Chapter 244: The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo

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The Devil Cult disciples of the Heavenly Underworld Sect already were secretly flowing in. If all went well, then at midnight, they would conduct a surprise attack on Heavenly Gem Valley. Taking advantage of the fact the enemy had not yet settled and settling everything with one strike had always been the trick the Heavenly Underworld Sect was best at.

Great Saint Starkiller was engrossed. The Heavenly Underworld Sect counted as one of the Black Turtle Territory’s Four Great Sects, but deploying this many elite troops and even losing a Supercluster Middle Stage Ancestral Master honestly was very intriguing. That Underworld Heavenly Sect Master clearly would not truly be so clumsy as to go to war only for the sake of killing the Heavenly Gem Valley’s Star Master. “Heavenly Gem Valley must have some thing that would make the Underworld Heavenly Sect Master even more tempted over than the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo?” Great Saint Starkiller chuckled.

“Great Saint Starkiller banters. Besides Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, what else could Heavenly Gem Valley have.” Ancestor Yin Luo laughed.

Great Saint Starkiller would not think that Heavenly Gem Valley would have Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, only nodding silently.

“Great Saint Starkiller, why does that fierce star of yours not come out for a look?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon asked to shift the topic.

Great Saint Starkiller: “She went off on her own to upgrade her Star Weapon.”

“You let a Star General leave alone?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was surprised.

“Is there a reason why not? If she does not advance to Four Star, how can she have the qualifications to become my Star General.” Great Saint Starkiller seemed to be stating something that was to be expected.

The eyes of Fan Ming and Li Xiangfei of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had an unusual expression, sneering without saying anything.

“Worthy of the name Great Saint Starkiller, the way you handle matters truly does not follow common sense.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did not wish speak further.

“Information just received. Emperor Liang is currently rushing towards Heavenly Gem Valley. At that time, we will have to trouble you. Great Saint Starkiller!” Ancestral Master Yin Luo grimly said.

“That Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo…”

“You take it, and destroy it if you are unable to seize it.” Ancestral Master Yin Luo said without the slightest hesitation.

Great Saint Starkiller’s eyelids rose, pensive: “This actually is convenient for me.”

“In short, that Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo cannot be handed over to the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators.” Ancestral Master Yin Luo’s expression was very upright.

Great Saint Starkiller wore a smile on his face but did not say anything.

The hundred Heavenly Underworld Sect Disciples crept in the darkness, slowly moving towards Heavenly Gem Valley, a night’s massacre just before them.

The Thief Star’s Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding was considerably brilliant. All the way through the Heavenly Gem Valley, no one detected them. The layers of forbiddances and checkpoints were like nothing. Su Xing carefully followed behind her. Relying on the excellent qi restraining art “Oneness of Heaven And Man” in addition to having the Flea on a Drum Shi Yuan’s guidance, the whole way was frightful but not harmful.

Heavenly Gem Valley was exceptionally spacious, possessing a great deal of halls and pavilions.

The “Spirit Moving Yard”1 among them grew Spirit Bamboo and Spirit Medicines that was very attractive of people’s attention, however, Shi Yuan did not move towards the Spirit Moving Yard at all. Rather, she came out of the Heavenly Gem Hall’s rear door, entering the back mountain.

The back mountain was clearly very remote. The green light was gloomy, impermanently quiet. A beam of shattered moonlight sprinkled down.

Some moments later, only then did Shi Yuan halt her sneaking.

At this time, two people came from the ravine of the back mountain.

From the surface, there was nothing special. Verdant and lush bamboo forests covered the whole area, and the bare ramparts were a hundred chi. The bamboo here ordinary types of bamboo, without the slightest degree of spiritual power. “The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo is here?” Su Xing asked, not sensing that vast Evil Suppressing spiritual influence.

Shi Yuan hushed him and pointed to a distant unremarkable valley.

“This Young Lady has almost searched the entire valley, but that place nevertheless always cannot be entered.” Shi Yuan said.

Su Xing clearly understood, to be able to make the Thief Star incapable of entering, indeed that was somewhat strange. Su Xing secretly praised Shi Yuan’s meticulous thinking. Stretching his forward to look there, he saw outside that there was a completely green ox currently sleeping. It had four ox horns, emitting a multi-colored light.

A boy was upon the ox.

“The Green Legs!”2 Su Xing wrinkled his brow. This type of Demon Beast was classified as Sixth Rank, of extraordinary strength, impervious to sword and spear, not too easy to provoke.

“En. What do we do? Su Xing.” Shi Yuan blinked.

To enter the valley, they would have to run into the Green Ox, but it being disturbed definitely would attract the attention of Gem And Evil Leisurer.

“Yuan’er, go mesmerize the boy. I will go handle the Green Legs.” Su Xing pondered.

