Chapter 243: The “Short Star” Forest Emerging Dragon

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The night was cool as water, and the evening breeze blew gently.

Galaxies filled the skies, the many stars densely gathered. They made Heavenly Gem Valley appear to be in the midst of a deep tranquility.

“That Qi’er just now is a Star General?” Su Xing was in a walkway, holding a “Jade Dragon Spring”1 to moisten his throat.

“Xinjie believes she should be.” Wu Xinjie gazed pensively at the Heavenly Gem Main Hall.

“However, it’s truly strange, seeing this Heavenly Gem Valley’s forbiddance has apparently sustained very serious damage.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow: “Hasn’t Heavenly Gem always lived in harmony?”

“Xinjie also feels this is strange. It is reasonable to say that although the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo is a devil restraining object, it is unlikely to go so far as to times the Heavenly Gem Valley staking everything for it. It is completely a loss not made up for by the gains. Furthermore, the opponent’s momentum is torrential, for that Gem And Evil Leisurer to sustain injury.” Wu Xinjie also felt completely bewildered. Several stalks of Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo were unlikely to make the Black Turtle Territory go to war with the Azure Dragon Territory.

Could it be there was some hidden motive?

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie glanced at each other at the same time.

“Allow Xinjie to go take a look.” The Knowledge Star covered her mouth and smiled. She recently comprehended her second Dark Rank Magic and was just worrying she had no place to use it. Bringing out the Heaven Concealing Stars Feather Fan, her eyes were like brilliant stars, glittering with moonlight. Waving the fan, this was a Dark Rank Battle Technique – “Wind From Empty Cave!”2

Wind From Empty Cave could catch onto the conversations of all people within a certain range, and the important among them could be recorded by Wu Xinjie into a file.

Gem And Evil Leisurer currently was pacing back and forth in his study, his expression nervous and grim.

Inside his study were an old man, a youth, and a girl.

The old man’s cultivation was Supercluster Early Stage, his expression calm. That man and woman were the Liu Shan and Qi’er introduced earlier.

“Of that Supervoid Cultivator’s harem from who knows where, at the very least, one is a Star General. Senior Gem And Evil, leaving him in the valley, is this appropriate?” Qi’er yawned.

“The Heavenly Underworld Sect definitely will continue their assault. As matters stand, having a Supervoid Cultivator dropping in, he just so happens to be able to remedy our desperate situation.” Gem And Evil Leisurer voice was heavy. “However, you say there is a Star General, seriously?”

“Should be true.” Qi’er pondered. Star Generals had a certain attractive force between each other. Some could even discover a bit of the Star General’s temperament.

“That Supervoid Cultivator could not possibly be a Star Master. From the looks of it, one of his wives is the Star Master.” Liu Shan spoke.

“En. You two had best not irritate him for the time being. The Monsters of the Black Turtle Territory are also troublesome.” Gem And Evil Leisurer instructed.

On this point, Liu Shan naturally understood.

“Both of you go pay attention to their whereabouts.”

Liu Shan and Qi’er nodded and withdrew.

Inside the study was left only Gem And Evil Leisurer and that old man.

“Ancestral Master Gem And Evil, the Heavenly Underworld Sect currently has already sensed that Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. I fear it can no longer be hidden. That Devil Cult will not let the matter drop without achieving their objective.” The old man respectfully said. His words suited an Ancestral Master. It seemed this was a tradition of Heavenly Gem Valley.

“Just a little more, and This Sect’s predestiny shall be achieved. In the end, are we still to fail at the final moment?” Gem And Evil Leisurer was endlessly saddened.

“This Tian3 feels that right now, we already cannot continue to rely on the Heavenly Gem Valley for support. Seizing the chance that the Devil Cult is also pressing for information, rather than being broken through, would it not be better actually to inform Emperor Liang. I believe that if Emperor Liang learns about the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, he certainly can forever guarantee Heavenly Gem Valley’s safety. With Emperor Liang’s renown, it would even help revive Heavenly Gem Valley. At next year’s Alliance of Ten Military Exercises, the Heavenly Gem Valley can be an instant sensation.” The old man named Tian seriously analyzed.  

Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo??

Wu Xinjie’s whole body shook when she heard this information.

