Chapter 261: The Four Styles School’s Star Master

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“Boulder Armor,1 Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand,2 and Earth Spirit Sword Form…”3

The bedroom of the Bamboo House. Su Xing’s hands held up the Earth Book, flipping through the pages to look at the “Immortal Magic” recorded within this Earth Book. This Earth Book was worthy of being called one of Liangshan’s rarely seen abnormal magic weapons. Not only did it record abilities and cultivation methods, it also had use in arming the underdog. Upon opening the Earth Book, dense Earth Qi rose and wafted, enveloping him within. When Su Xing learned the Purple Rose Transforming Qi, he just happened to lack usage of the Immortal Magic. Now, this Earth Book was just perfect to make up for that regret.

The Earth Element Immortal Magic recorded in the book was very formidable. The Boulder Armor was able to allow the Purple Cloud to cover his upper body and transform into a defensive type armor. It was slightly more powerful than the already damaged Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor. The Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand had qi become a giant hand, easily grabbing hold of cultivators, heavily overturning the seas and shifting the mountains, it was an incredible ability. Furthermore, the whatever Earth Spirit Sword Form and earth stabbing arts were pretty good abilities in a fight.

“What a pity. For the sake of this book, Young Lord damaged the ‘Four Symbols Seal’ and flying swords, the Green Lotus Peak, too.” Wu Xinjie said regretfully. The True Spirits of the Four Symbols Seal’s Four Holy Beasts had self-destructed. For the Four Symbols Seal to once again recover required at least several months’ time. Now that Evil Smiting Hall was imminent, this was not a small regret.

“It is impossible to be completely successful in everything.” Su Xing smiled. He did not mind at all. Although the Four Symbols Seal was great, it did not have the Earth Book’s mystery. Possessing this book, even if he was to once again face Chao Gai, Su Xing had a bit of confidence.

Wu Xinjie had wanted to say more. At this time, she sensed someone was entering, so she entered the Star Nest.

Su Xing also put away the Earth Book. How could he easily reveal this level of treasure to anyone.

Ju Yueke wore a crescent moon white shirt, delicately entering the room. Seeing Su Xing, she showed a slight smile. “How are your injuries?”

“Many thanks for Master’s concern, not at all a big hindrance.” In actuality, after Su Xing and Tang Lianxin signed a Star Duel Covenant, he had already recovered to his previous state. It was just that Ju Yueke was not put at ease that she had Su Xing first return to the room to recuperate.

“This is good!” Ju Yueke smiled, glancing with a very deep meaning at the expressionless Tang Lianxin at the side. She beckoned with her hand to make her sit nearby.

Pausing for a moment, Ju Yueke then said: “Su Xing, Lianxin, now that you two have already signed a Star Duel Covenant, this is a very important matter for the Four Styles School. The entire school will support you with all its strength. Although Evil Smiting Hall is about to open, you must not lose heart.”

“Disciple definitely will not disgrace the mission.” Su Xing replied very earnestly. This was not because Ju Yueke thought those sorts of words upon his lips were pleasant to hear. For the sake of the seven beauties he thought of, he must take hold of these Star Duels.

Ju Tueke felt gratified, and then she discussed the Four Styles School’s arrangements with Su Xing and Tang Lianxin.

Tang Lianxin using the Kiss Contract to sign onto the Star Duels overturned the heavens for the Four Styles School. This type of matter had only been heard of, never seen, and it made the whole school’s enthusiasm surge. It was just that the school could not participate in the thing. In Sword Chants, arrays, spirit stones and such, they would use all their power to support Su Xing. They would do all they could to make Su Xing become one of the final Seven Stars.

“Su Xing, Master wants to ask you question!” Ju Yueke suddenly said.

“Master, please ask.”

“Your Senior Brother Yun Pengtian, you two must have had something happen?” Ju Yueke feared Su Xing had a misunderstanding. She lightly smiled: “There is no need for you to have misgivings. Now that you are the Four Styles School’s Star Master, no one will blame you.”

“Master, you are just wrongly blaming Disciple.” Su Xing cried out loud at the injustice. He really did not encounter that most promising potential Star Master Yun Pengtian. Of course, even if they did truly run into one another, Su Xing would at best only beat him into scrambling back home, and neither did he have interest in taking his life.

“Master believes you.” Ju Yueke nodded.

