Chapter 266: Cannot Cut Ties

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The Light Shifting Mirror shot out a shroud of golden light that was like fire. A clump of light began to concentrate and take shape in front of her chest. Just as she thought of getting rid of her distracting thoughts, the Wu Siyou who was at peace with herself suddenly saw this change and showed confusion. At this time, the golden light instantly dimmed, and suddenly, Wu Siyou felt an unprecedented manly burning hurt her jade leg, her stomach, and even her whole body.

An originally supposed to have been cut-off man now was nose to nose, large eyes staring at small eyes with her. Her own threadbare body currently was being tightly stuck to by that man, with not even the smallest gap in between them.

Wu Siyou had not yet returned to her senses, still under the impression another illusion had appeared. In this month since she bade Su Xing farewell, Wu Siyou always felt ill at ease, unable to set her mind to rest and not yet awakened from the Vermilion Bird Territory. To the Harm Star, this was a dangerous signal, and consequently, she thought to take the opportunity to cut all of these distracting thoughts with a hot spring in ice and snow, but she had not expected that damned bastard would appear from within the mirror.

“Wifey???” Su Xing gaped and was speechless, shaken by that dream-like stunning scene before his eyes. He had only seen the Image Shifting Mirror show activity and came to investigate. Who would have thought he would see the most beautiful scene of his life.

Seeing Wu Siyou dumbstruck, Su Xing was somewhat worried whether or not she might have broken down. 1

“Lord Husband…Su Xing!!!” Wu Siyou subconsciously yelled. Sensing the two words “Lord Husband” about to slip off her tongue, she immediately changed her tune. A Yang Fire the kind that hit people in the face clearly informed her – this bastard had appeared in the flesh.

Wu Siyou immediately pushed to shove Su Xing away. Su Xing fell back a step. Suddenly she discovered if this bastard withdrew like this, then her body certainly would actually be completely seen. As a result, she then pulled. The speed of this tugging back and forth was extremely quick. Su Xing basically could not firmly plant his center of gravity, and with a stumble, he immediately fell forwards.

Even Wu Siyou, in all her life, had never met with such a shameful scenario. For a while, she felt her whole body and her limbs were rigid. Su Xing fell onto her body, and this time, a contact that completely lacked reservations came onto her body. Her towering twin peaks were being pressed down, yet this was not all. Behind her was a hot spring, and the result of this fall was that the two of them plunked into the hot spring, lifting a splash.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger whimpered and stood up. Blinking its eyes, it watched its master and a man tumble into the pool. Since Wu Siyou did not focus any killing intent against the man in front of it, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger could only awkwardly watch.

Hot spring water surged across the whole sky.

In that instant, Wu Siyou’s mind was blank.

The two of them tightly stuck to each other, sinking into the depths just like two happily married stones. Those bubbles in the surroundings of the hot spring swept across both sides. In this completely watery world, Wu Siyou’s consciousness was apparently even more chaotic yet also seemingly even more lucid.

The two’s eyes were fixed on one another, seemingly making everything in the surroundings disappear.

The hot spring was not deep, and falling to the bottom, Su Xing had inadvertently pressed onto Wu Siyou’s naked body. The nymph’s2 twin peaks being squished made Wu Siyou moan from her throat. Just at this moment, that comfortable spring water seemed to want to do evil things. In the water, an indescribably wonderful energy then seemed to have been provoked. Frantically, the waters stirred, and countless white bubbles visible to the naked eye currently advanced towards the two wrapped together to dissolve into their skin.

Their bodies then seemed to be drawn closely together like positive and negative magnets, basically unable to disengage.3

Wu Siyou felt an ill sense of foreboding, but her body seemed to have lost its strength. She could only allow these bubbles to blend Su Xing with her. Slowly, their lips began to draw near each other, as if even their souls began to harmonize.

Wu Siyou’s eyes chilled, and a gorgeous Star Crest suddenly manifested on Wu Siyou’s forehead.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger anxiously paced back and forth along the shore, incessantly growling at the bubbling hot spring.