“This Leisurer also knows, when the Devil Cult was discovered, This Leisurer already assigned someone to inform Emperor Liang, but what is not known is whether or not he can rush there in time.” Gem And Evil Leisurer nodded. His expression suddenly focused, and waving his palm, True Qi dispersed and formed into a forbiddance shrouding the study. Afterwards, Gem And Evil Leisurer used Sound Transmission Great Technique. Although Wind From Empty Cave was formidable, it was incapable of extracting information from within the mind.

But the information revealed from those words made Wu Xinjie exceptionally astonished.

“What did you hear?” Su Xing looked at Wu Xinjie both shocked and happy.

“Heavenly Gem Valley unexpectedly has Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” Wu Xinjie opened her mouth. Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was but a legend among the legends of Liangshan. Thousand Years already was a unique and rare item. Ten Thousand Years…Liangshan Continent actually had recorded that a cultivator once used Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to forge a “Heaven And Earth Evil Suppressing Arrow” that nearly subdued all Devils in the world. In the end, it had been used by the Devil Cults in a plan to create schisms, being killed by some upright sects in a Feast at Hongmen.

“You didn’t hear wrong?” Su Xing was taken aback.

“It was said like this. Hmph, this Gem And Evil Leisurer only wants to exploit Young Lord to act as cannon fodder to resist the Devil Cult. He seems to have also called Emperor Liang over. It seems that Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo of the Heavenly Gem Valley being discovered has had them meet great trouble.” Wu Xinjie snorted and said. Thinking of it, with the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo discovered, the people from the Devil Cults could not rest in peace without destroying it completely.

If they were to use the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to refine the Wood Element Sword, that perhaps would be unprecedented in the past or present. Even Su Xing was somewhat fired up.

It was just that Gem And Evil Leisurer already assigned someone to watch them closely. To search for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo in Heavenly Gem Valley truly was not an easy task.


Su Xing softly said.

“You look for traces of the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo in Heavenly Gem Valley, but be careful!”

“This is This Young Lady’s profession. Just leave it to This Young Lady.”

Shi Yuan emerged from the Star Nest and used her Dark Rank Move “Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding.” Her figure immediately disappeared into the darkness like a shadow. If one did not carefully go sense, she simply could not be discovered.

At this time, Liu Shan and that red-haired girl Qi’er walked into the open space outside the hall. Qi’er beckoned at them with her hand, her expression carrying slight provocation.

Wu Xinjie intimately snuggled up to Su Xing’s side, enticingly smiling: “Won’t you have Yingmei go lecture this little sister.”

“This is someone else’s domain, do not be foolish.”

Su Xing drank all of the Jade Dragon Spring, calmly gazing at Qi’er. His mind nevertheless considered that if there truly was an Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, how should he bring it over. In any case, right now it appeared that Ten Thousand Year Gem Bamboo was in great danger. If it was not destroyed by the Devil Cult, then it would be giving Emperor Liang the best position. In short, it was something everyone wanted.

The resounding noise of weapons interrupted Su Xing’s contemplation. He saw Qi’er completely inconsiderately take out a long axe and spar with Liu Shan in the open space.

That axe was three chi long. The axe’s blade was refined with red copper in its forging. The flat of the blade flashed a dragon mark, and along with each swing, the axehead brought a severe wind, exhaling a dragon cry.

“Wind Slashing Dragon Fang Axe!”4

As expected, she was a Star General!

They watched her fully brandish her axe. Her attacks and guarded retreats were nimble. Rather exquisite, it seemed her martial force was not bad. Liu Shan controlled flying swords and also displayed he was capable and experienced; the two’s struggle very quickly attracted the attention of Lin Yingmei and An Suwen in the room.

“The ranked Ninetieth Forest Emerging Dragon, Little Sister Zou Yuan!”5 An Suwen said in surprise.

“A very bold Little Sister, unexpectedly not hiding herself whatsoever.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Su Xing controlled the Birth Treasure Outline on the sly. Then, picturing her, he returned to the room’s interior, opening the Birth Treasure Outline to take a look.

Star Position: Short Star

Star Name: Zou Yuan

Nickname: Forest Emerging Dragon

True Name: Zou Qi

Rank: Ninetieth

Star Weapon: Wind Slashing Dragon Fang (Three Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Thousand Militaries Eighth Stage

Innate Skill: Realm Promotion In The Mountain Forest6

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Wind Slaying Slash7

Dark Rank Special Skill: Dragon Hidden In Pool8

Current Status: Contractor/Liu Shan

Detailed Information: Current Environment, Realm Promoted Four Stages (Ten Thousand Techniques Second Stage)

“No wonder she is so bold. Heavenly Gem Valley’s terrain just happens to correspond with her innate skill. Her realm was directly promoted from Thousand Militaries Eight Stage to Ten Thousand Technique Second Stage.” Su Xing muttered. From the data, the Short Star Forest Emerging Dragon’s Star Weapon and Dark Rank Special Skill were both pretty good. Add on the Heavenly Gem Valley’s Great Sect and Great Array, on these grounds, she indeed had the means to be proud.