Yun Pengtian not leaving the Four Styles Solitary Path had aroused very big waves in the Four Styles School, after all, Yun Pengtian was but one of the Four Great Disciples. Ever since he was little, he had been raised to be a Star Master, consuming countless Spirit Pills and liquids. His talent was outstanding, and after the Star Duels began, he reached Galaxy Middle Stage. It could be said that he was the Four Styles School’s hard work, but in this experience, no one had thought Yun Pengtian would unexpectedly not appear. Furthermore, Su Xing in the end was like he had exhausted his energy. Everyone naturally thought the two had engaged each other inside.

“Senior Sisters Cong Wanzhi and Ruan Hongxue actually supported that you did not strike treacherously, you know.” Ju Yueke smiled as she asked.

Su Xing smiled.

That Cong Wanzhi would believe him was not surprising, but for that Ruan Hongxue to not kick a person who was down was actually unforeseen.

“However, Yun Pengtian had practiced his cultivation ever since he was small, yet he never cultivated abilities, so although his cultivation was high, he nevertheless was just a gilded exterior. Master feels he has met with a mishap.” Ju Yueke flatly said.

Su Xing was mute, inwardly calling out that this truly was a pity. Before, he was formidable and mighty, yet in the end, he nevertheless was scattered ash and smoke. To waste their efforts had even helped him obtain a name, truly a waste.

Ju Yueke also spoke of some of the other affairs of the Star Duels, even asking Tang Lianxin the materials she needed to upgrade her Star Weapon. Tang Lianxin’s Great Void Gold Lotus unexpectedly was One Star and unupgraded. In the Star Duels, people everywhere understood one logic. The higher the level of a Star Weapon, the greater its dominance. Starting from a Five Star Destined Weapon, they practically reached a realm that Liangshan Continent’s cultivators could only gaze from behind. The Four Styles School was a tool refinement Great Sect. For the sake of the Star Duels, they had stockpiled many materials, for this was the greatest advantage of the school’s Star Master. Ju Yueke also guaranteed that they would not make Tang Lianxin feel wronged.

“Right, these things are given to you for use in the Star Duels.” Finally Ju Yueke waved her hand. Five items appeared:, a palace dress, a jade hairpin, a set of silver armor, a folded talisman, and a silver flying knife.

“The entire Four Styles School bestows these upon you for use in the Star Duels. The ‘Seven Stars Nichang,’4 and ‘Falling Star Hairpin’ are for Lianxin to use. Star Generals can use two Astral Treasures, so they are perfect to give you. This Seven Stars Nichang can defend against blades, exorcise miasma, and it can confuse an Earthly Fiend Astral Treasure. The Falling Star Hairpin is a pretty good offensive Astral Treasure.” Ju Yueke introduced them: “The Heavenly Silkworm Snow Silver Armor5 can protect you from injury. This is the Four Styles’ High Grade Talisman capable of releasing the four magics of ‘Wind, Thunder, Water and Fire.’ This Soul Breaking Sword6 is incapable of cutting flesh, but it can break Divine Intent…”

Seeing Ju Yueke’s introductions, Su Xing was very surprised. It seemed that the Four Styles School indeed gave a lot of thought to this. Although Su Xing currently could not possibly take a fancy to these, the average Star Cultivator absolutely would find these helpful items.

Su Xing thanked her once again.

Ju Yueke slightly smiled, only instructing for Tang Lianxin to upgrade her Star Weapon and no longer bothered them. For matters like the Star Duels, if the sect interfered too much, Maiden Mountain would be dissatisfied.

“This Four Styles School truly has taken a lot of trouble.” The Knowledge Star said.

“En. A Star Master with a sect’s support is not the same.” Su Xing sighed.

Wu Xinjie giggled: “Young Lord, seriously. With Young Lord’s current powers, how could the other Star Master be this formidable. Xinjie feels that just the Great Saint Starkiller would be more troublesome.”

Discussing the Great Saint Starkiller, Su Xing also had the same feelings.

A super Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the Boundless Bell, and a Flying Sword ability originating from the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Palace and not inferior to the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword. Any way he was examined, he was an abnormal character, far more formidable than that Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. Recalling this, Su Xing remembered that he had best forge the Wood Element Sword as soon as possible. Now that his Metal Element Sword needed nurturing and was incapable of further use, the top priority was to quickly produce the Wood Sword. For the difference of whether or not a Star Cultivator had a flying sword, the gap in strength honestly was too big. Su Xing certainly was fully aware of this.