“Alright.” Shi Yuan raised several Drowsy Bugs.3 Mesmerizing a Nebula Stage Cultivator was not a problem.

Su Xing secretly made his movements. Without the boy’s directions, the Green Legs very quickly was attracted away. Shu Yuan suddenly smiled.

Su Xing was confused.

Shi Yuan said in satisfaction: “This is actually the first time This Young Lady is paired with Young Master Su Xing like this.”

Su Xing was then somewhat absent-minded. At this time, Shi Yuan did not let Su Xing think any further. Taking advantage of this, she very quickly entered into the valley. Gem And Evil Leisurer simply seemingly did not want this back mountain to be too ostentatious, and neither did they see any defenses, which gave Su Xing an opportunity to easily act on.

Entering the valley, Su Xing immediately sensed that a powerful spiritual power forbiddance had been laid upon this place. Su Xing stopped, operating the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to See Mountains As Mountains. The illusion slowly dissipated, and a rock cave came into view.

“Never thought there would even be an illusion.” Shi Yuan gasped in surprise, for she had not seen through anything.

“It seems an exceptional thing indeed is hidden here.” Su Xing chuckled.

The two people seized the chance to enter the inside of the cave.

The cavern’s strange rocks were rugged, devoid of vegetation, completely barren.

“Su Xing, hurry and come look.” Shi Yuan abruptly called from up ahead.

When Su Xing heard her, he immediately ran over. The scene that appeared before him made him somewhat shocked.

Inside the cave grew a stalk of Spirit Bamboo reaching for the sky. This bamboo was dark green like lakewater, with a sort of limpid and sparkling aesthetic. The bamboo’s cloud marks twinkled, and even the bamboo leaves emitted an immense spiritual power.

“Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo!” Su Xing took a look. He could not discern the age of this bamboo, but it nevertheless was far older than a Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Just from its Evil Suppressing Cloud Marks, the Spirit Bamboo’s luster was higher by several levels.

The bamboo vaguely emitted green light of jadeite colors. This bamboo unexpectedly gave rise to an Evil Suppressing Immortal Light.

“Never thought they would unexpectedly hide this sort of Spirit Item.” Shi Yuan was also startled upon seeing it.

The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo had a powerful forbiddance that could not be entered, and Su Xing also did not want to alarm the Gem And Evil Leisurer. However, to take the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo required some time. That Gem And Evil Leisurer would definitely have doubts if he saw Su Xing was not present. Thus, he took out a Territory Breaking Talisman: “Yuan’er, you’ll have to go obtain this Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. I have to go back, for that Gem And Evil Leisurer is showing activity.”

“Just leave it to This Young Lady.” Shi Yuan nodded, patting her chest in promise.

“Little Yi, stay nearby and watch over Yuan’er.” Su Xing then said.

Yan Yizhen emerged from the Star Nest, nodding her head.

Seeing this, Su Xing did not stay any longer. He promptly left the valley, very quickly returning to the hall. Afterwards, he feigned walking out of his room. Wu Xinjie giggled when she saw this, whispering: “Young Lord certainly has found it.”

Su Xing affirmed.

Wu Xinjie was delighted.

At this time, Gem And Evil Leisurer also walked over: “The Star General of Fellow’s wife certainly is formidable. Fortunately, this was merely a spar.”

Su Xing saw Gem And Evil Leisurer’s words had restrained fear, hearing that he feared Lin Yingmei. Su Xing also smiled: “En, we naturally do not care for the Star Duels. However, we are indebted to Leisurer’s graciousness. My Wife is only satisfying her interest, not at all a Star Duel.”

Gem And Evil Leisurer awkwardly smiled.

Moreover, Lin Yingmei and Zou Qi fought nimbly. Lin Yingmei had the mind to stall, continuously not using her full strength, yet Zou Qi was imposing and bold, the Wind Slashing Dragon Fang Axe in her hand issuing an air-splitting whistle, her offensive like an unending tide.

After several hundred exchanges, the Forest Emerging Dragon nevertheless could not break open Lin Yingmei. She was incapable of breaking even “Wind Concealment.” Her heart already was astonished, knowing she had run into a Heavenly Star Martial General Elder Sister. However, this Forest Emerging Dragon Zou Yuan also was a proud and arrogant type of person, otherwise, she would not have come forward to provoke them under the circumstances of not knowing the identity of the opposing Star General.

Zou Qi leapt backwards, raising her long axe, and a rainbow light threaded together.

“Wind Slaying Slash!”

Lin Yingmei’s light body dodged, avoiding the cutting edge. Lin Yingmei waved her spear, flaunting a gap. As expected, Zou Qi was duped, her axe horizontally slashing. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear already slashed violently from bottom to top.

