Chapter 242: Heavenly Gem Duel

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Gem And Evil Leisurer’s mouth issued a low shout. His hand formed a hand seal, and a glaring cold light suddenly radiated from every place over his whole body. At the same time, more than a hundred green rays flew out. These green rays expanded the moment they emerged, and instantly, more than a hundred light green flying swords imposingly and shockingly manifested.

These swords were sparkling and limpid, with twinkling Evil Suppressing Golden Marks. Unexpectedly, all of them had Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo in their refinement, however, judging from the depths of the twinkling green light of the flying swords, they were Hundred Years Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Su Xing thought to himself extravagant. This was worthy of being named the Heaven And Earth Evil Suppressing Sword Chant, for it was practically a Devil Sect’s nemesis.

After a flash of sword-light, all of the flying swords automatically assembled into an odd formation, circling indeterminately over the Gem And Evil Leisurer’s heard, concealing a chilly desire to kill.

Su Xing did not dare be careless. Seeing the Gem And Evil Lesiurer’s posture, it was evident he had cultivated this Sword Chant to great completion. Relying on perfect environments like this Heavenly Gem Valley, he feared this would not be easy to handle.

Su Xing could only call forth the twelve Heaven Tearing Swords. Although the Heaven Tearing Swords were few, by forging them from a Ninth Rank Dragon’s scales and injecting them with the Golden Dragon’s soul. The moment the twelve golden swords emerged, their sword lights divided, transforming into golden threads, like a golden sea covering Su Xing’s surroundings. They faintly made a dragon’s cry, an imposing air not any bit weaker than the one coming from Gem And Evil Leisurer. It was just that the twelve Heaven Tearing Swords had sustained grave damage to their spiritual powers and basically could not maintain the sword array for long.

Su Xing also planned to get this over with quickly. He struck a hand seal, and his mouth chanted several low incantations.

Every flying sword above issued hums in apparent agreement. Then, all of the flying swords simultaneously shook. The more than hundred zhang long sword qi shot out from the middle of the sword array, becoming a dense golden dragon image that shot towards the opponent. On its way, the sword lights linked into a whole, becoming a dense cold light, glaring and dazzling.

Seeing Su Xing’s Golden Dragon Flying Swords, Gem And Evil Leisurer showed a grave expression. With his eyesight, he naturally discerned the extraordinary nature of these flying swords was slightly sharper than his “Heaven And Earth Evil Suppressing Flying Swords.” Originally, he still had certain doubts about Su Xing’s cultivation, he now believed a bit more. If he was not a Supervoid Cultivator, how could he have such a flying sword so defiant of the natural order.

Gem And Evil Leisurer had restrained fears about a Supervoid Cultivator’s Sword Chant, and he did not dare use his flying swords to directly intercept. Injuring the spiritual powers on the sword in a fight was actually not worth the price. Splitting the flying swords, he patted his Astral Bag, and a palm-sized shield flew out from the bag. Its divine light flashed, becoming an enormous jadeite shield that blocked his front. Soon after, Gem And Evil Leisurer’s hands again pinched into a hand seal. Multi-colored talisman script suddenly came into view upon the shield, and then a moss green barrier formed from these talisman scripts. The next moment, it protected his whole body within itself.

This shield was Gem And Evil Leisurer’s strongest defensive magic weapon “Heavenly Gem Shield,” refined from the quintessence of the Heavenly Gem Bamboo. In addition to every sort of valuable materials, seeing the sword light attack, he did not feel any panic at all. Gem And Evil Leisurer only formed a hand seal, and the aura on the shield immediately flashed. Suddenly, a substantive light shield several times in size emerged the surface of the shield.

The light shield suddenly enlarged, and jade light swelled. As a result, under Gem And Evil Leisurer’s gaze, the Heavenly Gem Shield wrapped all of the flying swords within. With an explosive booming sound, the jade light and cold rays interwove indefinitely. The light shield was unexpectedly like a torrent and boulder. It was unmoved as it blocked all of these sword lights. Apparently, it had an appearance of having enough to spare.

Gem And Evil Leisurer flashed slight delight.

Su Xing nevertheless did not feel surprised. Heaven Tearing was still in the middle of nurturing and was not as sharp as before. Even in peak state, using a Galaxy Early Stage cultivation to rip apart a Supercluster Late Stage cultivator’s life-saving magic weapon was but a dream. Su Xing’s hand formed a seal, and all of the flying swords soared towards the sky where he pointed. A sword cry was issued, and all of the flying swords were seemingly being attracted, simultaneously assembling into one at a certain place in the sky.