“Little Sister Lianxin, Big Brother fears there is something else he needs to trouble you with.” Su Xing apologetically said.

Tang Lianxin asked: “Is it the Flying Sword?”


Su Xing explained the matter of the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Refining the flying sword materials by Tang Lianxin’s methods could not be more suitable.

“Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo?” Tang Lianxin showed shock. As a tool refinement master, she naturally knew the valiance of this item. “Elder Brother, how do you have such a Divine item?”

“That’s a long story. In short, this is the way things are.” Su Xing laughed.

Tang Lianxin nodded.

“Right, Little Sister, can you refine an Astral Treasure from this Nüwa Jade?” Su Xing moved his hand and brought out this Nüwa Jade. Its significance could not be discerned, but it should be quite powerful. However, Su Xing currently could not take a liking to any Galaxy Magic Weapon. He thought that since Ancient Lost Treasures could be refined into Magic Weapons, he wondered whether or not she could refine an Astral Treasure for the girls to use.

“Nüwa Jade.” Tang Lianxin was slightly shocked. She pondered, then replied: “A Lost Treasure can be refined into an Astral Treasure, but that requires some materials to assist.”

“What materials?”

“Galaxy Sand and such.”

“Alright, I’ll just go to Kagoshima to take a look. The Wood Element Sword just so happens to also lack a few materials and the Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand. I might as well also buy those.” Su Xing’s teeth hurt, suddenly discovering this was a very large expenditure. Borrowing more from Chai Ling was embarrassing, and he actually could take those Hundred Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to exchange. Come to think of it, he could trade.


Tang Lianxin agreed, still a reclusive and not wanting to discuss things appearance. Su Xing doubted that the passion Tang Lianxin leaked when they signed a contract was an illusion?

Evil Smiting Hall was on the verge of opening, and there was no time to lose.

Tang Lianxin would go upgrade her Star Weapon and refine the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Su Xing would go to Kagoshima to buy every sort of material required for the flying sword.

He had just walked out the door.

He suddenly recalled he still needed to return Ruan Hongxue’s Wind Settling Pearl and Fire Dragon Whip.

Su Xing first went to Fire Cloud Peak. Fire Cloud Peak’s temperature was very hot, enveloped in red clouds, which is how it gained the name “Fire Cloud.” Fire Cloud Peak’s disciples cultivated Fire-type cultivation methods, and they were accustomed to this blistering heat. When Su Xing went to Fire Cloud Peak, those disciples that once bickered with Su Xing gazed at him with reverence and respect. Their expressions were complex, with envy, jealousy, mockery, disdain, a hundred attitudes, everything in between.

Su Xing was disinclined to mind them. If they welcomed him with a smile, he returned a smile. If they welcomed him with disdain, then he returned with disdain.

“Junior Brother Su Xing, why have you come to Fire Cloud Peak?” Jiao Shu laughed when he spotted Su Xing.

Su Xing’s impression of him was pretty good, and he also smiled: “I came to find Ruan Hongxue, to return things to her.”

“Little Sister is currently…”

Jiao Shu was just about to reply.

A cold snort interjected: “Su Xing, come over here yourself!!”

The two of them turned their heads. Ruan Hongxue grunted, walking to a remote corner.

“This is your Fire Dragon Whip and Wind Settling Pearl, I am returning them. Many thanks for your Wind Settling Pearl.” Su Xing looked at Ruan Hongxue, not saying much, retuning her things.

Ruan Hongxue did not rush at all to receive them rather she twisted her brow and asked: “You honestly tell me. Did you kill Senior Brother Yun Pengtian?”

“What would I kill him for.” Su Xing could not help laughing.

“You truly did not kill him?” Ruan Hongxue stared.

Su Xing twitched his lips, disdainful.

Ruan Hongxue said in a soft voice: “Although you are a very loathsome person, you are not bad, either. I believe you.”

What do I care if you believe me or not. Su Xing returned her things: “I still have other matters, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“Wait a moment!” Ruan Hongxue called out.

Su Xing turned his head, wrinkled his brow. What is this little girl doing.

“This Wind Settling Pearl…just take it as a gift for you for the Star Duels.” Ruan Hongxue shyly blushed and said.

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  1. 磐石護甲
  2. 鎮天艮手
  3. 地靈劍形
  4. 七星霓裳
  5.  天蠶雪銀甲
  6.  破魂刀


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