Chapter 248: Liangshan True Dragon

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The True Dragon came from the east. The Heavenly Gem Valley enveloped in this Heavenly Underworld Sect’s every type of Devil Qi was instantly broke open with a golden light. The expressions of Ancestor Yin Luo and the other Devil Cultivators were greatly shocked, “How could he be this quick!”

The words had barely fallen when a man appeared above Heavenly Gem Valley. That figure was imposing, the silhouette of his face clear and unhidden. Draped in a crimson cloak, embroidered upon it were nine five-clawed golden dragons. Within was a set of shining white soft armor, unlike silver or iron, unknown the material it was forged from. His attire was extremely luxurious, but his presence was restrained and not revealed. He did not bat an eyelid, but Heaven and Earth seemingly fused together with him.

The whole body of the man bathed in moonlight emitted a sort of ice-cold grace. The shattered moonlight sprinkled onto his body’s surroundings, issuing an effect of standing out from the masses. Without moving a hand, a type of king’s matchless spirit was distributed, pressing towards their hearts.

The Great Liang Dynasty’s emperor, Emperor Liang!!

The current absolute genius, he was the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one cultivator not just in name but in reality, as expected. The instant he appeared on the scene, that agitated aura of Heavenly Gem Valley completely was suppressed by him, as if it was swearing allegiance like a lamb.

“In the end, We were a step too late.” Emperor Liang looked at the presence of the Gem And Evil Leisurer who had vanished into thin air. Slightly sighing, the inside of his eyes revealed endless melancholy.

“Your Majesty, please assist Heavenly Gem Valley survive this calamity.”

The cultivator named Tian shouted out loud. The remaining Scattered Star Cultivators were also worked up.

The Devil Cultivators of the Heavenly Underworld Sect were each pale in the face. Ancestral Master Yin Luo was unsightly as he said: “Emperor Liang, you honor us with your presence. How offending we have been. The Heavenly Underworld Sect shall thus withdraw.”

“The Heavenly Underworld Sect charged into the Azure Dragon Territory. Truly quite impressive. Wishing to depart without leaving behind a life, are We still We?!” Emperor Liang was imposing without anger, his imposing air not restrained in the slightest.

Ancestral Master Yin Luo screamed. The twelve Heavenly Yin Gathering Extreme Demon Banners unfurled, releasing the Heavenly Gathering Demon Corpses. Afterwards, the Heavenly Gathering Demon Gathering Fire sprayed gushed out, burning into a black python. Immediately afterwards, several powerful magic weapons flew out. In practically an instant, Ancestral Master Yin Luo completely did not hold back and released his powers to face Emperor Liang.

Emperor Liang’s brows were completely ice-cold in expression. Leisurely raising a hand, seventy-two resplendent flying swords rose into the sky. The flying swords were a hundred zhang of multi-colored light, a thousand rays of cold smoke. The seventy-two sword became seventy-two amazingly beautiful fairies. These fairies were out of the ordinary, their hands grasping treasure swords. Wherever they passed, they drew a galaxy, as if they had come from the Heavens outside of the Heavens. Even if they were beautiful, this was not outside of expectations. Emperor Liang’s Sword Chant had already reached the “Flying Sword True Spirit” realm.

When the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Sword, all of Ancestral Master Yin Luo’s powers were broken.

A Heaven burning and Earth destroying black fire sprayed out, and at the same time, four hundred Extreme Yin White Bone Swords became dense skeletons, the Corpse Qi repeatedly advancing to attack Emperor Liang.

Emperor Liang smiled: “Insignificant talents, yet you dare to show off!” His eyes narrowed, and a Royal Qi surged, becoming a True Dragon of twinkling golden light. It was a thousand zhang long, an expanse of splendor. The man himself was inside the True Dragon, and how could those Ghost Qi skeletons be able to approach him. This “True Dragon Royal Qi” was something Emperor Liang had spent time to refine from his royal blood. Its power was said to be the Azure Dragon unrivalled. Demons and monsters scattered without exception, so how could Ancestral Master Yin Luo deal with this.

Using a hand to point, the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords’ silver lights flashed, swift just like quicksilver, bubbling forth like a tide. In an instant, they covered Ancestral Master Yin Luo. Ancestral Master Yin Luo’s body paused. Worthy of the title of a peak cultivator at Supercluster Late Stage, he struggled under the envelopment of the silver light to release a massive mountain of white skeletons. This mountain was known as “Bone Tempering Peak,” a mountain peak refined from the bones of ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine cultivators.