The sword light flashed, and a massive sword more than a zhang in width appeared high in the air.

After Su Xing successively struck several hand seals, that immense golden sword suddenly disappeared, and when it reappeared, it had already arrived above Gem And Evil Leisurer’s head. He heard a dragon’s hiss, and the golden swords slashed with an unstoppable power. The golden light covered the jade light of the light shield. The other spectating cultivators feasted their eyes and were dumbstruck.

Gem And Evil Leisurer moved the Heavenly Gem Shield forth without hesitation.

“Big Brother’s flying sword seems to not be helping him,” The brows of the nearby An Suwen observing the battle slightly wrinkled. Su Xing was using his full power to go attack, but that magic weapon of the opponent was too powerful, simply hard to breach. If the deadlock continued, perhaps the opponent could sense the boundaries of Su Xing’s cultivation. At that time, it would be terrible.

“No need to worry.” Wu Xinjie planned in advance: “Young Master has already anticipated this. That Gem And Evil Leisurer certainly will lose without doubt!”

Hearing the Knowledge Star this certain, An Suwen then was at ease and nodded.

“Sister Yingmei?”

An Suwen saw Lin Yingmei was somewhat absent-minded. This actually was somewhat rare.

“This place seems to have a sister.” Lin Yingmei’s face was expressionless.


The two girls were stunned. Following Lin Yingmei’s line of sight, they spotted a girl sporting red hair below the mountain that just happened to be curiously staring at them. This girl was also odd, not watching that fight between a Supervoid Cultivator and a Supercluster Cultivator. Instead, she looked at them. Clearly, she was unmistakably a Star General.

“Never expected the Heavenly Gem Valley would have a Star Master. This actually is somewhat surprising. For the time being, we must not mind her.” Wu Xinjie whispered.

Lin Yingmei nodded. Her eyes nevertheless did not dare be careless towards the opposing Star General.

Suddenly, Heavenly Gem Valley issued a shocking clamor.

An enormous green lotus mountain abruptly press towards Gem And Evil Leisurer’s face. The moment this mountain appeared, it covered a range of ten li, which simply was universally shocking. Gem And Evil Leisurer’s face greatly changed, and the hundred Heaven And Earth Evil Suppressing Flying Swords rose head on. A portion of Evil Suppressing Golden Marks dispersed into a large net that supported the Green Lotus Peak’s pressure.

“Fellow Yun, Your Servant is won over!!”

Gem And Evil Leisurer promptly shouted.

Su Xing was stunned. He originally had wanted to seize the chance to use an escape technique to seize the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and attack. For the Green Lotus Peak to press the Supercluster Late Stage Cultivator was not too possible, but what he did not expect was that Gem And Evil Leisurer unexpectedly would this cleanly concede defeat. When Su Xing saw that he said this, his Divine Intent moved, and the Green Lotus Peak immediately shrunk a thousand times, returning to Su Xing’s palm.

“Fellow is formidable. Your Servant is very impressed.” Gem And Evil Leisurer wiped his sweat. Although he could dodge this Green Lotus Peak, he could also see that Su Xing’s background was not small. With a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure in hand, Gem And Evil Leisurer knew he was not an opponent. If they continued their contest, besides wasting magic energy, there was not much sense. For this reason did he willingly concede defeat.

But little did Gem And Evil Leisurer know, he had fallen into Su Xing’s trap.

If they truly fought life and death, how could Su Xing handle a Supercluster Late Stage Cultivator this easily. Solely just that powerful Sword Array was sufficient to make Su Xing flee in chaos, and it could not be said what other Sword Chants he had concealed. The reason why Gem And Evil Leisurer would concede defeat also was because he had been exploited by Su Xing. Whatever the case, the Supervoid Cultivation Su Xing displayed had left an impression in his heart. In addition, Su Xing from the beginning fully used Heaven Tearing.and afterwards followed up with a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. How could one have these kinds of powers if they were not a Great Cultivator.

If Gem And Evil Leisurer truly was willing to go stake everything, he could bring Su Xing very great troubles, but this was only a duel. It was not worthwhile for Gem And Evil Leisurer to damage his own flying swords, and to offend a Supervoid Cultivator was something he could not recover from. From the start of their duel, people like Gem And Evil Leisurer that had ever fearful and nervous hearts were bound to be defeated.

