Chapter 249: Half-Destroyed Landscape

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The magnificent Outer Void Flying Immortals Sword was the center of attention, fascinating all things. Under the flying swords, no one could resist.

Su Xing was utterly astonished, and his heart deeply had a sort of powerless feeling. It was not as if he had not reached across levels to battle higher realm cultivators before. On the contrary, he was well-versed in battles of grade gaps. From the beginning of Stardust Stage, he had never stopped for a rest. Every opponent that had leapt out had a cultivation higher than his by several stages, and he had even fought a bout with the Supervoid Grade Enviless of the East not too long ago. However, there had never been an opponent that could make Su Xing have a sort of falling behind insignificance like Emperor Liang could.


Worthy of being called the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one cultivator, he used his strength alone to again purge the situation of the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators. Thinking of this, it was obvious. How could he have done this without the lofty strength of a hero.

“Yingmei, come back!” Su Xing shouted.

The Lin Yingmei currently suppressed by the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Sword heard his voice. Her spear shook out a snow-light, and she rapidly retreated immediately afterwards, returning to Su Xing’s side. The girl’s expression was somewhat wan, her eyes unreconciled. For her to face Emperor Liang with her current strength was honestly too difficult. Su Xing also did not want to see Lin Yingmei return to the Star Nest. Even if she would not die, it still made him feel unbearable.

“Still you do not quickly retreat!”

Emperor Liang’s methods were a thunderclap, and the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords transformed into True Spirit Fairies.1

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree was swung several times in succession, but the effect was next to nothing. The gap in realms between them was too large, and the Spirit Treasure Su Xing was so proud of lost its luster. Seeing that the Flying Immortals Sword was about to sweep down, Su would undoubtedly die then. Helpless, Su Xing once again flipped out a piece of jade, raising the Four Symbols Seal.

When the Four Symbols Seal emerged, there first were four rays of flaming light. A vast amount of his Star Energy was being extracted in an unending stream, like a bottomless pit dissatisfied. Su Xing ate twelve Immortal Water Pill Dews in succession to barely reveal the Four Spirit Holy Beasts Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle, White Tiger and Azure Dragon.

When the Holy Beasts appeared, the entire Heavenly Gem Valley was in shock.

“The Four Symbols Seal? Eh? Is this not Enviless of the East’s Spirit Treasure?” Emperor Liang was surprised. He gazed at Su Xing, unable to guess what had happened. His hand seals were not slow, and the Flying Immortals Swords battled with the Four Holy Beasts. A clump of light was ten zhang, illuminating the Heavenly Gem Valley’s night like a painting, rainbows emerging in layers.

If this was an ordinary Spirit Treasure, Emperor Liang could easily destroy it. Even the Great Saint Starkiller that possessed the Boundless Bell would nevertheless not dare utter a word when facing Emperor Liang because his realm was too vast. Magic weapons that were any stronger also would lose their splendor, but the Four Symbols Seal was actually different. The Four Holy Beasts that had a trace of True Spirit also were Supervoid level. For Emperor Liang to settle the Four Holy Beasts at once was absolutely not that easy, but to maintain the True Spirit of the Four Symbols Seal also required enormous Star Energy support.

During several bouts with the Outer Void Flying Swords, Su Xing’s Immortal Water Pill Dews decreased by more than a dozen. Using Galaxy Early Stage to control such a Spirit Treasure still was too difficult. If it was not for Su Xing truly being Liangshan’s most extreme oddity, any other cultivator would have hardly persisted for several seconds.

“Purple Thunder Monster, you actually have some ability.” Even Emperor Liang slightly felt astonishment. His hands stuck a hand seal, circulating the “True Dragon Royal Qi.” Golden light was greatly released, and a nine-clawed True Dragon soared into the sky, pouncing upon the Azure Dragon.

Emperor Liang also feared that the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo would suddenly suffer a mishap. His means were fast as lightning to defeat Su Xing at the fastest speed.

The “True Dragon Seal” also rose at the same time, smashing at the Four Symbols Seal. The Black Turtle oddly called, and its turtle shell blocked the True Dragon Seal. However, the extremely powerful turtle shell also split with small cracks. The True Dragon Seal continuously whizzed, and the Black Turtle let out crazed howls.

The world was in a fierce storm, and cultivators with low cultivation had already been shaken unconscious.

The Vermilion Bird soared with endless Heavenly Fire, rolling towards Emperor Liang with a flourish, but the True Dragon Royal Qi protected him. Emperor Liang looked at it as if it was nothing, yet he was slightly incapable of advancing.