The hot spring soared up, lifting a spray of hundred meters. Afterwards, there was a heavy rain on the snowy peak. The entire hot spring unexpectedly had a large hole open in it. Su Xing continuously coughed, his whole body drenched. Gasping for breath, it seemed as if he had died.

“What sort of scene is this.” Su Xing wiped his forehead and shook his head. In that instant just now, his consciousness seemingly frozen.

There was a soft moan.

A nymph-like body fell in front of him. Su Xing saw a pair of flawless jade feet, and following the jade feet upward were crystalline legs and slender thighs. Between the thighs was a breathtaking hidden valley, and further up was a navel and towering, supple peaks. Long hair almost completely covered the bright red summits of the twin peaks, and after those was a swan-like satiny neck. Finally, there was a cool and elegant to the extreme, absolutely beautiful face and a pair of pupils that could freeze.


The White and Black Unicorn Tiger suddenly bared its fangs, pouncing at Su Xing. Apparently, it was resentful Su Xing would so wantonly look at Wu Siyou’s body.

Su Xing lightly fell back, evading the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.

Wu Siyou covered her chest with one hand, and with a spin, she draped a Star Cultivator’s cloak around herself.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger once again bit at him, its attack very ferocious. Owing to it being Wu Siyou’s Star Beast, Su Xing could not easily act, calling forth the twelve Langya to go block it.

“Little White, enough!”

A cold shout.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger ceased it offensive, crouching nearby like a kitten.

Su Xing turned his head to look. Wu Siyou already changed into a pilgrim’s attire. A black and white long skirt outlined her graceful curves. She had traveler’s armor, and her eyes seemingly were a deep galaxy, brimming with incomprehensible mystery.

“You. Truly wretched!!” Wu Siyou gnashed her teeth. “Did you deliberately give me the mirror, were you waiting for this opportunity?”

“Siyou. Truly, you wrongly accuse me!” Su Xing raised his hands, calling injustice. The Light Shifting Mirror only needed to be imbued with Star Energy to know its use. Su Xing not saying so was because he felt Wu Siyou would understand that on her own.

How would Wu Siyou know, though. She imbued Star Energy to destroy the mirror and completely lacked the mind to care about the details of this mirror. Although this time, she somewhat blundered, when she recalled her incorruptible body had been seen completely by this man, her heart burned with an obscure fire. She had even wanted to cut these distracting thoughts just now, but how could she have anticipated the distracting thoughts would be increasingly deep-rooted.

This hot spring also was very much an unfathomable mystery, for Wu Siyou unexpectedly felt as if she was part of the man in front of her.

The Perfect Harmony Spring originally was given to Star Masters to bathe in order to meld together into one. Those that immersed themselves in the springwater not only could promote their respective cultivations, the Star Nest would expand, and the Perfect Harmony Realm between them would be met. The most basic characteristic of this sort of realm was the sense of belonging. In the end, Wu Siyou simply explosively exerted her Star Energy, blowing the Perfect Harmony Spring clean away. Otherwise, under this Perfect Harmony Spring, she and Su Xing would even be forced to sign a Star Duel Covenant.

Sensing this point, Wu Siyou had a very glad yet also somewhat unclear odd feeling.

Just as Wu Siyou was about to speak, at this moment, she suddenly wrinkled her brow.

“Hmph, Your Servant just happens to be somewhat in a foul mood, and you actually dropped in yourself!”

Wu Siyou’s figure moved.

Disappearing from Su Xing’s front, he glanced to the side. A silhouette flew out, more than a dozen Jade Clarity Swords slashing with whooshes. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus waved, sweeping aside these Flying Swords. Immediately afterwards, several magic weapons attacked, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger pounced towards the sky, another several dozen Flying Swords encircling.

“Xie Zhenyuan?”

Su Xing could not help but narrow his eyes when he saw the attacking newcomer.

Along with the Most High Path’s Star Master Xie Zhenyuan was another disciple called from who knows where to throw away his life. That Supercluster Middle Stage was not bad. Su Xing did not hesitate at all to beckon with his hand. Langya rippled with clear light, linking together into one, attacking their Star Generals.4

“Careful of the Flying Swords. These Flying Swords are very unusual!” Bing Qingxuan was taken aback, maneuvering his own Flying Swords to form a Sword Array.

