Chapter 260: Empress Tu’s Earth Book, Seven Beauties Serving One Master

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The background scene changed, and the wilderness became a simple and unadorned hall. This hall was exceptionally enormous, more than a hundred mu,1 with more than twenty flights of stairs. Both ends were densely packed with stone pillars too many to count. The huge hall’s center had a single platform with a yellow book suspended above, emitting a blinding brown light. Dense Earth Qi endlessly poured out from the book, filling such an enormous hall with faint dust.

The hundred mu hall had yellow smoke circulating, emitting a sort of extremely old aura, as if he had placed himself into a prehistoric world.

What thing unexpectedly would have such great capabilities?

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie were each startled, then flew before the yellow book.

The yellow book was suffused with an ancient spiritual power, dense and steaming, like a rolling yellow sea. The golden ancient script wandered about like tadpoles, extremely profound.

“This is the Earth Book of the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book!” Wu Xinjie cried out in surprise.

Su Xing was also stunned.

The Five Spirits Law Heavenly Books were ancient books, containing the Immortal Magic powers of Heaven and Earth and Five Elements. Su Xing also was not unfamiliar, for long ago he had obtained the Blooming Water volume of the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book to cultivate the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. For this reason he was even able to mix the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Su Xing naturally knew these Immortal Magics sometimes were slightly more powerful than magic weapons. However, the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book had been lost for several millennia, and he had not heard of the history of other volumes.

“This seems to even be a complete Earth Book!” Wu Xinjie wavered like a candle flame. They saw that this book was several times thicker compared to the Blooming Water volume.

Su Xing reached out his hand to take it when an odd change suddenly occurred. That dense rolling and covering yellow qi formed a yellow membrane that blocked Su Xing out. A yellow light condensed on the book’s center, forming a beautiful woman with a graceful figure, sharp brows and starry eyes, a jasper nose and supple lips. Her head wore a yellow tiara, and she was draped in a golden thread muslin waistcoat. Her body was garbed in yellow palace dress, and her feet stepped on yellow clouds. Her white hands waved, enveloping the hall with Earth Spirit qi.

“True Spirit!!”

The group entirely was shocked.

The so-called True Spirit referred to a magic weapon evolving the sun, moon, stars, heaven, earth and the dual modes to the peak, producing a spiritual nature. It was comparable to a Demon Beast opening to wisdom and assuming human form. A magic weapon in itself was also capable of transforming into a body of True Spirit, however, these True Spirit bodies really were not like genuinely transforming into a human. At most, taking human form could let the magic weapon’s power increase, and in the case that Divine Intent was injected, it was incapable of being forcibly captured. Granted that even if the cultivator died, the magic weapon’s True Spirit also would not entirely disappear.2

However, the magic weapon True Spirit’s realm had an extremely great power. That was the cultivator could pour their own Divine Intent into the True Spirit, changing directions into becoming the most magical of Liangshan’s mysteries –  External Incarnation.3

Magic weapons that generated a True Spirit nevertheless were extremely few. On one hand, in the case a magic weapon had been imbued with Divine Intent, even if it gained awareness, prior connections were no longer possible with a True Spirit. A few cultivators attempted to not cultivate magic weapons into producing True Spirit. Relying on Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to form could also allow magic weapons to reach the True Spirit Realm, but the required time needed more than a hundred years, which was far too long.

Currently, the most well-known True Spirit magic weapon was Emperor Liang’s Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords. His seventy-two flying swords already could reach the True Spirit Realm, becoming the Outer Heaven Fairies. It was precisely by relying on this supreme feat that he became the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one; but Emperor Liang’s Flying Sword True Qi nevertheless was from comparison to a magic weapon’s True Spirit. Because Flying Swords were nurtured with a cultivator’s life, producing a True Spirit was not a rare thing. The talented often could reach the Flying Sword True Spirit stage at Supervoid Stage.

This Earth Book originally was a Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book buried underground in the Four Styles Solitary Path for unknown years, endlessly sucking in the qi of Heaven and Earth. Thus, it developed into the True Spirit Realm, turning from a secret text into a True Spirit.

“How could this Empress Tu4 Earth Book be enjoyed by a mediocre man!” The woman’s voice was low. Calling itself Empress Tu, her eyes were like boulders, imposing and dignified.

The True Spirit magic weapon already had intelligence. To capture it, the sole method was to defeat the magic weapon’s True Spirit. Otherwise, they would be killed by the True Spirit.

“Being buried in this underground palace for so long must be lonely. Could it be you do not want to go out and see the world with Your Servant.” Su Xing said.

Empress Tu’s tone was hard as a rock: “Tiny Star Cultivator, you dare speak conceited nonsense!” She shook the golden muslin damask on her body, read an incantation, and stones immediately sprayed out. The heavens were faint and the earth dark, a gale whistled, and all sides had a yellow mist. Extending his hand, Su Xing could not see his fingers.

