Chapter 262: The Dragon Daughter Of Crystal Dragon Palace

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“Gift me?” Su Xing’s expression was odd. This Wind Settling Pearl was certainly a powerful magic weapon, perhaps the magic weapon that Ruan Hongxue was most proud of. He naturally did not believe the girl cultivated it in the Silent Path. “You’re not planning something, right?”

“This Young Lady cannot gift it to you?” Ruan Hongxue angrily curled her lips, “This Young Lady certainly does not wish to see you completely lose the Four Styles School’s face!! Hmph!!” She snatched the Fire Dragon Whip, and Ruan Hongxue immediately stomped off, leaving behind a confused Su Xing where he was.

“Ruan Hongxue really is weird.” Su Xing was not a modest person. It could not be said for certain whether the Wind Settling Bead would have a surprise use in the future. Another means was another opportunity, this logic he still understood.

Wu Xinjie tried to stifle a laugh: “Is Young Lord pretending to be confused?”

“Hey, hey, hey, Xinjie. Why does your tone sound like she’s taken a fancy to me? I’ve done nothing to her at all.” Su Xing promptly denied any relationship. He had not the slightest bit of interest in tsundere women.1

In actuality, how could Su Xing have known that this Wind Settling Pearl indeed was Ruan Hongxue’s extremely previous item. When she originally lent it to Su Xing and said she picked it up from the Silent Path, she had only suddenly thought of fooling him, to observe how he would react. According to Ruan Hongxue’s mind, the Wind Settling Pearl was a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, priceless. Any Star Cultivator that saw it would not be unmoved. Hence, she misled Su Xing with “picked up in the Silent Path” because she wanted to know whether or not Su Xing would return the Wind Settling Pearl to her after he returned.

If ordinary cultivators heard Ruan Hongxue’s words, eight or nine out of ten would take it for themselves. Since you picked it up, even if we actually took it for ourselves, you would have no choice. Ruan Hongxue actually hoped Su Xing would truly do this. On one hand, this was good for shattering the image of Su Xing being a life-saving benefactor. On the other, she just so happened to be able to take revenge on Su Xing, to give him a bad reputation in the Four Styles School.

But she had not anticipated that not long after, Su Xing would then come to Fire Cloud Peak. Moreover, that he was hardly reluctant to return the Wind Settling Pearl. This truly infuriated Ruan Hongxue to gnashing her teeth, nevertheless, she had a favorable impression within. This Wind Settling Pearl was not too useful to Ruan Hongxue, and it was for this reason that she wanted to give it to Su Xing, which counted as a completed transaction.

How could Su Xing bother to go wondering about why Ruan Hongxue’s mood was so complicated. He currently had many Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, and he had also obtained the Empress Tu Earth Book, so he naturally disdained to go blackmail this sort of thing. Seeing that Ruan Hongxue’s attitude shifted, Su Xing only took it to be that saving a life was more meritorious than building a seven story pagoda. He then flew on his riding sword for Kagoshima, in order to gather the materials for his Flying Sword.

Kagoshima Market Square was a surging tide of people as before. The Star Cultivators seemingly were even more numerous, and among them were many Sect Cultivators.

Su Xing felt this market square truly was pretty good, saving him a lot of time. Lowering the Flying Sword, Wu Xinjie and Gongsun Huang had long left the Star Nest and followed along his left and right. Su Xing did not want to tarry, directly traveling to the Spirit Sand district.

Walking into a “Mount Putuo” store, Su Xing found Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand.2 This sort of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand was extremely expensive. One liang was more than ten million. Su Xing fully exhibited his skill at haggling prices, using a stalk of Hundred Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to barter. Acting as a very professional and virtuous robber, this was something that Shi Yuan obtained in the amidst all the chaos at Heavenly Gem Valley. Not that Heavenly Hem Valley had already become a thing of the past, the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo truly was extinct in Liangshan, but the cultivators of Mount Putuo honestly was lacking in discerning power, considering the age of a Hundred Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo too low. No matter what, he was unwilling to exchange two hundred forty-two liang of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand, making Su Xing gloomy.

A young girl walked on the streets of Kagoshima. The young girl was very charming, the tender age of eighteen or nineteen. She wore a snow-white palace dress and was draped in a blue muslin shirt, clean and elegant. At first glance, she was a character like the Lingbo Fairy, her appearance pure and holy, dignified and soldierly, making people not look straight at her, unable to rouse blasphemous intentions in their hearts. The girl leisurely looked along the street.

Beside the girl was another girl, adorned in a light yellow long skirt, a white snowdrift waistcoat. Her thin hair was distinctly layered, cute like running waters on a tall mountain. A Night Pearl hung, binding her long, flowing hair. This girl’s skin was beautifully white, appearing refined. Her innate beauty was that of a budding beauty.

“Longnü,3 that frontlet is so fast…oh, and this, too…Astral Tool…” The eyes of the girl in the light yellow long skirt released light. Her temper was very lively as she ran circles around the store.