Just at this time, there was a sudden boom in Heavenly Gem Valley.

The entire forest saw a wild commotion, and the Heavenly Gem Bamboos fired jade lights that soared into the sky. Everyone was frightened stiff.

“Not good, those Devil Cultists are sneak attacking.” Gem And Evil Leisurer shouted. The hundred Heaven and Earth Evil Suppressing Swords flew out, “Fellow Yun, Your Servant implores that you lend Heavenly Gem Valley your strength.” His riding sword then flew towards the outside of Heavenly Gem Valley.

Zou Qi also no longer had the mood to fight.

Su Xing then flew towards the exterior of Heavenly Gem Valley.

A moment later, he arrived in the vicinity of Gem And Evil Leisurer. He saw the faraway bamboo lights, the Evil Suppressing Great Array continuously activating. A crowd of black clothed evildoers already had been trapped inside the Evil Suppressing Array. Twelve black banners were erected inside the array, their black lights lustrous, the demonic fog cruelly moving.

That old man was utterly stooped, the muscles of his two hands protruding. Particularly were those twelve black banners, breaking the array truly like a hot knife through butter.

Suddenly, he heard the ringing of clanging.

Like a knell.

The Great Array instantly halted its operation. When the bell started, the Heavenly Gem Valley’s forbiddance then completely died out.

The Evil Suppressing Forbiddance Array practically broke in an instant.

“What is this!!” Gem And Evil Leisurer’s face changed. He controlled the hundred Heaven And Earth Evil Suppressing Swords, releasing the Heavenly Gem Shield.

“Still you do not give up!!” That old man laughed aloud, the twelve black banners lifting an evil wind, blowing through Heavenly Gem Valley with bloodcurdling screams.

Su Xing threw out the Green Lotus Peak without the slightest hesitation.

The mountain peak raised a clear fire as it pressed onwards.

Ancestral Master Yin Luo’s expression changed, and the twelve black banners released bursts of black fire to prop up the Green Lotus Peak.

“A Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. It seems there is also an adept? Supervoid Cultivator?” Ancestral Master Yin Luo showed surprise when he saw Su Xing.

Su Xing was silent, releasing Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder.


The purple thunder filling the skies dispersed the gloomy fog, fighting with the black fire.

After all, Su Xing was only Galaxy Early Stage. The probability of winning in a head-on battle against a Supercluster Late Stage was not great. Gem And Evil Leisurer arrived anyways, and his Heaven And Earth Evil Suppressing Swords formed a Sword Array, like a suspended galaxy falling.

Ancestral Master Yin Luo’s abilities were also brilliant. He struck hand seals, and a thousand dense white bone swords raised ghostly howls, biting over.

A deathly pale light illuminated Heavenly Gem Valley.

A hundred Heavenly Underworld Sect cultivators at this time also assaulted the valley, entering a war with the hundred Heavenly Gem Valley cultivators.

Black light and green light clashed, and from time to time, a cultivator would be fried.

“Courting death!”

A black armored man sneered. His Devil Swords showed a devilish shape that devoured Essence Blood when it saw the Heavenly Gem Valley cultivators. Beside him were two young girls, one incomparably noble, the other hateful and gloomy, but they both alike were characters not good to provoke.

Holy Lord of Draconic Demon!!

Su Xing was stunned, not expecting to once again encounter him.

“Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, do not delay here!” Ancestral Master Yin Luo coldly shouted.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon nodded, raising his Demon Sword. Its shape became a spirit that shot directly into Heavenly Gem Hall, directly rushing towards the back mountain. Su Xing saw that he obviously was going for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, and he thought, This is bad.

“Fellow Yun, hurry and stop them!”

Gem And Evil Leisurer was occupied with Ancestral Master Yin Luo’s twelve demon banners, worriedly shouting.

Without needing him to say so, Su Xing recalled the Green Lotus Peak and flew over, but the speed of Wandering The Clear Skies was far from comparison to a riding sword. Immediately, he controlled his flying swords to rush forth. When Gem And Evil Leisurer saw this, he was startled, only then realizing Su Xing was not a Supervoid Cultivator at all. The joy originally in his heart at this moment sunk to the lowest point, but at this time, he was not given the opportunity to be dispirited.

“Ha, ha. I had even though it truly was a Supervoid Cultivator. Apparently, that was only a fake.” Ancestral Master Yin Luo chuckled coldly. His “Extreme Yin Collecting Fire”4 flourished.

Author’s Note:

Unfortunately, I was occupied. Yesterday, I owed four chapters, let’s see how many I can turn out today.

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  1.  靈動園
  2. 青奎
  3. Those bugs she had when she was first introduced that make people sleepy.
  4.  太陰羅火


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