Su Xing immediately fired a Purple Thunder Dragon Slaying and a bolt of Purple Cloud True Star.

Three types of Spirit Techniques together made Emperor Liang not dare be careless.

“A good trick!” Emperor Liang’s face expressionlessly praised. His finger pointed, and the Outer Void Flying Immortals Sword’s multi-colored fairies formed a profound formation. The sword-light was like a lotus, an odd scent wafting. The Flying Immortals filling the sky seemingly descended from the Ninth Heaven. The sword-light instantly fell into Heavenly Gem Valley, glorious everywhere. To be able to practice the Flying Sword to such a degree made Su Xing gain a new level respect for Emperor Liang.

The Four Holy Beasts were suppressed by the Outer Void Flying Immortals, and Su Xing was left with no choice. Once again spraying out Essence Blood, he raised the Star Weapons Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask and the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident. When the two Star Weapons appeared, they each softly cried. The Star Generals of these Star Weapons, Forward Star Tong Hua and Retreating Star Tong Yao, could be considered sister Star Generals. The Star Weapons simultaneously cried. Su Xing did not dare directly receive Emperor Liang, directly raising the Star Weapons.

The Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask rolled towards Emperor Liang, and the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident brought out a sea wave to stab. A dark blue seascape appeared in Heavenly Gem Valley that battled with the Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords.

Emperor Liang’s eyes flashed with a clear light, also rather amazed that Su Xing had so many abilities. Emperor Liang struck a hand seal, and his whole body’s Imperial Qi directly rushed into the clouds. Immediately afterwards, a True Dragon’s sound was endlessly heard, striking the two Star Weapons. The blue waters and blue waves were washed clean away by the golden light. When the spiritual powers of the Star Weapons disappeared, the True Dragon rolled and unexpectedly brought the two Star Weapons directly to Emperor Liang’s hand.

Suddenly, there was a wail.

The Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird of the Four Symbols Seal were simultaneously shattered by the True Dragon and Outer Void Flying Immortals.

The green light and crimson light of the Four Symbols Seal immediately went dark.

The remaining White Tiger and Black Turtle were in all out combat, their power great, screaming strange cries that made one’s hair stand on end, not stopping or ending. Emperor Liang lazily flipped a hand, and the Flying Immortals Swords’ lights attacked the White Tiger and Black Turtle into retreating little by little. From the looks of it, they were unable to continue.

Su Xing’s expression changed. Without stopping, he could only call forth Heaven Tearing. Sword Qi formed threads, coiling to attack.

“This flying sword??”

Emperor Liang once again jumped. Suddenly, he smiled: “It seems killing you will still need to take some time.”

Su Xing was unable to retort.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had been struck by Yan Yizhen’s Swallowflash Samsara into only vomiting blood incessantly. Without the support of his Star Generals, how could he be the opponent of the Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing. Yan Yizhen completely did not give the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon the opportunity to use the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword. The two fists of Yin and Yang waved easily as grass, but they struck him as heavily as Mount Tai.

If it was not for the Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon would already have given up the ghost.

The Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor released an Extinguishing Divine Light. Yan Yizhen’s palms became blades, again directly cutting the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s ribs with fists of Yin and Yang. His bones shattered, and the Yang Fire and Yin Cold broke out from his body. Directly paining the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon into contorting his face, tears and snot wildly flew.

As he retreated, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword seized a gap to descend together. The specter roared in fury, black qi tearing and biting at Yan Yizhen in strands.


A cool breeze brushed across his ears. Turning his head around to look, a great expanse of a green light hurricane was covering towards the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. This cool breeze was not wind, but a hundred slithering green slender Demon Beasts. Wherever they passed, the spiritual influence completely disappeared. In an instant, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon felt his whole body shrivel and wither as his life was rapidly drained away.

“Essence Swallowing Dragons?!”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon screamed. The Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword fought back to his body. Yan Yizhen suddenly strode forwards, her fingers like blades that stabbed at the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s heart. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon already was powerless to continue fighting for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. He stared blankly at the Spirit Item in front of him that he so yearned for, extremely unreconciled that the Purple Rose Jade Pendant cracked.

Purple light hovered, shaking apart every attack around him.

Then, he completely disappeared from the ravine. Clearly, he used the purple Jade Pendant to return to his Immortal’s Abode.

“Little Yi?”

An Suwen saw that Yan Yizhen was injured, and she wanted to heal those.

“Quickly help Yuan’er pick the bamboo!” Yan Yizhen immediately said.