The girl called Longnü wore a very gentle smile, feeling very helpless at her partner’s behavior. “Mengrui,4 this thing is certainly not worth a mention in the palace.”

“Mengrui doesn’t like the inside of the palace, it’s too constraining. Mengrui likes this way better, when things are wide as the sky.” Mengrui’s eyes were incomparably tender. On the street, she spread wide her arms, as if she wanted to hug the sky. Everyone watched odd gazes, keeping far away, believing they had encountered an abnormal nutjob.

Longnü was helpless, knowing that Mengrui’s natural disposition liked to be free and unconstrained. She whispered: “Being with me is actually a grievance against you, Mengrui.”

“Not at all.” Mengrui flipped her hair, smiling sincerely without the least bit of complaint. “Mengrui can only be together with Longnü. No matter the place, Mengrui will always feel it’s very vast.”

Longnü smiled.

“But why would Longü want come take a look here? Could the reason be because of Mengrui?” Mengrui ran to her side, slightly lowered her body. She blinked, a very expectant appearance.

“Your Star Weapon is about to advance to Four Star. I am helping you search, and I also want to look at this place. I hear these sakura are like snow, a beautiful scene in Kagoshima.” Longnü said.


Passing by a Mount Putuo shop, suddenly, Longnü cast a glance, taking note of a stalk of bamboo, showing an odd expression.

“Longü?” Mengrui followed Longü’s line of sight and saw a man in the store currently was discussing something with the cultivator inside the store.

Mengrui was confused.

Longnü walked inside.

“Call your shopkeeper over, how can the value of Hundred Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo be this little.” Su Xing said gloomily.

“One hundred fifty liang of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand is already a lot, Fellow!” The female cultivator respectfully said.

Searching all over Kagoshima, only the Putuo Hall had amounts of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand sufficient enough to satisfy Su Xing, but one hundred eighty5 liang clearly was inadequate. Although the Hundred Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was not extinct, it was rare. Besides, the quantity of Su Xing’s stalk was even very large. Exchanging for two or three liang was absolutely not a problem. This female cultivator evidently discerned Su Xing required large amounts of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand that she dared to be this low. Across all of Kagoshima, to be able to supply several hundred liang, there was only this shop.

Truly, this was the stereotypical “the strong has the advantage!”

Su Xing was depressed. If he went to other stores to exchange, he definitely could not do so, but the price was lowered by a half. How could Su Xing be so willing.

“A hundred fifty liang?! For a store like Mount Putuo to be so overbearing, conducting business in this way, is that appropriate?”

A somewhat displeased voice interrupted the negotiations between Su Xing and the female cultivator.

Everyone turned their gazes, only seeing two beauties enter the store. One was a dignified and pure, the other innocent and gentle, both beauties. Seeing that each and every one of their moments was out of the ordinary, Su Xing felt the Birth Treasure Outline in his Astral Bag resonate. His heart was startled. The Birth Treasure Outline was capable of sensing Star Generals. Obviously, among one of these two girls was one Star General, or both were?

“Hundred Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, huh. This certainly is a good thing. How’d you get it?” Mengrui showed an expression of admiration as she looked at that strip of bamboo.

“What are you saying, transactions naturally are mutually consented to.” The female cultivator forced a smile.

Longnü indifferently glanced at her, not minding her. Rather, she gazed at Su Xing, her limpid pupils cycling through Su Xing, Gongsun Huang and Wu Xinjie. Finally, her gaze fell onto Su Xing, and she smiled: “This Fellow, I feel that this Mount Putuo sees Fellow’s urgent need for a large quantity of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand that it would deliberately lower prices.” She spoke very directly, making the Mount Putuo cultivator somewhat not too slightly.

Su Xing smiled, his first impressions of this girl actually not bad: “But there is no helping it. Only this place can exchange for this much Purple Bamboo Sand.”

“Heavenly Gem Valley has been destroyed. Now, Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo is increasingly precious. For Fellow to exchange like this is actually a pity.” Longnü said.

“What do you mean?” Su Xing heard the meaning behind her words.

“The Treasure Feast6 of the Crystal Dragon Palace will be convened not too long from now. Fellow, why not bring this Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to the Treasure Feast. You certainly can exchange for an even better thing, far more precious than several hundred liang of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand.” Longnü said.

“Treasure Feast!” Su Xing heard about it before, Liangshan’s top banquet, a banquet the entire Azure Dragon Territory went wild for. Some especially valuable treasures often would appear. “My Hundred Years Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo perhaps cannot be put on the table, let alone that I do not have the Crystal Dragon Palace’s invitation letter.” Su Xing spoke forthrightly. Although the Treasure Banquet was good, to enter without a bit of status was not possible.

Longnü nodded, suddenly pulling a smile. A crystal token appeared in her hand: “If Fellow is interested, I can introduce Fellow into the Treasure Banquet!”

Wu Xinjie was hoarse the moment she saw that token. Unexpectedly, it was the Crystal Dragon Palace’s invitation plate. Gazing at the girl in front of them, the Knowledge Star’s eyes carried thoughtfulness.