The Bone Tempering Peak’s bones were piled in a heap, the Corpse Qi criss-crossing, the black fire reaching the sky. The moment it appeared, Su Xing sensed a powerful pressure. The abilities and magic weapons of the Black Turtle Territory sure enough were all very abnormal. It seemed this might would not be outdone compared to the Green Lotus Peak.

“We wonder what your relationship is with that Old Monster White Bone.”1 Emperor Liang smiled, nevertheless raising a large seal to attack.

This seal’s golden light flashed. It had a True Dragon coiled around it, and when it emerged, a brilliance illuminated the Heavenly Gem Valley. Although the Bone Tempering Peak was formidable, this “True Dragon Seal” nevertheless had the power of the Mandate of Heaven. Even the Green Lotus Peak would fall short. The True Dragon Seal broke, and faced head-on, the Bone Tempering Peak was smashed to pieces by the True Dragon Seal. A first-rate magic weapon became ashes.

Ancestral Master Yin Luo’s expression was pale.

The Bone Tempering Peak shattered, and Emperor Liang let out another disdainful, cold chuckle.

The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords wrapped upwards. Ancestral Master Yin Luo barely raised a mouthful of energy, and the Extreme Yin White Bone Swords advanced. The four hundred Extreme Yin White Bones words were nevertheless all broken to pieces by Emperor Liang’s flying swords in the blink of an eye. Ancestral Master Yin Luo watched for an opportunity, wanting to flee, but Emperor Liang leisurely flipped a hand. An imperial pressure pressed from above, squeezing Ancestor Yin Luo into shouting loudly, “Great Saint Starkiller, save me!!”


Emperor Liang’s eyes had a chill. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords then ground Ancestral Master Yin Luo into fine dust, entirely destroying his soul.

In the time span of practically several blinks, the Supercluster Late Stage Ancestor died at Emperor Liang’s hands just like a lamb, without the strength to truss a chicken.

The Heavenly Underworld Sect’s other disciples lost their heads out of fear from the sight and fled, but the Outer Heavens had flying immortals. Flying swords wrapped in cold swords totally destroyed the clear light, leaving not a single one.

This was the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one cultivator.

Su Xing shuddered. His stomach was being pinned by an enormous boulder. This Emperor Liang really was awesome beyond compare.

Emperor Liang then gazed at Great Saint Starkiller. Ever since Emperor Liang appeared, Great Saint Starkiller retracted his carefreeness, his face expressionless, not moving. Even when Ancestor Yin Luo cried for help, the Boundless Bell above his head had remained silent.

“Great Saint Starkiller? What an honor to meet you at last.” Emperor Liang lightly smiled. “The Boundless Bell. The Devil Star Palace indeed is expending great effort for these Star Duels.”

“Surprisingly, for even Emperor Liang to come, this Heavenly Gem Valley has some thing, as expected. Could it be the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo? If this is the case, the Heavenly Underworld Sect certainly has committed a blunder.” Great Saint Starkiller smiled, unafraid.

Emperor Liang did not reply, “Originally, We ought to kill you, but since you are a Star Master, your luck is not bad. Leave on your own.”

Great Saint Starkiller knew that he was not Emperor Liang’s opponent, and he just so happened to have the idea of leaving. Without saying anything more, he looked at Su Xing and cupped his fist,2 immediately escaping away on a riding sword.

Emperor Liang’s gaze then looked around at Su Xing’s group, his eyes strange, as if he was smiling yet not.

“Your Majesty, a monster went to the valley just now.” The old man named Tian shouted.

Emperor Liang knew the importance of the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, flying towards the back mountain without saying anything more.

When Su Xing saw this, he was anxious. Shi Yuan was still at the back mountain digging up the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Emperor Liang going there would be a waste of all his efforts, a failure at the critical juncture. Without thinking too much, Su Xing flew to block in front of Emperor Liang.

“May Your Servant venture to ask of Emperor Liang, the best of the Azure Dragon Territory. Your Servant has always wanted to consult with you.” Su Xing said.

“Purple Thunder Monster, We do not seek you, yet you seek Us. Truly, you have spirit.” Emperor Liang’s brows rose, feeling rather surprised Su Xing would block him. “We currently still have urgent matters. We shall let you off this time. Quickly withdraw, that you may still preserve your life!”

