity to draw Wu Xinjie against his chest in an embrace as he kissed her.

One hand then extended from Wu Xinjie’s jacket into what was within, and the other gently played across Wu Xinjie’s back, lifting the edge of her skirt. From the hem of her skirt, it slid towards the inside of Wu Xinjie’s thighs.

Wu Xinjie moaned, her eyes roaming with amorous feelings: “Seeing Young Lord’s energy so vigorous, Xinjie is relieved.”

“Young Lord currently is very uncomfortable.” Su Xing felt he was about to explode.

Wu Xinjie panted continuously, allowing Su Xing to do as he wished, sticking her supply body entirely close to his. Su Xing’s hands extended into the her bodice and kneaded what was in his palms.

Sensing that hard burning below her, Wu Xinjie felt that it was somewhat unable to rise. Her charming words were like silk: “Young Lord, do you want to ride a horse?”


Su Xing quivered, nearly surrendering.

“Xinjie, you alluring woman.” Su Xing kissed her lips, not daring to actually do anything to Wu Xinjie. Otherwise, things would get out of hand if he truly made a move.

“Wait a sec, I have something to give you!” Su Xing suddenly remembered something, and he hastily stopped Wu Xinjie’s messing around.

“What thing…en…is Young Lord feeling?…” Wu Xinjie tenderly said.

“Take a look…I really want to finish Evil Smiting Hall quickly.” The Su Xing full of lust helplessly said.

Wu Xinjie hooked on an enchanting smile.

She saw that what Su Xing took out was a book, and when she saw that book, she suddenly was stunned. Her face was then red, and she looked displeased at Su Xing: “Just what happened when Young Lord and Little Sister Siyou went to the Vermilion Bird Territory? Young Lord has even this sort of book.”

This book naturally was Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering.

Su Xing looked through several pages that were very similar to ancient erotic drawings. The inside introduced many techniques, however, Su Xing mostly could not understand it. The only thing he knew was that this Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering was for a female to cultivate. Using it during sexual intercourse would be twice the effect with half the work; the first thought Su XIng had when he saw this Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering was of Wu Xinjie.

This alluring woman already made Su Xing near his limit anyways. Practicing this would make her ease her heart before the Evil Smiting Hall, so as to avoid carelessly losing her virginity for a gain that did not outweigh the losses. Secondly, this sort of thing that could also give both sides benefits practically was a man’s dream item.

Wu Xinjie curiously flipped through the book, biting her lip.

This was a bedroom art to be given to females to cultivate. Besides increasing the pleasure of a husband and wife, it could also increase the cultivation of them both, achieving mutual sensitivity, a realm of perfect harmony. This counted as a powerful dual cultivation, however, the methods to cultivate within were that even Wu Xinjie was somewhat blushing from looking at them.

Some Womb Locking Technique,3 Essence Transformation Technique…4

She had never thought a husband and wife’s bedroom matters could have so much scholarship.

“How is it?” Su Xing asked very expectantly.5 “Is it any use?”

Wu Xinjie lightly nodded.


“Xinjie shall test it.” Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue.

Su Xing chuckled.

Just at this moment, Su Xing’s expression abruptly changed. His brow tightly wrinkled, and his hands flew to quickly help Wu Xinjie put her clothes on properly.

“Young Lord, what is the matter?” Wu Xinjie said in astonishment.

“An uninvited guest has turned up!”

Su Xing coldly smiled. As if they had reacted to him, Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang simultaneously emerged from the Star Nest.

“Little Sisters, you were self-cultivating in the Star Nest?”6

Wu Xinjie’s mouth hung open.

“En.” Yan Yizhen expressionlessly nodded.

What they had done just now, everything had been seen by the two.

Wu Xinjie’s face turned red.

Fortunately, Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang were both that sort of person that had few words. That they did not show anything at all did not make things that embarrassing. Recalling Su Xing’s grim expression, Wu Xinjie also resumed her calm and exited the Immortal’s Abode.

Outside the Immortal’s Abode.

A girl whose whole body was surrounded by light descended like the heavens.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda Chao Gai?”

Wu Xinjie softly said…

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  1. 溫陽養氣
  2.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3.  鎖宮技法
  4. 化精技法 Some nuances with the translation. As with the title of the book itself, 精 can mean “Essence” or it could also mean “sperm.” Thus, this could go either way.
  5. Our boy wants to get it on lol
  6. Meaning our lovely loli and maid saw Su Xing and Wu Xinjie get frisky with each other…and An Suwen’s massage for Su Xing.

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