Seeing that token, the Mount Putuo female cultivator was also startled. Glancing at each other, she immediately whispered some instructions. They saw a female cultivator quickly walk in.

“Then, thanks.” Su Xing took the token. In his hand it was soft, yet also like glass.

“You must properly cherish the opportunity. Longnü certainly thinks very highly of your things, ha, ha.” Mengrui sized up Su Xing, showing a giggling expression.

“Your Servant is Su Xing!” Su Xing announced his name.

“You can call me Longnü.” Longnü had originally wanted to find an alias, but since Mengrui already said as such, she did not hide.


This name actually was odd.

“Is it this Young Lord that wishes to exchange for Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand?”

Suddenly, a charming voice interrupted Su Xing.

Su Xing turned his head, spotting a woman with a lovely smile. Clearly, she was the shopkeeper. Su Xing nodded, just about to say something. How could he have expected that that shopkeeper’s eyes would shine as if she saw treasure when she looked at the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, completely unlike the female cultivator just now. She shouted and scolded: “Still you have not quickly given the Young Lord an apology. Can this sort of thing be exchanged for one hundred fifty liang?”


The female cultivator apologetically said.

“This means?” Su Xing smiled.

His counterpart nodded. A disciple cupped her hands and passed over an embroidered box. There was purple colored Spirit Sand, with a bamboo-like fragrance.

“This is three hundred liang of Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand. If Young Lord is willing to exchange, This Store will exchange right now. Any surplus can be taken as an apology.” The woman was all smiles as she spoke. Although she said as such, her gaze nevertheless occasionally glanced at Longnü.

Su Xing clearly understood. It seemed the status of this Longnü was apparently very formidable, unexpectedly bringing a one hundred eighty degree change.

“Thanks.” Su Xing nodded, exchanging the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo without the slightest hesitation.

“Your Highness Longnü, do you require anything?”

The woman respectfully said.

“It is best to leave a line when conducting business.” Longnü serenely said.

“As Your Highness Longnü says.” The woman nodded.

Su Xing secretly wondered: Could it be that this young girl was from the legendary Crystal Dragon Palace?

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  1. What about Lin Yingmei? Wu Siyou? Shi Yuan? Most of the guy’s harem will end up being tsunderes lol
  2.  普陀紫竹砂
  3.  龍女, Like other names in the series, I am confused as to what the author really intends for this. 龍女 means Dragon Daughter, an actual Chinese mythological figure who is the daughter of the Dragon King. However, the way the author uses this seems more like a name than a title. For now, I’m going to transliterate it as a name, but only time will tell what the author’s intentions were for this name.
  4. 夢蕊
  5. In the raws
  6.  珍寶宴


  1. No one in the harem (as of yet) is a tsundere. Both Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou can be considered kuudere with shi yaun deredere

    1. But I thought tsundere meant they were cold and then dere? Then Yingmei fits the bill. And Shi Yuan was tsun and is now all dere. 🙂

      1. Tsundere are overreactingly abusive or aggressive towards the character of interest. That’s the tsun side. (doesn’t have to nessasairly be a person of interest) The dere is when their all kind and lovey. Kuudere is when a character is cold, somewhat emotionless, doesn’t speak much, could be sarcastic or cynical towards their person of interest until the character of interest break through their shield would they open up and become kind and loving

        1. Your definition of tsun side of tsundere is only of a sub type of tsundere which is violent or aggresive tsundere (which is a newer sub type recently more popular than orginal tsundere and most people confused it) . Main point of tsundere is that person is not honest with her feelings often saying something that is contrary to her feelings or is not honest to herself too.

        2. You’re technically right, but operating under a slight misconception. Tsundere are indeed like that, but that’s only the modern connotation of tsundere that resulted when the concept itself was adopted by the mainstream. Before that, in visual novels/dating sims (where most of these terminologies were born and/or were nurtured and developed the most), the classic tsundere existed, wherein the girl was cold and aggressive towards the protagonist (and usually to others as well), but mellows out with time as she gets to know the protagonist and her character and story are developed, eventually evolving into full deredere.

          Of course, now tsundere is almost synonymous to crazy angry bitch that can’t be honest with her feelings, but it wasn’t always like that. In the classical sense, Yingmei and Siyou ARE tsundere.

        3. You’re definitely right on the kuudere definition, tho. They basically operate the same as (classic) tsundere, as in they have a certain way to act before being developed and opening up to MC and possibly others.

          1. Gongsun Huang is Kuudere through and through while Wu Siyou is more classic tsundere towards Su Xing than other character.

    1. Nope. Only kuudere in the group are Lianxin and maybe Little Huang. Yingmei and Siyou are the classic kind of tsundere (the one that acts aggressive at first but opens up and chills out with time). Well, maybe Yingmei wasn’t aggressive to Su Xing, but that’s because she didn’t get the chance to, since she was more or less forced into a contract so she auto respected him (but didn’t care much for him). Also she WAS hella aggressive to others (remember the dude she literally castrated?), so I’d say she does kinda count as classic tsundere.

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