Su Xing certainly was aware that Emperor Liang’s words were not of ridiculous arrogance. He spoke like this because he had strength, but he could only brace himself to stall.

“Emperor Liang, were you not looking for Your Servant for the Ghost’s Godsbane? Come to think of it, just defeat me.” Su Xing was wholly on guard. He seized the Prehistoric Spirit Treasures the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and the Four Symbols Seal.

Emperor Liang glanced at the back mountain, pensive: “Purple Thunder Monster, your ambitions are not small. Today, We shall deliver justice on the behalf of Heaven.”

A powerful divine might boomed towards Su Xing to smother him. The Five Sacred Mountains were practically on top of him. The Supervoid Peak Cultivator’s imposing air showed he alone was the honored one. In an instant, Su Xing was about to collapse under Emperor Liang’s pressure, but although Su Xing was only Galaxy Early Stage, he had the unmatched six Star Generals. His Divine Intent was abnormally powerful, especially when he had just confronted Chao Gai not too long before, with that sort of arrogant dignity vivid in his mind. This time, Su Xing very quickly threw it off.

Emperor Liang was shaken, showing surprise.

He never thought a Galaxy Cultivator could break out of his imposing air.

“Emperor Liang, do not be impudent!”

At the same time, Lin Yingmei grasped the Arctic Star Serpent Spear and hacked at Emperor Liang. Gongsun Huang descended onto Su Xing’s shoulder, waving the Pinebrand Ancient Sword, unleashing Star Magic.

“Suwen, go with speed, have Yuan’er hurry.” Wu Xinjie added Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War onto An Suwen, urgently calling out.

An Suwen was fully aware the situation at hand was serious. Not daring to tarry, her figure quickly rushed towards the back mountain.

“Since you court death, We shall oblige you!”

Emperor Liang’s tone was indifferent. A mighty pressure was brilliantly released, and the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords transformed into True Spirit Fairies, their multi-colored lights twinkling. At this dramatic change, Su Xing completely did not hesitate to swipe the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

The divine light and auspicious vapors rushed for the heavens, directly covering Emperor Liang, but this merely made Emperor Liang slightly take a few steps back. The flying swords halted for an instant. Immediately afterwards, they slashed downwards completely without any suspense/ When Su Xing saw this, he drew in a breath.

The gap in realms between the two was too big, for the Miraculous Bodhi Tree unexpectedly was unable to deal with this.

At the back mountain, Shi Yuan sensed a powerful imposing air descending from the east, increasing her worries as she dug out the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Due to the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo having grown too long, with twisted roots and intertwined joints, for the time being, it was not that easy to dig out.

Hearing the Green Leg’s cry from outside the cave, Yan Yizhen’s expressionless pupils jumped.

She walked out of the cave and saw a man in black armor currently slaying the Green Legs. The Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword’s black qi unceasingly attacked all over the Green Legs. Devil-light soared, and the Green Legs howled again and again. It was the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.

Yan Yizhen’s eyes shot out a cold light, recalling that day she was utterly defeated at the Bo Sea. Her fists clenched, and the Yin Yang Pisces circulated, following the maid’s mood as they became increasingly ice-cold and sizzling hot.

“Do not obstruct This Holy Lord.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon burned in a rage and still sensed trouble. He did not hesitate to flourish the full power of the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword. In the end, the Green Legs was not an opponent, dying under the sword. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was too late to even take the Green Leg’s corpse and soul, flying in a rush for the rock cavern. A figure flew out from the cave and suddenly attacked.

An astral wind hunted, grief-stricken. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon controlled the flying swords, but this opponent’s punch was too fast, directly booming onto his stomach. The Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor unleashed its powers, jolting the girl. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon nevertheless also felt his organs rupture, painfully vomiting blood.

“It is you!! Skilful Star!”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon caught sight of the attacking maid and shouted.

Yan Yizhen clenched her fists, an attack stance, her expression cold to the extreme.

“Never expected you to also come. Could it be that your Star Master is inside the cave…” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked at the rock cave, his expression immediately unsightly, yet smiled despite being extremely angry: “A General defeated by my hand dares be savage. Today, This Holy Lord will vent his anger on you.”

His words had yet to fall when Yan Yizhen’s figure suddenly disappeared.

A phantom figure arrived in front of him.

Not good.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s mind was entirely fragmented. The swift and severe punching intent of a cold to the bone boxing covered the skies and earth.

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