Su Xing walked out.

Zou Qi’s attacks became even more powerful. The wild wind on the axe blew greatly, each air-breaking sound whipped, the power directly forcing into the room Su Xing rested in. The girls’ hair wildly danced, able to directly feel a kind of swift and severe vigor.

A provocation!

“This sort of provocation is rather too soft.” Su Xing twitched his lips.

Lin Yingmei remained unmoved, regarding the gale as nothing.

A long time after, the gale gradually ceased.

“Which Sister is willing to play with Qi’er?” The Forest Emerging Dragon Zou Qi raised the axehead.

“Qi’er, do not be impolite.” Liu Shan apologetically said.

“It is only play. Qi’er wishes to know how powerful the Star General of a Supervoid Cultivator’s Star Master is.” Qi’er twitched her mouth.

“Young Master?”

Lin Yingmei’s gaze asked Su Xing.

Just as Su Xing was about to decline, a black shadow suddenly swam over. Yuan’er had already asked around for information, so Su Xing had second thoughts: “Yingmei, go play with her. Divert their attention. Yuan’er and I have some business.”


“Your Servant has no interest in the affairs of Star Masters.” Su Xing waved his sleeve, turned around and entered the room.

Wu Xinjie’s eyes rolled, and she giggled: “Zou Yuan, then Your Servant shall let you see the might of Your Servant’s Star General.” The Knowledge Star glanced at Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei nodded. She took large strides and jumped down from the halls.

Following a wave of her hand, she shook out a weapon concealed in the wind. This was something Su Xing specially used the “Wind Concealment Divine Stone”9 to let Lin Yingmei refine. The Wind Concealment Divine Stone could give rise to the shape of an invisible weapon concealed in the wind. Using the Wind Concealment Divine Stone’s greatest advantage, other could not glean clues from her Star Weapon. The weakness was that the weapon’s degree of accuracy would fall. Using a few Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Moves also necessarily would undo the wind binding. Furthermore, “Wind Concealment” could not be maintained for long.

“Unwilling to easily reveal your identity?” The Short Star Zou Qi smiled. Her Star Master Liu Shan withdrew behind her.

“If you have the skill, ask clearly yourself!” Lin Yingmei’s tone was chilly. She clenched the spear with a single hand, not showing the slightest gap.

In the instant Lin Yingmei displayed her might, Zou Yuan’s pupils immediately shrunk, sensing an enormous pressure. The sister in front of her was like towering like Mount Tai.


Apparently, she is an Elder Sister.

Zou Qi thought, nevertheless hooking on a smile: “Then Your Servant shall be rude!!!”

Su Xing was not very concerned with Lin Yingmei and Zou Qi’s battle. In any case, even if they were on Zou Qi’s home turf, she would not be Lin Yingmei’s opponent. Taking advantage of the fact all of Heavenly Gem Valley’s cultivators were attracted by the battle of two great Star Generals, Su Xing secretly used a hiding technique to sneak into the main hall.

Very quickly, he came to a secret location. Relying on the response of the contract he and Shi Yuan signed, Su Xing found the Thief Star inside a shadow, but unexpectedly, he could not see her figure.

Only when Su Xing softly called out did Shi Yuan’s figure slowly appear from within the night.

This Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding actually was a powerful assassination move. Even if it broke should she possess a murderous air, in close quarters, that instant was sufficient to make cultivators terror-stricken at the news.

“Yuan’er, how is it?”

“Su Xing, come with This Young Lady!” Shi Yuan smiled, filled with victorious spirit.

Seeing her like this, Su XIng’s heart was alarmed and happy. It seemed Heavenly Gem Valley actually truly had the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.

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  1.  碧龍春
  2. 空穴來風
  3.  田
  4.  斬風龍牙斧
  5.  出林龍鄒淵
  6.  山林中境界提升
  7.  斬風斬
  8.  潛龍在淵
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