Several dozen Blue Light Flying Swords rose into the air to attack, clear light flashing. Green qi lingered, an extremely good sight.

“Also very powerful.” Su Xing could tell the Flying Swords of the man in front of him were formidable, seemingly with a bit Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity’s shadow. The twelve Langya were far from as sharp as Heaven Tearing. Just now, they barely blocked. Su Xing’s action were not slow, and he then fired a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

“Ha, ha. Interesting. Never expected the famous Harm Star to unexpectedly soak in a hot spring with a man for a married couple’s bath.” Xu Wangchuan showed an evil smile when he saw the scene on the mountain.

Wu Siyou’s face was slightly red, her eyes containing a thick killing intent.

She soared.

“Do you have to be weird about Wifey and I bathing together?” Su Xing chuckled. He waved his hand, and an enormous hand of purple cloud grabbed at Xu Wangchuan.

“Don’t speak nonsense, who is your wifey.”

Wu Siyou slashed and cut away at the Flying Swords. On one hand, she berated in a low voice, and on the other, she did not stop in the slightest as she attacked to Xie Zhenyuan’s front. This time, the currently resentful Wu Siyou overhead only took this Most High Path to be voyeurs, wanting to kill them in a spurt of energy.

How could Xie Zhenyuan be able to block the Harm Star. He immediately retreated, throwing out an artifact.

“Do not hurt Master!”

At this time, a delicate girl emerged, her hands waving. They saw fine silk cover the skies and divine light flying needles flutter out and form a net. When Xie Zhenyuan saw, he shouted: “Ruolan,5 go back!” At the same time, he struck hand seals, using an ability.

“So frank…” Su Xing shook his head, at the same time gesturing. The large hand of purple cloud pinched at Bing Qingxuan. With Su Xing’s current accomplishments, to be frank, facing this somewhat strange but Galaxy Middle Stage cultivator in front of him was not something he cared for. He prepared to swiftly kill Bing Qingxuan and then go help Wu Siyou resolve her besieged situation.

Suddenly, Bing Qingxuan showed a sinister smile.

Su Xing felt things were far from encouraging.

His Divine Sense already was very powerful, but the opponent’s attack this time still took him by surprise.

A black shadow rushed at Su Xing. Practically by the time Su Xing noticed, it was already too late. A powerful and swift imposing air restrained him, rushing for his throat. A sharp Star Energy nearly locked him down, a kind of shock from fear entering the soul.

This sort of feeling that could make people shudder was precisely!

Dark Rank Star Magic!

“Kiss of Death!”6

Hearing this cold shout, a figure that could hide even more monstrously than Shi Yuan immediately appeared beside Su Xing, her saber’s edge brushing across Su Xing’s neck.

After shooting at birds all year round, this time, he was about to be pecked by the bird.

Just as Su Xing was about to stake everything on sustaining the injury to counterkill…

A surprising scene appeared.

Blood splashed, and there was a feeble groan. Wu Siyou used the Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying to reach Su Xing’s side. Having just bathed in a married couple’s bath, she was abnormally silent. With one move, she helped Su Xing block this slash, even repelling the sneak attacking assassin.

“Siyou, are you alright?” Su Xing hastily swiped the Miraculous Bodhi Tree to dispel all the attacks.

The bottom of Wu Siyou’s heart was complex when she saw the concern Su Xing showed.

She realized some things could not be cut.

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  1. As in how a car can breakdown, he thinks she’s suffering some sort of mechanical failure lol
  2. This might be a pun or a typo. In different versions of the raws, 欲女 (nymphomaniac) or 玉女 (beauty) is used
  3. Joestar-san, this is bad!
  4. Hm, in the raws, but I’m not sure if this is accurate.
  5.  若蘭
  6.  死亡之吻, the author later changes the name of this Dark Rank attack.


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    This sort of of feeling that could make people shudder was precisely!

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