The Empress Tu that emerged from the Earth Book clearly already could use Earth Spirit abilities. Su Xing did not dare be neglectful. He waved the Miraculous Bodhi Tree in his hand a few times, and clear light and auspicious vapors the size of a hundred mu flowed out. Green light flourished, with a myriad of magic clouds, basking all directions in a serene light, battling against Empress Tu’s Earth Spirit Divine Light.

Confronting a True Spirit, Su Xing did not dare hold back. At the same time, he grabbed onto the Four Symbols Seal. The Four Holy Beasts looked to the sky and cried, directly booming towards Empress Tu.

Empress Tu expressionlessly raised both her hands, and the yellow cloud spread in every direction, appearing like a gigantic yellow blanket that resisted the Four Holy Beasts. The yellow cloud sunk, and the Four Holy Beasts struggled. Su Xing silently shouted, “How incredible,” for it was just like they were unable to break free of the yellow cloud. He could not help but use all of his Star Energy. He had used the Four Holy Beasts once before to face Emperor Liang, but he could not use it arbitrarily on Spirit Treasures with True Spirits like this. Using it once required a long period of rest for nurturing. For now, hardly ten days had passed. The True Spirit Holy Beasts of the Four Symbols Seal were exceptionally feeble, and the Earth Spirit’s yellow light rigidly wrapped around them, not budging in the slightest.

Gongsun Huang struck a hand seal, activating several Star Magics in succession, yet they were stopped outside by Empress Tu’s yellow barrier.

“Such a powerful defense.” Wu Xinjie had been repelled several steps, inwardly surprised.

The Earth Book’s yellow light was completely hard to break open.

Su Xing’s forehead perspired profusely.

Empress Tu then moved her hand, and a yellow sand dragon rolled across the ground, twisting to attack Su Xing.

At the same time, Su Xing unleashed Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and Purple Cloud True Star, but this yellow light was fierce. The purple light flashed and was swallowed whole by the Earth Spirit’s qi. Even Emperor Liang would require great effort and time to capture this sort of True Spirit Magic Weapon. Let alone Su Xing, if it was not for relying on several powerful Prehistoric Spirit Weapons, Su Xing basically did not have any chances. However, Su Xing did not want to give up. Retreating a hundred meters, he raised a green mountain.

The three Prehistoric Spirit Treasures simultaneously attacked, honestly making Su Xing nearly vomit blood. Simply advancing to Galaxy Middle Stage, he was barely able to control them. These three Prehistoric Spirit Treasures were extremely powerful. If a Supercluster Cultivator used them, to break the Earth Book’s defenses was completely not nothing difficult. How could Su Xing, with his honestly too low cultivation, only Galaxy Middle Stage. Controlling them was somewhat taxing, much less even mentioning utilizing the Spirit Treasures’ powers.

The more superb the cultivator, the fewer the magic weapon abilities he could cultivate in the future. The cause was not himself, but an “Essence” character.

A refined and proficient magic weapon often could resist several magic weapons.

Four yellow lights flew around Empress Tu, two thick and two thin, becoming a light cover that continued to trap the Four Holy Beasts. Then, Empress Tu waved, and the yellow sand light flashed, becoming a giant hand. The yellow light was clear, unexpectedly slapping away the Green Lotus Peak, grabbing at Su Xing.

With these exchanges, Empress Tu practically was too powerful. The large hand already reached the top of his head, yet Su Xing did not rush. He made low roar, swallowing twenty Immortal Water Pill Dews in succession. His hands flipped through seals, and a purple cloud arose. The Immortal Thunder in the end obstructed Empress Tu’s giant hand of yellow light.

The yellow light went wild, and the Earth Spirit erupted with sand, dirt and dust.

Empress Tu stood motionless, her clothes fluttering. The swift and severe attacks gradually waned. The Earth Book inherently was good at defense, so Empress Tu was without a choice.

The yellow barrier was simply tough to the extreme, allowing Su Xing to attack any way he wanted, yet it did not break.

Empress Tu slowly sucked in Spirit Qi, just like she was preparing the next wave of powers.

How could Su Xing let her. He swiped the Miraculous Bodhi Tree several times. As if it encountered its nemesis, it disappeared without a trace when it fell into the yellow barrier.

“Allow me!”

Gongsun Huang all of a sudden said flatly.

Gongsun Huang brandished the Pinebrand Ancient Sword. Her Star Crest circulated, and the main hall immediately quaked. As if the heavens were overflowing and the earth was splitting, the main hall rocked. The pervasive Earth Spirit and Yellow qi were just like a gale blew past, rolling away.

Dark Rank Star Magic.

Half-destroyed Landscape!

Half-destroyed Landscape was one of Leisure Star Gongsun Huang’s extremely powerful lethal Star Magics. In the case she used it, the heavens fell and the earth rend, the rivers churned and seas overturned. The rivers within a hundred mu would drain. Originally, this could even break Emperor Liang’s “Spatial Sword Array of the Outer Void Flying Immortals.” In addition, this Earth Barrier was probably not any stronger than Emperor Liang’s Sword Array, but because this place had Earth Spirit qi that concentrated for eons, it became this powerful to an abnormal degree.