An Suwen knew that things were grim and immediately entered into the cave, making the Essence Swallowing Dragons also lend a helping hand.3

“Master is in trouble!”

Yan Yizhen’s tone was heavy.

Several dozen lead bullets and talismans were easily broken. With Emperor Liang’s realm, even if he stood motionless, Wu Xinjie was helpless. The Knowledge Star panted, and Emperor Liang saw that matters had delayed for too long. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords’ brilliance dazzled. The fairies beautifully danced, and sword lights from unknown places suddenly warped in a disorder, attacking that Su Xing could not endure.

“Young Master!”

Ling Yingmei was about to rush forth.

“Yingmei! Don’t!”

Su Xing grabbed hold of Lin Yingmei, not allowing her to go to her death. Even if the Majestic Star went, she would only be instantly dispatched.

“This ends here!”

Emperor Liang coldly shouted, his divine power like a tall mountain. Every one of the more than tens of thousands of Heavenly Gem Bamboo in Heavenly Gem Valley were being pressed down into crazy angles. The final two Holy Beasts of the Four Symbols Seal also screamed, annihilated. The True Dragon began assimilating, about to take the Four Symbols Seal. With that unfathomable cultivation of Emperor Liang, he instantly severed the Divine Intent between Su Xing and the Four Symbols Seal completely as easily as flipping his hand.

How could Su Xing be so willing, but at this time, his abilities were all being broken. Even Heaven Tearing had been struck back into his dantian. He flipped his hand, and a black as lacquer, densely Yin, seven chi long blade appeared. Grasping this saber, Su Xing felt his soul was about to be sucked into the sword. Su Xing waved the saber, cutting out a thick sword qi that slammed into the True Dragon, and that True Dragon was ground to pieces.

Su Xing seized this chance to take back the Four Symbols Seal. With a look, it already could not be used anymore for the time being.

“Ghost’s Godsbane!!”

Emperor Liang furiously roared, his power shaking the four directions.

Su Xing spat blood, retreating several thousand meters.


Just as Emperor Liang was about to grab Su Xing, Lin Yingmei blocked him with her spear. Emperor Liang circulated his Star Energy, and his powerful strength directly shook Lin Yingmei into bleeding from her seven apertures, but the Majestic Star did not retreat in the slightest. She shouted, and it was Emperor Liang who had been swept aside.

“Let’s leave quickly!”

Su Xing suddenly sensed Shi Yuan was rushing over here, and he knew that she had already succeeded in obtaining the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. His heart was delighted, shouting without hesitation. Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie knew Su Xing was about to use the Jade Pendant, and they instantly returned to the Star Nest.

His forehead twinkled with two Star Crests, and Su Xing immediately used the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique.

When Emperor Liang saw this, his heart sunk, and his face was covered in frost. “Thinking of running??”

Su Xing instantly broke free of the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords. The Chaotic Tail Escape’s speed left the flying swords far behind. Emperor Liang coldly grunted, and his whole body emitted golden light, becoming a dragon that gave chase. At that time, Heavenly Gem Valley boomed with earthquakes. Unexpectedly, the speed was swift to the extreme, and being shaken by Emperor Liang’s power was honestly terrifying.

So abnormal!

Su Xing’s heart was startled, for Emperor Liang unexpectedly was already catching up to the Chaotic Tail Escape.

Continuously using the escape technique several times, he spotted Yan Yizhen, Shi Yuan and An Suwen.

He descended between them.

The three girls’ minds had tacit understanding, transforming into rays of Starlight that entered the Star Nest without any pause.


Just at this moment, an Outer Void Immortals Sword Array surrounded Su Xing from any direction. The space had been locked, and the Purple Rose Jade Pendant unexpectedly could not be used.

Su Xing’s heart sunk.

This was a disaster.

“Leave your things behind!” Emperor Liang shouted, his angry intent overflowing the heavens.

Without warning, the mountains and earth of Heavenly Gem Valley abruptly shook, the heavens fell and the earth rend. The entire enormous valley shuddered with a rumble as a formidable power seemingly shook apart the valley. Emperor Liang’s powerful sword array suddenly collapsed to pieces under this sort of destructive force.

Emperor Liang was startled, and his gaze suddenly looked at the little girl on Su Xing’s shoulder.

Gongsun Huang’s eyes were thoroughly red, her expression calm and refined yet seemingly condescending.

Her sword danced.

Dark Rank Star Magic emerged.

Half-destroyed Landscape!!4

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  1.  真靈天仙
  2. SFX
  3. They’d sooner eat the bamboo rather than dig it out.
  4.  江山半壁殘


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