“Fellow honestly is formidable. Your Flying Sword and Prehistoric Spirit Treasure truly makes Your Servant expand his horizons.” Gem And Evil Leisurer resided in Heavenly Gem Valley and did not have any good magic weapons. His strongest defensive magic weapon had even relied on Heavenly Gem Bamboo in its refinement.

“You flatter me.” Su Xing smiled.


Descending into the valley, all of the cultivators looked at Su Xing, filled with wonder. Gem And Evil Leisurer’s attitude had become exceptionally friendly. At this time, a man and woman walked towards them. That girl was precisely the one previously continuously looking Lin Yingmei up and down.

“Senior Gem And Evil, why would this incredible Supervoid Cultivator honor This Valley with his presence?” The youth cupped his hand and asked.

Gem And Evil Leisurer made introductions: “This is Liu Shan,1 a cultivator of Heavenly Gem Valley. This is Senior Yun Youzi.”

That Liu Shan bowed his head.

Su Xing nodded, actually somewhat ruminating towards that red-haired girl.

“This is Qi’er, also a cultivator of Heavenly Gem Valley.”

“It appears that Heavenly Gem Valley has flourished very well.” Su Xing smiled.

“Your Servant wonders whether or not Fellow has interest?”

“This is rather flattering, however, Your Servant currently is in urgent need of Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo for some pressing matters.” Su Xing said.

Gem And Evil Leisurer led everyone into a room, and that Qi’er said: “I wonder what sort of people these Elder Sisters are to Senior?”

“Your Servant’s wives.” Su Xing spoke bluntly.

Qi’er laughed very happily: “Qi’er saw these Elder Sisters.”

“Little Sister truly makes Elder Sister like you.” Wu Xinjie giggled. Then, she pulled Qi’er’s arm and entered an engrossed chat, completely the appearance of sisters.

Su Xing rolled his eyes and did not mind.

After a short while, Gem And Evil Leisurer entered the room, “Liu Shan, Qi’er, you may leave first!”

“As you command.”

After they left, Gem And Evil Leisurer brought out a stalk of Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. What made Su Xing somewhat gloomy was that this Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was unlike what he had imagined. It was slightly better than that Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo he originally obtained from Ancestor Baili. It could refine approximately three flying swords.

Seeing Su Xing was slightly dissatisfied, Gem And Evil Leisurer apologetically said: “This honestly is the sole remaining Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo in This Valley.”

Su Xing also could understand. To preserve something as good as the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo for a thousand years was considerably good.

“Your Servant has a request and wonders whether or not Fellow can agree.” Gem And Evil Leisurer abruptly said. “If Fellow is willing to agree, then Heavenly Gem Valley is willing to give several nearly Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.”

Although nearly Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was somewhat off, it was better than nothing. It would be barely enough to forge twelve Wood Element Flying Swords.

“What is the matter, do not hesitate to speak.” Having just obtained Gem And Evil Leisurer’s friendship, Su Xing would not so easily have a falling out.

“Recently, Devil Cult Disciples from the Black Turtle Territory have suddenly come to attack Heavenly Gem Valley. Your Servant has already killed a Supercluster Middle Stage Devil Cultist, but seeing those are unlikely to leave things as is, Your Servant would like to ask Fellow to lend Heavenly Gem Valley a helping hand.”

“But Your Servant still has important matters that cannot be delayed.” Su Xing recalled the matter of Tang Lianxin signing a contract, and he did not want to lose this time he had. Of course, more importantly, what use was a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator like himself participating in this.

“We need only three days. That Devil Cult’s momentum is enormous, and Heavenly Gem Valley truly has no way out and is exhausted to its limits.”

Gem And Evil Leisurer spoke so sincerely, it actually made Su Xing somewhat shirk in embarrassment.

“Your Servant has only two days’ time.” Su Xing pondered.

Two days was a bit short, but to be able to make a Supervoid Cultivator agree was already considered surprising. Gem And Evil Leisurer repeatedly expressed his thanks. Seeing a Supercluster Late Stage Elder so deeply grateful of a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator, Su Xing somewhat did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Author’s Note:

Originally, I had wanted to finish the Heavenly Gem Valley plot in a spurt of energy, but this morning I was plagued by things. How depressing. I was only able to get three chapters at night doing my utmost. Later, there will be another chapter, and the ones I owe will be posted. You guys sleep first, read tomorrow.

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