The hall immediately was rocked with a violent earthquake. The Earth Book’s yellow barrier swayed like waves of water.

They saw Half-destroyed Landscape was incapable of breaking this Earth Book defense the first time, and Su Xing’s heart was dismayed.

That yellow light barrier suddenly ripped open with a thin fracture. When Su Xing saw that, he immediately was overjoyed at this unexpected development. Without the slightest hesitation, he called forth the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords, using the last bit of dragon power in the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords, transforming into a golden dragon that fiercely slashed.

This sword also was an Immemorial Sword Chant. It was unexcelled in the world, and it was mainly focused in attacking, splitting the barrier open.

Su Xing immediately released Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and Purple Cloud True Star in succession to attack.

Empress Tu raised her hands, and the Earth Spirit Qi within a hundred mu concentrated, like something prehistoric, covering the skies and earth. They saw she was about to restore this Earth Barrier.

Su Xing’s expression changed. He knew full well that if she actually repaired the barrier, they would have no way of retrieving any leeway.

His heart rocked.

He rapidly rushed towards the Four Symbols Seal, striking four hand seals.

The Four Holy Beasts roared. Unexpectedly, the True Spirits self-destructed. Four rays of light blew apart. Using the power of the Holy Beasts’ True Spirits, even if they were weak, detonating them together was unknown levels of powerful. The shockwave of the explosion shook apart the Earth Spirit qi that was concentrating, giving Su Xing a chance to catch his breath. Immediately afterwards, that tear received a violent shock and tore open. Suddenly, the golden swords frantically slashed with a bang.

The Earth Book’s Earth Barrier that had been saved since prehistory suddenly shattered.

Wu Xinjie was sharp-sighted and deft. She seized this chance to rush forward. When the Earth Barrier broke, her hand pressed down on the Earth Book, running back to Su Xing’s front with it. Su Xing made an effort to support his body that was about to fall, sinking his Essence Blood and Divine Intent into the Earth Book.

The “Empress Tu” True Spirit of the Earth Book then groaned. Its eyes lost their sharpness, and it slowly disappeared.

The yellow light across the whole sky and the concentrated Earth Qi bared their fangs and claws as they frantically spilled into the Earth Book to mend the damage. Until his own Divine Intent was thoroughly branded upon this terrifying Prehistoric Spirit Treasure did Su Xing finally breathe a sigh of relief and fall into Wu Xinjie’s bosom, nearly done for.

“Young Lord, you truly are wonderful!”

Wu Xinjie whispered and lightly kissed him.

Clear Heart Hall, the plaza.

Hundreds of the Four Styles School’s disciples whispered as the Daoist Master Xuan Tian and Ju Yueke were somewhat uneasy.

Half of the disciples that went through the experience this time came back. The other half probably had more misfortune than good luck. Now, the passage was about to close and still two people had not arrived.

As it happened, these two people were extremely important to the Four Styles School.

Su Xing and Yun Pengtian.

The three Great Disciples of the Four Styles School looked at each other in dismay. These two could not have battled it out, right?

“Could it be they met with mishaps at the same time?” Ju Yueke’s expression was very gloomy.

The plaza was in a heated discussion. Everyone was making guesses, and each person wore a regretful expression.

“Would he die?” The indifferent Tang Lianxin’s face was pale, feeling the inside of her heart was suffocating in a panic.

The Four Styles Solitary Path already was incapable of continuing, and the Daoist Master Xun Tian was left with no choice but to close it.

“Please wait!” Tang Lianxin strictly said.

Everyone present was taken aback, showing odd expressions.

The Solitary Star did not say anything, but her expression was abnormally resolute, believing a certain someone would return.


There was another moment, and the heads of the Four Spirit Peaks already were incapable of sustaining.

Everyone sighed.

Tang Lianxin suddenly felt her heart was somewhat in anguish.

Just at this moment, a figure appeared in another spatial transfer array. That figure was so feeble, as if he had went through a great battle of life and death, his energy so exhausted that he even made people doubt that he could still walk. But still he walked out, wearing a fearless smile.

“I have returned!”


Was Su Xing!!

Before Ju Yueke could say anything, a beautiful figure flew straight to Su Xing.

Everyone was shocked.

Su Xing was stunned. Seeing Tang Lianxin’s worried expression, the man’s heart was warm, and he spread his face into a smile.

His expression was weak, his smile firm.

“Little Sister Lianxin, are you willing to live and die together with me?”

Tang Lianxin’s heart stirred, only feeling her eyes were dry and heavy. Suddenly, she closed her eyes and kissed Su Xing’s lips.

The two of them tightly deep kissed.

The silence at this moment conveyed more feeling than any words spoken.

A Star Crest appeared on each other, and a Crimson Star immediately sparkled above Liangshan, shocking the Four Styles.

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  1.  畝
  2. The True Spirit dying out was in the original raws, but it makes no sense. The cultivator that once owned this is long dead, and the True Spirit reappears in a later chapter.
  3.  身外化身
  4. 后土, a pun, as 土 means “dirt” or “earth.”


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